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The Alpha male Lize van der Merwe

Just another day! How long must I keep on working for a place where there is nowhere to work up to something? When will my door open to a better life?

I just don’t know where I’m going to get money for everything every day. I just need to believe that something good will happen soon.

Now with Jacques gone, and the uncertainty if he is still fine, wondering if he is with her or where he says he is. Will he come back or not? Lord what must I do??????

“Watch out!!!!” With a loud noise the vehicle came to a stop. Everything is happening in slow motion around me. What happened? Why did someone shout out? Why is everything hurting so badly? Why is it getting darker? Moments later I wake up in a hospital bed, still confused and wondering what happened and where I am? “Where am I?” “Wow finally I’m so glad you’re awake.” “Hi sorry but where am I?” “Do you know who you are and what happened?” “Yes my name is Schizelle du Randt, I work at the office of the group attorneys in the main street. I was crossing the road when someone shouted watch out and then I felt pain and then everything went dark. Now please tell me where am I?” With a smile on his face he sat there and just kept on looking at me. After a while I really felt like either hiding under the sheet or getting up and walking out to find answers. “What? Do I look that bad? Is there something wrong? Why do you look at me like I have 2 heads?” “Sorry. I just couldn’t stop looking at your face with your beautiful eyes. I am responsible for you being in hospital. I am the guy that shouted out and getting you out of the way of the car that wanted to hit you. After I got you out of the way you fell with my impact and hit your

head. You passed out, so I took you to the hospital and waited here for you to wake up. Since you can remember everything I am glad to think that there isn’t any serious injuries.” “Thank you. O! No!” “What?” “I was on my way to pick my child up at school. How late is it? How long was I laying here?” “Not that long it is now only half past one.” “I hope Robert is ok. I need to go and pick him up.” With that I tried to get out of bed. As soon as my feet hit the floor I knew I was going to fall everything was spinning. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and try and steady myself. The next moment 2 strong hands got hold of me and kept me standing. “Why don’t you just lie down till the doctor gets here and have a look if there is anything wrong.” “But I can’t I need to pick my child up and take him home.” “Why don’t you phone your husband and ask him to do it today.” “I can’t.” “What not?” “I cannot phone my husband.” “Oh ok, where are your child’s school?” “Robert is in pre-school.” “Can I go and pick him up for you and bring him here?” “No they won’t let you pick Robert up. I will let one of his teachers know that I’m going to be late.” I closed my eyes and thought how my day just got so much worse than it already felt before the accident. “Do you know where my phone is?” While he got up and got my purse from the table I lay watching him and wondering why he is still here. Why didn’t he just left me and drove off? Was there really still good people in this crazy world we’re living in? “Why are you staring at me?” “I’m just wondering why you are still here? Why you brought me to the hospital and didn’t just leave me there.” “Good questions in this world we’re living in. When I realised that car was out in hitting you I felt this urge to protect you at all cost. When I saw you, you knocked my feet right from under me. I had to meet you.”

“Thank you for that, but I am ok you can leave you must be busy.” “I am not going anywhere. I’m waiting right here till you are released.” “Why would you do that? Believe me it is better to run away from me far away. Everywhere I go something bad happens.” He just smiled than handed me my handbag. Than he came close to my ear. “If by chance you didn’t hear me earlier, you knocked my feet from under me when I saw you the first time, than I saw how someone tried to run you over with a car, at that moment I thought I lost you before I even got the chance to meet you. Now I’m not leaving you again till I know you’re safe.” “You did hear that I said I have a husband and child?” “Yes I did hear that and I also heard that you can’t phone your husband for help or to even let him know that someone tried to kill you. That sweetheart is very strange and sad. “ “Well my whole life is sad so please just go.” “I am not going to argue with you, and I am not going to go anywhere so just stop trying to get rid of me. Now Phone the school and tell them you will pick up your child as soon as possible.” “Do you always give orders? And do you always get what you want?” With a cocky smile he bends over me and whisper in my ear “Darling I always give out orders, my orders are always followed and sadly I don’t always get what I want, because right now I really want to take you in my arms and kiss those beautiful sexy lips of yours.” Before I can reply or even decide if I want to push him away or pull him closer the doctor comes into the room. “Ah good the patient is awake. I’m glad to say there is no major damaged anywhere. You can go home but you have to stay as quit as possible for a couple of days.” “Thank you doctor. If you give me a doctor’s letter I will take sick leave from work.” The funny thing for me was that the sexy stranger in my room that is so controlling was just standing there watching my every move and for the first time that I saw him did not take over the conversation, wow so he is not that controlling. I start to wonder who he is and what he does for a living to be so sure of himself. Wow he does have a sexy smile and he has dimples in his cheeks when he smiles like that. When the doctor left the room he kept on staring at me with that sexy smile on his face and I wondered how it would feel like to be held in his strong arms, kissed by him. “If you don’t stop looking at me and get out of that bed I will come there and then I will kiss you, so you have a choice to make darling.” I can feel that I’m blushing but I keep eye contact, with a smile on my face I calmly tell him that I cannot get out of the bed unless he leaves the room since I do not know him that well to let him look at my scarcely clothed body.

Just before he can answer me my phone started ringing. “Schizelle afternoon…… yes sorry I’m on my way I’ll be there as soon as possible……..thank you.” “I take it that was the school where your boy is?” “Yes, I need to go get him now. Please leave the room than I can get up.” “I can’t do that, see firstly I don’t want to leave you for a second, secondly if you get up and fall you will get hurt.” “FINE !!!!! Than at least close your eyes dammit” He burst out laughing. Oh what a beautiful sound. This time around when I got out of the bed the room didn’t spin that bad and after several deep breaths I managed to not feel like passing out or vomiting. I slowly walked over to the door careful not to make too haste moves. When I got to the door I turned around wanting to ask him what his name is and since he brought me here and didn’t leave if he will take me back to my car……..but as I turned around he was already right behind me and in the shock of seeing him right behind me I almost lost my balance. “Jeesz you gave me a fright now. Who are you? Will you please take me back to my car so that I can pick up my child?” “I will take you anywhere you want to go sweetheart.” “You can drop me off at my car thank you.” “I don’t think you are well enough to use your car at this stage, we will make a plan to get your car later but for now I will take you to your child’s school and take both of you to your house.” “Why do so much trouble for me?” “Because it is not any trouble. Come my car is near the entrance let’s get you seated inside, oh and my name is Andrew Montgomery” “Nice to meet you Andrew and thank you for everything you did for me.” “It’s a pleasure and I am glad to meet you too Schizelle.” We walked to the nurse’s station where I got my medication and doctor’s letter for work. We got out into the parking lot and he guided me to his car where he opened my door for me and helped me inside. He went to his side of the car. “How well do you know this town?” “Well enough why?” “Because I do not know the street names just how to drive to my child’s school, I never take notice of the street names.”

He started laughing again. Starting the car and putting into gear. “Where to my lady?” I explained how he need to get to Robert’s school. When we got there he caught my hand when I wanted to open my door. “No I will get your door for you and it is not negotiable.” I sat there while he got out and walked around to my side. This felt strange really strange. When he opened my door and helped me out he asked “You’re not used being treated like a lady are you?” “No, my dad used to do it when he was still alive. Now no-one does it for me.” I went to get Robert while he stood waiting at the car never taking his eyes off of me. I felt safe and for the first time since I woke up in hospital I wondered who wanted to run me over with a car? Was I in danger? Was there someone out there that wanted to kill me or cause me harm? If so who could it be? When I got Robert we went out to his car and got in. I explained where we lived and he got on the phone talking to someone to meet us at my car. After getting my car Andrew took us home, but when we got there and opened the gate a small bomb went off. Andrew shielded me and Robert and instructed us to get back into his car. Luckily there was only damaged to the gate and one part of the wall and no one got hurt. Why did someone want to cause me harm? Who would do this? I have to get hold of Jacques. He has to get home. “Ok the police is on their way as well as the fire brigade. You and Robert stay putt in the car it is safer in there as outside where anybody can see you.” “Ok.” When the police showed up with the fire brigade and secured everything Andrew took me to the police station to report everything and to open the case telling what happened earlier this afternoon as well and giving the hospital information as well as the doctor that treated me. When everything was done Andrew took us to his house since it was not safe to go home. I felt so tired not able to keep my eyes open for much longer and just wanted to sleep and forget about everything, but I can’t sleep now I need to think who would want to do this to me. When he stopped in front of his house he helped us get settle in. “You need to rest now and I know the medication is starting to kick in. Don’t stress about anything now. You will be safe here and we will look after Robert.” “I don’t want to sleep now I need to think.” “No. I am staying right here till you sleep. No arguing.” “I can’t sleep now. Jacques needs to come home and sort this stuff out. “ “Did you get hold of him?” “No he didn’t answer his phone.”

“Where is he?” “I don’t know. He leaves every weekend and comes back on Monday mornings.” “How can he leave his wife and child every weekend and goes where and does what? Does he go somewhere to work?” “No he leaves to go and see another woman that he is involved with.” “Fuck.” “Please don’t. I don’t want to hear that I am stupid for allowing it and blah blah blah. I’ve heard it a million times and I know I need to make the change but sometimes it is just not that easy or simple to walk away. I always have to put my children first.” “Children? “ “Yes I have two older sons too they are in the city busy with culinary school.” “Well I still think you should sleep now. Ivan is looking after Robert so please try and relax and sleep a little bit the medicine needs to do their work. I just want to ask one question. This is in the middle of the week why is he gone now?” “He wasn’t feeling well and instead of going to the state hospital to see a doctor he said he is going to see someone else that is like a traditional healer, I don’t know if he lied to me and are there with her or not. Before you ask yes she is black.” “Now I understand. Now close your eyes and sleep. When you wake up you will feel better and supper will be ready.” “I don’t want to sleep I want to know why all this happened I want to know who wants to cause me harm?” “All in good time sweetheart.” “Why did this happen? Who wants to cause me harm? Why do I let Jacques walk over me? I am such a big fool.” “You are not going to sleep are you?” “No not easy. Not while my brain is going around in circles asking all this questions that I don’t have answers for.” “Ok let me see what I can do to make you relax so that the medicine can work.” “You can’t do anything. Please go on do what you need to do don’t stress about me. You have done so much already for a complete stranger. I am not supposed to be here. I have a home. I don’t know you. “ “Yes I know but this is the only place that I know you will be safe.” “Why would you even care if I am safe or not. You don’t know me. Maybe I deserve to be run over or blown up.” “Because from the moment I saw you walking out of the building something inside me clicked into place. I knew I had to meet you and that you are supposed to be in my life. Then

I saw how the car came right for you and I thought my heart would stop on the spot. I never felt this way in my life.” “I am just trouble, believe me it is better not to get involved into my life. My life and marriage is one big mess. My friends stopped trying to help me get my life on track.” “One thing in my life that I learned at a young age is that we can do and plan and think and feel anything but GOD will always let HIS WILL BE DONE. There is a reason why Jacques is in your life. You are not married to him as punishment. GOD will never let something happen in our lives just because, there is always a reason.” “Wow I really thought you will say I make my own choices and that I’m the only one to blame for how my life is.” “No I will never tell you that. You love your husband unconditionally and that is one of the qualities that I see in you that makes you breath-taking beautiful.” “O please I am not beautiful. I see myself every day in the mirror and I am fat and definitely not beautiful.” “Just because Jacques says you’re fat in his eyes it doesn’t mean that you are fat? If some of your friends also think you’re fat and needs to lose weight doesn’t mean that you are fat. Tell me what do you like to do if you have free time on your hands?” “I love reading, knitting and homey stuff. I love swimming but never go swimming because of a lot of reasons. I would love to go horseback riding, again not happening in my life, I always wanted to go hiking somewhere for a week or so where I have to camp in the evenings. If that would ever happen?” “What else?” “I would love to learn how to dance and I wish I can publish a book.” While I was telling him about my interests he managed to get me to lie down on the couch with my head resting on his lap. While I was still telling him of my dreams that I felt will never come true he was busy massaging my head, I could feel that all the tension was leaving my body. This is wrong, he is not my husband. I started tensing up again and the next moment I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom where I started vomiting. While I was bend over the toilet I felt a hand slowly stroking my back. “Are you ok sweetheart?” “Yes I am fine I knew it will happen the stress and everything that happened gave me a migraine.” “What can I do?” “Nothing unless you have a migraine cocktail?” “Ian! Do we have something for migraines?” “Only voltaren that I can inject. Why?” “Schizelle has got a migraine and just now vomited.”

