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//10 randomly generated words //7 days //2 film cameras (dillinger) //1 mobile phone (jeary)























//dillinger //I am primarily a photographer, working mainly in square format, usually using analogue techniques. Most of my work is based on alternative and experimental techniques, either via preparing films (pre-production), or via working directly on the negatives.

//jeary //Kimono wearing, budgie loving, picture taking, Bowie listening, Kate Bush singing, gap tooth sweet thing. Textures, street, fashion and extreme close-ups. I am inspired by alternative film techniques and use this as a basis for my digital experimentation.

//all left-hand images ŠChristophe Dillinger // //all right-hand images ŠLiz Jeary //

//made by liz jeary

//PAR //MCR  

A collaboration between Christophe Dillinger and Liz Jeary, both photographers based in the UK. During one week in November 2013, whilst Ch...