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YOUTH FOR CHRIST Winter Newsletter 2012

From Long  Island  Youth  for  Christ     What does every young person want for Christmas? No, I am not talking about the latest “iGadget”. They want something much more valuable. In a day and age when it seems like people can get whatever they want, I know there are still needs that should be met in a young person’s life. Most young people today are in search of something real. Yes I know that sounds ambiguous, but it is true. They want real relationships with people they can count on. Most have been let down and disappointed. A parent has left them, a teacher has spoken negatively, or a friend has cut them off. Maybe it doesn't seem like a big deal, but most people today are hoping for someone they can depend on. At Long Island Youth for Christ we try to be that person. We want students to recognize the good influences they have in their lives and we want to be another person they can depend on. We want to build trust with them so we can be there for them when they need help. Young people want real adventure. Most young people are bored. That is often why they get into trouble. They are seeking for something to make them feel excited. Youth for Christ shows them that real adventure comes from following Christ whole-heartedly, whether it comes from starting a Christian club or going on a ski trip or mission trip. True adventure comes from following God’s direction daily. We see young people grab hold of this idea and run with it. It is truly remarkable. Young people want a real encounter with God. They want to see God do the incredible acts that we read about in the Bible. To read about them is not enough. They want to see it, and they are. The ones who get it are trusting in God to do what God promises He will do. They are watching God heal, and bring restoration and reconciliation. They are trusting God to transform their lives and He is. We are offering young people exactly what they are looking for. Something Real. ~ Craig Muller  

Cam Long Island Youth for Christ – Winter Newsletter 2012

Campus Life Clubs Great Neck  –  Binu  Thomas  

Campus life  has  met  at  the  Community  Church  of   Great  Neck  for  the  last  three  years.  It  has  seen   tremendous  growth  and  God  is  using  it  to  bless   many  students  in  the  area.  

Great Neck  –  Clai  Williams   Clai  has  taken  charge  of  the  High  School  Club  while  Binu   supervises  and  oversees  the  Middle  School  Club.  This   addition  makes  this  already  strong  site,  stronger.  

Port Washington  –Craig  Muller   The  oldest  Campus  Life  club  on  the  Island  is  still   going  strong.  Ministering  to  students  for  11  years   God  has  continued  to  use  this  site  to  change  lives.  

Port Washington  –Kathy  Beltran  

A student,  Bobby,  has  been  bugging   me  to  take  him  out  to  eat.  I  finally  did  and  

The CLM  club  has  never  been  better.  Kathy  has  run  this   club  for  the  past  two  years  and  is  seeing  God  do   incredible  work  in  the  lives  of  the  students.  CLM  is  the   place  to  be  Friday  nights  in  Port.  

Bohemia –  Rayna  Kavanaugh   Bohemia  continues  to  thrive.  The  club  is  reaching   out  to  students  who  need  a  place  to  be  themselves   and  find  God.  

Babylon –  Stephanie  Eggers   This  is  our  best-­‐attended  Campus  Life  program.   Steff  has  served  the  Babylon  area  well  for  nine   years.  Each  week  students  come  to  their  home   away  from  home  to  grow  closer   to  God  and  each  other.  

Babylon –  Kaitlyn  Keating   Kaitlyn  has  taken  charge  of  the  CLM  club  in   Babylon.  The  club  is  blessed  to  have  her  and  has   shown  great  growth.  This  is  an  energetic  bunch  that  has   formed  great  relationships.  

Mastic –  Chase  Trusnovec   This  club  has  finally  found  a  permanent  home  at  Grace   Lutheran  Church  in  Mastic.  It  has  been  wonderful  to   have  consistency  for  the  students.  God  is  doing  a  great   work  in  the  lives  of  the  students  at  club.  

