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preface This semester had somewhat different devision in learning activities. Besides my final bachelor project, I got role to fulfill within Studio Roosegaarde. As I got a job offered by Studio Roosegaarde on the strategy and development department, I worked at the studio three days a week. The main focus point during my work at the studio were learning about strategies and management in design processes. Learning how to sell design and persuade my clients, while being smart with media. Studio Roosegaarde does not only sell art work, they sell a story, combining business with poetry. Something standing in line with my own vision and personality, resulting in a perfect learning opportunity for my personal development. The board of examiners gave me permission to use this job as an learning activity and invest all time giving to assignments and SDL activities in it. This booklet shows summary my activities, a description of my projects and an overall view of Studio Roosegaarde. Unfortunately I can not show every detail of my work at Studio Roosegaarde, as most of the projects are confidential. I would like to thank Daan Roosegaarde, Lidi Brouwer and Jamaica Den Heijer for this amazing learning experience.



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Studio roosegaarde Daan Roosegaarde Founder

Lidi Brouwer

Strategy and Exhibitions

Jamaica den Heijer Business Development

Chris Kievit

Interaction Designer

Liza Blummel Design Strategy

Studio Roosegaarde ‘In a world shifting between the analog and the digital, Studio Roosegaarde is the social design lab of artist Daan Roosegaarde with his team of designers and engineers. The studio creates interactive designs that explore the dynamic relation between people, technology and space. The studio develops its own technology and is internationally known for interactive projects such as Dune, Intimacy and Smart Highway. Roosegaarde has been the focus of exhibitions at Tate Modern, National Museum in Tokyo, Victoria and Albert Museum and winner of numerous international innovation awards. Studio Roosegaarde also has a strong experience with public space commissions for the city of Rotterdam, Singapore, Eindhoven and Stockholm. Studio Roosegaarde launched its second studio in Shanghai, CN.

Daan Roosegaarde Artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde (1979) is internationally known for creating social designs that explore the relation between people, technology and space. His Studio Roosegaarde is the social design lab with his team of designers and engineers based in the Netherlands and Shanghai. With projects ranging from fashion to architecture his interactive designs such as Dune, Intimacy and Smart Highway are tactile high-tech environments in which viewer and space become one. This connection, established between ideology and technology, results in what Roosegaarde calls ‘techno-poetry’. Roosegaarde is in the GOOD 100 of creative changemakers, and has won the Accenture Innovation Award, INDEX Award, World Technology Award, Charlotte Köhler Award, two Dutch Design Awards, and China’s Most Successful Design Award. He has been the focus of exhibitions at Tate Modern, National Museum in Tokyo, Victoria and Albert Museum, and various public spaces in Rotterdam and Hong Kong. Daan Roosegaarde is a frequent invited lecturer at international conferences such as TED and Design Indaba, and TV media guest at De Wereld Draait Door and CNN.’ See the website for more information:


press activities On the strategy department is was necessary to control the media.This was divided in different approaches: to respond and to push. In responding I reacted on incoming request for interviews, documentaries or TV shows, in which they are mostly interested in Daan Roosegaarde’s vision or in one specific design. In the other option we wanted to have the media’s attention on something special: for example winning an award or the release of a project. Pushing the media All important moments of Studio Roosegaarde need to be pushed into the media. I learned to work with a strategy, in which there are some steps that need to be taken. Step 1: The news Think about the message, what do you want to tell and what are the key elements. How will the story sell? Make it interesting for the people to read by making the story more juicy. Step 2: Category Chose in which category this news belongs. The studio works with four different kinds. Small or big news and long term or short term news, depending on these factors you chose the channels. For example, if you have a small, short term newsfact you can post in on twitter and facebook. Step 3: Strategy How to contact the media channel. There are some different way to get in contact with the different channels. Think about who get the story first, in media it is important to be the first and channels are more interested when they get to be the first. What works best is to

send an email with all the information. Meaning a stunning picture or graphic to get attention together the important message, trying to convince them. Ten minutes later call them about the email, explain why this is news. Step 4: Finalise It is important to keep track of media, meaning you will have to keep in touch and check the story for facts, names and quotes. Not doing this can result in difficult situations and mis understandings. React Reacting on media might be more easy, because there are some steps that can be left out. Be still it is important be aware of the news and its impact. There are moments at the studio, for example when Daan visited Zomergasten, when the phone is ringing all day. These phone calls are mostly from journalists who want to write a story about Daan, his vision or the work from the studio. There are a few options to react on these journalists. Before deciding what to do, you need to answer three questions. What media channel is it and how important is it? How long will the article/radio time/broadcast be? And when will it be presented? After those questions you know how to react. Option 1: Answer When the media channel is not a big fish, I may answer the questions myself on behalf of the studio. When I am not sure about the answers I ask Lidi for advice. Eventually I knew all projects, visions and design well enough to do this by myself. Option 2: Plan interview When the media was a big fish and want to talk

to Daan face to face I may plan an interview. Depending on the demands this can be done through skype, telephone or face to face. Option 3: Decline At times we are to busy to answer all requests, this means we decline the interview of channels that are not that important. But we do send as much information we have on that subject, such as press images, video’s and press releases.


