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ABUZZ October 2016

FOR 55+

SEPTEMBER 2017 Making Our Seniors Matter -

A not for profit organization that provides resources and information to seniors and their families through our radio, newsletter & website and for business’ & people who serve seniors, we promote training and education opportunities! HOUSING OPTIONS ARE A HOT TOPIC FOR SENIORS FOR THEIR FUTURE Do you remember the show “The Golden Girls” where the ladies lived together in a house? Well as a housing option that idea has become more popular! Come on out on October 17th from 7pm to 9pm at the Flower City Lawn Bowling Facility, in the Meeting Room and find out all about a “Solterra” home. How does it get started, who can buy one, how is it financed, what is life like in a place like that, what happens if there is a disagreement between the folks living there? All the information you need to know to understand this housing option...there will be no push or pressure to do anything but listen and learn and ask questions if you wish! Seating is limited...book by calling Liz at 647-982-4052

Light Refreshments too

How much are probate fees? Probate is a court process used to approve a person’s last Will after his or her death and to confirm the appointment of the person(s) named as Executor(s) in the Will. There is a fee paid to the Court for this service. The fee is calculated based on the value of the estate. Your lawyer will be able to assist you to determine which assets form part of the estate, if any debts may be deducted from the value of those assets, or if any assets will transfer ownership outside of the estate and may not need to be declared for probate purposes. Once the appropriate value of the estate has been calculated, the following fees apply in Ontario: * the fee for the first $50,000.00 of the estate value is $5.00 per $1,000.00 of value * the fee for any remaining amount is $15.00 for every $1,000.00 of value The value of the estate is always rounded up to the nearest thousand. For example, if the value of a person’s estate is $319,356.12, the value would be rounded to $320,000.00 and the Court fee would be calculated as follows: Value of Estate

Court Fees

Court Fees Payable

$1,000.00 – 50,000.00

$5.00 fee per $1,000.00

$ 5.00 x 50

= $ 250.00

$51,000.00 and up

$15.00 fee per $1,000.00

$15.00 x 270

= $4,050.00

Total Court fees payable:

$ 4,300.00

Kate is a lawyer at Prouse, Dash & Crouch, LLP practicing in the areas of Wills and Estates, Real Estate Law, and Business Law. Kate can be reached at 905-451-6610.

Kate is a board member of Making Our Seniors Matter and a caring legal resource for you. Give her a call. Kate has helped many of our clients with Wills and an understandable and clear Power or Attorney for both Health and Finance.

A special thank you to all our trusted advertisers who fund the cost of printing this newsletter. We hope you will call them if you need their services. To comment, or supply a story, event info or photo for this newsletter please get in touch with me! FREE

Liz Cunningham 647-982-4052 info@MakingOurSeniorsMatter.com GET EXTRA COPIES FOR YOUR GROUP MEMBERS at Senior Council Meetings or from Flower City & Knightsbridge. CALL for MORE!!!

Making Our Seniors Matter is hosting a Mini Fair

ASK THE EXPERT! October 12th.

10 am to 12pm

with refreshments

Meet our professionals in an easy, comfortable atmosphere and ask any question you wish...they will be happy to answer. There is no charge for this and there will be a prize draw! Bramalea Retirement Residence, 30 Peel Centre Drive, Brampton

5th Annual Community Seniors’ Fair for Health & Wellness Sunday October 22, 2017

12pm to 4pm

Peel Memorial Centre (old hospital) Auditorium . 20 Lynch St to support the Emergency Dept staff to provide resources and personal health packages to seniors!!!!

Music and Dance Keep us Happy and Healthy Studies have shown that when the elders listen to music while exercising, it helps them in the following ways

*Balance maintenance


*Fall risk reduction Unfortunately, the

threat that falls pose to elders are huge; 33 percent of those over 65 fall at least once per year. Very interesting is that studies have shown that it is more beneficial for elders to exercise to music than without it. One Swedish study compared two groups of senior citizens, one that exercised to piano music and another that exercised with no music. The group that listened to piano music improved their balance when walking, and ultimately had half the number of falls as the group that did not listen to music while exercising. Studies on music & its relation to elders have demonstrated remarkable psychological benefits, such as: *A happier outlook on life.

*Better social interaction.

*Enhanced moods.

*Encouraged self-expression and discovery of personal identity

* Improved interest levels.