“Oh ok I’ll get it ready when she is finished I will give her an injection.” “Thanks pal.” “No problem. Schizelle do you feel like eating some fruit?” “I don’t know if it will stay down.” Ian came into the room with a bowl with pieces of fruit in one hand and the dreadful injection in the other hand. “Thank you Ian for the fruit, I will try and eat it. About the injection I have a problem.” “What is that girl?” “I hate injections.” “O ok what don’t you like about injections?” “Every time someone gave me an injection it caused me pain and bruises. Jacques usually gives me a voltaren injection on my fat bum but I don’t think one of you two can do that sorry.” They both stared at me than started laughing. Ian came and stood in front of me and looked me straight in my eyes. “You are not fat my dear. I will give you the injection on your arm since you’re such a shy girl.” While he was talking and distracting me Andrew came and stood behind me. He lifted my sleeve and kept my arm open for Ian to clean the place and quickly gave me the injection. “You managed to not hurt me. Wow you are good. Thank you Ian.” “I am glad to hear that and now you really need to rest so eat up and lie down let the medicine work.” After I managed to eat the fruit I walked over to the couch and sat down. The next moment Andrew made me lie down again with my head on his lap. “Now close your eyes for me please and sleep a little, please sweetheart.” I managed to fall asleep and after an hour I started waking up. When I tried to sit up I could feel his hands holding me down. “Shh keep still for a few more minutes.” “I need to go to the bathroom.” “Are you nausea again?” “No.” I laughed softly. “But I do need to use the toilet.” “Oh ok but it is nice to have you lying on my lap and if I let you go now I don’t know when I will be able to feel you like this again.”

I only laughed at him. Got up and went to the bathroom. After using the toilet and freshen up a little I went outside to the lounge again. There was no one there and I wandered around wondering where Robert was. I walked through the kitchen and out the door. There in front of me Robert was on the back of a horse. His face alive with pure joy. I just stood there enjoying the sight wishing to feel that joy in my life again. “Hallo beautiful.” Andrew said standing behind me. “I can’t wait for you to be mine, then I would wrap you in my arms right now.” “Andrew you have no idea what you’re doing to me. Since this afternoon when my life changed, I couldn’t stop thinking about what you said and how I felt each time you are close to me. You are making it very hard to try and stay faithful to a marriage, which has been falling apart for more than 13 years now. You are the first man that I met that makes me feel I want to walk away from all the pain and heartache.” “I am glad to hear those words from your lips. I will be patient but I will keep on pursuing you, showing you what I want from you and showing you what I can offer to you.” “In the hospital today just before the doctor came in I was debating about pushing you away or drawing you closer, wondering how it would feel to be kissed by you. I am a married woman I am not supposed to want to be kissed by another man and a stranger at it.” “Come let’s go get supper started I’m starving.” “Me too and I know Robert will also be starving.” We walked back into the kitchen in silence. I was glad he didn’t reply on my statement, but also wondering if he still wanted to kiss me. We made supper while talking about ordinary things. Every now and then he would stand close to me touching my hand or moving close behind me touching my middle or hip while passing by. I felt if I was burning up inside. When everything was done and dished up he went outside calling Ian and Robert. “Come on guy’s supper is ready.” The next moment there were two other guys also in the kitchen. “Schizelle this is Brian and Shane. “ “Hi.” “Well hallo pretty lady. “Brian and Shane said together. I looked at them and started laughing. “And what is so funny sweetheart? “Andrew asked standing behind me again. I turned my head around looking at him then turning to the two guys standing there and then to the door where Ian appeared with Robert beside him. I just had to smile thinking that all of these men where pantie melting gorgeous sexy as any wet dream hero could be and all of them says I’m pretty? Was there something wrong with their eyesight?

“Robert wash up than you can eat my angel.” “Yes let’s get cleaned up. “Ian said on his way to the bathroom. “I am still waiting for my answer. “Andrew said. “Enjoy the wait. “I said while walking away to go to the dining table. When I got to a chair and tried to pull it out his hand was on top of mine and he pulled the chair out as a true gentleman would do. With a smile on my lips I took my seat and waited patiently for the rest of the sexy men to come and sit down for supper. When everybody was sitting Robert took my hand and closed his eyes for his prayer like he does every time. There was a silence at the table when all of them looked at Robert. After Robert said grace and everyone started eating there was a sense of peace settling over me. This is how I would love my life to be like. Someone there for me to tackle any storm that may come. When everyone was finished I tried to get up to go and clean the dishes but Brian and Shane shot up, cleared the table and started cleaning up. Ian took Robert to where Robert can sleep for the evening and got him in the bath and ready for bed. I was left sitting there with Andrew watching me intense. Andrew got up and stood behind my chair waiting for me to get up. He took my hand in his again and led me to the front of the house. When we stepped through the door there was a veranda looking out over the garden with a swimming pool glittering in the evening lights. There was also one of those swing benches and we walked over there and sat there together, listening to the night. This was peaceful. I felt at peace for a little while. But then I remembered that someone tried to run me over this afternoon. “Stop thinking so much. Just relax.” “Easy for you to say, someone didn’t try and run you over with a car. Not to even mention the explosion at the house. If something happened to Robert I will not be able to get through that.” “But you are safe and Robert is safe, I promise you nothing will happen to you or Robert I and all of them will make sure about that.” “Why? All of you guys are sexy men who deserve to not be burdened with me.” “Ah that is why you laughed in the kitchen. You think all of us are sexy? Why thank you mam. All of us were in the Navy and are here in South-Africa to see about expanding our company. With the training we became like brothers and so we decided to start a company that specialises in security, now we are expanding here.” “That sound interesting. So with your training you will be able to give me self-defence lessons?” “Yes I will do that when the time is right. But for now we will protect you always.”

“Andrew I can’t stay here, I need to go home.” “Yes you can stay here and you are going to stay here, I am not letting you go. If Jacques comes back than you can go home.” “I need to also take a bath and get into bed, I am just glad tomorrow is Saturday and I don’t have to get up early.” “Ok let’s go inside. I will give you a t-shirt and shorts of mine to sleep in.” “Thank you but I cannot sleep in some of your clothes.” “And why is that?” “I won’t be able to sleep smelling your intoxicating smell the whole night.” “And what does my smell do to you?” “It makes me wish for things that I cannot have.” “What things?” “I am not going to tell you my deepest secrets and fantasies.” “Ok let me see if I can guess correctly. You’re wondering how it will feel like if I take you in my arms and hold you close to my body, how it would feel like when my mouth closes over yours my tongue opening your lips for free access into your mouth, how it would feel like when my hands move over your sexy ass and squeezing it and pulling you even closer to my body where you could feel me hard on wanting so desperately to be inside you. How it would feel like when my mouth moves down over your neck kissing softly.” “Please stop.” “Why? Your body is giving you away that you want to feel that.” “Yes I want to feel that.” I said with tears escaping my eyes. “I want to feel all of that and more. I want to feel you inside of me but I can’t. I am married.” With that I ran away to the bathroom. I thought I made it safely but when I tried to close the door he was behind me, preventing me from closing the door. “You will not run away from me. You are a beautiful strong woman and can face anything even this feelings that you say you are not allowed to have.” “I can’t act on my feelings and it’s frustrating. The first moment when you said you wanted to kiss me I thought yea right why would someone looking like you want to kiss me? Than you kept on saying all this sweet things and doing all the smallest things to show me that you do care.” “I care about you a lot and soon I will be doing all the things I said to you before you tried to run away.” “Please Andrew, I don’t want to get hurt, I’ve been hurt too many times already.” “I will never hurt you, I promise you that.”

He gently wiped my tears, kissed me tenderly on my head. “Now take a bath relax and there will be clothes waiting for you just outside the door when you’re finished.” As I turned around to walk deeper into the bathroom he gave me a tap on my behind. “Hay!!!” He started laughing. “What? I couldn’t resist it. I love your sexy ass.” I just looked at him, closing the door in his face before I did something that is not right to do at this stage. The rest of the evening went by without any more emotional surprises. The next morning I slowly woke up feeling at peace. I heard something outside my door and thought it must be Robert. I didn’t want to get up but knew that he must be hungry. The next moment my door opened slowly revealing Andrew with a tray filled with coffee and breakfast and the most beautiful white rose. Wow I must still be sleeping and dreaming this. “Ah my lovely lady is awake. Morning sweetheart.” I closed my eyes, counted to five and open them again. No he was still there, still holding the tray of things with the rose on it. “I am not dreaming am I?” “No you are not dreaming.” He said with a smile. He came closer and sat down on the bed, carefully placing the tray on my legs. Then you took the single white rose and hand it to me. “I know the time is not right yet to give you red roses to show my love for you but from this day I want to give you a flower every day to show you that I think you are beautiful and special.” “Now I must be dreaming to hear such beautiful word this early in the morning.” He only smiled, leaned over and kissed me on my head, as always. “Enjoy your breakfast in bed see you later when you’re finished, no need to get up.” “Thank you for the special treatment.” “Always a pleasure, I can’t wait for the day that I can share a breakfast with you in bed I can just imagine how I could feed you the food while eating you.” I blushed and pulled the covers over my head. He started laughing. “I am glad you think it is funny.” I said from underneath the covers. “And you are sexy in the mornings and if you don’t get out of underneath the covers I am going to come and get you.” I slowly dropped the covers. I looked at him with a smile. “Thank you Andrew.” “For what darling?”

“For the fact that you came into my life.” “Enjoy your breakfast.” With that he got up and walked out the room. I enjoyed the coffee and breakfast. When I was finished I got up and got dressed in yesterday’s clothes. I wish I had something else to wear. When I came into the kitchen all of the guys were sitting there as if waiting just for me. “Morning everyone.” “Morning Schizelle.” Everyone greeted. “Ian where is Robert?” “Andrew took him outside and they are waiting for you. He said something about going into town to go get things for you and Robert.” “What things?” “Don’t ask me, ask Andrew, he planned everything.” I walked out in search of Andrew. When I went out the front door he was playing with Robert outside on a swing that I didn’t even see yesterday. “Hi you two.” “Hallo mommy. Yippee now we can go!” “Go where?” “Come I want to take you two shopping.” “Why?” “You two can’t keep on wearing the same clothes every day.” “We have clothes at home.” “I am not taking you home it is not safe. Now stop arguing and come with me.” I thought about it just standing there. I will not be bossed around. Who do he think he is? The next moment he came and stood in front of me. The next moment he picked me up and put me over his shoulder walking off to the car. “Hay put me down!” “No” “I am too heavy you will hurt yourself.” The next moment I felt one hand slapping on my ass. “Ouch!” “That was for saying that about yourself.” I kept quiet till he put me down at the car. Well if he wants to treat me like that then I will just ignore him for the rest of the day.

