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“ Michael N. | Woodland Hills, CA “Wow, wow, wow. I worked with Mark Johnson and his incredible team. We worked together for nearly 5 months at a casual yet purposeful pace. Professionally, Mark and his team kept thinking out of the box to elevate my financial position. Knowing ahead of time that mortgages are a steep climb, Mark’s team primed me on all the documents we would need. Ultimately, there were no surprises, we secured funding and closed on the house that met all our needs.”

Tamera V. | San Luis Obispo, CA “This is my fourth time working with Mark Johnson and his amazing team. I will never work with anyone else.” David B. | Oakland, CA “My wife and I couldn’t be happier. Mark Johnson and the team were there for us during the entire process, keeping us informed and educated, which as first-time homeowners was both needed and so very welcomed.”

Letter from the Brokers Welcome and thank you for opening the newest edition of LIV Sotheby’s International Realty’s LIV Magazine, our signature publication featuring local activities and recommendations, and a selection of incredible homes from across Ventura County and beyond. In this issue, we explore the latest design trends with the 2021 Pantone Colors of the Year, highlight a selection of local boutique shops, restaurants and charities to visit and support, recommend Ventura and Ojai spots to hit for your next outdoor adventure, and provide tips and tricks for growing your own garden oasis at home. We also sat down with Bradley Nelson, CMO of Sotheby’s International Realty and as he discussed consumer preferences and the evolution of real estate, alongside an assortment of beautiful homes located throughout some of the Ventura County communities the California coast is best known for. Throughout 2020 and into 2021, priorities shifted along with the status quo. Households around the world took a fresh look at what’s truly important and we are adapting our environments to align with our changing needs and wants. With the rise of people interested in California’s suburban markets, Ventura County’s world-class communities have welcomed many while remaining closeknit with a hometown vibe. We have it all here: space and privacy for comfortable living, a plethora of outdoor amenities from our idyllic mountainous hiking trails to our warm, sandy beaches, eclectic dining and specialty shopping experiences, and so much more! As the local experts with global reach, LIV Sotheby’s International Realty is positioned to connect you to Ventura County’s diverse towns with over 70 professional Realtors® and 2 offices in Ojai and Ventura. Deeply rooted in the community and backed by the global Sotheby’s International Realty network, we are uniquely qualified to assist and advise you through the process of finding your dream home suited to your lifestyle and long-term goals. Our goal is to help you LIV the life you love! We hope you enjoy this edition of LIV Magazine! If there is anything we can help you with, stop by our office, pick up the phone or shoot us an email. We look forward to becoming your connection to a quality of life like no other.


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Introducing Pantone’s Colors of the Year



Eat, sip, shop and give locally



WITH BRAD NELSON: A conversation about consumer’s preferences and real estate’s evolution



A field guide for safe activities in Ventura County and beyond



Beginners tips and tricks for how to start your own backyard garden

35. 54.



Editor in Chief | Chelsea Krogh Editor | Samantha Buckingham Chief Designer | Mykey Morgan Copywriters | Amy Puchaty, Amanda Molitor, Alexa Zavala, Mykey Morgan

Copy and photography contributions by Tipple and Ramble, Topa Topa Brewing Company, Point de Chên, Ojai Rotie, Hip Vegan, Finders Market, Folke, The Little Farm and Forever Found. 4

Experts in all phases of hardwood sales, custom fabrication, installation, stairs, recoats, and finishes



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Design That Makes a

statement How to Incorporate Pantone’s Color of the Year By Amy Puchaty

This year’s Pantone Color of the Year is taking the design world by storm, with not one, but two distinct hues that are sure to elevate your mood. Enter, PANTONE 175104 Ultimate Gray, a calming neutral, and

media platforms and even upcoming sporting events that capture worldwide attention.”

PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating, a vibrant

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the


Pantone Color Institute says, "The union of

Selecting the color each year is no simple matter.