Riverhead –  Dondi  Rollins      

This is  our  newest  club.  It  is  still  in  its  first  stages  of   growth,  but  has  shown  potential  to  be  a  strong  site   for  years  to  come.  

that night  turned  out  to  be  much  more  than  a   late  night  Taco  Bell  run.              For  two  hours  I  sat  with  Bobby  in  his   driveway  as  he  poured  out  his  heart  to  me   and  asked  question  upon  question  about  God   and  the  Bible.    I  have  known  for  some  time   now  that  Bobby  has  been  growing  in  his   interest  and  conviction  in  the  Word  of  God,   but  what  I  was  hearing  tonight  was  something   completely  different.    I  can’t  explain  in  words   how  impressed  I  was  with  what  God  has  done   with  this  young  man’s  heart.    Somehow  I  just   knew  with  all  of  my  heart  that  this  young  man   was  going  to  give  his  heart  completely  over  to   the  Lord.    Then  it  happened,  amidst  the   pouring  rain  and  lightning  outside  my  car,   Bobby  gave  his  heart  to  Jesus.            I  have  known  Bobby  for  about  five  years   now  and  I  can  say  truly  he  is  a  new  creation  in   Christ.    Who  he  was  and  who  he  is  now  are   completely  different.    Bobby  has  so  many   questions  and  concerns  about  the  Father.     Please  pray  for  him  as  he  takes  his  first  steps   on  the  narrow  path!         ~  Chase  Trusnovec       2  

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Cam Long Island Youth for Christ – Winter Newsletter 2012

Campus Life Changing Lives

         Jonathan  has  been  changed  forever.  Check   out  his  story  below      I  first  heard  about  Campus  Life  through  my     friends  Matthew  and  Andrew.    They  told  me  to     come  down  and  see  how  I  liked  it.    I  have  to   admit  I  was  nervous  that  maybe  no  one  would   like  me.        I  remember  meeting  each  leader  that  first  night.   They  were  so  nice  and  made  me  feel  at  home,   each  in  their  own  way.  Then  I  met  Stephanie.  I   remember  we  were  doing  a  lesson  at  the  end.   After  hearing  the  way  she  communicated  with  us   kids,  I  knew  right  then  that  I  was  going  to  love   her.    She  loves  being  there  for  all  of  us.    

 I  started  going  every  week  and  soon  I  made  a  lot  of   good  friends  and  have  met  a  lot  of  wonderful  people.     That  summer  I  went  with  the  group  to  Wildwood  NJ.    It   was  the  best  week  of  my  life.  God  came  into  my  life  on   that  trip.    I  will  never  forget  that  moment.  I  made  even   more  friends  there!          Before  Campus  Life  I  didn’t  really  have  friends,  maybe   just  one  or  two.    Now  that  I’ve  been  there  for  over  two   and  a  half  years  I  have  a  lot  of  friends  and  I  have  to   thank  Campus  Life  for  that.  Now  I  have  a  new  family   that  always  has  my  back.    Every  week  comes  different   lessons.     Every  week   comes  new   adventures.     I’m  very   proud  to  be   a  part  of  CL!  

City Life   City  Life  is  Long  Island  Youth  for  Christ’s  newest  core  ministry.  Last  year  we   launched  our  first  City  Life  site  in  Central  Islip.  Lighthouse  Tabernacle,  under   the  direction  of  Pastor  Fox,  has  welcomed  us  into  their  facility  to  run  this   ministry.  Lighthouse  Tabernacle  elder  John  Jerome  has  supplied  us  with   qualified  tutors  from  the  church  who  work  at  Brentwood  Community  College.   The  students  have  quickly  bought  into  the  program.  More  and  more  students   come  each  week  for  fellowship,  tutoring,  basketball  and  lessons  from  God’s   word.  We  already  have  been  able  to  have  a  wonderful  impact  on  their  lives.   Board  member  and  driving  force  behind  City  Life,  Steve  Leondis,  has  inspired   the  community  to  rally  behind  the  students  and  this  ministry.  It  is  exciting  to   see  what  God  is  doing!  

Youth Pastor  Networks  

We are  working  together!  Each  month  YFC  meets  with  youth  pastors  at  three  different  network  meetings  in   Suffolk,  Nassau  and  the  East  End.  There  are  over  30  youth  pastors  that  attend.  In  these  meetings  we  learn   from  each  other  how  to  serve  the  youth  of  Long  Island  better.  The  primary  focus  of  each  network  is  to   encourage  one  another  and  learn  from  each  other.  We  cheer  each  other  on  for  the  successes  and  pray  for   each  other  in  our  failures.  We  also  use  these  meetings  to  work  together.  Last  year  each  network  ran  a   student  discipleship  day  called  RISE.  RISE  is  a  day  of  worship  and  seminars  to  help  students  move  to  new   heights  in  their  relationship  with  God.  This  year’s  focus  is  peer  evangelism.  We  plan  to  build  off  last  year’s   momentum  and  reach  even  more  students  this  winter.  We  are  better  together!     3  