He opened the car door and when I got in he bent down buckling me up taking his time. “I love it when you look angry. I love seeing the fire in your eyes. Please don’t ever lose it.” He said. Then he gave me a quick kiss on my head. He got in and Ian was also in the car already waiting with Robert. “Just take us home please.” “No” “Arrgh you are a controlling overbearing pain in the ass.” Ian started laughing and Andrew joined him. “What is so funny?” “You baby girl. You will never win, Andrew is smitten with you and he will do everything for you and the sooner you accept it the better it will become. Trust him and allow him to make decisions for you.” “I am married Ian, I cannot accept another man in my life. I am used to rely on myself and always making decisions for myself and for my children what I thought the best was.” “I can understand that but now you don’t have to anymore.” I decided to just keep quiet I knew I will not be able to win this fight with them. We drove to the mall and got out. I hate going shopping. Well if he wants to buy stuff then I will get clothes for Robert. We all walked inside and after a while Steven and Robert was gone. “Where is Robert?” “Steven took him to get enough clothes and shoes and things.” “I will help him get things.” “No you will be with me getting things for yourself.” “I don’t want to get things for myself.” “Why?” “I hate shopping.” “Why?” “I just hate it.” “Give me the reason why you hate shopping for things for yourself?” “I am fat and can never find things that I like and that fits and looks good on me so I hate it.” “You my dear are not fat and we will get things that you like and it will fit even if we have to go into every store in this mall. If we are not successful we will go to Polokwane or even the city. Do you understand what I’m saying?” “Yes sir!”

We did go into every store in the mall. Getting clothes and shoes and lingerie. At one time I didn’t know where to put my head in feeling embarrassed that this guy picked out all the things that he liked and that I could choose from. “Please tell me we can go now?” “Why?” “Because I don’t know where to hide. You really made me feel embarrassed picking out even the lingerie.” “Why?” “Andrew don’t push me too far. I will walk away from you and just keep on walking. I told you I’m used looking after myself and only relying on myself.” “And we told you it ended when he stepped into your life” Ian replied directly behind me. “You and Robert and your other children are a part of our family now, end of story.” Andrew said taking my hand in his. I refused to walk with him, closing my eyes trying my best to stop the tears that want to fall. How can a stranger and his friends be this good to me? Why would they want to be nice and caring towards us? I took deep breaths trying to calm myself before I make a fool of myself here in the shopping centre. When I opened my eyes, Andrew was standing there still holding my hand but waiting patiently. “Why?” “Why what my angel?” “Why are all of you guys nice to us? Why are all of you caring towards us?” “Because you are worth of love and caring. For them you are like their sister, family.” “Thank you, for not brushing my feelings off, well you did with the shopping.” I said with a smile. “Only because it had to be done. I really want to take you into my arms and kiss you. Get lost in your kiss, but we can’t not yet but soon I will tell you and show you what I feel for you, because I do not feel like you’re my sister.” “When will you let me go home?” “If I have any say never. But I know I will have to let you go at some point, but not now, not till I know you will be safe.” “Can we at least go past there and see if everything is still ok?” “Yes we can do that.” We left the mall and on the way back to his place we past my home and what waited there I never want to see again. On every surface available there was written “DIE BITCH” or “HE WILL BE MINE”

When Andrew and Steven saw it they got such an angry look on their faces that I got scared knowing that they would hurt the person responsible for this. “We need to report this please my land lord will have a fit if he sees this. I need to keep my side clean. He will most probably put me out of this house when he finds out about this.” “That might just be a good thing happening if it happens, then you can stay with us.” Steven commented. After the police came and took pictures and add it on to my file that was already opened the referred my case to the investigators stating it was even more serious now. When we got to his house Robert immediately wanted to go swimming since it was a hot and humid day. I thought to myself that since Andrew bought me all of this clothes and stuff and since there was a swimming suit with all of the things why not enjoy the afternoon in the swimming pool with Robert. So we went swimming. The first time in such a long time that I just enjoyed playing with my child. “You look happy Schizelle.” Ian said from the side of the pool the next moment. “Jeesz you gave me a fright. Yes I am happy, I’m always happy when I spent time with my children.” “Can we join you guys for a swim?” Andrew asked. “It is your pool why do you ask me if you can swim.” “Because I don’t want you to get out if we get in. I want to swim with you, and if you get shy and gets out I will rather sit on the deck and see you relaxed and happy.” “You are one sweet guy Andrew Montgomery. Thank you for being you. Please come and swim with us, I promise I won’t get out and walk away.” “Thank you sweetheart.” He said right before he dived in and swam to the other side of the pool. He looked so sexy. He swam back to where Robert and I were and dived under Robert in picking him up on his shoulders. We all swam and played around in the pool. After a while Robert started saying he was hungry and I realized I was also hungry. “Sorry guys but we are getting out we need food to eat.” Andrew caught me in his arm. “Please stay a little longer with me.” “Robert is hungry.” “Ian will help him, please?” When I looked around Robert and Steven were already gone. I can’t stay here with Andrew not when were only in our swimsuits and not with him looking so so sexy.

“I can’t. I have to get out and go get dressed.” “Why don’t you want to stay behind with me for a little longer?” “Because if I stay I will do something that is not appropriate at this stage.” “And what will that be?” he asked with a sexy smile. I looked at him. He knew what he was doing to me and he enjoyed it too much. I wonder what he will do if I made the first move and kissed him right now. No I want him to make the first move, I want him to be the hunter. “See you inside Andrew, thank you for joining us in the pool.” With that I got out and walked away, knowing that I so do not even look sexy. I went to my room ad got dresses. I decided to wear one of the lovely dresses that he bought for me since I never find the time to wear dresses anymore and they are all so beautiful. When I got to the kitchen to see what I can eat, Ian, Shane and Brian was sitting there with Robert enjoying nice sandwiches. When they looked up all of them whistled. I turned red in my face and turned around trying to run away. “O no you don’t.” Andrew said catching me in his arms. “Please let me go.” I pleaded at him. “No love turn around. We are also going to get something to eat. The whistling is perfect. It is time that you hear what you do to men, and start seeing yourself for what and who you are. A beautiful sexy woman with so much kindness and love inside that you are an angel on earth.” “You won’t say or think that when I lose my temper and acts out.” “Ah but I already know you’ve got fire inside of you, and if you do and say things in the heat of the moment it is only human.” I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I turned around his arms sill around me. I opened my eyes and looked everyone in their eyes. “Thank you all of you for making me feel embarrassed.” I walked over to the counter top and started getting things that I could eat. We all sat there talking about everything and just enjoying the early supper. After that I went with Robert to sit and watch TV since there wasn’t anything for me to do. During the movie he fell asleep next to me and I realised that I also was struggling to keep my eyes open. Just as I got up to pick Robert up and take him to bed Ian and Andrew showed up. Before I could pick Robert up Ian already had picked him up and was carrying him to his bed. “Can I sit with you?” Andrew asked holding out a steamy cup of hot chocolate.

“Yes you can, although I did think of also turning in for the night since my eyes are also not staying open.” “Please I would love to just sit with you for a while.” “Ok but not here, follow me if you want to.” With that I got up and walked out the front door. I walked over to the swing bench that we sat on the other night. “Ah perfect, thank you for choosing this place sweetheart.” “Thank you for showing it to me the other night, I can get lost sitting here. It is peaceful and quiet. Lots of fresh air and no noise from the town traffic.” “Yes I also love it here rather than living in town. In America I grew up on a ranch, in fact my family are still living there.” “A real American cowboy?” “You can say so yes. When I went to the army and enrolled into seal training I didn’t think I would ever survive, it was hard and a lot of bad things happened there that changed all of us. Now for the first time in my life I’m thinking that I am ready to move back home one of these days.” “Your family will be happy I’m sure.” “They don’t know that yet.” “Why? I as a mother can only think how wonderful it is to hear that words when your child decides to come home.” “How many children do you have? I thought it was only Robert.” “No I have 2 older boys as well both of them is in the city beginning their lives there.” “Why did they leave?” “Because it is good for them to start their lives without all this stupid drama that is part of my life and marriage.” “Ok I hear what you’re saying but if this shit happened to my mom I would never leave her.” “They didn’t want to leave I forced them to leave, I want them to find happiness. Besides when the time is right Robert and I will move closer to them, hopefully soon.” “You want to leave here? You want to run away?” “Yes it is the only way for me to start over by running away from here.” “I understand what you’re saying. I’m just not going to lose you that I can promise you now.” “Let us just enjoy this evening with its tranquillity and see what happens next. I am still married and it will only be at the end of this year when I might be able to move away from this place and Jacques and Monique.”

“Please give me your time and trust for you to get to know me, please let me there for you in everything that you need and want. I will respect your marriage not because of Jacques but because of you and the amazing woman that you are? Can you at least promise me that?” “You know I cannot promise you anything.” “Will you let me in your life? Will you allow me to help you always with everything you need or want? I will not ask anything from you. If you get to know me and like me and want something more than all you have to do will be to say the word and I will make every dream come true for you in every aspect of your life, I can and will promise you that.” I didn’t realize that I was crying. The next moment he drew me into his arms for a gentle hug. Softly he wiped the tears from my face. “You need to go to bed my angel, you are tired and needs a good rest.” He got up hold out his hand waiting for me to put my hand in his. He walked with me to my room, never letting my hand go. At the door he gave me a sweet little kiss on my head again. “Sweet dreams sweetheart.” “Good night Andrew.” I turned around and got into my room, stripped and got into bed. I was asleep almost immediately. The next morning when I woke up I couldn’t wait to see what this day will bring. I lay there and thought that I would love to go to church. But how? I didn’t have my car. The next moment my door opened slowly the same way as yesterday. “You should stop doing that you know!” “Why my angel?” “What if I was up and busy getting dressed?” “Then I would be the luckiest guy on earth.” “Oh please. With what are you spoiling me this morning? Andrew I want to go to church will it be possible?” He stopped dead in his tracks. With a smile on his face he came to me. “Morning my sweet Schizelle. You are breathtakingly beautiful this morning. I can promise you that the day I have the honour to see you naked in front of me will be the happiest day of my life. I have brought you some coffee again and an omelette. We will love to take you and Robert to church.” “Ahmm Andrew please don’t come closer.” I said pulling the covers high up. “You slept naked?” he said with a smile on his face. “Yes I did.” I replied while turning beet red. “I usually sleep naked.”

“Oh how I wish I can crawl under the cover and have you for breakfast. One of these days Darling on of these days.” He put the tray down next to me on the bed, gave me a kiss on my forehead and walked out. The evidence in his pants there for me to see he was turned on without even seeing anything. Could he really be this attracted to me? When I was finished with my coffee and breakfast, I got up and got dressed in a sensible dress for church. I went to look for Robert to get him ready for church as well. When we were finished and ready for church I saw that all of the men were dressed and ready to go to church. Wow I thought they sure are good looking. This Sunday I didn’t have to walk to church with Robert and I wasn’t sitting there alone. Today I was surrounded with 4 men strong and sure about themselves. While I sat in church waiting for the sermon to begin I thought that since Friday afternoon my life has changed. How is it possible to change so quickly? When church was finished we all went to their place again. I went to the kitchen to look for something that I can eat. I was still busy trying to eat my fruit pieces when my phone started ringing. I tried to get it out of my jean pocket and bumped into Andrew standing behind me. He quickly wrapped his arms around my middle. I managed to get my phone out of my pocket and answered even though I didn’t know the number. “Schizelle good day.” The next moment Nico was on the line. When I heard his voice I knew something was wrong with Jacques. If Andrew wasn’t still standing where he was I would have fallen down. “Yes Nico I will be there as soon as possible. Thank you for the call.” I disconnected the phone call and turned around. With tears running down my face I looked at Andrew. I didn’t know what exactly to say or even how to rely the phone call. After a few seconds passing I took a deep breath, wiped the tears away put a smile on my face. Mask in place as always in my life. “Andrew I need to go to the state hospital here in town please. That was Nico a friend of Jacques. Jacques always said when he went away every weekend he slept there and if anything happened to him that Nico will always let me know. Well I guess that day just happened.” “Sure no problem lets go.” When all of us were in the garage Andrew decided that all of them will go with me and Robert. I was glad that I wasn’t alone not sure how I would have handled that was waiting for me. Nico only told me that Jacques was admitted and not responding positively, he didn’t tell me what exactly happened. I sat there stressed out wondering what will be next.

