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ANNUAL DIRECTOR’S REPORT FY 2010-2011 What a wonderful first year at our new campus. We moved into our facility In August without a hitch. We had a spectacular Grand Opening and announced our new name. The increased capacity of the workshop resulted in new jobs and workshop sales far above expectations. We saw an increase in referrals and enrollments. For several months we worked with a team from New Creature to come up with ADC’s new name, tagline and logo. A final selection was made in the spring, and announced at the Grand Opening of the new building. Construction was completed, the furniture and equipment were loaded into the new building, and the move began August 5th; one shop at a time over three days. By August 10th we were operating at 2202 N. 24th Street and we managed the entire move with no lost work time. The move included a complete transformation of all clients and staff. The joy and pride of having a wonderful, clean, comfortable, and efficient work environment was so powerful it cannot be described. It changed everyone. A Grand Opening was held on October 21st with Governor Mike Beebe as the featured speaker. A standing room only crowd joined the celebration and the new name, tagline and logo were announced to the public.

The workshop continued to provide valuable job training as well as meaningful work though sub-contract work for local business and industry. Once we got into the new building, with increased capacity, we never looked back. With the exception of some terrible weather that hampered us in January and February, the workshop exceeded sales goals each month. We sub-contracted with 24 companies for 52 different jobs. We did business this last year with the following companies/businesses: Ring Snuggies

Assembled Products

Walmart PMDC


Whistler Group

USA Metal Recycling

Daisy Outdoor Products


Affinity Marketing 1

Walmart Star Complex


Digital Printing Solutions

Cumberland Concepts

Outdoor Cap

Rogers/Lowell C of C

Hart Tackle LLC

Preformed Line Products

Ironwood Shredding

Bentonville Parks & Recreation

Rogers/Lowell Chamber of Commerce

Bentonville Chamber of Commerce

Ozark Natural Science Center

During FY 10-11 Open Avenues served 269 clients compared to 217 the previous year. Our average daily attendance was 96. Our adult development component and transition program served 21 clients. The work activity component served 23. We enrolled a total of 67 new clients during the year compared to 41 last year. Sixty-three clients entered as referrals from Arkansas Rehabilitation Services (ARS), up from 40 the previous year. Fifty-three clients moved from Assessment into Work Adjustment training. Thirty-four were discharged from Work Adjustment and moved into Extended Services. Six clients left for competitive employment. This year we served clients from the following communities: Rogers


Bella Vista





Pea Ridge



Little Flock

We operated our own fleet of buses for the fourth year and received grants for two more buses from the Arkansas Highway & Transportation Department. Both of the new buses were obtained through the 5316 program, allowing us to also bill for some operational funds in the coming year. As one of our two annual fundraisers conducted by the Foundation, “Spring Fling” raised approximately $65,273 net of expenses. Our other fundraiser, the “Sponsor-A-Ride” campaign was up from the previous year. This letter campaign raised $73,005 which included a Walmart Foundation grant of $39,000. We continued to improve the lives of people with disabilities in NWA but for the first time, in a comfortable environment. As our name implies, we open avenues to learning 2

and success for our clients. For their families and friends we open avenues to support. For our business and industrial partners we open avenues to an exceptional workforce and to the opportunity to support our training program. Brenda K. Neal, Executive Director

Date: October 20, 2011


OA Director's Report  

2010-2011 agency report written by Brenda Neal, Open Avenues Executive Director