Pantone Color of the Year selection process requires




trend analysis. To arrive at the selection

an enduring Ultimate Gray with the vibrant yellow Illuminating expresses a message of positivity supported by fortitude. Practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic, this is a color combination that gives us resilience and hope. We need

“A gray day

to feel encouraged and uplifted; this is


essential to the human spirit.”

the best

include the entertainment industry and

Why is color so important? Perhaps


films in production, traveling art collections

because it’s what illuminates our lives. Now

and new artists, fashion, all areas of design,

more than ever our homes are becoming

- Leonardo

popular travel destinations, as well as new

more than a nice place to rest our heads.

da Vinci

lifestyles, playstyles, and socio-economic

Homes can serve as a sanctuary, a retreat,

conditions. Influences may also stem from

a place to work, and where we entertain.

new technologies, materials, textures, and

Houses encompass everything from where

each year, Pantone’s color experts at Pantone Color Institute comb the world looking for new color influences. This can


effects that impact color, relevant social

Zoom meetings and engage in online learning. Which is precisely why it’s so important to make the most of our surroundings. More often than


not, an energizing splash of color does the trick.

PMS 17-5104

In fact, the very colors we choose for our homes can greatly affect our personal moods and overall outlook on life.

U LTIMATE GRAY PMS 17-5104 | ojai 805.646.7288 | ventura 805.641.0125

we cook, eat, and sleep, to where we conduct


Pictured top left: 4425 Pomona Street, Ventura. Listed and sold by LIV Sotheby’s International Realty.

“How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.” - Vincent Van Gogh

Similar to lighter shades of gray, Ultimate Gray






architecture, revive dated cabinetry in a lackluster kitchen, and add tranquility to a Color psychology suggests that there is power and emotion evoked in the colors we surround ourselves with. This is especially true when it comes to interior design. Color

master bath. And it is frequently called upon by designers to create a dynamic foundation for complementary colors, like the vibrant and cheerful Illuminating.

can be used to express ourselves or make


a statement, as well as have lasting effects

Illuminating is a bright and cheerful yellow

on our wellbeing. Creating a happy home

sparkling with vivacity, a warming yellow

might start with the layout and location, but

shade imbued with solar power.”




selecting the right colors, textures, and tones are what set the stage for lasting comfort.

This counterpoint of Illuminating yellow to Ultimate Gray does wonders for the

Take Ultimate Gray for example. This hue

human spirit. It can convey competence

represents neutrality and balance, and is said

and happiness and is the brightest color in

to provide a sense of calm and composure in

the visual spectrum. Even more interesting,

an otherwise chaotic world.

it is most noticeable above all colors to the

The color authority reveals, “PANTONE 17-


human eye.

5104 Ultimate Gray is emblematic of solid and

For children, yellow is a favorite color, often

dependable elements which are everlasting

attributed to happiness. And lastly, for those

and provide a firm foundation. The colors of

who envelope their homes in the warmth

pebbles on the beach and natural elements

and brightness of Illuminating yellow, may



discover renewed feelings of hope, fun,

an ability to stand the test of time, Ultimate

enthusiasm, and joy. Additionally, the color is

Gray quietly assures, encouraging feelings of

meant to promote high energy and has even

composure, steadiness and resilience.”

been said to increase metabolism.



Enter Feng Shui, a Storied Source of Color Inspiration. All things considered, nothing is more rewarding in design than bringing fresh color into the home. This translates across cultures and beliefs, including in the artful practice of Feng Shui. The ancient system of laws are revered for governing spatial arrangement, orientation, and the flow of energy. And color is one of the easiest ways to apply Feng Shui principles into your home. Here are a few specific Feng Shui color references to keep in mind.

YELLOW • Fire element representing power, health, patience, wisdom • Yellow front door for south facing homes. • Recommended use: kitchen, bathroom, dining room

GRAY “Life isn't black and white. It's a

• Metal/Earth element representing helpfulness and harmony

million gray areas, don't you find?”

• Gray front door for west facing homes. • Recommended use: family room, dining room, bedroom,