*Increased communication in dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. *Increased positive emotions *Increased relaxation

*Increased self-esteem

*Reduced tension and anxiety

Studies also show that music promotes positive overall health. Those that listen to music demonstrate: *Better nights of sleep *Diminished pain *Improved memory and recall *Improved recovery time.

Thx Amber Paley

*Increased ability to concentrate *Increased awareness *Increased mobility and coordination *Reduced pain.

*Increased overall cognitive abilities *Lessened need for medication *Reduced recovery time. ….and so Making Our Seniors Matter is hosting a Dance!!! December 14th (save the date)

in the afternoon

At Bramalea Retirement Residence With refreshments & Great Music More information to follow in next month’s ABUZZ!! Simple & Affordable - “No Job is Too Small” We customize every job to meet our client’s needs. DECLUTTER








CONTACT Debbie & Sharon 416-729-1968

Experienced, Professional Realtor for 29 years!

Circle of Friends Seniors Group … All are Welcome !! St Paul’s United Church, John and Main St, park at John St lot or at City Hall, Tuesday Oct 17th at 12:15….bring a friend and visit a great group. POTLUCK ...so much fun to try new foods and enjoy other’s cooking! SPEAKER: Jayne Culbert...PEAPN...Elder Abuse Prevention TRIVIA CONTEST...often with a prize!!

Cathy 905-454-3965

If you have questions, if you wonder what your neighbours house sold for, what your house might sell for or what do you do with all those treasures? I will give you answers BUT I will NOT pester you! You have MY WORD!

According to Cst Yvette Logan of Peel Regional Police they are currently investigating several incidences of this scam...PLEASE read this and share with everyone you know….help PROTECT each other! Peel Police - New “Grandparent Scam” Targets Seniors. The scam involves a phone call being made to the victim, by an individual claiming to be a family member, usually a grandson. The victim is asked to purchase expensive ‘Rolex’ watches. The victim is advised that the watches are needed to pay back an outstanding debt, and in some instances, needed as a gift. The victim is directed to send the watch to an address, usually in Quebec, through a courier service. They impress upon the victim that they do not want any other family members to know. Peel Regional Police would like to remind residents that in the event they receive a call similar to this, they should verify the details of the request through another family member. Any requests for money by unverified parties on the phone should be treated suspiciously. Here are some other tips to remember:  If someone calls claiming to be a lawyer/attorney or police officer, they will not ask you for money/jewelry over the phone.  Residents with elderly family members who live alone, or have published phone numbers, should make them aware of this.  Residents, in general, should be cognizant of the fact that there are many fraudulent schemes out there, using the internet/phone calls to contact potential victims. Requests for money should be treated with caution & an appropriate amount of due diligence should be practiced. Education is the key to For more information, contact us! prevention with this type of scam. To learn more about this scam, and other scams Phone: 416-626-2727 affecting Canadians, residents are encouraged to visit www.antifraudcentre.ca Fax: 416-621-7136 Anyone who has any information regarding this fraud is urged to contact the Fraud E-mail: taxes@executortaxsolutions.com Bureau at (905) 453-2121, ext. 3335. Anonymous tips can also be left by calling Peel Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), or www.peelcrimestoppers.ca Website: www.executortaxsolutions.com

For more information, contact us! Phone: 416-626-2727 Fax: 416-621-7136 E-mail: taxes@executortaxsolutions.com Website: www.executortaxsolutions.com

We provide executors and loved ones with personalized tax solutions and support Preparation of the Final and Trust Returns for an estate can be complicated and time consuming. At Gary Booth Chartered Professional Accountants, we provide solutions for executors to fulfill their tax obligations. Being an executor of an estate is an important task & our goal is to minimize the taxes as well as providing personalized service to give executors peace of mind.

Let us show YOU how we can help you at an introductory meeting. Our Services Include:

 Preparation of Final/Deceased Returns

 Acting as Trustee or Executor

 Clearance Certificates

 Preparation of Trust/Estate Returns

 Passing of Accounts

 Tax and Financial Planning

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Oct 2017  

Local newsletter for seniors and their families. How much are probate fees, Housing Options for Seniors, Ask the Expert. Gary Booth Accoun...

Oct 2017  

Local newsletter for seniors and their families. How much are probate fees, Housing Options for Seniors, Ask the Expert. Gary Booth Accoun...