When we got to the hospital Andrew got out and walked around to my side opening my door for me. I stood there wondering what I’m to do. I don’t want to go inside on my own with just Robert, but I’m not allowed to have a strange man accompanying me. “I will be close if you need me, I will not leave you to do this on your own. I will not leave you not now not ever.” I looked up into his beautiful blue eyes and smiled at him. For the first time today I smiled because I felt like smiling not forced to hide all my internal feelings. I took Roberts hand and went inside. When I got inside I didn’t see Nico so had to go and ask around. When someone finally helped me and showed me the way to where Jacques was lying I quickly went there. I felt afraid to go in not sure what will wait for me on the inside. Before I could go inside Nico came outside. I could see he was glad I made it. Before we even greeted Monique came out as well. “What are you doing here?” she asked me when she saw me. I looked at her, than I looked at Nico. I walked over to Nico and greeted him ignoring her, I didn’t want to fight with her why was she here? Was Jacques with her the whole time? I really hate her for sleeping with my husband and causing me so much tears and pain. I did not want to see her here not now. “Nico where is Jacques?” “Schizelle he is in this room. I am glad you came. He doesn’t look good.” “What happened?” “Come I will tell you when we are inside.” “No she doesn’t belong in the room. She is nothing to him he is mine.” “Monique, go to hell. I’ve kept my distance I’ve kept my mouth but you are the bitch sleeping with my husband. You are the one that doesn’t belong here. I will go and see my husband.” When I entered the room she gripped my arm and tried to prevent me from entering the hospital room. This is so not happening. The next moment Robert kicked her on her leg. We than went inside. Jacques was lying there and he was covered in bandages and plasters. “Nico what happened?” While Nico related how Jacques came to his house the Saturday afternoon late after visiting Monique’s house to see Willem and Catherine. He then told me that everything was finally over between him and her and that he would not go there again. He told me that he will take you with him but first he needs to do the tests this week. That was his plans. So we watched TV and went to sleep for the evening. This morning when we woke up my wife and I went to church and Jacques asked if he could join us. After church when we got back home he asked me to go with him to Monique’s house he wanted to see the children again. We left for her house and when we got there she started laughing. Saying that she knew he would be back and that soon she will be in his life every day since you would be gone. We looked at each other on her remark wondering what she was talking about. So Jacques told her no it is over

between them. She only laughed again. After a while she got a phone call that she didn’t expected and the news she got really upset her. When we tried to leave to go to my house again she came to him and said that she wants one last kiss and hug. He refused and that was the time she started stabbing him with a knife that she had. Between me and her brother we managed to stop her and she kept on saying “If you won’t stay with me Schizelle will also not have you.” I couldn’t believe what I just heard. She was responsible for Jacques being here? She tried to kill him because he was leaving her for good. The next moment the door opened and she came in and walked over to me. “You were supposed to be dead.” She shouted at me. “Why aren’t you dead?” Everything that happened Friday fell into place. She was behind the person trying to run me over with the car. She was behind who ever planted the bomb at my house gate. The next moment her hands was around my throat squeezing. What must I do? I am not going to die here at her hands. I relaxed my body and when she strangled me harder I brought my hands up and with strength I knew only came from the LORD I removed her hands. The next moment a police officer took hold of her and arrested her. Jacques never woke up from his injuries and died an hour later. Nico went home after giving his statement at the police station on what happened at her house that caused Jacques injuries. I felt as if this was one big nightmare that didn’t want to end. When I left Jacques room with Robert Andrew and Ian stood there waiting for us. When I looked up into Andrew’s face I saw rage when his eyes landed on the bruises on my neck. “Please don’t. Please just don’t say anything. Can you guys please just take me to my house and let me be?” “No, and this is not over. You will tell me what happened.” With his angry tone I started to cry everything was just too much. Everything happening from Friday was just too much. I felt everything went dark around me and I fainted. When I came to I was lying in Andrew’s arms. I tried to get up and see where I was. “Shh stay still.” “Where am I?” “You are still in the hospital in a room. When you fainted they said we can stay here till you come by and then I can take you home.” “Where is Robert?” “Ian took him home already and Brian is waiting for us to get home to eat our supper.” “Why am I lying in your arms?” “Because you gave me a hell of a scare.”

“You sounded so angry and everything just felt too much. I don’t want to be a nuisance in your life.” “You are not one bit a nuisance in my life. When I met you Friday afternoon it was the best’s thing that could’ve happened to me. I am not angry at you never I am angry to see the bruises on your Throat and what happened to you.” “Can I please go home? I am really tired and in need of a long hot bath and a soft bed.” He smiled down into my face. “Princess I will take you home and run you a bath for you, and you know your soft bed to sleep in will always be ready, but at my house not yours.” “Whatever at this stage. I only want my son right now just wish I could have my other 2 boys with me as well.” “Did you phone them?” “Yes I did they said as soon as they can they will be here.” “Can we go and fetch them?” “When? Now?” “If they can leave now yes, I will take you there right now if you want to fetch them.” “Really?” I asked with new tears in my eyes. He took my hand got on the phone and talked to Ian. I could hear how he asked him to get Robert ready to travel with us and for one of them to get ready as well since he didn’t want to take too much risk with everything that happened today. Then he opened my door waited till I was settled in. Got into his side and before he drove off asked for their number and phoned them. When he got off he told me that they already arranged to get off from their work and will be ready when we get there. When we stopped at his house he got out opened my door and when we walked into his house he took me straight to the bathroom where he got a bath ready for me. “Now enjoy your bath when you’re finished supper will be ready and then we can leave to fetch your other children.” I tried to relax in the bath but couldn’t. Monique was behind the attempt on my life Friday. Twice she orgastrated everything. When she didn’t get her wish she killed Jacques. Now he is dead and I have bruises on my throat to proof how she her self-tried to strangle me to death. What is wrong with her? I can’t believe someone can be so evil. Well at least I can go home now if Andrew would only let me go home. After a while I got out of the bath got dressed and went to the kitchen. The smell that greeted me was overwhelming. I didn’t realize that I was actually really hungry. Finishing up with all the delicious food we all went to the garage to go and fetch the two boys in the city. “Andrew why are you still taking care of me? The threat is gone now?”

“Maybe it is gone maybe not. Besides I told you Friday I am not going to let you walk out of my life without at least trying to get to know you better. You stole my heart this that day and keep on intriguing me every second that I get to know you better.” I didn’t know what to answer him. I felt so tired. When I turned to the seat behind me I saw Robert fast asleep. I wish I can close my eyes and just sleep. Maybe when I wake up it will all be a terrible nightmare. “Come here sweetheart. You need to sleep a little. Please let me hold you and close your eyes and rest a little. There is nothing you can do to change anything that happened.” I let go and allowed him to pull me into his embrace. Lying with my head on his shoulder I relaxed. I closed my eyes and slowly I drifted off to sleep. After a while I heard Robert talking to everyone. I couldn’t believe I really slept with my head on Andrew’s lap. “Hallo my beautiful. How do you feel now?” I tried to sit up but he kept me still. “Please stay a little longer the way you are.” “Were are we?” “At a fuel station. The guys took Robert in to get things to eat and drink.” “I want to go to the bath room.” “As you wish my lady.” While I sat up straight he got out and got to my side. Opening my door again. I thought to myself that this is actually so nice being treated with such respect and care. When he held out his hand I took it. Letting him help me out of the car. At that moment I wish he would kiss me but I must look like a mess. How can I even think this? My husband died only a few hours back. “Thank you Andrew.” “This was the first time that you allowed me to help you out of the car. Why?” “For the first time in my life I feel like a lady. Not weak but respected. I know I must look like hell after waking up just now, but I feel deep down appreciated for me only me and it makes me feel beautiful. Now if I can find the bathroom I can even try and look a little better.” He took my hand and while smiling walked with me to the rest rooms. When we got to the door he looked at me strangely and gave me a light kiss on my head. When I was finished inside and went out the door he was standing waiting there. I couldn’t help the reply that I gave him when I saw him. “Are you afraid I will run away or get lost?” I asked with a smile on my face.

“No sweetheart, not at all. I know you will not run away and I know that you will be able to find the vehicle. I am just making sure that I don’t lose you before I can make you mine, and after the look you gave me when you got up I will make you mine soon.” He replied with a cocky smile on his face showing off his dimples. I felt weak in the knees just looking at him with his confidence radiating of off him. “Come on let’s get back to the car and get going. Do you need anything specific from the shop?” “No I’m good thanks.” When we got to the car and got in everyone was already back and waiting for us. Robert was talking a mile a minute and I just smiled at how easy going he really is to anyone, so trusting. “I love that look on your face, relaxed and peaceful. What are you thinking about that makes you feel that way?” “I’m just listening to Robert and how he is so trustworthy. I hope he never loses that. People can hurt someone else so quickly and sometimes deeply.” “Yes it is true. You’ve been hurt a lot in your life already am I correct?” “Yes you are right.” “Then how do you manage to keep on loving people and keep on trusting people?” “Do onto others that you want to be done to you. Love one another. Forgive always.” “Wow, and you try and do that every day of your life?” “Yes, but oh you must ask my boys I am not flawless I get angry quickly, but when I get angry and have a fit I get good again and try and find solution, I don’t like to give up and walk away.” He looked at me with a big smile on his face. He leaned closer towards me and whispered in my ear “I can’t wait for the time to be right to take you and make you mine, I am never going to let you go and enjoy every day to get to know you. You are one of a kind and perfect just the way you are.” Ian passed snacks over to me “Eat before you get a headache again.” “Jeez but you guys are bossy!” “Yes we are that is just how we are babe.” Ian answered. “Hay you don’t get to call her that.” Andrew laughingly replied “And why not bro? She is a babe.” “Ok you two, I love the attention but I think now is not that perfect moment. Give me some time to get over today and to get to know all of you guys and I will have my comebacks ready and will not be bossed around so easy. You guys are amazing doing what you already did for me and Robert from Friday, but if I wasn’t so tired of everything I would love to give you some resistance with all this bossing around.”

