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The School of Management at Swansea University is one of the UK’s top providers of management, finance and economic research and education. Our mission is to drive forward the global economy by delivering world-leading research and educational programmes. We aim to build life-long connections to our research community, industrial supporters and students through embedded partnership working and alumni relationships. Our core values are: Life-long relationships. We have a direct commitment to develop life-long relationships with all our stakeholders – students and businesses alike. Cutting edge research. We are committed to driving forward the boundaries of academic thought and practice across all our faculty areas. We are home to five academic departments and a growing range of research centres - focused on everything from lean operations to empirical finance and social media.

Research led teaching by world leading experts. Our research is always fed through into cutting edge teaching by our experienced and dedicated faculty. All of our teaching is delivered by our own faculty and is focused on giving our students the best possible start to their careers. Practice led research. We continue to build a wide range of research programmes designed to deliver real business and economic improvement. We have worked with everyone from blue-chip corporate clients through to local micro-businesses as well as a range of national and regional government agencies and bodies. Industry engaged teaching. We regularly host industrial speakers from across Europe and already offer a range of short term placement opportunities for our students. In 2014 we hope to be able to offer long term industrial placements to all our students.

Placements and Projects The School of Management is seeking industrial partners to offer six month or one year placements to our students to start in August 2014. We are also looking to engage with companies to provide student research projects.

Placement opportunities Any area of business and management is suitable for placement and any company large or small, public or private sector is eligible. Example placements include:  Sales & Marketing – brand managers, marketing assistants, buyers, sales support.  Operations, Project & Supply Chain Management – business analysts, change managers, purchasers.  Banking, Finance and Accountancy – investment management, mergers and acquisitions analysts, audit or tax trainee.  Human Resource Management recruitment, training, staff development, legal compliance, diversity management.  Information Systems - e-business, systems analysts, project analysts.  Public sector management – change managers, analysts, project specialists

Why employ a placement student?

Companies we work with PriceWaterhouseCoopers Nationwide



Tate & Lyle



Projects Our final year business students work in groups to undertake practical business projects for client organisations. These projects allow students to translate their studies into real world impact while also providing companies with valuable new insights and research. Projects might include: market research, best practice case studies, change management, decision analysis, feasibility studies, competitor assessments or any other business topic. Recent client companies and topics include: Swansea Market – community regeneration Unsung Hero – marketing research to help a local family business expand Nexiform – students worked on developing a new production process. We are continuing to recruit companies to engage and provide student projects.

A chance to see potential employees in action before making hiring decisions.  Students can offer short term specialist knowledge to the company.  An external viewpoint driven by the latest management teaching.  With over sixty countries represented in our student population our students can offer detailed insights into foreign markets.  Support for short or fixed term projects.  Students can adopt many of the roles of a management consultant at a significantly reduced cost.

Contact us To find out more, please contact our Placements, Employability and Alumni (PEA) office: Email: Telephone: (01792) 295177 @somSwansea

Projects and Placements  
Projects and Placements