- Ridley Scott

office, hallways

There Is More Than One Way To Refresh Your Home With Color Of course, there are a multitude of ways to incorporate color into the home. This includes swapping out accessories, upgrading art, or painting your front door. A yellow front door exudes confidence, joy, and pride of ownership after all. Another trend? Painting your door’s interior to reveal a fun color surprise as guests enter your home. Add a splash of Pantone’s Ultimate Gray or Illuminating yellow to the foyer, kitchen, or even your study and you might find it makes a world of difference in your enthusiasm and productivity. Color balance and exercising restraint is the key. It’s always a good idea to find the balance, especially when it comes to colors that you interact with on a daily basis. This is where the age old 60-30-10 decorating rule comes in. It’s a timeless guide that can help you put a


creating flower arrangements, or showcasing artwork

percent + 30 percent + 10 percent proportion is meant

in the hue. You can also add a few pops of color in the

to give balance to the colors used in any space. And it is

mix with new pillows, pieces of bedding, or colorful bath

actually quite easy to follow. Select your three colors and

towels. By testing out a color in small doses, you’ll get a

assign percentages to each. Then, apply that to guide

better sense of its beauty with less commitment. Best

you while adding color throughout your home.

of all, small changes like these will help determine how

Creative Design Inspiration for Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Abounds


a color makes you feel and if it is worth making a larger investment, i.e. hardware, furniture, and walls. Once you seek out color and unlock its deeper meaning, you’ll

Not sure if a specific color is right for you? An easy way to

quickly find it offers many intriguing uses that can boost

test color in your space is by purchasing small appliances,

your quality of life.

Offered by LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

4000 E. 2nd Street, Newport Beach, California

Pictured top left:

solid color scheme together without overdoing it. The 60

How to bring these colors to life

in your home Pick a base Figure out your exterior and interior base colors. For a cheery exterior, painting your

accessorize With so many colors now available for interior decoration, the options are nearly

home with Pantone's 2021 color choice,

limitless! This space is where you can

"Illumination" would be a great way to

have fun, experiment and figure out what

invite happiness and warmth into the

brings you happiness, relaxation

home. "Ultimate Gray" is an excellent

and balance in your home.

option for interiors due to its neutrality, adaptability and classic, clean look.

One great place to incorporate yellow is in the kitchen. Yellow is a popular color for kitchens due to the colors natural warmth, embuing positive energy and naturally increasing metablolism. Try introducing

Feng Shui

splashes of color into an otherwise clean modern space with small appliances, such as a standing mixer or

Consider the layout and placement of your home. If your front door faces south or southwest, your home would suit a yellow front door to invite fire and love energy into the home. Homes facing west or northwest

coffee maker. This lively color also pops well in otherwise neutral living rooms. Think pillows, accent decor and artwork.

are suggest an energy balance with gray

Or for a joy-inspiring kids


room, accessorize the room with yellow furniture or bedding.



to support local By Mykey Morgan

2020 was a hard year for everyone, but the impact on small businesses was in many cases devastating. As we charge into 2021 with optimism and hope, we want to highlight just some of the amazing businesses and non-profits who deserve our support.


Tipple & Ramble



Picnic weather is here! Do yourself a huge favor and ramble on in to Tipple and Ramble, Ojai’s perfect picnic spot where you can leave the wicker basket at home. Opening their doors in 2014, this hybrid spot of food, wine, design and entertaining boasts a gorgeous outside wine and beer patio that also serves small plates, cheese, and charcuterie boards. The inside hosts the boutique retail shop that specializes in indoor/outdoor decor, small batch specialty food items, games, and host or hostess gifts. Inspired by the warm and congenial Cava bars of Spain, the cheery atmosphere encourages mixing and conversation amongst all guests who desire to come and experience the beauty of the Ojai Valley with a quality glass of hand-picked wine.

WHY WE LOVE THEM When you walk into Tipple & Ramble you are truly transported to another time and place. The location is perfect; close enough to the main Downtown drag to be part of the fun, but just off the path enough to feel like you’ve stumbled upon a secret getaway. Everything at Tipple and Ramble is clearly curated with love, care and a keen eye; from the retro-inspired patio furniture, to the wine and beer menu, to the array of boutique offerings available for purchase. A perfect place to bring visiting friends or pop-in for an after work rosé. @tippleandramble


Topa Topa Brewing Co. 4880 C O L T S T, V E NT U RA


1 04 E THO M PS O N B L V D , V E NT URA

2 0 2 4 V E NT U R A BLV D, CA M A R I L LO

345 E O J A I A VE, OJAI

Topa Topa fills each glass, growler, can and crowler (yes, that’s a thing) with fresh ingredients, unique flavors, and tons of heart. Founded in 2015 in Ventura, the first taproom located on Thompson Boulevard. became an instant hub for social gatherings and community outreach. Their values of quality, craftsmanship and community spirit have set them apart as skilled brewers and have led them to build a larger second taproom in Ventura off of Colt Street as well as expand their taprooms to Ojai, Santa Barbara and a brand new taproom in Old Town Camarillo. Their tap includes an array of seasonal brews as well as old favorites such as the Chief Peak IPA and the Dos Topas Lager.