“Andrew bro you are going to have your hands full when you finally get this sassy lady in your life.” “Mmm I can see that and I can’t wait for it. I love a challenge.” “So tell me men what is the action plan for tonight?” “Firstly I would love for you to move closer to me.” “Haha so not happening mister.” Ian, Brian and Shane started laughing. The next moment Andrew moved over to my side. With a sly smile on his face he just sat there close to me. His thigh touching mine. His hands lying on his lap. I caught myself thinking that I would love it if he would take my hand and hold it. What the heck is wrong with me? I am so not supposed to be thinking things like this. While I sat there thinking all this things Andrew took my hand in his, pull it closer to his mouth and kissed it softly than he put his hand down on his lap again still holding mine in his. It was as if he could read my mind. How can something that is wrong at this stage in my life feel so right? Is it wrong to start to feel feelings toward him even though I don’t know him? Even though my husband just died a few hours earlier? “Don’t over think everything. Relax and enjoy everything. You are safe here, Robert is safe, and we will be at your other children soon.” I looked up at him and smiled. Then I surprised myself by leaning even closer to him and giving him a kiss on his cheek. “Hay no smooching back there you two!” Ian commented. “Keep your eyes on the road please. “I answered quickly. Andrew burst out laughing “dam this girl is sassy.” “You guys seems to forget something. Before you guys came into my life, I was used to making plans in my life relying on myself for everything that I needed or wanted. Jacques was my husband yes but for over 13 years he lived a double life with providing for her more than he ever did for me. I learned to be strong in every situation.” “Yes that is true I can see it in the way that you struggle to let go when I demand to do things for you.” Andrew said. I looked up at him and smile. “Yes since I met you it was quite an eye opener for me, I just pray I don’t get hurt when I let my guard down. “ And squeezed his hand. “I can promise you now that I will do everything in my power to protect your heart from pain. If something happens that causes your heart pain I will be there with you every step of the way comforting you in any way possible.” After hearing his words the tears started running down my face. How is it possible? How can someone that doesn’t even know me be so kind? Everything that he just said he proofed to be true in this short time that I spend in his company.

“Thank you. Thank you for never letting me go since the day you saved my life, keeping me safe being there when Jacques died. Thank you for those words that caused the wall inside of me to finally break and for the tears to run freely now over his death.” He didn’t answer me just pulled me into his embrace and held me like that letting me cry on his shoulder. He was a real gentleman. “I know that the crying is good for your emotional well-being and it needs to happen but Andrew you need to distract her otherwise she will have a headache soon.” Ian said from up front. “Oh and I don’t want to get an injection again” “Hay you said I did it so well?” “Yes you did but I still hate pain.” “I thought you said it didn’t hurt?” “I am pulling your leg Ian. It did not hurt, besides I am not that big a baby.” Andrew whispered in my ear, “So you are comfortable with a little physical pain?” “What are you thinking of mister?” “Oh I’m thinking that I could take you hiking next weekend, and I know that can cause some discomfort.” He smiled sweetly at me. “I would love to go hiking but it won’t be this weekend. Now I need to do something that is not going to be easy or nice to do.” “Yes sweetheart, I know the funeral needs to be arranged and taken care of, but when it is over I will take you guys away for a couple of days to get everything out of your systems. Then I will take you hiking and horseback riding and dancing and all the things you always wanted to do.” Finally we got into the city and picked up James and Kevin. After getting a much needed hug from both of them I introduced everyone. It was so good to see them again but I just wish it would have been under better circumstances. “I wish we didn’t have to leave just yet.” “Why my angel what would you rather be doing now?” “Honestly I would love to do something just for a while to forget what happened that caused me to be here right now.” “What would you like to do?” “Anything except get in the car and go back to where everything is waiting for me.” “How about we go see a movie or go ice-skating? “James suggested.

“Yes our mother always wanted to take us ice-skating. “Kevin said. “Then ice-skating it will be. Come on guys let’s get to it.” “No problem already looked up the address and got it. Let’s get going.” Ian said. When we got to the ice-skating ring it was busy. There was so many people there. We all got skates and got ready to get onto the ice. I just sat there looking at everybody. Brian took James with him helping when he wanted to fall, Shane and Kevin not far behind them. Ian took Robert and they were gone enjoying themselves. I smiled at seeing them happy. “I take it all of you guys are used to ice-skating?” “Yes we are, come Darling you and me.” He said with a smile. “You know I am going to make a fool of myself don’t you?” “You can never make a fool of yourself, besides I’m there right by your side.” With that we also got onto the ice. This felt so good. Seeing all my children laughing and feeling content with where they are. We enjoyed the ice for an hour or two. I looked at Andrew skating next to me. “We need to head back it is getting late and it is still a long drive home again.” “I know my angel. Let’s round all of them up and get going.” We left the ice-skate ring, got into the car and drove out heading back home. His home. To the place where I have to make all the arrangements for a funeral. A funeral for a man that led a double life that lied about so many things, but at the end did try his best to stop hurting me in the only way that caused me so much pain. I don’t know what to think or even feel at this stage. I knew that this was the end of a chapter in my life. I wondered what is going to happen to her children now. “As soon as this week is over I think I’ll take all of you guys to the see for a week of vacation. Will you guys be able to get off?” “I won’t be able to do that not yet. I don’t have any leave left.” He didn’t answer me. Ian started laughing again. “What are you laughing at man?” Andrew growl. “Oh nothing just enjoying how she still keeps on deciding for herself and not giving up everything to you like you would want it.” “It is not something to laugh at.” He growled again. “Andrew,” Kevin spoke up first, “we won’t be able to take of as well. They gave us of this week then we need to go back and finish this year.”

“Yes,” James spoke next “if you really want to be part of my mother’s life you will have to be patient with her. She is used to have no one in her life to rely on. Well except us but we’re her children. So she always took care of us and our needs.” “Yes I know that, we all know that. Ok fine I will not take over her or any of you guys life. I will be patient but I am not leaving I want to be a part of your mother’s life.” “That is good, we like all of you and our mother hasn’t looked this relaxed ever.” “And I want to keep it that way if she will only allow me to do things for her.” Both my boys started laughing. “If you really want my mom to let go of everything in her life, you got to earn her trust, show her that you will be there when she needs you.” Kevin said. “Yes show her you are there when she doesn’t even knows that she needs someone. Oh and if you know that something is good for her don’t take no as an answer. Just do it for her or with her.” “Ok you two, I’m not that bad or controlling.” “No mom is not controlling but where controlled long enough in moms life.” “Thanks you guys so if I understand correctly your mother needs a strong man in her life that can sweep her off of her feet that can be her partner in everything and everywhere without controlling her?” “Exactly. “I said. “Think you can be such a man Andrew?” “Oh darling I know I can be and I will be that man.” “Babe you are in for a treat girl. “Ian said from upfront. “Hey I thought I said no calling her that.” All of the guys started laughing. “Schizelle is a babe and you better get used to us all calling her that bro she is and always will be our girl.” Shane said while still laughing. “I don’t like it.” Andrew growled. “Thank you guys I love it, it makes me feel loved and safe.” I said with a sweet innocent smile. All the guys started laughing again after seeing the look of disbelief I got from Andrew. I could hear how inhaled deeply. Then looked me again. He then bend his head down and kissed me on the lips. Hard without hurting me, long opening my mouth with his tongue. I pulled away remembering my children sitting in the car watching us, not wanting them to see this. “My children.” I whispered softly. I turned bright red in my face covering my face in my hands. “Hey you guys, do you three have a problem if I kiss your mother?”

“No.” they all answered. “See my Love you do not have any reason to feel embarrassed.” I bent forward and started crying. I couldn’t stop thinking about everything. “Ian stop the car!” As soon as the car stopped next to the road everybody got out leaving me and Andrew alone. He slowly took my hands and removed them from my face. “Please my angel tell me what did I do wrong to upset you and made you cry?” he asked with tears in his eyes. When I saw the raw concern in his eyes and the tears underneath the surface my heart broke. He gently wiped the tears from my face. “Andrew I cried now because you caught me off guard, I didn’t know what my children will think or feel in seeing me kissing someone else. Their dad and I never had that kind of relationship he didn’t do kisses if he did it was just quick no tongues involved. You are the first man to kiss me like that in more than 2 decades and you did it in front of my children on the day that my husband died. Everything just felt too much.” “I am not sorry for kissing you darling, I want to do it again. I am sorry that I did it in front of everyone, that was not the perfect thing to do at this stage and I am so sorry for causing your tears. I only want to make you happy and feel safe. When you said you enjoy how you feel by all of these guys caring I got jealous, sorry about that sweetheart. I want to claim you as mine before I lose you and I cannot claim you.” “Andrew, what did I told you the other night when I ran away?” “You said you had all this feeling inside of you that you cannot act on. You wanted me to kiss you and want to feel me inside you.” “Yes I did and I still feel that and now even more deeply. I promise you that what I am feeling for you is deep for me. Please just don’t push me too hard at this stage. Let me get to know you. Let me get the funeral over with and dealing with his sisters and my family that will be here. Let me find my feet in this place where I am now.” “I can do that darling as long as I can be by your side every waking moment.” With a laugh in my voice I said that it will be difficult since I need to go back to work soon. “I don’t want you to go back to work where you are working now, please rather come and work for me.” “I will think about it and give you an answer after the funeral is over at the end of the week. Deal?” “Deal sweetheart.” “Guys can we get going please, I want to get back home and get to sleep.” I asked everyone outside standing around. Everyone got inside the car and off we went.

The next week went by in a blur. The funeral is finished and all the people went to their homes finally I can stop putting the mask on my face and just relax. When I thought I was alone and started with my fit about feeling just so frustrated Andrew came in and just looked at me. “Get dress in casual lose clothing and come with me.” “What? Why?” “Just do it!” “Don’t order me around not now.” The next moment he was standing directly in front of me and whispered in my ear. “You have 5 minutes or I will come and help you, do you understand.” “Who do you think you are? After this week and day that I had.” “I am the man that love you so deeply it hurts me to see you hurting. It hurts me not being able to take it away for you. I know what you need now that will you help move through this emotions boiling inside you.” “Ok fine. Get out! I will do as you say.” “5 minutes darling then I will come inside and get you.” “Fine! “ When I was finished getting dressed in tracksuit pants and a lose t shirt, I sat down on the bed and thought what I’m still doing here as if I can’t decide for myself anymore. I just felt so tired of everything happening. The next moment Andrew was standing in front of me again. When he looked at me he didn’t give me time to argue with him again. He pulled me up taking my hand in his and walked off to the other side of the house. When we got to the garage part he took me through a door into a home gym with a boxing ring. He secured my hands in boxing gloves. Then he helped me into the ring, also got into the ring. “Now hit me.” “Are you crazy?” “No I’m not why?” “I don’t know how to do it and I don’t want to hit you.” “Pick up your hands and just hit me.” “I don’t want to.” “Do it it will make you feel better. Imagine me as the person or persons causing you hurt and pain.” I just looked at him then something inside me snapped and I thought about the past decade with what Jacques did and how Monique lied about everything and got away with everything. The next moment I hit Andrew he stopped every hit that I gave with his hands being there blow for blow.

After a while I fell down to the ground exhausted but feeling free of everything. The next moment he was sitting next to me. When I looked at him I smiled. “I don’t know how you knew that this would work but thank you.” “I am glad love. Now if you would agree I would love to take you guys out for the evening, what do you say darling.” “I would love to go out somewhere, thank you Andrew.” He helped me out of the boxing gloves, I went and took a nice bath and got dressed into one of the dresses that he bought me, I felt good relaxed and free. I can get through this I knew I could, I was surrounded by people that loved and cared for me just the way I am. When I got into the living room everyone was sitting around just waiting for me. “Princess you look amazing. Are you ready? Can we go?” I smiled to all of them and walked over to each one of them kissing them on their cheeks. When I stopped at Andrew after hugging my children I reached up and kissed him softly on the lips. The first kiss I instigated and it felt good doing that, taking what I want for myself and giving my thanks to the guys that is now a big part of my life. “Yes I’m ready we can go.” We went out to a restaurant and all sat eating and talking about everything under the sun. I knew that we would have to take the boys back to Pretoria and I felt sad in having to let them go again. We took them back and my heart broke even though I felt so proud of them. We came back and I knew it was time to make decisions in my life. I went outside to the porch and sat on the swinging bench. If I decide to move back to the house where all my things were I am so going to miss all of this. But I don’t want to go back there were the memories are only bad ones. I want to remember the good things. What if I take this chance and stay. I don’t like the place where I’m working what is preventing me from giving notice and start working for Andrew and the guys. There is nothing standing in my way. I can think about what I want and take it. With that decision made I got up in look of the only man that can finally put all my doubts to rest. I went inside and saw Robert playing play station with Brian. “Hi you guys.” “Hi mom. This is so cool.” “I am glad you’re having a good time my angel. Brian do you know where Andrew is?” “He is in his office.” “Thank you.” “Schizelle?” “Yes?” “You look good and at peace, can I take it you’ve come to a decision?”

