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ABUZZ October 2016

FOR 55+ JANUARY 2017 Making Our Seniors Matter -

Brampton A not for profit organization that provides resources and information to seniors and their families through our radio, newsletter & website and for business’ who serve seniors, we promote training and education opportunities!

Safety Tips for Winter Remember to dress in layers and keep ears and hands covered! Update your emergency kit, keep one in the house and one in car 2017 is the Year of the Rooster says the Chinese Lunar New Year Calendar 211




CALL 211 ONTARIO FOR INFO ABOUT: Aboriginal People, Abuse / Assault, Child & Family Services, Community Programs, Disabilities, Emergency, Crisis Services, Employment/Training, Food, Francophones, Government/Legal, Healthcare, Homelessness, Housing, Income Support, Mental Health/Addictions, Newcomers, Older Adults, Youth. CALL 311 BRAMPTON FOR INFO ABOUT: available 24x7 for you to call for assistance whenever it’s convenient for you. 311 provides you with simple and direct access to all non-emergency municipal government information, programs and services provided by the City of Brampton and Region of Peel. You may call 311 anytime for anything from parking to garbage and recycling, to tax payments and water bills, to recreation programs and building permits, and so on. 511 (we forgot this one last time) Ontario 511 is an Ontario Minis-

try of Transportation telephone service that provides the public with voice-activated, hands-free information on provincial highways: Road closures. Winter road conditions. Construction projects. CALL 911 FOR EMERGENCY ONLY:9-1-1 is the emergency tele-

Make sure you have winter tires on your car to help you stop. Is your car serviced for the winter? Keep a blanket and a candle and lighter in the car, just in case you get stuck in the cold. Snack bar? Water! Always check the weather report before you leave, despite what you see outside the window. Don’t be too proud to use a cane or walker to lean on...stay safe...falls are the worst! Call neighbours after a storm to see if they are ok...so kind :)

phone number which connects you to Ambulance, Police or Fire in an emergency situation. Calling 9-1-1 helps you reach emergency services when you require immediate assistance. Free of charge from any telephone in Ontario.

Don’t take chances.. it’s not worth it!

A special thank you to all our trusted advertisers who fund the cost of printing this newsletter. We hope you will call them if you need their services. To comment, or supply a story, event info or photo for this newsletter please get in touch with me! Liz Cunningham 647-982-4052 info@MakingOurSeniorsMatter.com PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TAKE COPIES TO YOUR GROUP TO HAND OUT. CALL ME FOR MORE!!!

Are you a U.S. Citizen living in Canada?

Dr. Naveed Mohammad, VP Medical Affairs at William Osler Hospital spoke at Senior Council in January. (from minutes) Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness is opening February 8th Phase 1: Centre for Wellness Phase 2: In-patient beds We want the Centre to be a one stop shop- treat you and follow up with appointments at the same time Urgent Care Centre is staffed by emergency trained physicians and is equipped with high-tech diagnostics including X-ray, CT and laboratories. The Centre serves patients of all ages with non-life threatening illnesses or injuries that don’t require immediate surgery or overnight stay No referral or appointment is needed There will be a variety of services available including: an integrated chronic disease program for people with diabetes, arthritis, mental health/ addition counselling as well as seniors health and rehabilitation services There are also classrooms available to teach our community how to stay healthy The Urgent Care Centre is opened 8:00 am to 10:00pm 7 days a week The Centre will look after sprains, strains or broken bones, allergic reactions, cuts, stiches, fevers, colds, nose/throat complaints Ambulances will not go to the Urgent Care Centre. Go to the Emergency Department at Brampton Civic if you have severe chest pains, stroke symptoms or you are uncertain Having the Urgent Care Centre will help decrease the wait time at Brampton Civic For further information go on their website at


Call mainline 905-494-2120

Are you aware that you are required to file a U.S. tax return to report your worldwide income every year? If you haven’t done so, there are severe penalties involved with late filing of your tax returns and applicable information returns. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act became law starting July 1, 2014. This law requires Canadian financial institutions to provide tax information of U.S. Citizens residing in Canada to the IRS. This makes matters especially urgent if you have not yet filed a U.S. Tax Return and can significantly affect snowbirds travelling to the US. Gary Booth Chartered Accountants is experienced with helping individuals become compliant with their US tax obligations. Contact them at 416-626-2727 or taxes@garybooth.com and a US tax specialist can help you become compliant with the IRS.

Gary is a proud and trusted member of “Making Our Seniors Matter”. His is available to help you with any accounting concern. Call him today!

