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Fav 3 Spider-One This is my piece inspired by Marcel Duchamps Hat Rack shadow piece. I traced a shadow of a halloween decoration in different areas so it flows through one to the other. I made this with colored pencil and pencil. I chose the colors to be complimentary and tried to keep an equal amount of different shades in the boxes. As for what to see first, second or third, I think the purple is the first then the green then the red but there really isn’t one to see before the other. Which ever you prefer.

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Sunshine Droplet

This piece was made with oil pastels and chalk pastels. It is a sun with the rays breaking through all of the weather even though a storm is breaking out down below. I arranged the squares to not be straight because the weather is never following a strict line, it just does as it pleases. I think the slanted squares gives it more of a interesting appeal in terms of taking something simple and making it something more to want to look at. The first thing to see is the rays of light and how it travels through the whole piece. The second would be the middle box, and how the colors behind the rays are changing from bright to gloomy dark and down to the rippling rain in the third as the final thing to see.

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Not So Every Day

I made this with paint (for the background), chalk pastel for the individual borders, and colored with color pencil. I was portraying originally how household things could become scary in some way or another. Trying to give the pieces a bit more visual understanding than strictly shapes. I did not make this one even boxes all around just for the fact of making them big enough to see well, smaller sizes could have made it much more

Every Day

interesting if it was just areas or sections of the objects and then the second would show more clearly what it would have been in a stranger way. The first thing to see would be the staircase in the top on the left, the smuged background takes you through the images to the end where the knives tops point back to the middle box for the last glance. As for the second piece on the bottom the first to see would be the background, then I think the red takes you through it all to the middle and then final to the knife where it just ends.

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Coffee Time

This is my finished work, the inspiration was the piece from my Week 2 post that had lines and circles. I made this using french curves and oval stencils, with colored pencils. All that this is about is shape, curves, bright colors. Whereas the first piece was a little darker choice of colors and square, sharp lines. I chose to how to branch off of the middle panel by just playing with the stencils. The edge of one really caught my eye and I thought it would be interesting to branch off of that, to

connect edges with the same or other edges to close off the forms but for them all to still look in the same family. The two edge boxes are similar yet different in that they both do not have the same exact thing going through them like my first piece. What I find the most interesting to see first would the edge hooks, then the colors bring you around the group and to the center.

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Picnic Time I made this with paint and made it on a bath & body works bag. All this is about is just shapes that I found around the house that I thought went together well. The first thing I think you should see would t the green corner on the bottom right with the white spot in it, the second I think would then be the middle square with the blue and the third would be the top with the yellow. I think all of the big spots of colors compliment each other well in ways of drawing someone from one to the other.

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Pointe I made this with colored pencil in the background and color chalk pastels in the ribbon and shoes. Each image is of a different angle of a show that is outlined in pen ink and the boxes are outlined in ebony pencil. All this is communicating is the delicacy of of point work.

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RED This is my art for week 8, art 6. The purpose of this project was to include RED some how. I included in literally written in the background and the picture made is of a tree, which turn red in the fall. For this I changed it so that the background was colored than normal and the squares are not perfect matches of each other. I made this with colored pencil and oil pastels. The first to see I think is the RED, the second is the different tones of green in the main background then the second shade in the squares and then the third in the leaves, the third thing to see would be the tree bark, where red also outlines the veins/cracks in the wood.

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I made this using colored pencil. I used the masks of Isaac Clark from Dead Space to create the lines and shapes in the rectangles. This was my inspiration for someone project. I made it for my boy friend because no one is more badass the Isaac and it was the first video game he got me addicted to and to me it has bonding meaning between us and it always will.

Isaac for Gabe

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X I made this for my portfolio class. I wanted the overlapping x’s to be sutle yet have some parts be brighter so that they did not look like they were all connected in any way. I used colored pencil to color this and a letter shape from a light for the x to stay sonsistant in shape.

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5 Owls This project was to make something that needed the title to understand it. I took inspiration from some ideas to draw owls form the internet and formed my own owl. I chose to interlink them together to create a little more of a confusing idea to try to make the viewer have to look at the drawing more closely.

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Memories of Her This project was to create a movie poster for my graphic design class. I choose to use my negatives as a background, the woman was used off of a stock photo website and all the names are friends of mine at that time.

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Continued I took this for my photography class. I had the unfortune to be in the class during winter. This is a bike trail in my town. I developed it myself in the dark room using matte photo paper.

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Shadow of a Name The project for this was to make a possible name for a card. Although one may not be practical, I made this version for more a fun factor than just strictly plain and to the point professional. I made this with pen and pencil and colored pencil. It was all drawen by hand and stippeled in the background for the shadow.

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Name I made this in the same graphic design class as the other piece ‘shadow of a name’. I made this one as a bit more serious logo. I used a circle template and ink to make this on illustrator board.

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I also made this in graphic design. It was our first piece in the class and I used this as my inspiration for this portfolio class. I made this with oval, circle and square templates and used colored pencil and ink.I really liked how I combined some colors and pulled them through the whole piece to help move your eye from the center to the edges and back again.

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Shoe This was a project for a graphic design class. We had to take shapes to make one shape. I used a outline of a high heel and the outline of a gun for the outline of where the foot would show through in the front.

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Letter Letter Letter This was project for the same graphic design class as the previous piece. We had to take letters and make anything out of them but to keep it abstract.

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Ardor Magazine This was made in graphic design in photoshop. The objective was to create a magazine cover using any images we choose. I really liked the smoke and the overlay of it and her face over the title.

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This project does pretty much explain itself. After we made magazine covers we had to make

a in side magazine layout. If the artclie were to have words it would have something explaining why women

Ardor Magazine Inside


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Works of art made in SXU freshman art portfolio class 2012


Works of art made in SXU freshman art portfolio class 2012