WHY WE LOVE THEM Come for the beer, stay for the people. Topa Topa’s team of enthusiastic and friendly faces makes you feel welcome the instant you set foot through the door. Once your seated, their rotating tap of seasonal brews will ensure that there’s never a dull moment. Be sure to mark your calendar for the end of October when they release their much anticipated fan-favorite the Howler, a coffee IPA that is a yearly collaboration between Topa Topa and a local coffee roaster - a new tradition to be sure!



Point de Chêne 1 08 B N S I GN A L S T, OJAI

Where do you go when you want to impress your friend’s with your fine taste in wine? Talk to Bob Huey, owner and wine purveyor of Point de Chêne in Ojai! Point de Chêne is a boutique wine shop with a focus on family-owned, terroir-driven wines. Every wine and beer has been hand-picked and taste-tested (hopefully with a fresh baguette and a triple cream brie) to ensure that no matter where you are or who you’re with, there will be no shortage of friendly cheers, clanking glasses and joyful exclamations to praise your remarkable palette.

WHY WE LOVE THEM The variety of organically-farmed and bio-dynamic wines available at Point de Chêne makes it a must-have for experiencing new types of wine. If the grape isn’t your thing, they also take great care in procuring a rotating assortment of unique imported and domestic beers and ciders. If in stock, be sure to try the Foreign Objects Fascination Street American Hoppy Ale from New York or the Yo-Ho Brewing Wednesday Cat White Ale from Japan. @pointdechene



Ojai Rotie 4 6 9 E OJAI AVE, OJAI

From culinary masterminds Claud Mann and Larry (Lorenzo) Nicola, Ojai Rotie’s transports its customers to a French Lebanese picnic, complete with fresh baked bread, hot rotisserie chicken and delicious sides with seasonal produce from local farmers. The chefs at Ojai Rotie use many French and Middle Eastern techniques and spices with a hint of the local Latino, Chumash and Californian flavors to create truly memorable meals that you’ll want to experience again and again.

WHY WE LOVE THEM Dining at Ojai Rotie doesn’t just feel like eating at a restaurant. It feels like enjoying a picnic at a good friend’s outdoor dinner party where everyone is happy and well fed. You can almost always expect a warm greeting from either Claud or Larry, the generous hosts of the splendid gathering. It’s an atmosphere and a meal that you’ll most definitely want to share with friends and family. @ojairotie


Hip Vegan 2 0 1 N M ONT G OM E R Y S T , OJA I

In 2012 husband and wife team, Ben and Marisa DiChiacchio, set out to feed their community with wholesome plant-based meals that evoke the amazing flavors that they experienced on their travels to India, Japan and South East Asia. After operating for 5 years on East Ojai Avenue, they have recently relocated to their new larger spot on Montgomery street in the heart of downtown which features plenty of beautiful outdoor seating.

WHY WE LOVE THEM Vegans rejoice! Non-vegans rejoice! Everyone rejoice! When food is good, it’s good, and Hip Vegan’s interesting, colorful and truly satisfying menu offers delicious and fresh meals that anyone can enjoy. Their unique and haunting “Old Fashioned Burger” hearkens back to a classic cheeseburger while leaving nothing to be desired (except perhaps a chocolate milkshake... although their date cacao smoothie might just do the trick!). A true treasure of Ojai. @hvojai



Findings Market 2 7 S OAK ST , VE NT URA

The delightful thing about Findings Market is that it’s not just a place to pick up a pretty vase or candle. You’re essentially walking into an art gallery of curated pieces from local and emerging artists. Findings Market creates a platform to highlight local creators and inspiring brands from Ventura, Ojai, Santa Barbara and beyond. Whether you’re decorating your home or buying a gift for a beloved friend, it’s guaranteed to be unique and beautiful.

