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9/26/10 11:46 AM

Jensen Guitar and Music Co., which has been in business since 1973, is primarily a guitar shop, although they also specialize in other instruments. They have three locations, two in Santa Barbara and one in Santa Maria. The company offers repair services, installation and setups. Lessons in guitar, bass and drums are also available in the shops. Jensen hosts a children’s camp, “rock camp,” which performs locally. Rental equipment is also available in-store. You can also have small intimate concerts in one of their shops, which they call the “MainStage.” Source:

The Ad’s purpose is to advertise repairs, as well as bring attention to the availability of their MainStage.

The main audience would be musicians, or parents of aspiring musicians.

Jensen Guitar & Music Co. Guitar Repairs Click on MainStage Events at Electric shop 563.3200 Acoustic shop 687.4027

Musical Educational Historical Rockin’ Fun

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9/26/10 11:46 AM

Stencil Std

Stencil Std Eccentric std Eccentric std

Charlemagne std

Charlemagne std Blackoak Std Blackoak Std Copperplate Light

Copperplate Light Brush Script Std

I chose Hobo Std because it has that art nouveau feel that was so prevalent in 1970’s rock posters. Jensen seems proud to have been

Brush Script Std

around since 1973, so a font that represents

Geneva Regular

that generation’s musical advertising would be

Geneva Regular Papyrus Regular

appropriate. It’s also a font that is legible both large and small, so regardless of the size of the

Papyrus Regular

advertisement, the message will not be lost.

Times Regular

It’s likely that I will choose to use a simpler

Times Regular

font for the body copy. I think Geneva

Hobo Std

nicely without sacrificing legibility.

Hobo Std

Regular would compliment the Hobo font

Rosewood Std

Rosewood Std

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9/26/10 11:46 AM

Nice drawing!

I wanted to continue the art nouveau feel of the text with an image. I altered an image of a guitar and added my own art nouveau type deorations, then scanned and traced the drawing in illustrator. The idea was to make the strings look broken, because it is an advertisement for guitar repairs.

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9/26/10 11:46 AM

Good crop. Enlarge to create a more dynamic image. Needsmore black areas for contrast.

Two lines should be much closer to create a unite.

Jensen Guitar

Music Co. all 4 elements are floating and don't add to the design other than fill space.

Click on MainStage Events at

Layout needs to have more unity. Use a grid to align elements.

Guitar Repairs Electric Shop Brooks_ad.indd 5


Acoustic Shop

687.4027 9/26/10 11:46 AM

Think about creating a more interesting arrangement for the store name.



ir pa


Jensen Guitar & Music Co.

This type would work best in san serif font and bold. Using white type. and on black background. Gray box separates infor from rest of design.


R ar



Guitar should be larger and have more white to create contrast.

Click on MainStage Events at

Electric Shop 563.3200 Acoustic Shop 687.4027 Brooks_ad.indd 6

9/26/10 11:46 AM

Best layout of 3 layouts.

Jensen Guitar Click on MainStage Events at Brooks_ad.indd 7

Music Co.

Guitar Repairs

Electric Shop 563.3200 Acoustic Shop 687.4027 9/26/10 11:46 AM

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9/26/10 11:46 AM

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9/26/10 11:46 AM

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9/26/10 11:46 AM

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9/26/10 11:46 AM

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9/26/10 11:46 AM

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9/26/10 11:46 AM


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