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Shakira + Pique =True love Shakira was born on February 02, 1977 in Barranquilla, Colombia. Her dad is Lebanese. She has Arabic and Colombian heritage. She signed her first record contract when she was 13 years old and wrote her first song at 18.

Gerard Piqué I Bernabeu was born in Barcelona, Spain on February 02, 1977. He was raised in a Catalan family and his grandfather is Amador Bernabeu, the former vice-president of FC Barcelona

Early Career The album that made her famous is “Pies Descalzos“(bare feet), which sold more than 3 million copies. Then in 1998 her next album was “¿Dónde están los ladrones?”(Where are the thieves?). In that year she won her first Grammy Award. He entered to FC Barcelona when he was 10 years old; this was his first team in the first division. He signed his first professional contract with Manchester United on 2004, where he trained as a professional player. How did they meet?

Shakira and Gerard first met when she was filming a video for her official World Cup single Waka Waka on 2006. They went out a couple of times; for example they

spent a weekend at a house near the town of Tarrega, but during this times Shakira had a romance with Antonio de la Rua, her manager. Pique and Shakira said that they were just friends. In 2011, Shakira wrote a tweet that said “Les presento a mi sol” (I want you to meet my sun). Since this moment the couple has been inseparable. When Piqué's team Barcelona won the Spanish Copa del Rey last year, the happy player ran to the stands to give his love a huge kiss. In September of 2012, Shakira confirmed that she was pregnant. Their son was born on January 22, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain and his name is Milan. Recently, Shakira has been seen in the Nou-camp with Milan supporting her husband. Milan couldn’t have looked more adorable with his mop of dark brown hair and tiny outfit to match his father's. The relationship between Shakira and Pique is now better than never, and they are really happy like a true family.

BAREFOOT FOUNDATION: THE DREAM OF SHAKIRA In 1997, at age 18, Shakira created the Barefoot Foundation in Colombia after her first international hit. It is inspired on her experiences as a young woman when she met the conditions of poverty of many children in Barranquilla. Through it she has been supporting children in conditions of vulnerability and displacement by violence in the country. On account of her work, Shakira was named in 2003 as Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. She helps in differents naturals disasters how Cyclone SIDR hit Bangladesh she visited the country to learn about their most urgent needs and explore different projects in the most affected regions. After the earthquake that hit Haiti, Shakira in 2010 visited Port au Prince and pledged to work on strategies to assist this country in its educational environment. This is the motivation for her strong support in the reconstruction of the Elie Dubois school at the Haitian capital. Projects This foundation has two projects The first are the schools with the support of local municipalities, the Foundation has promoted and contributed to the improvement of five schools located in three of the most vulnerable areas of Colombia The second are Integral Education that is fundamental to the development of our student This model consists of a Community Development Center, where related components of quality formal education, nutrition, health and psycho-social support. This type of projects are good because Shakira promotes a better society, if the citizen have a good education, they will have more opportunities in a future and the economy in the world will be better. If you want to support the foundation with a donation you can send your donations at Calle 85 #18-32. Oficina 401. TelĂŠfono: (571) 6358770 - (571)6358768

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