WHY WE LOVE THEM From aesthetic ceramics to handmade woven Mohinders shoes from India, everywhere you turn your head, your eyes will connect with something special. A few customer favorites include the custom candles from Dusk Candle Bar, Le Bon Shoppe Socks, the Gara Skincare Youth Serum from Ojai and the lovely assortment of dried floral arrangement to adorn any space. @findingsmarket


Folke 24 8 E . M A I N S T, VE NT URA

Located in Downtown Ventura, Folke is a vintage mid-century Danish modern furniture and home decor boutique. Folke came to be in early 2019 after husband and wife, Matt and Courtney Rascoe, realized that their hobby for collecting vintage and Scandinavian home decor had overflowed into an entrepreneurial opportunity. Driven by their lifelong love of vintage and the importance of sustainability, Folke offers curated vintage furniture, home decor, custom created sofas and chairs, restoration services as well as house-made Folke candles and apothecary items.

WHY WE LOVE THEM When things are made to last, there is no comparison. There is a reason that Danish and midcentury furniture keeps coming back; its impeccable design is both timeless and modern and can be treasured for years to come. The folks at Folke take care of all of the treasure hunting for you, procuring these beautiful pieces of history as well as restoring them to their former glory. Walking in the store is a feast for the eyes! @folkehome



The Little Farm Fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves, The Little Farm is a nonprofit animal rescue and sanctuary that takes in abused, neglected, and unwanted farm animals (including horses, donkeys, alpacas, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, geese and ducks) and works to rehabilitate them and give them a happy life. They also offer educational programs for guests to meet the rescued residents and to learn about animal agriculture, regenerative farming and how compassionate acts can help change the world.

HOW TO HELP Being a 501(c)3 nonprofit, The Little Farm is only able to do their good work through the kindness and generosity of their supporters. You can donate directly to them by visiting their website at where 100% of your donations will go towards medical care, feeding and sheltering the residents. You can also contribute to their current GoFundMe Campaign at



Forever Found 2321 T APO S T. D , S I MI VAL L EY

Sadly, human trafficking is a 150 billion dollar-a-year industry. Forever Found is committed to the fight for the prevention, rescue and restoration of exploited children. With their work in India, Thailand, Ethiopia, Texas and in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counies, they have made an incredible impact against this horrific evil, but they cannot do it alone.

HOW TO HELP If you want more information on how to get involved, please visit their website at They are in need of monthly rescue home sponsors, corporate partners, artists and individuals who want to volunteer their time and skills to make a difference in the life of even one child. For only $35 a month, you can provide the daily needs of a child rescued from slavery or provide the materials needed for a rescued youth to start holistic art or equine therapy.




OUT to

LUNCH with









challenging process under normal

circumstances, but buying a house

Consumer Preferences and Real Estate’s Evolution






tours, more videos, and more livestreamed open houses than we’ve ever

during a pandemic presents a whole

done before. Buyers want as much

new set of hurdles to overcome. LIV

information as possible before they

Sotheby’s International Realty virtually

agents, in my mind, are incredible

walk through the front door of any

sat down with the mastermind behind

front-line employees. They’re risking


Sotheby’s International Realty’s (SIR)

exposure so that people can find a

Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer,

home for their families.”

Brad Nelson, to talk about what’s

Currently, 90% of homebuyers rely on the internet as their primary research

In order to make the home buying

source when looking for a home. What’s

process more socially distant, SIR

more, the majority of homebuyers

has fully embraced digital and virtual

(51%) prefer to view listing videos on

solutions to keep buyers, sellers and

a real estate brand’s YouTube channel

brokers safer by integrating 3D home

compared to traditional online listings,

Real estate is an essential business.

tours, enhanced video content and

according to the National Association

While brokers may not be saving lives,

photo galleries, and live-streamed

of REALTORS® (NAR). This makes

they are in many cases changing them.

home tours.

digital real estate assets not only

happening in the evolving real estate industry and how the iconic brand is pivoting its approach to meet the demands of consumers.

Especially now, our homes are our

a good addition to the marketing

mission control centers from which

strategy of a home, but potentially the

we rule our own worlds. In this day and

most vital tool a broker can use to sell

age, we work, learn, shop and entertain

a home.

all from home. Knowing that, if a business wants to reach a consumer, it needs to be accessible from anywhere, including the couch.

