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FOR OUR SENIORS September 2015

Making Our Seniors Matter Brampton

GIANT GARAGE & BAKE SALE 1-A Knightsbridge Rd Knightsbridge Seniors Centre Saturday Sept. 26, 2015 8:30am till 12:00pm Electronics, Jewelry, Toys Clothing & Home Baked Goods

Come early for best deals

Terminal/Deceased Tax Returns When an individual passes away, the executor of the estate will be responsible for filing the tax returns, safeguarding the assets and distributing the assets according to the will. It is important that the executor is aware of applicable tax consequences. There are several tax returns to be filed which can include the following:

*Terminal and Final Return *Estate and Trust Return *Optional Returns Organizing all the applicable information to prepare the tax returns can be complicated. We are experienced in providing executors with personalized tax solutions. Contact Gary Booth Chartered Professional Accountants at 416-626-2727 or email us at




Join us for CARP flag raising in Ken Whillans Square at 9:30am. Message from Mayor Linda Jeffrey and Brampton Chapter #52 CARP Chair Peter Howarth Refreshments after in the Atrium of City Hall (sponsored by Greenway Retirement Village , plus tours of new city hall for those interested.

Contact Info: Brampton Senior Council (partial list) President Donna Martin


Councillor Martin Medeiros


Councillor Jeff Bowman




Pat Fortini

and a deceased tax specialist will be happy to assist you. You can also visit our website at www.executortaxsolutions.com.

Q: Why do bicycles fall over? A: Because they are two-tired!

Real Estate Designed for Seniors __________________________ “Let me take the Stress, Anxiety and Fear out of your move! I will patiently listen to your questions about options and what I need to do to make you feel the most comfortable. OUR TEAM will NOT leave you feeling alone.” Call me for a no cost, no obligation consultation. 647-525-4621 Glenn Cunningham, Broker RE/MAX Realty Services Inc. Brokerage 905-456-1000 SRES® Seniors

Real Estate Specialist

CPCA® Certified Professional Consultant on Aging


Give the Cold Shoulder Meaning: A rude way of telling someone he isn’t welcome History: Although giving someone the cold shoulder today is considered rude, it was actually regarded as a polite gesture in medieval England. After a feast, the host would let his guests know it was time to leave by giving them a cold piece of meat from the shoulder of beef, mutton, or pork.

Co-founder of Making Our Seniors Matter

Making Our Seniors Matter Radio www.MakingOurSeniorsMatter.com

Have a Computer? Radio Programs online  Available 24/7  Great Resources, Content  All Contact info available  Call in 1-866-269-6155 X 3 

Are you thinking of moving? Do you wonder if you can manage to stay in your home for longer? Not sure where to start or who to contact for information and advice? Want to know more about the Retirement Residences? I have been to them, I can tell you about them! I work like a concierge and have many trusted resources available. Call Liz at 647-982-4052 or email info@BlueWillowforSeniors.com 647-982-4052 Co-founder of Making Our Seniors Matter

Remember how we used to listen to the radio and enjoy great music, stories, news and entertainment? Well, we are bringing back a small version of that time...internet radio for Seniors. You can contribute, comment, suggest, join in…..let’s have some fun with this! We have excellent speakers sharing tips, ideas, new info, scam alerts from Peel Police, Fire Dept. Health info, how to age at home safely with the right renovations, the latest in gerontology and laughter is the best medicine!! Contact info for everyone on the show. Go to the website above and click on the old radio and choose a show!

Did you see it? A Blue Moon, NO it wasn’t the colour blue but it was the 2nd full moon in the month of July. The next chance to see this will be on January 31, 2018.

New Garbage Carts 905-459-4204 The Region will deliver your carts to your home, free of charge, between September and December 2015. You'll need to store your new carts until the new collection begins in January 2016. Detailed information will be delivered with your carts. Please keep using your blue box, green bin and garbage cans/bags until the end of December 2015. You will receive new garbage, recycling and organics carts as well as a new kitchen container. *Your carts & kitchen container will be delivered, free of charge, to your home this fall. *Yard waste collection is NOT changing. *The Region will collect your old blue box and green bin in early 2016. *Carts can be exchanged after March 31, 2016 for a fee. What happens to my old bins? The Region will collect your old blue box and green bin in early 2016. You'll also have the option to: Drop off your old bins for free at any Peel Community Recycling Centre. *Keep your old blue boxes to: *Hold recyclables before putting them in your recycling cart. *Store items/supplies such as holiday decorations or linens. *Keep your old green bin to store pet food, bird seed, sand or salt. Benefits to you *Carts are easier to wheel to the curb. *Carts prevent blowing litter to keep your neighbourhood clean. *Carts are pest-resistant. *Continued weekly green bin collection ensures that "stinky" items are collected each week Benefits to the Region *Waste collection cost-savings. *A reduction of the amount of waste sent to landfill. *A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions since fewer collection vehicles are on the roads. *A reduction in worker injuries. *Neater and tidier streetscapes on collection day with less wind-blown litter.

Sample Schedule Week 1:Organics & Garbage Week 2:Organics & Recycling Week 3:Organics & Garbage Week 4:Organics & Recycling

Brampton Community Recycling Centre 395 Chrysler Dr. Brampton

Caledon Community Recycling Centre 1795 Quarry Dr. Caledon

Heart Lake Community Recycling Centre 420 Railside Dr., Brampton

Fewster Community Recycling Centre 1126 Fewster Dr. Mississauga

Bolton Community Recycling Centre 109 Industrial Rd.

Battleford Community Recycling Centre 2255 Battleford Rd. Mississauga

The Role of an Executor After your death, your money, personal items, property, and debt make up your estate. An Executor is the person who will be in charge of your estate and follow the instructions you leave in your Will. Your Executor should be organized, detail oriented, comfortable dealing with numbers, and good at following directions. Your Executor’s work starts with notifying the government of your death and arranging your funeral. Your Executor must then take care of your estate, including finding and caring for your assets, paying your debts and bills, and completing your tax returns. Your Executor is responsible for following the wishes you expressed in your Will and distributing your estate according to those instructions. With such important responsibilities, be sure you pick the right person for the job. If you already have a Will, you should review it regularly to make sure your Executor is a good fit. Your Executor will need a lot of information about you and the items in your estate. You can help your Executor by keeping information about your money, investments, insurance, property, and debt in one place. You can also help your Executor by creating a well thought out estate plan and clear instructions in a properly drafted Will.

By: Kate M. Saldanha

Kate is a lawyer at Prouse, Dash & Crouch, LLP practicing in the areas of Wills and Estates, Real Estate Law, and Business Law. She can be reached at

905-451-6610. Scam Alert from Peel Regional Police

People in a vehicle who stop looking for directions and lure you near their car or van. Then they show you jewelry they have for sale and let you try it on. As they remove that jewelry they also remove your personal items. You never feel it. Then they quickly leave. Constable Logan has shared this concern with us so we can share it with you. Remember to be on your guard. They will drive up to the front of your house, where you feel the most safe and just call out‌.seems so simple and non-threatening. They are counting on you being kind and helpful to someone lost. Sometimes they have had a child in the car to put you off. If you are aware of anything like this call Peel Regional Police at


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www.eatrightontario.ca 1-877-510-510-2 Nutrition information for Seniors

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September issue issuu  

Seniors' newsletter for Brampton community with local information, jokes, advertorials and more.

September issue issuu  

Seniors' newsletter for Brampton community with local information, jokes, advertorials and more.