strategy Within the strategy there were two focus points, intern and extern. In the last I especially focussed on the external part. Intern The studio at this moment only exists of 4 permanent employees, the rest of the people are working on a few projects or are interns. Because the studio is small, but delivers high end design on a fast pace, the pressure is high. We have tried to look to solutions that could deliver a less stressful environment. We thought of ways to improve the internal communication. What are the struggles? What takes too much time? And how can we improve this? We ended up with creating a new agenda consisting of LEGO for the workplace, it is adjustable and easy to overlook. Besides that we made someone in charge of the online agenda, to keep it up to date and to foresee difficulties. Next to that other changes had been made on an organisational level, a few employees left the studio and other people came back in their place. We decided it was time for a change of direction and approach. Before we always made everything ourselves, now we are going to export our work to professionals, to save time and effort. Extern On the external part we focussed on the future of the studio. Where do we stand and where do we want go? At the moment the studio has become famous in the Netherlands and Europe, while with the Smog project we creating a lot of awareness in Asia. We figured we want to grow more towards America in 2014. We are thinking about a structure in which we adapt our project Smart Highways more towards the

American society and it’s problems on the road. Creating our own market over there, by using their flaws in design. Also we are looking for partnerships, such as Ford. Ford is an American automobile company that among other things builds cars under its own name Ford. Ford is a strong American brand and is therefore in combination with Smart Highway a perfect selling and convincing point. Unfortunately I cannot tell more in detail about the strategies of Studio Roosegaarde. But I can state it learned me to think as an network and think more about the story behind design.


lectures Approximately two times a week I got the opportunity to join Daan to his lectures and PR events. It was my job to get everything working at it’s best including beamer and sound check. At the events I had to representative of the studio, know everything about our projects, but even more important I how to tell it. During these events I got to see the ‘selling’ part of design. It is all about storytelling, building up to your story while interacting with your audience. Daan has found his talent in storytelling and it is marvelous to look at his game. There was always a moment of reflection afterwards, where Daan asked me for my opinion on the event. He asked whether he made and mistakes or if there were some things missing. We talked about reactions and how he could perform better next time.

clientmeetings There were a few client meeting I joined, because I got give some more input to the subject or just sit and learn from Daan. The first time I was just observing Daan, what is his routine? I noticed he connects dots, puts together visions and materials. He presents ideas with images and video’s to get full attention and understanding. He makes sure his story looks complete and he has levels in his story, building up towards the end. He makes a little pause in a sentence and presents a little something of his idea. He tries to look into the eyes of the clients, right before they find a million reasons why this could not work. That first glance must do it, the client has to understand what it is about and has to see it’s value. After a few times I dared to give more input during these meetings, but I made sure I used the right moments. It became a play where Daan tell a story and I telled more details about the consequences and working functions.


lotus dome at Rijksmuseum In the first week of May, Lotus Dome, was to be exhibited at the Rijksmuseum. The Lotus Dome is a reactive dome made of Lotus flowers. This material was developed by Studio Roosegaarde and consists of Mylar. When interacting with the Lotus Dome the metal flowers open up. The warmth from a person our a group causes the dome to react either calmly or very excitedly. What is so special about this work is that you are allowed to touch it, unlike other works of art in a museum, a real new experience. Before the opening of this special event a lot of arrangements had to be done. This was the first time Lotus Dome was to be exhibited in the Netherlands, as it had been to Lille and Istanbul first. We wanted to attract as much (national) media as possible with a wide range of different readers. Of course we had contacted our total press contact list, but this time we arrange a special press release moment on the day the Lotus Dome was being presented. We had a range of 10 people we contacted and invited as a special press guest on this release moment. At this release moment we made a tour together with a little presentation from Daan and Wim Pijbes (director of Rijksmuseum). My role within these days were contacting press and try to convince them to write about Lotus Dome. The best accomplishment was when negotiating with the Metro, we made a deal about the cover. If we would give them the photo premier, they would put the first picture of Lotus Dome at the Rijksmuseum on their cover across the Netherlands. Metro has a big wide of different kinds of people and therefore the best candidate for a premier. This action leaded to more interested newspapers on the day of the release.


Schiedam Project Schiedam is a new project commissioned by the town of Schiedam, in which a few tunnels underneath the A20 will be reconstructed. In these tunnels new ways of light need to be implemented, this is where the Studio steps in. The tunnel is divided in three areas; a bicycle path, walking area and a water stream. The studio is currently creating a design for this tunnel, at this moment we already presented our preliminary design. In which we use the reflection of the ripples in the water to create in interactive experience for the cyclers. We use three devices to create this ripples. First a sensor will measure the arrival of a person in the tunnel. These sensors will activate the mechanical module in the water stream which will active ripples. Next to the water stream will be light modules with a range of colors. These modules are place in a certain angle causing an reflection stretched over the whole tunnel area. In this project I am responsible for the communication between all partners; the local government, Rijkswaterstaat, Hoogheemraadschap, DEP and the Studio. This process asked for quite some communication moments, because so much parties are involved and they are all eager to be part of the process and decision making.


