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FOR 55+ JUNE. SENIORS MONTH. 2017 Making Our Seniors Matter - Brampton

A not for profit organization that provides resources and information to seniors and their families through our radio, newsletter & website and for business’ who serve seniors, we promote training and education opportunities!

What is a Status Certificate?


Why do I need one?

A Status Certificate contains critical information about a condo corporation including items such as its financial holdings and obligations, legal obligations, and community rules. If you are considering buying a property which is part of a condo corporation it is important to include a condition in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale that allows your lawyer to review the Status Certificate before you confirm that you will purchase the property. The Status Certificate is typically requested from the condo corporation by the seller for a small fee that the seller pays. A review of the Status Certificate by your lawyer will give you several pieces of critical information such as the condo fees, reserve fund balance and expenses, budget, repair and maintenance obligations, rules and regulations, litigation involving the condo corporation, and insurance coverage and obligations. When your lawyer reviews the Status Certificate, he or she will be able to alert you to items you should be aware of such as anticipated increases in the condo fees, rules which may impact your desired use of the unit, and whether the current owner owes money. It is also important for you to review the Status Certificate, especially the rules and regulations. Although a given rule may be legal, you may have personal preferences or needs which are impacted by the rules. Kate M. Saldanha is a lawyer at Prouse, Dash & Crouch, LLP practicing in the areas of Wills and Estates, Real Estate Law, and Business Law. Kate can be reached at 905-451-6610. The Time Traveling Soldier When a soldier came to the clinic where I work for an MRI, he was put into the machine by an attractive, young technician. Sometime later, when the examination was over, he was helped out of the machine by a far older woman. The soldier remarked, “How long was I in there for?” Joanne Korman, Bedford, Nova Scotia

Wishing everyone a wonderful “seniors month” ….please enjoy all the special events prepared for you. Get out and meet friends, have a laugh, help someone else, try something new, bring a friend, be a friend and care for each other!

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A special thank you to all our trusted advertisers who fund the cost of printing this newsletter. We hope you will call them if you need their services. To comment, or supply a story, event info or photo for this newsletter please get in touch with me! Liz Cunningham 647-982-4052 info@MakingOurSeniorsMatter.com PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TAKE COPIES TO YOUR GROUP TO HAND OUT. CALL ME FOR MORE!!!

Bike the Creek is a FREE event aimed at

encouraging people of all ages to discover the joys of cycling. Join hundreds of cyclists celebrate Canada 150 in our fun family ride through the spectacular valleys, trails and historic landmarks, urban and rural settings of Brampton and Caledon. Come back to Jim Archdekin after your ride for a FREE lunch and opportunity for prizes. Date: Saturday June 24, 2017 Location: Jim Archdekin Recreation Centre, 292 Conestoga Drive, Brampton. Time: Depends on the route you would like to take (there are five various length routes….. 11km/17km/26km/41km/58km…please go bikebrampton.ca/events for more information) Call Michelle at 905.874.5119

KNIGHTSBRIDGE SENIORS CLUB Our programs operate independently from the City & membership is open to all residents of Brampton 55 years of age and over. 2017 Membership is $20 per year + a nominal per activity fee. Members only Bingo on Wednesdays at 12:30 pm sharp. Snack Bar / Licensed Hairdresser on site Keep fit classes/ Tai Chi / Darts/ Shuffleboard / Euchre & Bid Euchre / Line Dancing / Stitch ‘n’ Chatter / Ceramics & Art Classes, Trips, Christmas Dinner & New Year’s Eve Dinner & Dance. For more info - Contact us at: 905-792-7422 or email us at: knightsbridgeseniors@gmail.com Follow us on Facebook: Knightsbridge Seniors Club.

A quiet, unassuming lady with a beautiful smile and gentle kindness is somewhat of a fixture at Flower City Seniors Centre. Originally cooking in the café , then came her famous soups, she even went grocery shopping 2 times a week at Sobey’s when needed! Born in Brampton, the oldest of 8 with 3 sisters and 4 brothers, her mum worked at home and her dad worked at Pease Foundry...he even made the doorstep for their home! When the foundry closed her Dad went to work at Avro Aro when she was in Grade 12.. When she was 12 years old she had to leave school to work and help the family and got a job at Perk’s restaurant. Next door to the restaurant was Bell Telephone and in time she got a job there thru an interview with the chief operator. Over 40 years she enjoyed working in several departments at Bell. Alice is very proud of her 2 daughters Meghan and Liz who have gifted her with the joy of 5 grandchildren one of whom is named Ella (unknowingly the name of her great grandmother). Alice is “pretty proud” of the fact that she raised her girls on her own and sent Meghan to University to be a teacher and Liz to College! Cooking has always been part of Alice’s life and with her younger sister she cooked for the family and then as a volunteer at FC she taught “Cooking for One” what a change!!! Alice’s other love is her garden where she plants Beefsteak and Cherry tomatoes, starts seeds from scratch and plants flowers that will attract butterflies! She has birdfeeders and before the ice storm had double Rose of Sharon that the hummingbirds loved! Imagine a red currant bush that lives in Alice’s garden that is 50 years old along with the newer blackcurrants, raspberries and strawberries that will bring beautiful fresh fruit to her table and teach her grandchildren about how wonderful the earth is that can provide amazing tastes like that. Speaking to Alice is like hearing Brampton history in living colour from the time when Clarence Street was “out in the country” and where Williams Parkway is now there were no homes. Yet this lady cares so much for the future of her grandchildren that she smiles when they remind her about the value of re-cycling! As Nana, Alice says she “does her part” and her grandchildren will always remind her where to put things for recycling if she makes a mistake! The message from Alice is that “we have to work on fixing the environment. As an individual ...do your part but it does take the whole community”….let’s remember Alice and all our grandchildren when we choose where to put those things that might be recycling. Thank you for taking the time to share Alice, you are a special lady! Thank you for the referrals of trustworthy people to hire: from the readers of ABUZZ:

Muriel recommends “Marie” - Cleaning Lady 416-822-4016 or 905-789-8370 marielaemg@hotmail.com ——————————————————————

Betty recommends Richard - Landscaping 647-448-6718 If you know and trust a handyperson, painter, etc please let me know so we can share those who work fairly with seniors!

Glenn Cunningham Broker, CPCA

Certified Professional Consultant on Aging Ask about our Senior Package: sale, declutter, downsizing, packing, moving, settling in. Do you have real estate related questions? Do you need some advice or complimentary marketing review? NO PRESSURE OR OBLIGATION. CALL DIRECT


This event is hosted by the same people who create ABUZZ each month for you..we hope you will be able to attend—see you there!!

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June special edition 2017  

Local newsletter for seniors and their families. Knightsbridge info, Revera ad, What is a Status Certificate, Real Estate Designed for Seni...

June special edition 2017  

Local newsletter for seniors and their families. Knightsbridge info, Revera ad, What is a Status Certificate, Real Estate Designed for Seni...