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Elizabeth Loxterkamp

Portfolio: Interior Design

Table of Contents

Cincinnati Art Museum Lobby pg. 4

Structural Design pg. 8

Library of Clifton pg. 10

Fusion: Office of the Future pg. 12

Macy’s Co-op pg. 18

Intimate Apparel Department pg. 20

The Bijou: The Jewel of Las Vegas pg. 22

Fine Arts & Photography pg. 30

Existing Museum: Simple & Grand


Inspiration: Existing architecture with modern fixture work, a centralized public space

Art Museum Lobby

As a Co-op at Macy’s I had the opportunity to work on an outside project awarded to us by a Macy’s associate who is also a member of the Art Museum Board. The task was to design an improved Museum lobby that can function during and after Museum hours. By utilizing Photoshop, AutoCAD, Google Sketchup, and more, I worked along side a Macy’s designer to produce what will become the new Museum Lobby in July 2014. Our proposed design includes a centralized “HIVE” that combines service and gathering functions to improve customer service experience and to lessen customer confusion. The inspiration for the shape of this space derived from the Museum “star” logo. The flourishing gift shop will be expanded into the lobby space for a more impacting merchandise presentation. A lounge area will be introduced to accommodate a variety of customer amenities including food and technology. I am very fortunate to also be given the opportunity to further work on the ongoing design process with Macy’s, Emersion Design, and The Cincinnati Art Museum for a final completion date in July 2014.

Process: The Museum “star” logo was inspiration for the “HIVE”

Proposed Museum Plan: inviting and accommodative Existing Museum Plan: confusing and uninviting Relocated Cash Wrap

Museum Shop Annex

Security & Coat Check Member Services Museum Shop

Main Entrance

Rio Delle Torreselle

Exhibition Gift Expansion Main Entrance

Visitor Services

Impulse Gift Expansion


Coat Check

Security & Coat Check


Display Seating

Gift Shop Fixtures, Display & Seating: Display: H: 3’, L: 5’, W: 2’ Seating: H: 4’, L: 4’, W: 2’

Gift Shop Seating AutoCAD Drawings:




Gift Shop Display AutoCAD Drawings:





“HIVE”: Highly Interactive Velcro Environment: Includes two service desks, a middle back bar, and a large curved back bar.

View 1: Museum Entrance

Lounge Seating 1 AutoCAD drawings:

2 2 Lounge Seating 1 & 2: 1: H: 2’, L: 4’ 2: H: 1’8”, L: 5’

View 2: Upper Balcony

1 Plan



Design Process

Structural Design

As part of a team, we were to work together to reach a common design goal of creating a spatial unit that had the ability to connect in several ways. These connections had to create interior and exterior spaces that could be occupied and interacted with. Our concept involved a slot and pin connection system that allowed our units to create unique and interesting structures. As part of the working team my roles included material and site exploration, input on our unit design strategy, and assembly/construction of our units.


Unit Construction Studies

Final Constructions

First Floor Plan

Conceptual Diagram

Second Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan

Library of Clifton

The Library of Clifton was a individual study done in my Sophomore Immersion design studio. The project overview was to design a library within the perimeters of a pre-determined sight on Ludlow Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio. We were given specific areas with certain dimensional requirements to design within. My concept was to bring nature indoors through the use of light, glass, and sustainable materials. I focused on face-to-face interaction between my users and their personal experiences with physical books and their natural surroundings. I tried to bring back the physical world of reading instead of turning toward technology to run the design. I created an atrium space that cut through the entire height of the building, I cantilevered windows that wrapped the second floor reading areas that could be accessible to read in, and I designed a completely open to the elements third floor reading space. I completed this project by only utilizing hand drawing and drafting techniques.

North Elevation

South Elevation

East Section

Second Floor Perspective View

Fusion: Office of the Future

My 2013 project entry into the Metropolis Magazine Workplace of the Future design competition. This was created using Google Sketchup, Photoshop, Illustrator, and AutoCAD.

Challenges of 2013 Office 2013 • Discomforts and Distractions • Workers leaving brick and mortar offices • Entering world of flexibility, mobility, and personal devices • 2015 will have 1.3 billion mobile workers

Home 2013: not fit for work • 38% of telecommuters more productive in own homes • Conflicts and Interruptions • Lack of productivity

Co-worker distractions

Lack of ergonomic seating

Children distractions

Household chore distractions Inadequate lighting and air quality

No access to up-to-date technology


The 2020 Hybrid of the office and the residential environment and location. • Alternative to a traditional office environment • Telecommuters leave their home and come to a domestic work environment • Residential space with functionality of an office setting • Enjoy working in residential space while meeting business bottom line

The Inside Look:

2nd Floor Plan

1st Floor Plan

Bedroom Residential Use: Private Personal Office Use: Private Office Personal/Customized Kitchen Residential Use: Make food Come together Office Use: Collaborate Healthy eating Living Room Residential Use: Relax Socialize Office Use: Break room Common area Dining Room Residential Use: Holiday dinners Special occasions Office Use: Professional Meet with clients

Design Elements Fusion Home Furnished Pieces

Fusion Table Chair

Residential furniture further designed to enhance a more productive workday. New functions can be hidden to resemble a normal residential piece.

