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1650 x 50 sqm = 82 500 sqm

capacity of boxhill institute:

expected capacity of artisania:


total area: 92 000 sqm





students of melbourne cbd (2008) 208 800



This is how you plant a tree:

This is how you plant a tree:

No way!?


expected accomodations: total area: 108000 sqm

20% of 8200 trainees and 293 trainers = 1953 residents

commutes 173 000 live and study in cbd 35 800

considering each resident need 50 sqm of living space, total area need to accomodate artisanians = 1953 x 50 = 97650 sqm

artisania site: harbourtown

harbourtown master planning and reprogramming Docklands was originally planned as a complement to the cbd. The fallout of the project has been a great disappointment: a poorly integrated area that lacks identity and mimics the functions of the inner city. In order to get back to the vision of the docklands as an interesting and innovative part of central melbourne, we are suggesting a new program that adds functions and qualities which cannot be found in the city today. Like many cities, melbourne has wide program of formal education but there are so many skills that are not part of this system. We want to provide an alernative which is based on informal circumstances, where learning is based on personal encounters and experiences, instead of repetition and theoretics.

Artisania Master Plan Not to Scale

Exploded Axonometric : northern part of Artisania

Working Environment of the Workshop

Common / Interaction space at the centre of artisania`

Exploded Axonometric : Trainee Accomodation

Cross Section

Axonometric: Dynamic Bottom up development


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