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An Introduction To Drypro Waterproof Cast Covers Simple to use for contact with water

The above frustrations are why we introduced our innovative Waterproof Cast Covers here at DryPro. Many of the readers of this blog will be familiar with the awkward situations that can present themselves while fitted with a bandage, cast or similar dressing, such as the need to bathe with the affected limb perched awkwardly or painfully outside the tub.

Our waterproof cast covers work in a very simple way to solve this problem. All that you need to do is slip the cover over your cast and pump the air out of it with the detachable handheld pump to form a watertight vacuum seal.

Then, you will be able to proceed with the use of your cast cover for such purposes as showering, soaking in the bath and even swimming, with the assurance that your cast, bandage or PICC line will be kept completely dry.

Only DryPro cast covers offer our patented seal

While there are many other products on the market those claims to fulfil the same purpose as our waterproof cast covers, if you don't see the DryPro name, you can be sure that they will not incorporate the patented vacuum seal that makes our covers so effective at preventing any water from reaching your dressing.

Such products instead use an elasticated cuff, which does not provide genuinely watertight protection. Furthermore, the absence of a vacuum

seal means that these other cast covers remain filled with air, acting very much like a giant balloon underwater and therefore greatly compromising your ability to enjoy a bath or the swimming pool.

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An introduction to drypro waterproof cast covers