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Elisabeth Rowden Running towards the future

Running towards the future

Elisabeth Rowden


She’s come a long way from Freaks for Fitness. That’s where Stella Shape, her very own version of the American Dream. the daughter of Swedish immigrants, got her start, working out to Disco CA: Tell me a bit about “Go Small or Go Home” Fever music, in a small gym in Northern Alberta. Today she’s in Miami, film- and your role: What is your name and title? ing another episode of “Go Small or Go Home”, in which she teams up with SS: My name is Stella Shape and I am a Personal Richard Simmons. She dressed up to the nines. Black tights, a fuscia pink Trainer on the reality television show “Go Small or tube top, covered by a white low cut bathing suite. She’s wearing bangles, a Go Home” which I co-host with Richard Simmons, necklace and one signature earring from her favorite designer “Gnarly.” Her blonde hair falls softly on her face from the perfect side ponytail held up by a through R.A.D. Network. vibrant orange and yellow scrunchie. She’s the type of woman who demands “You only get one body, so you have your attention, without words, simply by walking into the room. to take care of it. It’s all about posiIn a resounding voice with traces of an Albertan accent, Shape, 35, talks with Retro about her roots, fashion, her future plans, and what it feels like to reach tive thinking.”

Professor Lynn Gough Background: Lynn has had a very busy career before coming to Durham College. She bases a lot of her assignments and lectures around her experience in this field. She has worked at CBC in Media Relations for ten years. She has also worked on the show 5th estate, for eight of the ten years. She also had the opportunity to organize CBC’s participation in the Summer Olympics in Atlanta in 1996. If you have any questions to ask about Public Relations ask Lynn. She is over qualified to answer questions, and happy to offer you help. She will offer you the most honest opinion and help guide you in the right direction. But it would be best to make an appointment with her. Her schedule is very busy, as she also takes on clients outside of her program, which can make her time at the college very limited. Respect her time and yours and make and appointment, AND SHOW UP. It is up to you to take initiative in this program. No one is holding your hand; remember this is your career. You can only be as great as you want to be. How to Impress: Do not wear perfume! The campus is trying to go “scent-free” as Lynn and many other teachers and students have allergies. Don’t cough near Gough Lynn has always been ahead of the game when it comes to flu season. Not only is it unsanitary to not cover your mouth, but make sure you always keep Purell on hand; it’s a Lynn pleaser. If you are sick, stay at home! (Make sure to email first). ALWAYS arrive early or on time

If you are going to be late make sure you email ahead of time. It’s just common courtesy and it saves you the hassle of explaining yourself later. Use your day timer or your iCal Both of these are very good tools to keeping organized. A big part of PR is to be efficient and to meet your deadlines. Time man Most importantly…Lynn loves tea! Do yourself a favor and don’t walk into class empty handed. If you’re already going to Tim Horton’s, Lynn likes her tea with the bag in, and one sugar. It can’t help to earn your self some brownie points.

these people are more than willing to help. If you don’t arrange your interview right away you may not get one. If you don’t get an interview you can’t do your presentation. The interview is the basis of your mark. It’s also important to try and choose a company that interests you. If you can take an interest in the organization, you are more likely to do well in the overall assignment. Clippings

Major Assignments:

This assignment isn’t necessarily difficult… but VERY time consuming. Just like Networking, you need to start right away. This assignment is Networking and Clippings are the 2 major assignments for Lynn’s class in best done in pieces, as there are a total of ten articles that you have to research. first year. With each of these projects it’s a good idea to start them as soon as they If you think about it logically you could research one article a night for ten are assigned. days, then leave one day for proofing. Always follow assignment outlines reliagement is a skill that must be acquired quickly with this huge course load. giously as it can be easy to make simple mistakes or format errors. Check emails daily The best way to communicate with Lynn is to email her. This is her preferred communication method and she will always get back to you right away. If you are going to be late or absent, email her far enough in advance and always have a subject line.

When Lynn takes your class to the Library to learn how to use their resources, you should pay close attention. This seminar will be a very helpful tool for the clippings assignment as well as for your entire school year.


Office location: C124 E-mail: Phone: 905-721-2000 ext. 2571

The scariest part of this assignment is cold calling. Do NOT put this off. It can be intimidating to call a PR Professional out of the blue, but in most cases

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Running towards the future

Rowden portfolio  

This is a portfolio for Electronic Media Productions.

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