“Yes I have.” “I am glad baby girl.” I walked to Andrew’s office at the back of his house. At the door I froze. Closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I knocked at his door. “Yes come in.” I opened the door slowly, hoping he will be alone in his office. If he wasn’t alone I didn’t think I will have the guts to come back again. It is now or never. “What is wrong sweetheart?” “Nothing Andrew. Do you have a few minutes for me to ask something?” “Always love.” I closed the door behind me. Walked over to his desk. I stopped in front of his desk. “Andrew were you serious when you said that I will be welcome to work for you?” He looked at me and smiled. He said yes. So I continued. “Will I be allowed to go to my home if I want to?” His smiled vanished. “Yes you and Robert can leave if that is your choice, but I will hate every second away from you, I hope you know that?” I walked over to where he was standing behind his desk, still waiting for me to sit like the gentlemen that he was. I came to a stop directly in front of him between him and his desk. I looked up at him directly into his beautiful blue eyes. “Andrew Mongomery, I want to hand in my resignation where I am currently working and would love to come and work for you so will you please draw up a contract?” “I can do that.” But he still wasn’t smiling. I missed his dimples and the sparkle in his eyes. I knew what I was going to say next will rectify it. I just hoped I’m not making a mistake in my life again. “I also want to go back to my house.” He inhaled quickly. I could see the strain on his face and his hands balled up in fists. “Ok I will take you back.” “Will you also help me to pack up all my stuff and move it here?” The change in him was priceless. “Yes, a million times yes!” Now was the big step for me. This will show me if I will be rejected or not.

I put my hands behind his head, my fingers going through his hair, I pulled myself closer to him. Slowly and softly kissing him on his lips. “Andrew if you still want a chance with me, I would love to be part of your life.” He didn’t let me finished. His arms came around my body pulling me even more flushed against him. His tongue getting access into my mouth. His hands on my rear pulling me closer to him. I could feel he enjoyed this kiss. “Sweetheart, stop me know or I will not be able to stop later.” I pulled away. I looked in his eyes, I could see how he was struggling with the pure passion burning inside him, and he was struggling to keep control. I wonder how it will feel when he lost control and took me and did what he so desperately wanted to do. “Ok. I don’t want to stop but I am going to stop for now. Only because I’m scared at this moment.” “What are you afraid of darling?” “The inner voices in my head is telling me that someone as good looking as you don’t really want me. That someone caring like you, can never love someone like me. So I am stopping because I want to first get my mind ready, before I give myself to you.” He didn’t answer me, but in his eyes I did see understanding. That was the answer that I needed for myself. He did care for me as a person. I left his office and went to the kitchen to see if I can help with supper. “Ian I need your help please.” “Sure baby girl, what can I do?” I turned red in my face, then I explained what I did just now. Then I told him that I want to be with Andrew that night. “I don’t know how to do it after Robert went to bed.” He looked at me. Smiled and walked over to the refrigerator. He took out strawberries and chocolate. He melted the chocolate and dipped the strawberries in it. After he was done he put it back in the refrigerator. “When supper is finished and Robert is in bed and you still want to be with him come and get this and take it to him. Just one thing girl, if you two guys hook up he is not going to leave you ever again remember that. He is a one woman man and treats the woman in his life like a lady.” “Thank you Ian.” Supper went by with jokes and laughs all around. Andrew kept on looking at me watching my every move. When everyone was done eating I got Robert ready for bed. When he was in his bed and sleeping I went and sat outside on the swing bench. This could easily become my most favourite place to be after supper. I could hear the house getting quiet as everyone went their own ways.

I went inside. Got the strawberries and with my heart in my throat I went to Andrews room. I knocked on his door. Just as I thought he wasn’t in his room the door opened. He stood in front of me with only a towel around his hips. His hair still wet from the shower he took. I swallowed the lump in my throat. I would love to put my fingers in his hair I wondered if he will like it. “Schizelle love?” He only said those two words and the need in his voice told me that I am in for a treat not only tonight but for the rest of my life. I walked past him into his room, put the tray down on his bedside table. I turned around and looked at him where he was still standing at the door. “Andrew I don’t want to run away anymore. Please show me what you feel for me.” He closed the door slowly. He walked closer to me. Stopped in front of me. With a gentle finger he touched my cheek and moved his hand behind my neck, he slowly bend down and kissed me with so much love that there couldn’t be any more doubt in my mind or heart. He pulled away and went and sat down on the bed. “Is this for us to enjoy?” “I hope so yes.” “O believe me darling I am going to enjoy it and make sure that you will enjoy every second.” With those words he pulled me closer to him. He pulled me to stand in front of him between his legs. He lifted a strawberry covered in chocolate. He put it at my mouth for me to taste it. I opened my mouth and bit the front piece off. “Mmm this is tasting like heaven.” “Does it now, let me taste.” He kissed me putting his tongue in my mouth tasting me the strawberry and chocolate. “Yes you do taste like heaven.” He kept on feeding me the strawberries while all the while slowly removing my clothes piece for piece. I didn’t have time to feel self-conscious or nervous. I felt taken care of and loved. When I was totally naked he looked at me. He then pulled me into his arms making me fall onto the bed. He rolled over that I was lying with my back on the bed. He kissed me again slowly enjoying every sweet second. “Are you sure about this? If you are not completely one hundred percent sure we can stop still now. One thing you must know is when I take you and make you mine you will be mine for life.” I looked up at him. My hand slowly traveling down from his neck over his chest, it felt so good. My fingers scraping his nipples. I heard him draw a breath in. my hand moved even

lower, down his rock hard abs. When I felt his dick my hand tried to close around it. He was big. He stopped breathing as soon as my hand was on his dick. “Andrew please make love to me.” “Your wish is my command my lady.” He did make glorious love to me the whole evening. When I woke up the next morning he was still holding me close to him. I felt loved and safe. For the first time in my life I didn’t feel alone. “Morning my gorgeous lady.” I heard in my ear while I felt him kissing me in my neck just beneath my ear. His strong arms holding me tightly against his chest. I never want to leave this place I thought to myself. “Good morning. This is not a dream is it?” He chuckled softly. “No my angel this is real. Want to take a shower with me?” He asked with his sexy wicked voice. “Mmm I would love to yes, you know I am not really a morning person, but I can’t imagine starting my day any other way.” We took a shower together were he washed my whole body with every touch the passion got higher and higher. I wanted to taste him. I went down and slowly kissed his dick. Tasting him and loving every second. I opened my mouth and took him in my mouth as far as possible. “Darling you are killing me here.” “Why is it not nice, am I doing something wrong?” “No my love, it feels so good that I want to come.” “Then do it. Come in my mouth.” After saying that I went down on him again continuing till he climaxed in my mouth. When he was spent he pulled me up and kissed me. Tasting him on my tongue. I never thought I would meet a guy that will do that. While he kissed me senseless his hands pulled met closer to him. When he stopped the kiss he looked me into my eyes. “That was perfect and so sexy. Now it is my turn my darling.” “Andrew!” “What sweetheart?” “I am scared for what you’re planning.” “Why?” “No one has ever done that.”

“Perfect. I am your first. Did you enjoy last night?” “Yes I did, I felt worshiped.” “Wonderful because that is exactly what I’m going to do for the rest of my life.” He dried me off covered me in a large soft towel. He picked me up and carried me back to the room where he softly laid me down on the bed. He kissed me again. “I can’t get enough of you kisses. I cannot keep my hands off of your beautiful body.” He opened the towel then he kissed me down my neck, slowly moving over my breasts. He stopped there and teased each nipple. My breathing picked up. My hands tangling in his hair. He moved down over my belly and then he started kissing me on my pussy. O wow is this how it feels to be kissed there. I couldn’t breathe it felt to good. Suddenly he stopped. He looked up at me through my legs. “You stopped breathing love are you ok? Is this ok?” I looked at him turned red in my face. “Please don’t stop, promise you will do this to me often.” He came up to my mouth, kissed me deeply I could taste myself it felt perfect to share this. “Sweetheart I am a happy man. I want to make you come hard while I eat your delicious pussy. Then I want to claim you again as mine. I want to come deep inside of you claiming you as only my woman.” And with that said he went down on me again, not stopping till I came and I came so hard I saw stars calling out his name not even caring if anyone heard me or not. The wall broke inside me and there is no holding back anymore. When I came he pushed inside me deep and keeping still feeling how I came around him. I slowly came down from the high that I was on. He looked at me and smiled. “This is sexy. You are sexy. I love you, you are mine.” He started moving taking me higher and higher again to the peak. This time when I fall over he was there with me with his own release, holding me and loving me. “Sweetheart why are you crying? Did I hurt you?” “No Andrew you did not hurt me. You said you loved me?” “Yes I did and I do.” “I am crying because what I just felt was magical and deep feelings are running through my mind and body. I love you too. I think I finally really love like it is meant to be. I know I sound silly.” He kissed me sweetly on my mouth. “You are not silly my angel.” Everything went well for a couple of weeks. We got to know each other I started working for him and I was happy. I felt free to be my own person while being loved and spoiled by him every day.

Then after returning from a hiking trip we were planning to go to America to visit his parents for me to meet his family and for them to meet me and my boys. “Andrew there is a function at Robert’s school now Friday. It is the year end concert and I wanted to know if you want to go?” “I don’t want to be anywhere else but next to you watching everything.” “Thank you. You are the best.” I said and kissed him softly on his mouth. When I tried to walk away he gripped me around my waist and pulled me closer to him again. “What will you be wearing?” “Hopefully clothes.” The next moment my butt got a slap from him. “You better, this sexy body is only mine to see and enjoy. Let’s go to town and get you something special.” “No, jeans are fine to wear and I have jeans in my closet.” “They don’t fit anymore, you lost too much weight for them to do you justice. No arguing, come.” “Yes sir!” I said and run away before he could slap my butt again. “Hey, come here you sassy sexy lady.” “Sorry can’t do.” I laughed and enjoyed the fun in our relationship. Needless to say he did caught me. He will always catch me because I don’t want to be anywhere else as with him. “I love you so much my darling.” He said before kissing me deeply again. I did feel loved and I felt happy. The evening of the concert was a joy full evening. All of them accompanied me to watch Robert. For the first time in such a long time I didn’t sit there on my own, that felt perfect. After the concert I saw Vida and Elmin and their husbands. When they saw me they came over and I knew that tonight I don’t have to feel inadequate anymore. “Schizelle, how good to see you. How are you? You look amazing.” “Hallo Vida, Elmin. Thank you. It is wonderful to see you too. You look beautiful as always.” “Where is Jacques or are you alone again as always?” “No I am not alone tonight Vida, but Jacques died 3 months ago.” Just at that moment Andrew, Brian, Shane and Ian stopped next to me with our snacks. “Here you go love.”

