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Collections 4 Carlina Collection 5-7 Tokyo Boys 8 Pop Of Color 9 Runway Movement 10 Zuma 11-12 Visual Merchandising 13 Designer Loft 14-16 Nike at Macy’s 17 Financial Fate 18 Live,Love,Skate 19-20 MyART 21 Color for an Eye 22 Abstract Model 23 Lighting Fixture 24


Carlina Collection Carlina collection is a bridal collection based on a beach wedding at the lovely island of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Carlina Collection These are the color and fabrics concept used in the collection. By using Adobe Photoshop I was able to change the colors of the fabrics.

Carlina Collection Using Abode Photoshop I manipulated the fabrics and color on the model’s dresses for this collection.

Tokyo Boys My first men’s collection based on Tokyo city and how the men dress in Tokyo. I wanted to included a western twist. I used pictures and my drawings to put this collection together,

Pop Of Color This colection is inspired by a colorful village. The girls are exploring the different colors in the way they dress. using the image of the village and my drawings I put this collection together on Adobe Photoshop.

Runway Movement This model I drew is based on movement of the fabric and body. I drew her to show the rendering and motion of the body with art.

Zuma My Group and I created a company called Zuma that is based on children’s wear. This collection was made for young girls on the ages 5-8. Zuma is for the young girl who wants to dress like there mother.

Zuma These are the flats that we drew for the Zuma collection to show the details of the garments.

Visual Merchandising

Designer Loft This is Desinger Loft Brides store where I do the Visual Mechandising and Marketing for. These gowns consist of Rosa Clara, Matthew Christopher and La Sposa.

Designer Loft These gowns are for the Trunk Show event that we were holding for desinger Matthew Christopher.

Designer Loft

Nike at Macy’s As a sales associate at Macy’s one of my tasks everyday I to do the visuals for my section witch is the active section. I take my time to set the shoes accordingly to the brand and style and how I feel it would look great.

Financial Fate The assignment for this project was to do a storefront using the concept of economy. We decided to show how the economy affects us college students and how the economy changes everyday. We showed the college girls styled by us. We also showed the economy chart by using the moneybags to show how the economy is showing.

Live,Love,Skate The photo shoot project was two-group projects were we had to search for models and style the models and find a place to shoot. We also had to borrow clothing from stores to use in the shoot. We both came up with a love skateboard story and we shoot the pictures at a skating park.



Color for an Eye I used ripped magazine paper to show the warm colors of spring. The eye represents having an eye for color. The soft color together make a great work of art.

Abstract Model

This model was made out of cut out paper and magazines. I used the different shades of red to show the dark and light parts of her body. It was inspired by the Lacoste advertisement.

Lighting Fixture This is a lighting fixture that I build from scratch. I used cardboard, paint, and tape. A knot of fabric that can’t be untangled inspired this fixture.

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