innovation sessions Often there are lectures where afterwards people come to invite Daan for some innovation advice. They ask Daan about his ideas and his vision upon their business. In the last months there were two presentations I had to make for these sort of innovations advise sessions, one for Heijmans and one for PostNL. Heijmans asked us what we thought of the future of a home, how will our houses look in 15 years? PostNL asked us how they could reinvent post, bring new life in sending a letter. For both sessions a lot of research was done. There was a certain strategy in these approaches: 1. First of all, look at the company. On what level of innovation are they at the moment. 2. Do research on existing and new innovation techniques in their branch. 3. Translate these innovations into ideas for the company. 4. Pick a few that are rewarding and appropriate for the company’s brand. 5. Make a presentation with explaining pictures and visuals. 6. Discus results with Daan and look for improvements. 7. Revision on the document and process the improvements. 8. Presentation to the client. In the sessions with Daan, he showed me how to implement certain presenting techniques he often uses. Where to improve the presentation and what was missing in the story. It was a wonderful opportunity to work with Daan on his vision, to see how he builds up his story and surprises his audience. Eventually Heijmans and PostNL were very pleased with the outcome and are currently working on the ideas giving by us.


Future vision After my graduation, I will have the opportunity to work at Studio Roosegaarde on the design department. This semester the studio made a few mator changes in their approach. An approach more suitable for someone with my background. My role will include more interaction designing. My focus points will be: 1. Structure in design management 2. To handle budgets 3. To design for final installations 4. Communication with suppliers and experts I am looking forward to learn more in this company and to find my innerself in this surrounding of poetry and business.


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Liza Blummel -


reflection Studio Roosegaarde. Studio Roosegaarde has a certain strong combination of poetic design and strong marketing process. This is what makes Daan and his studio so famous and extravagant. If one would ask me what the most important lesson is I learned at the studio, I would say the right combination of strategy, marketing and design. Everything has to be spot on and in the right balance. The story has to be clear, but mysterious. The designs have to be mesmerizing and surprising. It requires a certain way of thinking to envision your audience and tell them what they want to hear. The way the studio sells what they make and at the same time make something so poetic. It is lovely to see who this combinations stands in line with my vision and identity, so I am glad I had the change to meet this incredible studio and smart people. Boundaries. This semester, while combining work at Studio Roosegaarde and my final bachelor project, time management is a challenge. It was more important than ever to keep track of my limits. I needed to do this by setting strict boundaries in between work and project. From time to time, it is difficult to fulfill this aim to have strict boundaries in-between my work and my project. For example during the week of the midterm demo days I took the week off to focus on my project, an agreement I made with the Studio in the beginning. But during this week, I still got assignments and emails from the Studio. It took about two hours a day to complete the work, which in this case was not bringing my project in any danger. But in the process I

lost my focus and mindset on my project and this made me feel agitated. I didn’t dare to tell the Studio I needed this time to focus. In the end this resulted in being angry with myself, the fact I didn’t stand up for myself at the time made me feel disappointed. At the other hand this was a harmless wake up call and eventually I discussed the event and make sure we, the Studio and I, come to an agreement for the next deadline period. We decided I would check my incoming emails once a day and if I could not handle the pressure, I would send the email to my colleague. Most important lesson I learned in his process is that I not need to do everything other people aspect me to, because in this process their expectations will grow strong. Meaning I do have a choice and it is up to me whether I can do it or not. To pull this to a more wide perspective, I gladly do what other people (who are important to me) tell me to do, but this has reached a certain limit. I need to make choices based more upon my own perspective, so I can be more satisfied with the outcome. Press(ure) Mistakes. Social and cultural awareness is important in design processes not only when creating and international design, but also in communication. The important key elements of working together with people of other cultures is knowing the background and manners. Journalism is a strange and funny business, pushing and pulling information, while all the facts fly off the handle. As I have noticed, people working in press often don’t have standard social limits. This is part of their job, to find out secrets and new information.

During the start of the pilot of Smart Highway, some parts of the design didn’t suffice the high standard of Studio Roosegaarde. While it was still a pilot and therefore any imperfections could be blamed on that part, the Studio didn’t want to any international press attention. Unfortunately the international press was eager to release new information. On a certain point I was on the phone with a big international radio station to discuss the possibilities for an interview, when I made the mistake to say we did not want to involve international press. By saying this they became even more agitated and eager to know more about the pilot. A stupid mistake which leaded to more work and frustration in the Studio. That moment I realized how many impact something you say can have. The whole world is watching and any move you make is a move in the spotlights. Next time I need to prepare myself more with some strong standard answers, so I wont be surprised and blurt out a statement like I did this time. In the end Studio Roosegaarde gave me a lot techniques to think about. It gave me confidence as a designer and increased my strategic qualities. It has been a good start for my career and was a wonderful opportunity to fulfill during my bachelor as a learning assignment.


Learning Activity FBP  

For my final bachelor semester I have been doing a special learning activity. Most of the assignments can be found in this report.

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