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TOC Photoshoot Agency name: Play Shoot Date: 04/04/12 Item/Model

Shot type/angle/ distance

Macro, Flash and Lighting


Positioning on front cover/TOC

Details of editing

Hannah Still

Mid shot at a level

I will take the TOC photos outside. If the weather is dull, I will use the flash and will ensure camera is at least 1.5 metres away to prevent over exposure.

The background will be the street and a brick wall. There will be no prop as I want the image to look natural and realistic.

TOC feature article about ‘Hannah Still Exclusive’ the image will be positioned on the right of the TOC as part of a photo wall.

If there are any objects in the way I will ensure these are cloned out along with any obvious branding/logo as this will affect the way my TOC will look like.

The Weeknd

Mid Shot/Long shot

As I am going to be taking this photo at a concert, I am unaware of what the lighting will be like however I am guessing that strobe lighting will be used. I will also use the flash on my camera to increase the quality of

The background of this image will be filled with people and strobe flights as the image will be taken at Camden’s electric ballroom – a gig venue where I am taking photos of The Weeknd.

. I will be using 3 images of The Weeknd which will be merged with the other photos I have taken as part of a photo wall.

Using Photoshop, I will be creating a polaroid effect to the image. I will also make the image black and white to match with my house style.


Toc photoshoot  

photoshoot toc for me

Toc photoshoot  

photoshoot toc for me