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Mon Petit Studio, Newmarket, NH Mon Petit Studio, Newmarket, NH Mon Petit Studio, Newmarket, NH Mon Petit Studio, Newmarket, NH Mon Petit Studio, Newmarket, NH Mon Petit Studio, Newmarket, NH Mon Petit Studio, Newmarket, NH Mon Petit Studio, Newmarket, NH Mon Petit Studio, Newmarket, NH Mon Petit Studio, Newmarket, NH Mon Petit Studio, Newmarket, NH Mon Petit Studio, Newmarket, NH

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Photography • Mon Petit Studio

Written by • Elizabeth Monahan

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All Things Nautical Engagement Shoot Chris and Stella Poore, owners of Mon Petit Studio, a design and photography group based in Newmarket, N.H., met in college while Stella majored in graphic design and Chris in film. “After spending a number of highly-successful years strictly in our respected industries, our original passions for photography began to creep back in,” says Stella. This became especially evident as the pair began planning their own "Venetian Masquerade Halloween Wedding" in 2009. "We found ourselves wishing that we could snap some shots of our own big day," Stella divulges. For Chris and Stella, photography is more than just capturing a moment; it’s about capturing raw emotion and what they call a visual story. "Our style is really about bringing out the best in our subjects," shares Stella. "We focus on creating comfortable and fun sessions to really capture natural emotions. We work closely with our couples to find out what their specific story is so that we can tell that story to the world.” The duo believes that listening to their clients and finding out what they really want before the creation begins is the key to success. Their initial meeting with clients begins in a similar fashion: “We ask about how they met, what their future dreams are, their favorite things about each other, etc. All of these things not only help us to create the best visual story for them, it also allows us to learn about who they are and get really comfortable with each other. By the time we're ready to shoot," smiles Stella, "we're like old friends!” Engagement shoots are especially important to the Poores because it allows their clients to get very comfortable in front of the camera before their big day. When Heidi Ruth and Alex Brissette first came to Mon Petit Studio with their ideas for their wedding, Chris and Stella were hooked and fell in love with the couple's story. They met by chance in November of 2004 when Heidi walked into the store where Alex worked. After seeing her around town and wanting to speak to her for almost a year, Alex couldn’t believe when two days later they ran into each other at the gym. Four days after that, they saw each other at a local bar. The next day Alex decided to call Heidi only to find out they were reading the very same book. All of these run-ins and

coincidences convinced them to go out to dinner together. “We fell hard for each other that night,” admits Heidi. “We spent four hours talking over dinner and by the end of the night, Alex told me that he could see himself marrying me.” The couple dated for seven years, five of which were spent engaged. They bought a home together in coastal Maine and finally got married on June 18th of last year. Heidi and Alex also expressed their love of all things nautical, New England and lobster to Mon Petit Studio. By the end of the meeting, Chris and Stella had a list of props and the style clothing they should wear. “We scheduled a beautiful day on the Lobster docks in Maine for our engagement shoot," says Heidi. "Since we live in Maine, and Alex lobstered for a summer, we thought it was the perfect location!” At first, Alex and Heidi felt nervous and awkward with zero photo shoot experience, but with Stella and Chris’ guidance, they were able to get comfortable and produce amazing and natural pictures. “They exceeded our expectations of what can be captured in a picture. Their work is brilliant, professional and creative," shares Heidi. "We could not be more pleased to have worked with Mon Petit Studio."

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