Seniors Safety Line

Toll Free 1-866-299-1011 Confidential Resource for seniors who are experiencing abuse, including financial, physical, sexual &emotional abuse as well as neglect. The telephone line provides information, referrals and support for seniors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in over 150 languages.

Real Estate Designed for Seniors As a realtor working with seniors and their families I often find that what they want most is good information and resources. I make it my business to know about options for housing such as condos, apartments, co-housing Solterra, the different types of retirement residences and more. I surround myself with trusted professionals such as lawyers, accountants, downsizer, home care providers, debt counsellor, senior consultant, financial planners, funeral planners, insurance, health and wellness providers. Why? Because a conversation about selling your home is much more complex than just a sale. There are the contents, the finances, where are you going and why, what worries you, what is your time frame, are you in a crisis or are you just planning the process. Sometimes family is involved, sometimes not. I have been a realtor for 28 years..and I am very good at it (just saying) but we need more skills and I am proud to say I have my CPCA certification as someone who cares enough to learn more about my senior clients needs. Making Our Seniors Matter is a group of caring, interested and professional people who are available as resources to people I work with...they are there for you! Call me if you have any questions Glenn 647-525-4621 SCAM ALERT !

Real Estate Designed for Seniors ____________________ Considering moving? Need a safe place to start? Dependable : Compassionate : Experienced I have designed my Services so that YOU can be confident you are making good choices. I take the time to help you understand the process, and answer ALL of your questions, including options!

Glenn Cunningham , Broker RE/MAX Realty Services Inc.

CPCA Brokerage

905-456-1000 x 3533 Direct 647-525-4621 John says ”I chose him because he is very professional”

www.GlennCunningham.com Co-founder of Making Our Seniors Matter

Sally Gouveia

Top 10 Scams you must know about!! 1. CRA income tax scam 2. Heartbreak scam...new romantic relationship 3. Fake Lottery Win 4. Investment Fraud 5. Secret Shopper 6. Subscription scam 7. Imposter scam 8. Overpayment or refund scam 9. Emergency scam - relative, grandson 10. Lending—pay in advance for a loan Value of scams to crooks $1.2 Billion. Acknowledgement of this information from Mike Laanela, CBC News March 2016

Financial Advisor, focusing on wealth creation for Canadians with Investors Group. Enjoys working with seniors. Sally is also an advocate for people with Alzheimer disease...a personal issue for her family. 905-450-1500 x226 Cell 416-845-7465 sally.gouveia@investorsgroup.com Proud and trusted member of “Making Our Seniors Matter”

If you are concerned about debt call Scott Terrio at Cooper & Co. He is so very good at what he does. He is a professional & he provides help and information. If you need help, do NOT be embarrassed , call Scott today for a confidential conversation.

By Kate Saldanha Why do I need a Will? Whether you are young in age or young at heart, having a will provides protection for your family. A will is a document which allows another person of your choice (known as you Estate Trustee or Executor) to manage your affairs as you choose after you die. If you do not make a will, when you die the law will determine who will receive your property. Creating a will allows you to be in control instead of our lawmakers and courts.

Prepare a will, so that you can:

*decide who will be in charge of administering your estate *decided how to divide your assets *decide who will receive your assets including leaving special items to specific people or giving money to charity

Resources for seniors and their families...great guests from a variety of services and businesses share information and contacts that may be useful to you! It is easy to find and listen to 24/7...whenever it is convenient for you ...just go on your computer and type in...


*decide when your beneficiary will receive the item or money you are leaving to him or her. Wills are an important tool to insure that your individual wishes, values, and goals are carried out after your death. Wills ensure that others are not in control of property that you have worked so hard to secure. And most importantly, Wills ensure that your family is protected and provided for as you want them to be.

Kate is a lawyer at Prouse, Dash & Crouch, LLP practicing in the areas of Wills and Estates, Real Estate Law, and Business Law. Kate can be reached at 905-451-6610. Kate is a board member of Making Our Seniors Matter and a caring legal resource for you. Give her a call.

SENIORS HELPING SENIORS LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS TO RUN A SERIES OF SHOWS IN BRAMPTON, at Flower City! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED BUT IF YOU HAVE IT ...GREAT!! Looking for people to do research for speakers, who would you like to ask questions to? Someone to interview the guests, organize the show, set up studio each week, timetable, come up with questions, time tracker, marketing and promotion of show.

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Jan 2017  

what is 211, 311, 511 and 911? Safety Tips for Winter for Seniors

Jan 2017  

what is 211, 311, 511 and 911? Safety Tips for Winter for Seniors