“I believe that buyers are being reprogrammed


now. I


there is a sizable percentage of the population of potential homebuyers

“Every interaction we have right now

that are only going to look at homes

is based around a decision. ‘Am I


comfortable interacting with people?


Am I comfortable eating outside? Am I comfortable going to the grocery store?’ All of these are carefully calculated risks. And our real estate 22

A Conversation About





And make no mistake, this trend is here to stay, as the digital revolution is rewiring the brains of consumers

“As real estate

everywhere. Businesses must

professionals, we

learn to evolve or forfeit their

really need to ask ourselves ‘how can we make this

clients to competitors. “I believe that while all of these technologies were, to an extent, born out of necessity

process more

because of COVID-19, the

convenient for our

convenience factor is going to

clients?’ We must

linger long-term and buyers will now say, ‘If you don’t make

remain committed

it easy for me to experience

to putting their

this property, I’m not going to

needs above our own.”

look at it at all.’ And ultimately, I think those tools are very

ahead of the curve and ready to tackle the market in a way

convenient for buyers. Often

that will make a difference for them.






look at properties can be a struggle. So, if [homebuyers]

can narrow down the number of homes that they’d like to see from 10 to two, that is a better, more convenient and respectful use of their time.” As a leading luxury and lifestyle-focused real estate brand, SIR is committed to delivering its clients, on both the buying

“As real estate professionals, we really need to ask ourselves, ‘How can we make this process more convenient for our clients?’ We must remain committed to putting their needs above our own.” Right now, in a time when there is so much change happening all around us, creating tangible results is the only thing that matters. As such, the way businesses interact with customers is the most crucial element to their success. With Brad Nelson at the helm of SIR’s marketing initiatives, the brand will continue to blaze new paths to success in the realms of digital and virtual marketing. For decades the real estate titan has driven innovation with sophistication and poise, setting an example for others and delivering the best experience for its clients. “At Sotheby’s International Realty, it’s our collective opportunity and responsibility to define for the rest of the industry what that highest standard is.”


GUIDE Embrace your Inner Explorer with the Ventura County Safe Activity Guide. By Amy Puchaty

Surf, sun, and white sandy beach may be the cure-all for what ails you – and for good reason. Now more than ever it is important to find activities the whole family can enjoy in a safe and socially distant environment. Whether its reconnecting with nature or learning a new skill, the health benefits of getting outdoors and trying something new are astounding. In fact, numerous studies reveal a multitude of benefits. From rising vitamin D levels, to elevating your mood, to gaining increased concentration and focus, the prescription for a healthier quality of life is spending more time outside. Here, we highlight six safe outdoor activities that will keep you healthier and happier all season long.



Nothing compares to catching a wave on a hot sunny day. Regardless if it is your first wave or 1,000th, the stoke is real. But getting “stoked” is only half the fun. Surfing is not only exhilarating, but it also improves cardiovascular health, increases flexibility, and builds muscle tone. Surfers flock to Ventura County beaches to become one with the waves and many of these beaches are family and pet-friendly too. Rincon Point State Beach, also known as Queen of the Coast, is for the experts and is well-known for having one of the best waves in California. Mondos Beach for beginners is the best place to learn how to surf, thanks to its soft calm waves. C Street/Surfers Point offers several different breaks and take-off points that help intermediate surfers hone their skills. Time to round up your crew and make a day of it. Epic surfing and beautiful California sunshine await!


Hitting the trails is perhaps one of the easiest and most beneficial activities on this list. Residents in the Ventura County region enjoy incredible trails, including many that are dog friendly with impeccable views. Hiking is a great whole body workout and a simple way to get outdoors for some fresh air. It’s also a natural stress reliever and the perfect way to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. One of the most popular Ventura County hikes is along Sespe Creek to Willett Hot Springs, which spans 20.2 miles and centers around the natural hot springs. The 1.1 mile Rose Valley Falls hike is another great option that rewards you with a breathtaking waterfall, while Wheeler Gorge is a great spot to take the whole family on the nature trail for an afternoon of adventure. All of these hikes offer majestic scenery and memorable trails that are sure to become family favorites for years to come.






