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T h e Be t t e r Mo u s e T r a p b yRu wa n i Ho r a n a g e “T h e Un e x p e c t e d ”

Creative Thought Process Sharping things: • Knife • Wood stick • Medal • Wire • Blade • Sharp light Attractive: • Yummy smell • Yummy to eat • Food • Cheese • Smell of the food

Device: • Wood trap • Medal trap • Chemical trap (pill, poison • Electrical device • Nets Ideas: • • • • • •

Pill put on food Spray for rat Poison put on food or water Electrical device shooter Have lot of cats Unexpected holes in the floor that catch them in a net

What if Questions 1. What if the trap is unexpected? 2. What if killing them should be nice and peaceful? 3. What if the atmosphere around them have traps? Such as holes in the middle? 4. What if all the food that the like put poison on them and leave it in the floor? 5. What if its easy as any other technology stuff? 6. What if we use technology to trap them? 7. What if we can live peacefully with the mouse after all they are living this why kill them? 8. What if we can create motion sensor equipment to trap or kill mouse and other little animals that bug us? 9. What if around the world trap and kill all mouse and rats so we wont have that species anymore? 10. What if we don't bother do anything about the mouse situation let them be?

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T h e B e t t e r Mo u s e T r a p “ T h e U n e x p e c t e d ” Device: • Wood trap • Medal trap • Chemical trap (pill, poison • Electrical...