Fusion Vertical Surface

Vertical Interactive Surface One user at a time Voice command options Keeps user connected Personalize

Control Panel Adjustable cushion firmness Retractable arm rests Reclining seat back

Connection: Data Transfer Attach surfaces together Projection onto other surface

Horizontal Interactive Surface Voice command options Charging stations Holographic conferences Projection abilities Promotes connectivity

Video Virtual Conferences Face to face communication

Fusion Sofa

Fusion Bar Stool

Lamp Retractable Adjustable brightness

Technology Panel Touch interactive Projects technology data Adjustable

Control Panel Adjustable cushion firmness Adjustable temperature Charging station Retractable technology panel

Fusion Horizontal Surface

Device pad Place on each corner Reads data Chose what is displayed

Control Panel Retractable arm rests Adjustable

Fusion Technology Pieces State of the art technology panels. Completely touch interactive. Attached to the top of any existing horizontal or vertical surface. Can be customized to any shape. When not in use, these resemble, and can be used, as any regular surface top.

Office Use: • Personalize and customize entire room • Full Fusion Vertical interactive wall surface • Fusion Horizontal interactive surface options • Furniture options, like Egg Chair, to provide a variety of work positions • Small meeting setup • Project schedule to keep connectivity • Natural daylight • Temperature control



Becomes a space for collaboration and healthy eating

Office Use: • Access to Fusion Horizontal and Vertical interactive surfaces • Collaboration • Socialize • Conduct meetings • Natural daylight • Use of Fusion Table Chair for better posture • Use of Fusion Bar Stool for better posture • Healthy lunches provided • Coffee and breakfast always available

Becomes a private office

Office Use: • Access to Fusion Vertical and Horizontal interactive surfaces • Natural daylight • Fusion Sofa used for comfort and better work postures • Break room • Socialize • Get to know fellow co-worker’s • Multi purpose space

Dining Room

Becomes a professional meeting area

Living Room

Becomes a lounge and break room

Office Use: • Natural daylight • Full Fusion Vertical interactive wall surface • Fusion Horizontal interactive surface projects data onto vertical surface • Conference room • Professional work environment • Fusion Table Chair used for better work posture

1st Floor

2nd Floor

Macy’s Co-op

South Coast Plaza Men’s Mall Facade Study:

2nd Floor Mall Store Front View

A visual study I completed with AutoCAD and Photoshop to create a rendered portrayal of the new first and second floor Macy’s mall entrance’s located in the South Coast Plaza Mall in California. Inspiration derived from the new Macy’s Brand Standards for their mall entrances.

Macy’s Sarasota Wayfinding Study: A study I completed with AutoCAD, Illustrator, and Photoshop that began to understand how to visually portray wayfinding maps for a Macy’s Capital Store. Inspiration derived from the ongoing Macy’s Herald Square, NY project. This particular map was then fabricated into a 6’ x 20” freestanding piece and was reviewed by the Macy’s SPACE design team.




You Are Here















Men’s Clothing Men’s Shoes Young Men’s

SERVICES Restroom, Family Starbucks


SECOND FLOOR WOMEN’S FASHION Active Casual Collections Dresses/Suits Maternity Petites Women’s Sportswear


CHILDREN’S THE HOME STORE Housewares Luggage Mattresses Textiles

SERVICES Restrooms Executive Offices






Men’s Clothing


Young Men’s

Handbags Jewelry Watches


Men’s Shoes


Macy’s Sarasota Plan Restroom, Family Starbucks

Inspiration and Key Elements: Sophisticated & Sexy

Intimate Apparel Department

Macy’s is always updating their Brand Standards for individual departments as well as their overall store design. Through this project, completed with Google Sketchup, AutoCAD, and Photoshop, I studied multiple options to improve their overall Intimate Apparel Department design. By reviewing the above inspiration, a concept that portrays an elegant, modern, and clean, yet sexy, department feel with focal furniture, fixtures, and lighting pieces, was designed. Small moments, created by breaking up perimeter wall’s merchandise and using fixture work and focal details to break up selling floor merchandise, became a main design focus to create more intimate shopping moments for Macy’s shoppers.

