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GDP118 Creative Thinking

Fall 2011

Domino Sugar Campaign Project

Top 4 Slogans and Visuals 1.

Domino Sugar, the sweetener that’s as pure and free flowing as water. Ultimately ended up going with this visual because of the close relationship with the slogan. The sugar clearly has a flowing/water aspect to it that directly related.


With domino sugar you can practically substitute your salad with cupcakes. I simply chose a cupcake for this slogan and then immediately realized how terrible of a slogan it was.


Domino Sugar, so pure you could snort it.

This was my one humerous slogan I came up with. It’s not exactly appropriate for the public and thats why I didn’t go with it. Sugar and cocaine are similar in appearance and thats why I chose this visual. 4.

Domino Sugar, enjoy your sweetener the right way.

I chose this visual because of the pure feeling it has. It makes you feel like the sugar is actually good for. It was just a very positive image that went along with the objective.

VISUALS: Visual 1: slogan: “Got Pure” The image is a play on milk ads. The message is that sugar is nature product that we feed to our children as well as milk is. Since we don’t feed them fake milk, it is just as important that we don’t feed them fake sugar.

Visual 2: Slogan: “When choosing a sweetener.. Pure is the way to go.” The visual sends the message of the part of the slogan that says “way to go”. It is intended to compare choosing the right way to go with directions with choosing the right way to go with sweeteners.

Visual 3: Slogan: “When it comes to a recipe... there’s just no alternative” The message is that when sugar is an ingredient in a recipe, it is very out of the ordinary to replace it with an artificial sugar. Therefore, using traditional sugar is necessary.

Visual 4: Slogan: “There are two choices when it comes to sweetener: artificial, and natural” The visual displays artificial as toxic because the artificial sweeteners are made out of chemical. Real sugar is displayed with a sugar plant leaf and an organic look to appear safe and natural.

Make cake, make friends. (the calories from a teaspoon of sugar are burned during a 15 minute conversation)

The Domino Effect

sustains the world

play a green game with Sugar Cane

Domino Sugar Campaign  

GDP 118 Fall 2011