Cam Long Island Youth for Christ – Winter Newsletter 2012

Friend2Friend empowers,  equips  and   mobilizes  students  to  make  a  difference   in  their  schools  and  community  for   Christ.         This  year  we  have  seen  an  overwhelming   response  from  students  wanting  to  start     school  Christian  clubs  and  share  their  faith  with   their  friends.  If  you  would  like  to  learn  more   about  Christian  clubs  on  Long  Island  or  you   want  to  become  a  prayer  partner  please   contact  us  at  or  go  to  our   website    

Suffolk County  F2F  

Four months  ago  there  wasn’t  a  Suffolk  County   Friend2Friend  Ministry  -­‐  but  that  doesn’t  mean   there  weren’t  clubs  already  in  place  and  thriving.   Central  Islip  High  School’s  Searchlight  Bible  Club   has  been  in  existence  since  1998  -­‐  making  this   year  their  14th  year!  Recently,  Searchlight  took  on   the  daunting  and  rewarding  task  of  celebrating   National  Prayer  Day  in  their  high  school.  They   gathered  together  around  the  flagpole  and   prayed  for  each  other  and  the  students  of  their   school.  Susie,  a  member  of  Searchlight,  says,  “It   was  great!  We  got  to  pray  for  each  other  and   others.  And  we’re  hoping  to  do  it  again  soon.”   Kevin,  the  Club  president  said,  “We  planted   countless  number  of  seeds  the  day  we  did  the   prayer  stand.”  They  may  not  know  the  students   who  started  this  club  14  years  ago  but  a  legacy  is   continuing…       As  we  look  at  moving  forward  this  year,   the  progress  isn’t  just  seen  in  the  legacy  left  by   existing  clubs,  but  also  in  the  progress  of  clubs   still  trying  to  start  up.  Valerie  of  East  Islip  High   School  is  in  her  senior  year  and  God  has  not   opened  up  a  door  for  a  club  to  begin  at  her   school.  However,  this  year  she  is  working  with   two  freshmen  students  to  get  a  club  started  out   of  her  home.  This  is  the  first  step  to  beginning  a   club  that  will  last  beyond  her  years  in  high  school.   A  legacy  is  beginning…  God  is  truly  faithful.  

CONNECT:YFC’s Student  Leader   Network   It  has  now  been  one  year  since  we  kicked  off   CONNECT:  YFC's  Student  Leader  Network  in   Nassau  County!    A  typical  Christian  teenager  on   Long  Island  often  feels  isolated  and  alone  as  they   try  to  live  out  a  Godly  lifestyle.    However,  through   CONNECT’s  monthly  meetings  we  give  student   leaders  from  different  Christian  Clubs,  churches,   and  towns  the  opportunity  to  “connect”  with  one   another  as  Christians.    Each  month  we  meet  at  a   different  church  in  Nassau  County,  have  a  lesson   or  discussion,  play  games  and  eat  lunch  together.     It  is  not  only  helping  to  connect  students   together,  but  also  bring  youth  pastors  and   churches  together  as  well.      If  you  know  of  a   church  that  would  be  willing  to  host  a  future   “CONNECT”  meeting,  please  email  Emma  at      


