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Planning the front cover Agency Name



Hannah Still

Camera height/angle/distance

Mid shot/Close up


Somewhere with a blank wall, possibly the school theatre.


Natural sunlight coming in from the windows, Digital SLR with the flash on or lighting used in the theatre. Smart casual clothing like jeans, smart jacket and a blouse of some sort. No props as I think that the artist on the front cover is meaningful enough. I plan on using plain background like a plain white wall for the model to stand against.

Mise-en-scene (incl. props, costume)

Background Attempted connotation

For people to recognise my ‘artist’

Planned denotation

To know who the artist is

Contingency (in case of model absence/weather)

If the model is absent I will find a backup in my media class, someone who is willing to take part and someone who dresses in the similar style as my model. I am taking the picture inside so the weather does not affect this much, although I would prefer natural light than editing it.

Alternate angle

If I were to take this image again, I would probably use a close up so that all can be seen of the artist.

Thinking points: Rule of thirds, White background shot

Planning the front cover  

planning cover