I looked up at him, taking my cool drink from him and kissed him as thank you. “Vida, Elmin, I would like to introduce this wonderful man next to me. This is Andrew and his friends Brian, Shane and Ian.” “Nice to meet all of you.” While they said it I could see the thought of who are they and what are they doing with me. I only smiled. It felt wonderful standing there with Andrew’s hand holding my free hand, claiming me every single moment as his own. Showing everybody he is with me and only me. “Baby girl I got Robert and sorry to hurry you up but we need to go girl.” Ian said next to me. “Thank you Ian.” “If you will excuse us all we are on our way and have a long road to travel. Have a wonderful evening.” We left and went to the city to catch our plain to America. I felt like a child waiting to open my present on my birthday. Finally I am going to fly in an aeroplane. “Look how beautiful our girl looks sitting there. “Shane said to Ian where they sat in front. “Yes she does look breathtakingly beautiful.” “I wonder why? Do you think Andrew is that good?” Ian only started laughing at Shane’s comment. “Hey you two. Stop discussing me and how I look. Thank you for thinking I look beautiful and yes Andrew is that good even better than you can think, but I think I look this way because I just can’t wait to get on the aeroplane.” “Your first time flying Love?” “Yes our first time flying.” I said and then I kissed him just because he is there. He is always there for me. “I love how you glow. I want to make sure you glow like this every day.” We got the boys and then all of us went to the airline. We enjoyed a late supper and laughed and joked around till it was time to get on the plane for America. The flight went by without any problems and the whole thing was one big adventure. When we landed in America it was cold since it was already winter over there. I realized that we are going to freeze our noses off since we never had this cold winters in South Africa. “I am freezing.” “I know Love. I will now get enough warm clothes for you guys.” The other guys only laughed and quickly helped getting a car for us to travel in. When we were all seated in the car with the heater warming us up again I started to relax again.

“Better sweetheart?” “Yes better thanks.” I kissed him quickly and pulled away when he wanted to deepen the kiss. He didn’t let me go and closed his arms around me keeping me even warmer with his body heat. “I love to hold you like this and I can think of a lot of ways to warm you up.” He whispered in my ear with his dimples showing with the sexy smile. I only smiled up at him. I didn’t need to reply he knew I know exactly what he has in mind for us later this evening. I felt the heat in my core thinking of how he will make me his over again and I couldn’t wait. Later after getting warmer clothes and enjoying lunch we were on our way to his parents’ house. I felt nervous meeting his family. I am a widowed woman with children. What if they would rather want him married to someone from America. “Don’t do that my angel. You are over thinking it again and you don’t have anything to stress about. I know all of them will love you like I love you.” “I know that but that is just who I am.” He kissed me and this time he didn’t let me pull away after a short time. He kept on kissing me till I didn’t think about his family waiting for us. “We’re here.” Ian said from up front. The car came to a stop and everyone got out except me. I didn’t want to get out not yet. I got this feeling that when I get out of this car everything is going to change in my life for ever. Nothing will ever be simple or normal ever again. Andrew stood at the door waiting patiently for me to exit the car. I looked up into his eyes and it was as if he knew what I felt and was feeling. “Everything is going to change for ever when I get out of this car am I correct?” “Yes my Love. What do you sense sitting there?” “Since I met you I got this strange feeling inside me that I was supposed to be in your life, but now here at your real house there is this uncontrollable pull towards you and this place and it scares me.” “Why my angel?” I closed my eyes and in my mind’s eye I saw a flash. It wasn’t a memory more like a revelation of what will come. I saw Andrew and the other guys for what they really truly were. WOLFS! I inhaled sharply. When I opened my eyes again and looked into Andrews eyes I didn’t feel scared anymore. They won’t hurt us ever.

He was my soul mate. That explains the pull towards him. But being here is stronger and I knew that something big is going to happen. I took hold of his hand and got out of the car. “What happened in the car when you closed your eyes?” “I saw what you are and I can understand the pull I felt towards you from the beginning and I can feel something big is going to happen soon.” “You saw and felt all that?” “Yes. Why?” “She saw it and felt it because she is psychic.” His mother said from behind him “Hallo my dear, finally I get to meet you. I am Belinda. This is my husband Harry.” “Mom what did you mean by saying she is psychic?” “My dear son let’s get inside and out of this cold, and after Schizelle gets to meet all the other family members we will sit down and talk calmly.” “Your mother is right, come.” With that his dad took me into his arms for a hug just as warm and friendly likes his wife just gave me. Then he took my hand in his and led me inside while Andrew and his mother followed. When his father hugged me I got another vision and I knew that he was the Alpha male, the leader of his family. The vision itself didn’t scare me what scared the hell out of me was getting this visions since we stopped here at Andrew’s house. What was really happening with me? When we got inside everyone was there, children running around playing and Robert already a part of them. After meeting everyone I sat down on one of the couches in the lounge, watching the fire in the fireplace. Harry sat next to me on the one side and Belinda on the other end. Andrew sat across from me watching us and I started laughing softly. “And now my dear?” His mother asked. “Andrew is not sure what is going on now, and that is a new for him. Then I am also sitting between you and your husband who is the Alpha and his mate. Since I got here I had visions that I never had before. I also have this feeling that something big is going to happen.” His father laughed and then took hold of his wife’s hand, kissed it softly. “You my dearest LOVE, you were right like always. She is his mate and she is a real jewel. I think they can talk for a little while on their own. Why don’t we go to the kitchen and get something ready for supper and get to know our soon to be grandchildren better.”

“Yes my dear Love.” They got up and walked away to the kitchen. Andrew sat still only looking at me. I waited for him to come to me or to talk first, but he sat there quiet. After a long time I couldn’t take this silence any longer. I closed my eyes and then I saw a vision again. Man this visions is getting stronger and more frequently. I concentrated on briefing slowly and deeply. The next moment Andrew was next to me taking my hand in his. I let the vision continue and when it was done I opened my eyes. “Darling are you ok?” “Yes Andrew I am more than fine. Since I met you I felt this strong feeling toward you and didn’t understand it. Then when we stopped here I had this strong feeling to jump you and it scared me. When we stopped I got the first vision and now I am slowly starting to understand what is going on and happening with me.” “So you saw me as a wolf and it doesn’t scare you?” “Yes I saw you and I can’t wait to see you in real life as a wolf to run my fingers through your beautiful fur.” While he smiled at me he asked “And you are also feeling this strong feeling to make love to me?” I smiled up at him and whispered in his ear “Yes it is like a fever burning inside me, what scares me is that I saw you just now in the last vision that you will mark me by biting me on my shoulder.” “Why does that scare you my darling?” “When you does that I will not only become your wife but also your mate for life, I can’t give you children of your own and what will happen to me when you mark me?” Before Andrew could answer Belinda was next to us again with a tray of hot chocolate on it. Andrew got up and took it from his mom a true gentlemen just like his been with me since I met him. “My dear, firstly yes you will become his mate and by becoming his mate your life span will also be like ours. You will be one of us even though you won’t be able to change like he does you will have powers. Because you always had physic powers it will only grow stronger. Secondly you will be able to have children with Andrew I even saw it in my visions.” “What about my boys?” “Only time will tell what they will chose for their lives.” Belinda said softly. “Don’t worry about that baby girl,” Ian said from the door where he and Schelly Andrew’s youngest sister were standing.

“Yes don’t worry about them I did see their choices and they are already a part of our pack.” I started laughing at how easy they just talk about all this super natural things. “Shelly are you also a wolf?” “Yes I am but I also got my mother’s physic powers. Which is super kick ass cool. If I have to say so myself.” “Yes it is cool and extremely sexy babes.” Ian said before kissing her. I looked at them and smiled, they are so meant for each other. “Yes they are, “Belinda said next to me. “And yes I can read minds. I am the only one in this family that can do that. Schelly, Veronica and Natalie also get visions like me and all of them got the shifter gene from their dad. Andrew are a shifter and the next Alpha but no other powers. He will how ever be able to read your mind like you will be able to read his mind once you are bonded.” “Is it normal to feel scared about it?” “Yes dear it is normal but everything will work out perfect just as it is supposed to work out.” Belinda said with a smile on her face. I could see Andrew in that smile and I knew she was right. We all gathered in the dining room to enjoy the supper that was prepared. While everyone was sitting I looked at everyone there and I saw how these friends of Andrew were also his brothers in the pack but also going to be his brothers when they got married to his sisters. This was a close knit family dynamic a true pack everyone here will fight and even die for each other if they have to. I looked at my children already a part of this family. “What are you thinking of sweetheart?” “About all of you here a tight family. Accepting me and my children as if we were born into this strong bond that everyone shares with each other.” He only smiled at me and bent over and kiss me sweetly on my mouth. “Andrew, don’t.” “Why? Are you embarrassed if I kiss you in front of my family?” “No I am not embarrassed, but the pull is getting to strong and kissing you is not helping.” “So you also feel this pull between us?” “Yes I do and it is getting stronger and stronger with every second that passes.” “Are you ok my love? Are you finished with supper?” “Yes I am thank you. I think I’m just tired and I can’t stop thinking about tearing your clothes of and making love with you.”

He started laughing and squeezed my hand then he put his hand on my leg and slowly moving higher and higher. I knew no one could see anything. It felt as if I was burning up from the inside. “Sweetheart let me show you our room and then you can enjoy a nice bath and get to bed.” We got up and said good night to everyone. When we got to his room I knew that if I enter my life will change for ever. I stopped and closed my eyes and took a deep breath. “You’re scared love?” “Yes I am.” “Why my angel?” “Tonight is not going to be just you making love to me. You are going to mate with me, bond with me.” You don’t want to bond with me?” “I want so badly to be your mate for life and bond with you but the image of you biting me is scaring me.” He pulled me into the room, closing the door behind us. He walked me over to the bed and sat down pulling me on top of his lap. “My sweet love, I love you with everything in me. Yes to bond with you means I need to mark you, the mark on your shoulder will always connect you to me. I will be able to know where you are always and know if you are safe or not. I know it is scary thinking of me biting you but just know I will always be gentle and if you are not ready I will not do it.” He started kissing me. The burning fever inside me got more intense. I kissed him back. My hands going to his shoulders. My hand in his hair. I need him inside of me. I want to become one with him. I started opening his shirt buttons. My hand moving over his abs. He removed my t shirt. When I got up standing in front of him he started removing my jeans. Slowly pulling them along with my panties down my legs. “You are so beautiful and sexy.” He pulled me to stand between his legs. Holding me close to him. “I can hear your heart beating.” “Andrew make love to me. I need you. I need to feel you inside of me.” He did make love to me. At first going slow, kissing me all over my body, softly nibbling behind my ear and in my neck. He started moving faster and harder, going even deeper than ever before. I felt as if I am going to explode. I needed to scream but I can’t. I put my mouth in his neck trying to prevent from screaming out loud. The next moment I felt his mouth on my neck as well.

“Love, if you want to bite me. Sweetheart please give me permission to mark you and make you mine for eternity?” “YES!” I said and then I bit him in his neck preventing my scream. When his teeth sank into my shoulder I shattered. I never felt this strong connection with him. I felt him releasing his sperm inside me. We were one. He was mine and I was his. Only deaf will tear us apart. When I slowly came back to reality I had to laugh. “So this was amazing for you?” I said with a smile on my face. “Yes it was and I am glad to hear you can read my thoughts, that only proofs that you are my one and only soul mate.” The next morning when I got up the house were silent. I went out in search of anything to do. When I got to the kitchen there was a note left with a plate full of delicious breakfast. “Morning my only love, we all went out to town for a bit. Enjoy your breakfast see you soon. Always yours. Andrew.” I wondered what they were up to but I was starving and decided to enjoy this plate of food. After eating I rinsed the plate and went into the library that I saw last night in his dads study. I was lost in my book and didn’t hear when the front door opened. The next moment there was this woman standing in the door of the study. “Well well, what do we have here?” “Excuse me, but who are you?” “I should rather ask who you are. What are you doing in here?” “I am Schizelle.” The next moment I heard the car stopping in front of the house. The next moment Andrew was in the house coming straight for me ignoring the woman standing there. “This was the longest morning of my life.” He took me into his arms and kissed me. “I never want to be separated from you, my heart can’t take it.” “Morning my angel. Thank you for the lovely breakfast.” The woman cleared her throat where she was still standing. “Oh hi Ashley. I didn’t even see you. Did you meet the love of my life?” “If you are revering to this woman, yes I have. What do you mean the love of your life? Andrew you know I am the one you are promised to.” “Ashley I never said we will get married. If you and your dad thought so you are mistaken. Schizelle is my soul mate and the only woman I love.” “This is not over! You hear me, you were promised to me I will have you.”

