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A project born at Colegio del Sol

High School Debate Tournament Being aware that rational, focused and structured competitive debating helps students to successfully use critical thinking, in 2010 Colegio del Sol started with what would become the most important project of all times: the Interschool Debate Tournament. Other schools followed the idea and today, debate tournaments make students integrate and share experiences in a fun and respectful atmosphere. Every year our school reaches top positions thanks to the students’ ability to structure arguments, make convincing analysis and present justified thoughts to defend their views.

“The debate tournament is an extraordinary moment where you can share your opinions about a specific topic. I really thank the school for giving me the chance to be in the team for more than one year. It has been one of the most interesting experiences I have ever had at school. I have learned a lot during this time, some science facts, stuff related to politics. Also I have learned how to discuss and how to criticize things, to think of the positive side and the negative, because in the end, for every choice that you will make in your life you will need to think of the pros and cons, so only then you will be able to make a reasonable decision.�

Horacio Machuca

Successful 25 years

Happy Anniversary!! Coming out of an era of dictatorship and repression Colegio del Sol is one of the first to create an educational environment in which each person is given the freedom of expression that the country has so longed for. The story starts in 1988 when a group of educators joined forces to create an educational system open to knowledge, freedom and diversity in an environment that enhances creativity and scrutiny. On an ancient campus that expressed its respect for history and nature by surrounding itself by trees, Colegio del Sol opened its doors for the first time. Over the years it has actively participated in the development of leaders in every aspect of society, ranging from art to politics. Now, 25 years later we can safely say that this school has educated some of the most influential and controversial people of the last generations and will continue to do so over the next generations.


"I will always remember the times at school like my second home; a happy and healthy place where we got tools to communicate better with society. It was a place where we played growing up, and without knowing, we were already "grown-ups". At school I had excellent teachers that I will always remember with love and admiration. The things they taught us. I can still quote phrases that marked my education, saying that how well you learn, you will never forget"

Elena Vázquez - 2008 “My years at Colegio del Sol were great, I was a student there for only 3 years, and they were the best 3 years I have ever had. I entered in 2004, coming from a very lousy school where I had almost no friends. At the beginning I was very shy but my schoolmates made me feel like home. I used to hate waking up early and going to school but now I would give anything to go back. Sometimes we used to bother our teachers and I had this group of friends who use to make buzzing noises in our class! They were the best times ever. I know Guido Runde is still a teacher there, he

Santiago Giménez Gill - 2006

was such a big idol for me. I can say positively that I learned so much from him.”

“I remember out trip to the Chaco, it was so much fun. I will always remember school as the first place of happiness.”

Camila Fustagno - 2004

“I had a good experience in the school years. I got along well with my classmates. Many things have changed since I left school. We used to play in a sand court that is now covered by concrete. Really beautiful! This year my class celebrates 5 years of graduating and sometimes we still see and share moments together. I hope that many students can enjoy their years at Colegio del Sol."

Marisol Raymondy - 2008


Some High School Projects

A Place Full of History and Feelings As part of their English Project, the Second Year Students had the opportunity to visit the Jewish Museum in Asunción. Some of their thoughts about the experience show the importance they gave to the event. “Pictures, figures and other elements exhibited in the museum helped us to get immersed in the tradition of the Jewish religion, the horror of the Holocaust, and the Jewish population living in Paraguay. I can now understand the religion and beliefs much better.”

Charlotte Lovera “I learned a lot and became more conscious about the Jewish history after being at the museum. The horrible scenes of the Holocaust made me realized of the importance of preserving vivid images of what had happened there to avoid this from happening again.”

Matias Ferraro

Let’s Sing!

Literary Café 2013 Since I was very young

The sun is a star

Your vision made me be

And all the stars shine

You turned me into What I am today I’m grateful for life For the experience that I‘ve got Classmates come, classmates go, But it still feels like home


Shinning are the students

Intelligence and wisdom

Life goes on

Will lead you to freedom

A new destiny calls

If you want to feel alive

Full of nice memories

Come into this side

We’re going to miss you all

Students are the sun

Like a bird that learns to fly



The school is by your side Imagination and creativity The sky is not the limit

A whole life, by Natan Laufer, Mathias Peña, Bruno Sborovsky y Andrés González

A Story Worth Reading

Prom and Prejudice After winter break, the girls at the very prestigious Longbourn Academy become obsessed with the prom. Lizzie Bennet, who attends Longbourn on a scholarship, starts feeling the differences between her and her rich classmates.

“My favorite character in the story is Darcy. He is one of the main characters; he is Lizzie's lover and Charles's best friend. His personality is very curious, in the beginning he didn't show his feelings but he finally expressed them to Lizzie. I think he is self-confident, courteous and a surprising person.”

Agnese Alfieri

“It's an awesome book and I totally recommend it. Very entertaining!”

Marco Benegas

“The best part of the book is when Will tells Lizzie the truth. The book is entertaining but a little predictable in some parts. I recommend young people, especially girls, to read it.”

Maria Paz Gamell

Fascinating Arguments and Remarkable Characters

Books Students Enjoyed Reading


Unforgettable memories

My Very First Day at School There is no moment like a student’s first day at school. Controversial feelings appear, for some a dream comes true, for others the worst nightmare starts. “My first day of school was a great day in my life. I had always known that if I didn't go to school, I would not succeed in real life. I started school when I was 3 years old. On my first day I was scared because it was the first time I was going to be alone, without my mom, I mean. I remember my mom saying: "Everything is gonna be all right!" "I don't know mom, I don't want to be here", I answered. I couldn't believe it, she only kissed me and said, "Bye!" I think she knew that I would be able to deal with the situation.”

Franco Pinazzo

“I remember my first day at Colegio del Sol perfectly well. I was four years old and I told my parents that I didn't want them to stay. Some of the other kids were crying because their parents left, and I was like, wishing my parents were some of them. I didn't know anybody so I was shy at first. That's everything I remember about my first day. I have a lot of unforgettable moments related to school since I spend most of my time here.”

Gabriela Amarilla “I came to this school in 2007. I was welcomed by Nahuel and Gianca, they showed me the school and introduced me to the students. First period, I sat next to Franco, the one who would become my friend for the whole year. At recess time, I met Natan, Axel and Ivan, and we played Jason. At the end of the day, I went to my house and told everything to my mom and dad. They were happy, and I had a great time. I'll never forget my first day of school!”

Juan Pablo Baldessari


Time to Say Goodbye

The Last First Day Senior students celebrated their last first day at school. Feelings of happiness and hope merged with sadness and fears for the future to come.



Meet the Stars Meet our soccer stars, Amara Safuán, Abdara Yubi and Gabriela Amarilla. They are all members of the national soccer team and made an amazing impression while playing the matches which would send Paraguay to the World Cup in Costa Rica next year. These three girls are known as “The Three Musketeers”, because they can make a team on their own.

Good news!

School Football Pitch Inauguration With the presence of famous football player, Sergio Orteman, the school football pitch was inaugurated not long ago. The students have now the perfect place to keep practicing and become football stars just like the “ three musketeers” .

Director Stael Ruffinelli de Ortiz

Coordinator Maria Luisa Bazan

Teachers Maria Liz Nazer Alberto Roca Eduardo Valdez Sophia Walshe Margarita Zichner

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