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Be your best.


love coming into the office... there is such a positive buzz. Everyone seems happy and busy! It starts at the top - you are so energetic and inspiring!

Some real estate agents are in the industry because they love houses. Some want to make a difference. And there are some agents who get a thrill out of the challenge of matching people with the right property. Every Liz Moore agent wants something so much more important in their journey to build a career that will carry them to their dream goals. They want a place where their entrepreneurial spirit can soar. An environment that stimulates innovative ideas, nourishes out-of-the-box strategies and fuels this unrestrained enthusiasm and boundless energy with every resource available. Our agents do what they love. And they love doing it here!

Be inspired.


know that you’ve got my back. Real estate can be complicated these days, and knowing that you and Brian Lytle are just a text message away is huge. That’s so important to me. We understand that today’s real estate market is stressful, and that’s one reason our managers’ doors are always open. We don’t sell, so we can be available whenever you need us. At night and on the weekends, we’re just a phone call (or text message!) away. With Brian Lytle on retainer for help with the big challenges, you can rest easy that we’ve got your back. Our managers recognize that their role reaches far beyond problem solving, and we are devoted to coaching you to be your personal best. Our support staff is committed to your success, too. We pride ourselves on executing a steady stream of new ideas, resources, and systems to help you take your business to the next level.

Be supported.


he leadership is in the trenches with you.

At my former company, I felt like all my suggestions fell on deaf ears. Here, I am continually impressed at how quickly you execute ideas. It is so cool to be part of the brainstorming and watch it come to life. No ivory tower here. Liz is in the trenches, which means that if you have a great idea, you just may see it implemented tomorrow. It’s a highly collaborative environment, with weekly roundtables and quarterly agent advisory meetings. We involve agents and staff in the planning process for the company. Annually, we make an out of town pilgrimage for a company retreat - a great opportunity for everyone to spend time together, brainstorming, planning, and goal setting. We unveil new marketing campaigns and technology initiatives for the coming year. Our virtual office teams (Investor, Senior, Military and others) are an example of how we leverage agent talent to take everyone’s business to the next level. You know that real estate is local. So are we.

Be heard.


am in awe of all the incredible marketing you provide us at no charge. Buyer books, brochures, mailers - always fresh and new and always free to us. You guys are amazing! Do your marketing materials make a statement? Do your prospects say “Wow!” when you reach out to them through direct mail or email? We believe that fresh and innovative marketing delivers a unique competitive advantage - the true key to real estate success. That’s why we have built our own inhouse Marketing Department, complete with a fulltime graphic designer and online marketing strategist. Materials are produced at company expense, and our agents are armed with the customized high quality brochures, presentations, and tools that make positive listing and buyer appointments a breeze. Our legendary direct mail program and innovative multi-media campaigns drive results for our agents. We consistently touch your sphere with high quality mailings… and pick up the cost of the Showcase Package for our agents.

Be noticed.


was afraid of trying to compete on the web before. It seems as though it takes either a lot of money or the expertise I just don’t have. It’s obvious that you guys have it figured out, though. You make it fun!

Liz Moore & Associates leads the market in online strategies. We actually manage 17 different websites and blogs (and counting!) and we’ve published several e-books, too! Our specialized virtual offices serve dozens of niche markets, giving agents countless opportunities to leverage their expertise in a direction that they are passionate about (seniors, military, investors, luxury, first time buyers, etc.). Our marketing team conducts ongoing training on blogging and social media, both for beginners and for those agents who are ready to take their web presence to the next level. e-Teams meet often to explore new technologies, brainstorm, and learn. Each of our listings has its own unique website and URL, and each of our agents is provided a full blown personal website at company expense.

Be global.


thought I knew what I was doing before, but I have learned and grown so much over the past year since I moved here. The training here is practical... and invaluable to the success of my career!

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.� We teach you how to fish. Every week there is a new, high powered advanced topic in our state of the art onsite training centers. Many of our classes deliver CE/PL credits. Share with and learn from your peers in our weekly roundtables, get re-focused in our boot camp, grow in our book clubs, or polish your skills weekly in Scripts. Nowhere in the industry will you find better trained agents.

Be smarter.


rying to be organized used to stress me out.

One of the things I like best about the company is all of the fantastic systems that give their agents that competitive edge. Thank goodness for eLMO!

We recognize that effective time management is one of the biggest challenges you face. The electronic Liz Moore office (eLMO, as it is affectionately referred to by our staff) was designed to help keep our agents organized and productive. Not only does it keep track of your production, but it is a record of all ads and marketing activities for each of your listings, online document storage, an e-card gallery and a portal for web-based forms. We even have our own Contact Manager, contract clause library and a 24 week drip e-mail marketing plan for your sellers! Our Marketing Department manages a direct mail campaign to your personal network for you – we do all the work, and send the mailings at our expense. All you need to do is proof! Your signs and lockboxes are put up for you, your feature sheets and just listed cards are automatically created for you in our Marketing Department‌ all at our expense. We even order and pay for your business cards (all of them, not just the first box!), and provide the Showcase Package to our agents at no cost to them.

Be organized.


always felt like I was “nickeled”and “dimed” at my last company. Here, I am just amazed at how many different things the company does to help me be a hero to my clients and customers!

We recognize that true success in real estate is best accomplished in a partnership between a great agent and a great company. Our philosophy: It’s not an us v. them equation. It’s a team, working together to take you to the next level. We invest in our mutual future by helping you build a strong business. That’s why we invest so much in marketing – it benefits us both! We love the details. Whether it’s Liz Moore private label bottled water and logo moving boxes, monogrammed key chains and champagne at closing, or customized coloring books and balloons for the kids, every step in the real estate experience is an opportunity for us to elevate our brand and enhance your relationship with your clients and prospective clients. Here, you have the choice of being an Independent Contractor or an employee, based on whichever best suits your individual situation. We manage withholdings, match FICA, and offer health insurance benefits to our employee agents, while our IC’s have the freedom and flexibility to run their business how they see fit.

Be respected.


am so proud to be part of this team.

We have a great reputation in the community and throughout the region. Plus there is the commitment of the company to always strive to give back. I love that!

From the beginning, our company mission was to deliver the most extraordinary real estate experience possible both for our agents, and for our clients. We believe this is the foundation of our truly unique competitive advantage, and why we have enjoyed such a remarkable rise to market leadership in a relatively short period of time. Quite simply, we hire great people. We are proud of our agents who serve in top leadership roles in our local and state associations, as well as on boards and as volunteers for many local charities. We are likewise committed to our community, and enjoy the many opportunities we have to give back. Cupcake Wars, chili cook offs, and Dress Down Days are just a few of the ways we raise money for CHKD. You’ll also find us bowling for Big Brothers and Big Sisters and cooking up a storm for March of Dimes and Relay for Life. Liz Moore agents do what they love. And they love doing it here. Join us. And be your best.

Be your best.

Be your best.

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