Cam Long Island Youth for Christ – Winter Newsletter 2012 This year,  because  of  one     student’s  dream  to  impact  her   school  and  world  for  Christ,   Syosset  High  School’s  Christian   Club  hosted  their  first  school-­‐wide   fundraising  event  called     “Hoops  of  Hope”.     During  her  junior  year,  Rachel,  the  leader   at  Syosset  High  School’s  Christian  Club,   Friend2Friend  Staff:   could  only  hope  and  pray  that  her  school’s   ~  Emma  Rucci   Christian  club  could  one  day  participate  in   ~  Danielle  Dantona   “Hoops  of  Hope”,  a  basketball  shoot-­‐a-­‐thon   ~  Heather  Chereb   that  raises  money  for  children  affected  by  AIDS.    It   ~  Binu  Thomas   seemed  as  if  it  was  an  impossible  task,  going  to   the  administration  and  asking  permission  to  host  a   school-­‐wide  Christian  fundraiser!    Yet  Rachel  did  not   let  go  of  her  God-­‐given  dream,  and  so  all  through  her   junior  year  she  prayed  God  would  make  this  a  reality.     Now  as  a  senior,  she  is  seeing  God  make  this  dream  come   true.       It  has  been  exciting  to  watch  the  Christian  Club  leaders  organize   and  plan  this  event.    I  have  seen  God  give  tremendous  courage  to   the  leaders  to  stand  for  their  faith  in  their  school  while  they  go  before   students  and  administration  for  approval.    I  have  also  seen  God  move   as  each  roadblock  to  hosting  this  event  is  removed  from  their  path.       It  is  amazing  to  see  students  dream  and  then  have  their  dreams  realized   by  God’s  help.    At  Youth  for  Christ  we  have  a  saying  “impact  young   people  today  so  they  lead  the  world  tomorrow”.    These  students  are  our   future  Christian  leaders,  and  I  am  proud  to  walk  alongside  them  on  their   journey.        

We need your support

I’d like  to  ask  you  to  consider  giving  a  special  year-­‐end  gift  towards  the  ministry   of  YFC.  It  is  no  secret  that  for  some,  times  have  been  tough.  I  am  so  thankful  for   all  of  those  who  continue  to  give  to  LIYFC  because  they  believe  in  this  ministry.   We  have  12  ministry  staff  that  have  dedicated  their  time,  energy  and  love  to  our   mission.  Without  your  support  they  cannot  reach  the  youth  of  Long  Island.     Show  them  your  support.  Stand  behind  them  as  they  go.    Send  a  year-­‐end  gift  that  will  remind  them  they  are  not  alone,  that  you  are  with   them.    Thank  you  and  may  God  bless  you  always.  Send  in  your  response  card   with  your  gift  or  visit  to  donate  today.      


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Thank you  for  your  prayers  and  for  considering  Youth  for     Thank   y ou   f or   y our   p rayers   a nd   f or   c onsidering   Y outh   f or   C hrist   a s   w e   r each   o ut   t o   Christ  as  we  reach  out  to  the  hurting  and  the  lost.     have  seen  Long  Island  hit  hard  the  past  few   We   years  by  the  economy,  but  nothing  hit  harder   than  Hurricane  Sandy.  As  an  organization  that   exists  solely  on  the  contributions  of  individuals   and  churches,  events  like  this  can  be  crippling.   Praise  God  for  people  like  you  who  continue  to   support  us  no  matter  what.     We  have  a  mission  that  we  aim  to  continue  to  

meet. We  will  always  be  about  sharing  the  gospel   with  young  people.  We  do  that  relationally.  This   season  we  have  been  able  to  use  our  gifts  to  be   there  for  those  who  have  lost  so  much.  We  have   always  been  committed  to  social  involvement.  Our   staff  has  stretched  themselves  to  serve  those  in  need   and  organize  young  people  to  serve  also.  We  are   proud  to  be  LIYFC.  Thank  you  for  standing  with  us!    

YFC reaches young people everywhere, working together with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, passion for sharing the love of Christ and commitment to social involvement.

All of  us  at  Long  Island  Youth  for  Christ  want   to  wish  you  and  your  families  a  very  merry   Christmas  and  a  happy  new  year.  We  hope   that  you  will  celebrate  with  joy  the  most   wonderful  gift  ever  given,  our  Savior  Jesus   Christ.  It  is  our  pleasure  to  be  able  to  share   this  good  news  with  young  people  every  day.     Pray  for  us  as  we  celebrate  this  season  with   our  students.  For  some  it  will  be  the  first   time  they  hear  of  God’s  great  love  for  them.   For  them  it  will  be  the  first  time  they  are   given  an  opportunity  to  know  Jesus  as  their   Lord  and  Savior.  The  story  of  Jesus  coming  to   earth  on  Christmas  is  no  fairy  tale.  It  is  the   hope  of  the  world.  We  are  excited  to  share   that  hope  with  every  student  we  work  with   this  Christmas.     Thank  you  for  supporting  the  mission  of   Youth  for  Christ,  every  kid…  one  at  a  time!    

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2012 Winter Newsletter  

Read about Long Island Youth for Christ this past year!

2012 Winter Newsletter  

Read about Long Island Youth for Christ this past year!