She shouted while running out of the house. While I was standing there in his arms and heard all her words I also heard what Andrew was thinking and I knew he wasn’t lying about ever being involved with her. The only thing that bothered me was that I also sensed that she was a shifter like Andrew. I also felt that trouble is coming. “Why didn’t you wake me up? “I asked with a loving smile. “I just couldn’t get it over my heart you looked so beautiful and relaxed, besides I had to go and do something in town. Do not even try and read my thoughts sexy lady it must stay a surprise.” We walked over to the kitchen where we heard every one. When I saw Belinda she looked up at me and the next moment she was next to me and in my arms. “Mom do not spoil the surprise.” “Never. I promised.” “Belinda I need to talk to about something.” “Yes my dear. There was this woman here just before Andrew got back.” “Yes we all saw Ashley. I knew she would be here as soon as she sniffed the boys were back.” “Yes I sensed she is a shifter. She is convinced that she belongs with Andrew.” “You don’t believe her do you?” “No not at all but I’m sensing danger on the way.” Before she could even replied, there was a commotion outside. We all ran to the front door. When we got out there was a lot of people standing there. In front was a man about the same age as Andrews’s dad. I sensed immediately that everyone there were shifters. “Harry!” I felt this was an Alpha male standing there. Harry answered him with the same authority in his voice. “What are you doing here at my house without an invite? Are you running your pack like this now?” “Ashley said that Andrew turned his back on the agreement that we had.” “You know there was never an agreement between our packs. Andrew never even gave Ashley the idea that he was interested in her.” “That is not what she told me.”

“So you take her word for everything and run on her wimps. Who is the Alpha in your pack you or her?” The next moment I got to see what a shifter really can do. In seconds this man changed into a wolf. Big and strong and dark brown. Everyone else stood there ready to shift if need be. Harry shifted just as quickly, before me standing the most beautiful wolf I have ever dreamed of seeing he was black and big. Belinda stood next to me and drew in her breath. I knew that something is going to happen in the next seconds. Andrew came up next to me and I knew he was ready to shift any moment if his father or anyone else needs him. Since Harry can’t speak in his wolf form it was up to Belinda to speak, she was Beta, his mate and connected to him. “Please leave our home in peace. We do not want to be in conflict with you. Your leader turned first after coming to our home uninvited.” The next moment the brown wolf turned back to his human form. After turning back Harry also changed back. “But Daddy!” “No Ashley they are right. I handled this wrong letting you lead me into a foolish wimp of your imagination. I am sorry Harry, please accept my apologies.” “Apology accepted.” Every one of the other pack turned around and left glad that there was no blood loss. Ashley was the last to turn around and looked at me with hate in her eyes. I knew this was not over for her. I wondered what she will plan next. “Sweetheart are you ok?” “Yes, why wouldn’t I be?” “You just witnessed for the first time a human shifting to his animal form, it must have been scary.” “Not at all I find it actually beautiful, I’m jealous of you for also being able to do that and I’m wondering how you look in your wolf form.” Ian, Shane and Brian started laughing. “I knew our girl will react that way, nothing can scare her she is too strong a woman.” “Yes your right Ian, she is an amazing strong woman.” We were left alone there outside the house. “So you think it is beautiful to be able to shift into an animal?”

“Yes for me it is.” “And you really want to see me in my wolf form?” “I would love to see you as a wolf yes.” He shifted into a big silver wolf. He was also big just like his dad. He came and stood close to me putting his big nose and mouth in my hand. His fur was soft and my fingers could run through it. This was Andrew the man I love with every fibre in me. This was my soul mate my partner. I wanted to talk to him and wondered if he will understand me if I say something. The next moment he talked to me through my mind. “I can talk to you through my thoughts and your mind hearing me. Get on my back love let me take you away for a little bit.” I looked at him and smiled, wow to feel his fur in my hands, to feel him between my legs his powerful body moving with me on his back. “I can smell that all of this is turning you on my love and it is so sexy you accepting me completely.” I laughed and got on his back my hands holding his fur between my fingers. He started slowly walking away after a while he moved faster and the wind in my hair the smell of him the smell of nature around me I felt free. He stopped at a cabin deeper into the ranch. I got off and he shifted back to his human form. He gave me one of his sexy sly smiles and pulled me into his arms. I smelled how turn on you were getting riding on my back and now I will take you and claim you again as mine. “What is this place?” “A hunting cabin that we use.” “I love it a log cabin away from every one, does this mean you’re going to make me shout from pleasure?” “You bet your sexy self I am going to make you shout out in pure pleasure.” With that words he picked me up and went inside. He walked over to where a bed was. He put me down and slowly removing my clothes all the while kissing me. It felt as if he was worshipping my body. He pushed me down on the mattress kissing down my neck. He took my one nipple in his mouth, sucking till it was erect. He then went to the other nipple giving the same treatment. He kept moving between my two breasts taking his time and loving them with his hands and mouth. He moved down my body kissing and giving little bites all over my body. My curves didn’t bother him.

“You’ve lost weight this past couple of months since the day I met you.” “Mmm I think it is all the loving I am getting from you.” “I will always love you and your sexy body is driving me crazy I can’t get enough of you how you smell and how sweet you taste especially right here in my honey pot.” I couldn’t reply, his tongue slipped over my clit my back arching up of this torture that he is starting down there, I knew he will keep at it till I have the most intense orgasm. Then he will push his beautiful big dick slowly into my depths. “Andrew I want to taste you too.” He turned around. His dick right in my face, I stick my tongue out licking the tip of him. With a growl he pushed his hips down, entering my mouth. He tasted salty and perfect. After a while he got bigger in my mouth and I knew he enjoyed it just as much as I am enjoying his mouth on me. The next moment he was out of my mouth. “I want to come inside you love, so you need to come for me and come hard for me my darling.” He went down on me again working me into a frenzy. Building my orgasm higher and higher till he pushed me over it at that moment he pushed inside me deep. He kept still inside me enjoying my inner muscles contracting on him. When I came down from my high he started to move slowly at first then faster and deeper. “Please harder!” He pulled out and flipped me over on my hands and knees. He went in again from behind deeper this time. He kept a fast pace pounding hard and deep into me. The next moment I felt his finger on my back hole. It didn’t give any resistance and his finger started moving in and out with his movements. This felt perfect and I came again. This time he joined me and spurted his seed deep in my womb. We collapsed together on the bed. I looked at him and smiled. “You are breath-taking amazing. I have never in my life felt this alive as with you.” “We are amazing together sweetheart.” The next moment I got a vision of Ashley grabbing Robert and driving away, I saw how they tried to stop her but couldn’t. “Andrew we need to get back now! Ashley just took Robert and is speeding away with my child.” We dressed quickly and then he shifted into his wolf form I got on his back and he sped away back to his house. When we got there everything happened so fast. Ian, Brian and Shane shifted as well. Harry came outside with Belinda.

You stay here Schizelle we will go get Robert. “Sorry if I am disobeying an Alpha now, and I truly meant no disrespect but I am going with Andrew he is my son. Besides I am seeing where she is going with him,” He looked at me and then gave a growl. “I don’t like it to take you with us but you are right and we will keep you safe and get our boy back.” With that he also shifted into his wolf. I told Andrew through our connection that Ashley stopped in a forest and that there was a stream where she stopped as well as a cave. I laughed softly and also told Andrew that Robert was giving her a hard time, he wasn’t scared at her and being his normal busy self. He told me that they know where she is and that it isn’t that far. We all took off me the only human going with them riding on my love’s back speeding through trees. When we got near to the place they were everyone stopped. “Oh come out I can smell all of you!” Ashley called out from just outside the cave. “Ashley give back my child.” She started laughing a menacing laugh. “If you want your child give up Andrew.” I saw all the others forming a circle around her from behind, it was only me standing in front of her. “Ashley I can’t leave Andrew his is my soul mate so just give me my child.” She didn’t answer me she pulled Robert out and started to shift into her wolf form and I knew she was going to kill him. The next moment when I lifted my hands up there was a lightning bolt released from my hand. It hit her in her chest where she was almost finished with her transformation. She fell down to the ground and Robert came running to me. The others were there with her keeping her down. Harry and Andrew were the only ones changing back to human form. “Wow! Darling you are not human. That is why we are meant to be together.” “Yes it is true and I see it now. When we get back home your mother must hear of this and then she can tell you about the prophesy that was made when you were born.”

When Ashely came out of the stupor that I left her in the other guys also shifted into human form. Since she made it easy coming all this way in her truck we all left with her truck. We took her back to her father and told him everything. He said that he will punish her accordingly. We left shortly after that, going back home. When we got to the house everyone was waiting in the lounge. Robert was welcomed back and wasn’t left alone for one minute. I watched all this people loving and taking care of their love ones. I felt Andrew drawing me into his arms standing behind me kissing me softly on my hair. Harry told Belinda what happened. After he was finished she looked up at me and smiled. “Well my dear it seems like you are the one.” “The one?” “Yes when Andrew were born, the midwife at that time who was also a physic told me that this cub was destined for becoming the Alpha of a big strong pack and his one and only soul mate will be a witch with great powers. Ruling with love, compassion and fairness.” “So you’re saying I am a witch?” “Yes love.” Andrew said softly in my ear. He turned me around in his arms. Then he went down on one knee after pulling a small box out of his pants pocket. “Schizelle my one and only love, my soul mate and my destiny, will you marry me and make me complete?” I looked down at his beautiful eyes filled with love. I looked over to my 3 boys. Slowly the said yes with their heads. I looked back at my man. Then I looked up again at his parents and rest of his family and pack. All of them smiled at me waiting for my answer. Andrew gave a funny laughed. He already heard my answer through the connection that we shared. “You need to answer aloud love they can’t hear your thoughts as I do.” “That is a good thing don’t you think?” I replied with a smile on my face. “Yes Andrew Montgomery I will marry you and I believe I will be the luckiest woman on earth.” He put the ring on my finger. He got up and kissed me senseless. “The wedding is this Saturday, so 4 days to get everything that we need.” “But!” Belinda and his sisters exclaimed. Andrew, Ian, Brian and Shane started laughing. “Mom you can order us 4 around and we will get everything ready it is a promise and it will be the fairy-tale wedding that my princess deserves.”

“Ok girls let’s get planning.” Belinda called them to the kitchen. Harry came over to us and wrapped us both in his arms. Welcome my new daughter and thank you. We got married the Saturday, my 3 boys walked me down the aisle, his sisters my bridesmaids his friends the groomsmen. I did look like a princess in a pure white wedding dress. I still don’t know how Andrew managed to get all the roses for that day but there was roses all over the place in every colour imaginable. I was right to feel my life will never be the same again, I’m married to a wolf shifter the next Alpha, but I knew we will be together for ever and face every challenge as a team.

The end

The alpha male  
The alpha male