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identity liza blummel

"Eye for Management. Passion for Beauty."

I am challenge oriented. Over the years I have noticed my strong drive when I get a challenging assignment. In the past I tended to be insecure and needed to get approval from others, which was the main reason I felt the need to overachieve. By the experience I gained in this process of trying to get approval of others, I started to feel more secure about my skills and professional abilities. At times I revert to this urge of other’s approval, but in the mean time I developed another mindset; I can so anything as long as I believe in it myself. I am a decision maker. If I had to pick one thing I cannot stand, I would pick undetermined people. Indeterminacy slows down the creating process and brings down the level of prestige. I want have a goal in mind, a vision of the future. To achieve my goal I need to follow my strategy and undertake actions. I have a getting things done attitude. Thinking about how great something would be, does not change anything. It is all about making decisions and acting out my process, this gets me closer to my personal ambitions. I am a designer. I do love my time here at the Industrial Design department. The main reason is the chances it gives me, the opportunities to find my own development. I have a tangle of characteristics. My mind set is focussed on organisation and managing. While on the other hand the designer in me naturally tends towards poetic and feeling based design. I have to find a way to combine those characteristics in a way they will make me a one of a kind designer. My guts tells me this department will give me the tools I need.


vision on design Creators. We designers have a certain view on the world, which we create by looking to the possibilities of designing our own life. This goes hand in hand with the opportunity to color life of others as well. Industrial Designers in my opinion are creators, not inventors. We aim to create an experience, beautiful packaging around innovative systems, by going deeper than the function of a product. We learn to have a broad view on design processes and basic knowledge of diverse competencies. Causing us to understand all parties involved and becoming the perfect glue in (design) processes. Awareness. This world is slowly becoming digital, in which people at times revert to old habits, simple and pure goods. We all want new systems and products, but we don’t dare to let go of our old habits. When I look at this shifting world I see waste, people wasting products and knowledge. This due to the fact technology is developing in such high pace and more than that consumers are greedy and neglectful. It is impossible and undesired to stop the growth of technology, but we might use existing elements more resourceful. Most ingredients are already present, we just need to look for them more carefully. Design. I favor to use nature as a source of inspiration for my design, in terms of form and senses but also when looking to design opportunities. The complex systems nature uses can be set as an example for not only design, but also for the behavior of the consumer community. The appearance of nature’s goods is strong and speaks for itself. The resemblance between design and nature is the creation of products, while the contradiction lays with the dissembling. I am not stating all products need to become cradle to cradle, but there is no need to constantly add. My aim is to look around and make good use of existing elements.


final bachelor semester choices and opportunities

Special. This semester will look some what different from others. Other than it is my final bachelor project, I also got an extraordinary role to fulfill within Studio Roosegaarde. As I got a job offered by Studio Roosegaarde on the strategy and development department, I will be working here three days a week. The board of examiners gave me permission to use this job as an learning activity and invest all time giving to assignments and SDL activities in it. The main focus point during my work at the studio will be learning about strategies and management in business design processes. Learning how to sell design and persuade my clients, while being smart with media. Final Bachelor Project. Other than my work at the Studio I will be working on my final bachelor project. In my opinion the project has to meet a few requirements. The project seals my bachelor degree and therefore needs to deliver portfolio worthy material. I have to make it my own, not only because of the quality I want to deliver, but I will need a passionate drive for staying energetic with this full schedule. Worn Identity. Worn Identity is about designing a wearable piece that is personalizable. The project covers Designing Business Processes and Forms and Senses, a combination I would like to explore. This because of my identity as a straightforward person, but my designer side always tends to work towards poetic design. While my work at the Studio will involve more strategy and development assignments, I will not be able to express myself in a way of creating products. This is why I chose for Worn Identity at Wearable Senses, I know from experience this theme will push me to make and explore. This combination of strategy assignment and prototype project is exactly the balance I am looking for to explore my skill set and ambitions in design.


goals Technological View. In the past I have always used technology as an implementation for my design, a way to make my ideas work. Therefore I think I have never enjoyed working with electronics, there was no challenge in developing anything myself. This semester I want to gain more insight in design opportunities within the technological methods. Goal. My aim is to start by exploring the characteristics of these methods and experiment with electronics in an early stage of my design process. To learn more about the values and opportunities in electronics, while appreciating working with electronics more. At the midterm Demo day, I aim to have explored the technical aspects, so I can demonstrate a technological prototype. Production Realisation. When looking back at my previous semesters, I miss feasibility of actually implementing in my designs. The value it would bring to everyday people, making a design for mass production. I tend to work towards more poetic designs with an abstract sense of design. Goal. For my final bachelor project my aim is to create a functional and valuable product for a broad target group. In the process I need to be more strict when making decisions concerning the concept, meaning I need to focus on the functional value of the ideas. In the end I want to be more connected to my personal identity as a straightforward person, and let loose of my poetic designer. Cultures and Communication. Social and cultural awareness is important in design processes not only when creating and interna-

tional design, but also in communication. The important key elements of working together with people of other cultures is knowing the background and manners.

more diverse. I know I have accomplished his goal when in the end when I have completed three iterations: technology exploration, concept development and business design.

Goal. As Studio Roosegaarde has become more and more international, the number of contacts with foreigners has grown. International press and PR events will give me opportunities to explore other cultures and their behaviour.

Professional Business. In the last semesters my skills in business design and professional attitude have been growing. This is why I started working at Studio Roosegaarde at the Strategy and Development department, to explore my interests and abilities in strategy and business development. During this period of time I will get a grip on a few projects and look into development possibilities. I will do this in cooperation with Daan Roosegaarde. He has a strong vision on development and social persuasion.

Persuasive Communication. When communicating about your ideas, a certain level of persuading and convincing is needed. A two way interaction between the presenter and his audience contributes to understanding each other. Goal. I want to bring my presenting skills to the next level and find a strategy in my story to be more convincing. I want to see how I can combine visual and verbal communication skills into one convincing story. Practise with my body language and clear story. To see my development I will ask for feedback afterwards on the focus point of my presentation.

Goal. My challenge will be combining what I have learned at Industrial Design and his vision. I am a bit nervous about the fact I have so much responsibility, basicly this pushes me to work on a high professional level right away. To learn most in this challenge I will ask more feedback from my environment than usual, reflect upon my decisions and actions, right away.

Time Management. This semester, while combining work at Studio Roosegaarde and my final bachelor project, time management is a challenge. In the past I had problems with drawing a line for myself. When to stop and when enough was enough. Goal. It is more important than ever to keep track of my limits. I will do this by setting strict boundaries in between work and project. But also by quick decision making, this will be essential for my design process to be


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This document shows my goals for my final bachelor semester, my identity and my vision on design.