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Influencing through argument

High School Debate Tournament 2012 “Online Games are harmful to the Socio-Emotional Development of Adolescents” was the topic which involved students from Colegio Internacional, Asuncion Christian Academy, Faith Christian School,American School of Asunción, Centro Educativo Los Laureles, Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola, Trinity School and Colegio del Sol, to exchange points of view to make choices and stand for what they believed. This year our school got the First Place after a brilliant performance. The ability to debate is a gift not all have but a very important one, it gives you the chance to speak your mind, organize your thoughts, hear the opposition as well, question their arguments and form a conclusion based on as much gathered information as possible. The process of debate is what takes you and your mind to see things clearer, express yourself better and stand up for what you believe in. Belén Cuentas-Zavala Senior Student - Colegio del Sol

Applying the Power of Public Speaking

Voices of the Sun The ability of the students to stand on their feet before an audience and make a convincing and believable presentation was put on trial with this project. The three major goals of everyday conversation - to persuade, to inform, and to entertain - are also the goals of Public Speaking, which will lead them towards a successful work life.

2nd Year Project

Speak, a story worth reading Speak, written by Laurie Halse Anderson and published in 1999, tells the story of Melinda Sordino, a highschool student who after being raped at a party, is ostracized by her peers because she will not say why she called the police. Unable to verbalize what happened, Melinda nearly stops speaking expressing her voice through the art she produces for Mr. Freeman's class.This expression slowly helps Melinda acknowledge that she was raped, face her attacker, and recreate her identity. I am not really into reading, that is why I liked the film most. Melinda's tragic story was so well characterized that I was caught by all kinds of emotions. Seeing how hard she struggled to keep her terrible secret made me think on the way girls my age would have reacted before a situation like this and, what is even more, would I have reacted the way she did or would I have looked for help without feeling guilty somehow? Anna Rodas

I guess it is difficult for a boy to put himself into Melinda's shoes. However, such a display of violence and sensation of emptiness when not being able to speak out what makes someone feel miserable, showed me that something wrong is happening to society as a whole and that something should be done starting with the families themselves. Values and what is wrong and what is right should urgently be revised. Santiago Llano.

I think Melinda's story is an invitation for parents to pay more attention to their kids behavior, What she does (steals passes from teachers, refuses to talk to anybody including former friends, challenges tutors or hides in a tiny dark place she considers safe) should have been seen as desperate cries for help instead of ways to call attention towards her with no reason. If her teachers, parents and the school authorities had been prepared to detect a serious problem, Melinda would have had someone to trust to alleviate her sorrows. Gabriela Acosta

When Melinda finally speaks out, all the emotions I had experienced while reading about all the situations she had gone through, were finally released. Anger, sorrow, compassion, sadness and finally happiness filled my heart from the beginning to the end of the story. I had read stories like this before, however this one reminded me of sad stories we usually hear on the news nowadays. It reminded me of those social outcasts being selfpunished for something they are forced to see as their own fault. Giuliana Fustagno

Compelling Arguments and Amazing Characters

Other books students read this year Looking forward to challenging the students’ critical thinking skills, in order to have them engaged in the stories to be able to give opinions, criticize, summarize, compare, and place themselves in the characters’ shoes, they also read:

1st Year Project

Literary Cafe This year, the readings and memories of The Holocaust gave a meaningful framework to our Literary Cafe Project. First year students deepened in the historical memory by reading the novel FOUR PERFECT PEBBLES, written by Lila Perl and Morion Blumenthal Lazan, MILKWEED, written by Jerry Spinelli and NUMBER THE STARS by Lois Lawry.After reading, the students expressed their feelings by writing compositions, which were later transformed into songs, showing their creativity.

Make it better By Diego Bogarin, Matias Ferraro and Lucas Leon

In our days when people suffer And poverty doesn’t discriminate I always try to keep on the hard way Because I know that just loving we make friends We need to fight together for a better life And stop caring about our BBMs And start searching for our best side So let’s start giving it to the poor men   Let’s get together To build a peaceful world Let’s make it better The only way is with hard work   In order to have this we need to be strong By making from our nation the best world Because we all are the needed ones So let’s give the poor ones the attention they want

The Dream By Iván Bracho , Alejandra Fleitas , Henri Pitaud and Enzo Sanabria

When you walk around the streets Feeling like stuck and going in reverse With all the hate and discrimination Then you think and start hating yourself We need to change our minds We all need a place Just being kind Is not enough to change We all can make it Together as one with that simple thing That is called love   It seems like love is gone We have to bring it back With all the love we have The world must come together It’s time to lend a hand So the world must come together Come together as one Together as one

Unity is Strenght By Charlotte Lovera , Rebeca Melamed , Estefania Rufinelli and Camila Valiente

When we find ourselves in complete darkness We should never forget to look for the light Dreaming about getting our innocence back And all of our dreams can come true if we try We are all beautiful ‘Cause we are all equal We are all beautiful On the inside and the outside Unity is strength Unity is strength   Let’s get heaven down to Earth Instead of waiting for it Peace is love; love is happiness   We are all beautiful ‘Cause we are all equal We are all beautiful On the inside and the outside Unity is strength Unity is strength

1st Year Students - Class reflection on Tolerance.

What is tolerance for you? Being tolerant means being respectful with everybody else, and accept them the way they are. Look at people in the eyes and listen to what they have to say or share with us without judging them for their religion, living philosophy, culture, skin color, hair style, physical appearance, and voice tone, or vocabulary. There was not tolerance during the Holocaust. Jews were severely discriminated, segregated, and even killed in mass just because they were Jews. A great number of them eventually survived because they fought hard and they could stand the harsh living conditions in the concentration camps and all the psychological and physical torture they suffered wherever they were. However, some 6 million of them were either killed or put under extreme conditions for extermination. Hitler was not tolerant at all. He must have been mentally ill and perhaps he had bad experiences with Jews before the Holocaust which led to his evident hate displayed against this religion for almost eleven years. However, does anybody have the right to discriminate, humiliate, torture or exterminate a group of people just because he or she has had previous bad experiences with them? People like Hitler need to carefully examine their personality and thoughts to find what is not going well, and perhaps seek for psychological assistance to be able to move on. For some, tolerance is scarce today. People seem to be extremely selfish and the world order relies on individual progress rather than group progress. When it comes to listen to other people from different backgrounds and accept what they think, most people are in trouble. Perhaps, they are moved by a great deal of misconceptions, prejudice, or even rumors that do not allow them to see beyond their own bad experience. Nevertheless, if we are understanding, flexible and loving to other people, we will be able to eventually accept what´s different in them, and that will be a remarkable step ahead to build on tolerance these days. Most of all, we will contribute to establish positive and cooperative relationships with people, and we will be fighting some segregating groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, or the Skin Heads to stop them from growing.

Director Stael Ruffinelli de Ortiz Coordinator María Luisa Bazán

Teachers Maria Liz Nazer Margarita Zichner Alberto Roca Laura Arrúa Eduardo Valdez

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