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The Mouse Capsule

By: Tiffany Nguyen GDP 118

Random Word  Association  Technique:   1. I  am  going  to  develop  a  creative  and  better  mousetrap.   2. Words:   2.1. Almonds   2.2. Water   2.3. Sea  salt   2.4. Leather   2.5. Gold   2.6. Time   2.7. Nail   2.8. Sharp   2.9. Thistle   2.10. Urn   3. Word  Responses   3.1. Almonds-­‐Bre   3.2. Water-­‐Fiji   3.3. Sea  salt-­‐Coarse   3.4. Leather-­‐Smell   3.5. Gold-­‐Hammered   3.6. Time-­‐Watch   3.7. Nail-­‐Hammer   3.8. Sharp-­‐Knife   3.9. Thistle-­‐Blue   3.10. Urn-­‐Ashes   4. Relationships  to  words  &  responses   4.1. My  co-­‐worker  Bre’s  father  is  an  almond  farmer   4.2. My  favorite  brand  of  bottled  water  is  Fiji   4.3. I  love  the  coarse  texture  of  sea  salt—it  accents  food  well,  especially  freshly   grilled  meats  and  creamy,  buttery  caramel   4.4. The  smell  of  a  beautiful  leather  is  one  of  my  favorites   4.5. I  really  would  like  to  purchase  a  stack  of  hammered  gold  rings   4.6. Today  I’m  wearing  the  watch  I  got  as  a  graduation  gift—It  tells  both  time   and  date   4.7. You  hammer  a  nail  in  order  to  hang  something,  or  attach  one  thing  to   another   4.8. The  best  tool  in  the  kitchen  is  a  sharp  knife.   4.9. I  enjoy  using  blue  thistles  in  fall  flower  arrangements;  they  are  unusual  but   still  beautiful.   4.10. An  urn  can  be  used  for  many  things,  but  sometimes  is  used  to  hold  the   cremated  remains  of  a  loved  one.   5. Solutions:  

5.1. You could  create  a  mousetrap  in  which  there  is  a  ring  on  the  floor,  with  bait   in  the  middle.    Once  the  mouse  entered  the  ring,  it  would  trigger  a  capsule   from  above  to  quickly  enclose  the  mouse,  cutting  off  it’s  oxygen  supply.    The   capsule  could  be  opened,  the  mouse  disposed  of,  and  re  used.   5.2. A  guillotine  style  trap  could  be  made,  triggered  when  a  mouse  crosses  over  a   specific  barrier  to  get  food,  but  that  could  be  really  messy  and  rather   disgusting.   5.3. Using  old  plastic  bottles  (large),  you  could  cut  off  the  top  and  place  bait  at   the  end  of  the  bottle,  forcing  a  mouse  to  crawl  into  the  bottle  to  retrieve  it.     The  food  would  contain  a  poisonous  salt,  to  aid  in  killing  it.    But  to  prevent  it   from  exiting  once  it  had  the  food,  as  it  enters  the  chamber  it  would  have   tripped  a  leaver,  causing  a  heavy  lid  to  seal  the  end  of  the  water  bottle,   leaving  it  no  room  to  escape.       5.4. A  mouse  is  attracted  to  the  trap  by  the  scent  of  food,  artificially  released   through  a  dispenser.    As  it  climbs  onto  the  dispenser,  continually  looking  for   the  food,  and  continually  sniffing,  the  artificial  scent,  which  is  poisonous   only  to  rodents,  kills  it.   5.5. A  vase,  with  a  textured  outside,  is  filled  at  the  bottom  with  cheese.    The   mouse  may  climb  up  and  into  the  vase,  but  the  interior  is  glazed,  so  that   once  it  is  in,  it  may  not  get  out.      The  mouse  can  be  released  far  away  from   the  home  rather  than  being  killed.      


The Mouse Capsule By: Tiffany Nguyen GDP 118