Next on our list is an activity that is sure to lift your spirits – biking. With beautiful scenery, wonderful weather, and miles of trails to explore, biking in Ventura County is always a treat. Dust off your old mountain bike, head to the local shop for a tune-up, or make it a new hobby and shop for a brand new bike and all the gear. Biking puts you in the driver’s seat, right in the action. And the best part? You don’t have to go far. Bike trails in Ojai and Ventura are peaceful and plentiful, stretching from the quant cliffside trails of Ojai to the shores of Ventura beach. The entire county is regarded for its scenic bike paths and tails, ranging from flat, breezy, and family-friendly rides along the beach ending in frozen yogurt to more challenging trails overlooking the sea and rolling countryside. Be sure to add The Ventura Beach Promenade to your activity list. The entire family will love taking in the sights and sounds. And famous bike trails like Lake Casitas Loop, the Ojai Valley Trail, and Sulphur Mountain Trail are guaranteed to get your blood pumping while culminating with some of the most exquisite views in the state.

Golfing + OJA I VAL LEY I N N & S PA




It’s no secret that California is a coveted destination for golf enthusiasts. It also happens to be one of the most fun, safe, and socially distant sporting activities around. Even better, you can hit the links or participate in golf clinics year-round, thanks to California’s mild climate. There are a number of eye-catching settings to choose from, including coastal, forest, desert, and mountain courses built to inspire. According to Fore Magazine, “Ventura County is the best region for high-quality affordable golf on the West Coast.” A few top courses to check out include Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, a world-class course that is revered as one of the first great golf courses in Southern California; Buenaventura Golf Course, an award-winning parkland style 18-hole course in Ventura; and Rustic Canyon Golf Course, a challenging course in the Moorpark hills created by Hanse Golf Design.



Sailing is another sport that can be enjoyed by all and offers a unique way to take in the famous seaside cliffs and charms of coastal California. This includes extraordinary mountain and city scenes that will take your breath away. But that’s not all. Sailing is an active sport that can be calming or intense, and will present a good physical and mental challenge for those who appreciate personal discovery on the water. Marina Sailing is one of the area’s top sailing clubs and consists of over 70 boats and six harbors, in addition to their highly regarded Marina Sailing school. Another fantastic option is Island Packers Cruises. As the Official Boat Concessionaire for the Channel Islands National Park, it’s great for those who want to cruise the California Channel Islands, including the inner islands of Santa Cruz and Anacapa to the outer islands of Santa Rosa, San Miguel, and Santa Barbara. Hopper Boat Rentals in Oxnard is great family fun, offering boat, kayak, and paddleboard rentals along the channel.





And for those who love the ocean, few activities compare to the relaxing and rewarding sport of fishing in open waters. It’s an excellent way to unplug and disconnect from the chaos of life while partaking in an age-old tradition that is sure to bring the whole family together. Just the simple act of getting familiar with local marine life or learning how to cast and reel is a great way to create family bonds and make memories to last a lifetime. The Duchess Yacht Charter Service in Marina Del Ray is hands down one of the best ways to get out and experience all the ocean has to offer. They provide boat rentals and charters for everything, from deep sea fishing to sunset cruises to whale watching. Fly fishing, baitcasting, or spinning the Punch Bowl is another beloved local pastime where catching a bite is almost guaranteed. Lastly, fishing in Ventura Harbor can’t be beat. The historic Ventura Pier is known for its variety of fish, including Kelp Bass, Halibut, Bonito, Spotfin Croaker, Barracuda and Thresher Shark. Of course, you can also take a charter from the harbor and find yourself deep sea or sport fishing as well. Insider tip? Don’t forget to look into the California Fishing License options before you go.



grow oasis your own

By Alexa Zavala


“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” - AUDREY HEPBURN


his past year has taught us a lot about ourselves and what we need most, especially when it comes to the home. From work-life to homelife balance, people all over the world have shifted their priorities and

started focusing more on what is truly important. It doesn’t require making huge life changes to realize what passions and creative projects are waiting to be brought to life. There are so many ways that we can engage more with life, and by allowing yourself to embrace life and your DIY projects, you will be well on your way to engaging with all of your passions in a much more hands on way. Planting a garden is a great way to give back to life and to give back to yourself. By putting in the hard work now, you not only reap the benefits later, but it feels good in the process! Gardening is extremely grounding, and is helpful in many different areas in life, such as reducing stress and getting a healthy dose of vitamin D. With gardening bringing so many great benefits, you may be wondering how you can start? Thankfully, starting a garden only requires a few basic skills, tools, and knowledge. So let’s get digging!

