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KEY STRENGTHS ! • VISIONING - Designing innovative events to engage attendees in new ways; Customizing experience to meet specific goal; Creating original brand/“feel” for each event

! • CREATING - Working with clients to negotiate needs/ wants/feasibility; Facilitating meetings & collaborations amongst team members; Building relationships with internal team & external partners

! • EXECUTING - Running day of event logistics, Organizing details, Managing team, Making adjustments on the fly, Speaking to large groups

ChangeMaker ✚ Sweden, July 2013 Festival The 8 founding organizations of International Partnership for Transformative Learning sought to create a gathering for radical educators to Create, Connect, & Celebrate.


ChangeMaker Festival

The week-long festival was a mix of organized activities, hosted zones, exploratory free time, nourishing group activities, and a celebratory atmosphere with 71 participants from 11 countries representing 30 progressive learning organizations from across Europe.

Before the Festival • • •

• • •

Identified committee needs, recruited & filled positions Organized Skype calls for the coordinating team Facilitated visioning conversations to shape program of festival Designed daily schedule and weekly flow Coordinated pre-programmed activities Managed creation of website & copy/design/distribution of invitation Advised on evening culture program

Firewalk, Closing night

During the Festival • • •

Facilitated daily full-group sessions every morning and evening Managed the daily “passing off” amongst multiple hosts Oversaw that all logistics & participant needs were cared for

Art Monastery Project ✚ Italy & USA, 2010-2013 As Artistic Director and Programming Director, I produced 61 original events that featured 57 international artists, in addition to coordinating their participation in almost 100 more local events.

Art Monastery Italia

In the small Italian village of Labro, just on the border of Lazio and Umbria, we produced a multidisciplinary artistic season, promoted international cultural development, participated in local collaborations, and lived as “Artmonks� year-round.

Responsibilities included: • • • •

Designing season to highlight various artistic disciplines throughout year Negotiating with partners and local collaborators to create symbiotic programming with their season & events Recruiting and selecting artists for both artistic quality & good fit for community Budgeting with Executive Director & CFO


! • • •

Creating marketing materials for event series & communicating with press Organizing production schedule & regional tours; Adapting to site-specific needs Translating between artists & local Italians to build artistic collaborations and meet basic production needs Managing artist community with daily training & logistics of communal life

Site-specific Theatre Experiences

Traditional & Contemporary

Concert Series

Visual Art & Performance Installations

Retreats, Workshops, Symposia

The Feast

✹ NYC, 2013

Volunteer Coordinator • •

Recruited, vetted, on-boarded 60+ volunteers for 2-day conference on 4 floors Assigned shifts, managed day-of personnel

Conference Emcee • •

Spontaneously stepped onstage to host second day of workshopping for 400 participants Global live stream to partner communities including Berlin, Kuala Lumpur, Mexico City, & Nairobi

Strategic Development • •

Developed collaborative problem-solving activities for 2013 conference to solve pressing social challenges Re-envisioned 2014 conference model with core team to better serve partnership needs & organizational focus; Designed high-level conference architecture Created strategic plan to engage worldwide community throughout the year

Additional Experience:

7+ years directing/producing theatre & managing creative teams gravesongs.

award-winning show, Cincinnati

Collected Stories Rare Books Room, Strand Bookstore, NYC


original theatre piece, Louisiana

Ad Mortem

original theatre piece, Italy debut

Let’s create the next big thing.

Liz Maxwell 504/609.9774

Liz Maxwell: Event Portfolio  

Sampling of projects, invitation for potential collaborators to engage on next opportunity.

Liz Maxwell: Event Portfolio  

Sampling of projects, invitation for potential collaborators to engage on next opportunity.