Macy’s Summerlin Plan: an option for selling floor and visual merchandising

Option 3 PTOption 2

Option 1

-C WC-


-D PL-




-H F-

-B WC-






Jewel of Las Vegas

contributor to the supreme retail industry on the strip. At Hotel 32, guests are immersed into a red ruby jewel upon entrance and the common space greets them with a jewelry gallery of fine contemporary pieces, called The Bijou. Guests can experience fine drink and conversation at The Gem, a bar & lounge with open seating and private gem lounges. At Hotel 32, luxury is not only seen, it is felt and lived out in the hidden jewel of Las Vegas. The Guest:

Old Money

The Bijou:

New Money Entourage

Inspiration: Bold Color’s & Sophisticated Shine

The Jewel of Las Vegas This project is one that was just completed in my third year hospitality design studio. As a team member of a working group of three, we were given three weeks to compose a lobby concept and design for the Monte Carlo Hotel 32 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Utilizing AutoCAD, Photoshop, Sketchup, and more, my group and I designed The Bijou, a lobby design that derived from the number one retailer in Las Vegas: Jewelry.

Concept Statement: In Las Vegas, jewelry is everything and is seen everywhere. Jewelry is a dominant contributor to the supreme retail industry on the strip. At Hotel 32, guests are immersed into a red ruby jewel upon entrance and the common space greats them with a jewelry gallery of fine contemporary pieces, called The Bijou. Guests can experience fine drink and conversation’s at The Gem, a bar & lounge with open seating and private gem lounges. At Hotel 32, luxury is not only seen, it is felt and lived out in the hidden jewel of Las Vegas.

The Materials:

Metal Panels

Crackle Glass Panels

Terrazzo Flooring

Floor Plan 3/16” = 1’-0”

Section A: View of the lobby center column, experience the Inside of a gem

Section B: View of the Gem Lounge’s, become the Jewel of the space

Perspective View 1: The Gem Lounge

Perspective View 2: The Bijou Gallery


Elizabeth Loxterkamp School Address: University of Cincinnati 3130 Bishop Street Apt. 2 Cincinnati, Ohio 45220 P: (513) 504-2523 E: Permanent Address: 5482 Sanrio Court Cincinnati, Ohio, 45247


Adobe Creative Suites: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint 3D Modeling: Google SketchUp, Revit, Rhino 2D Modeling: AutoCAD Rendering: V-Ray & Indigo Other: Paper Making & Fine Arts

Volunteer Work

STEM Project with Macy’s Corporate Services, 2013 Relay For Life , 2010-2013 Girl Scout Centennial Volunteer, 2012 Krohn’s Conservatory Volunteer 2013

2011-Present University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning Major: Interior Design, Class of 2016 G. P. A.: 3.2/4.0 2007-2011 McAuley High School, Cincinnati, Ohio G. P. A: 3.5/4.0, Class rank: 51/171

Co-op Work Opportunities

January-April, August-December, 2013 Macy’s Corporate Services, Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio SPACE Design Co-op As a design Co-op at Macy’s, I was able to help with re-design’s and re-model’s of many stores, including Macy’s Herald Square in NY. I worked with another designer on the new branding standards for Macy’s stores, specifically Intimate Apparel, and on the re-model of the Cincinnati Art Museum Lobby

Work Experience

2011-2012 Macy’s in Kenwood Towne Center, Cincinnati, Ohio Sales Associate in Handbags, Accessories, and Women’s Shoes Responsible for working the cash register, selling merchandise, and cleaning Received an award for Best Search and Send 2011 in Women’s Shoes 2010-2011 Kings Island, Mason, Ohio Summer job as a Rides Associate Responsible for the general safety of park guests and the operation of park rides

Achievements & Awards

College: Active member of the Omega Xi Chapter of Kappa Delta Sorority Active member of the Student IIDA at the University of Cincinnati IIDA Student Treasure 2013-2014 School Year Dean’s List Summer Semester 2013 High School: Honor Roll (2007-2011) Academic Excellence Award in History (2008) President’s Education Awards Program Outstanding Academic

Computer Rendered Dining Room

Pastels & Colored Pencils

North Christian Church, IN Pastels & Colored Pencils

Spring Grove Cemetery, OH

Acrylic Paint & Pastels

Thank You

Elizabeth Loxterkamp (513) 504-2523


Elizabeth Loxterkamp 2014 Portfolio  

Interior Design Portfolio 2014

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