Pictured: 4424 Thacher Road, Ojai Listed by LIV Sotheby’s International Realty


Growing your own oasis is an easy and fun process, but it helps to brush up on your knowledge and do some research before you start. The dreams of walking into your own garden and enjoying the rich and organic flavors of different fruits and vegetables can be your reality. There are so many different seeds you can grow, ranging from spicy peppers to full-bodied tomatoes, herbs, flowers, and fruits, and it all starts here! From the tools you need, to the space in which you choose to start your garden, every part of the process requires some thought which helps make this creative project into a passion.

the basics

ESSENTIAL GARDENING TOOLS When starting a garden, it can be overwhelming when you realize how many tools there are, especially if this is your first time. A good starting point would be to narrow down what you want to grow and where. This will help you determine which tools you need, based on the space you have. There are many tools for gardening, one for everything you might say. But, there are tools that we will share with you in this article that not only can be used for beginners, but have multiple purposes which will save you time, money and space.



When looking for a shovel, the round head shovel

Pruning shears are a gardeners best friend. Steel

is a good place to start. If you are planning on

pruning shears are the best as they are capable of

planting your garden in a planter box, or right in

trimming your plants in one clean cut. When looking

the ground, this will be the perfect size and won’t

for shears you will want to focus on the durability of

hurt your pocket.

the product along with the comfort of your hand and sharpness of the steel.

GAR DE N I N G G LOVES This was probably one of the first tools on your list


to purchase, and you were right! There are many

The hand cultivator, otherwise known as the

different types of gardening gloves and you will

hand rake, can be used for many tasks including

need to base your decision on the type of gardening

clearing leaves, digging out weeds, turning the

you intend to do. For instance, if you are growing

soil, and breaking up dirt. They also come in

a rose garden, you may want to look for sturdier,

handy when mixing in compost to your soil, or

longer gloves that protect against the prickly thorns

when working in small spaces.

of the roses.



If you have a larger garden, the bow rake is a good

Last but not least, water your plants! As you are

tool to have on deck. Bow rake is mostly used for

looking for a hose that works for you, always look

dealing with soil, however, it can be used for a wide

for one that is sturdy and long enough to reach

range of tasks including spreading or breaking up

your entire garden. For those of you with a small

soil and mulch or to rake up leaves.

kitchen garden it may be easier to stick with a watering container.



When it comes to planting your garden, you want to make sure your plants are not only getting the right nutrients but in the right amount. There are many different types of potting soils to choose from when starting your garden and you can’t really go wrong when selecting one. The main purpose of soil is to provide what plants need to survive, however, there is not a whole lot of nutrients in soil alone, which is where compost and fertilizers come into play. Compost, otherwise known as “black gold” to most gardeners, is composed of various decaying organic substances such as manure, dead leaves or vegetable scraps, which is then stored in bins and mixed together. Compost can be used for your vegetable garden or flower garden, and while it is the preferred natural fertilizer to most serious gardeners, it requires much more time and effort to make unlike store bought fertilizers. Fertilizers are composed of natural and synthetic materials which include manure, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It is used by spreading or mixing into the soil to help support plant growth while adding nutrients. There are many different types of fertilizers including fast-release fertilizers to instantly provide nutrients, or slow-release fertilizers that nourish over an extended period of time. When deciding whether to use fertilizers or compost in your garden, time will be the biggest factor. Overall, compost is natures best fertilizer, however it can take months to make and the aroma may not be the most pleasing. Fertilizers on the other hand are easy to find at your local nursery and work to target your plants specific needs.

11089 Encino Drive, Oak View

11089 Encino Drive, Oak View

20220 S, Mountain Road, Santa Paula

Offered by LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

Offered by LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

Offered by LIV Sotheby’s International Realty



plant the seed


There are a wide variety of seeds or sprouted seedlings that you can choose from when selecting which plants you want to grow. Whether you are planting veggies or flowers, you have the option to purchase transplants (potted seedlings) or seeds for planting directly into the soil. There are certain plants that thrive when planted by seed, such as beans, spinach, and beets. While other plants are best when transplanted, such as celery, eggplant and kale. Make sure to do your research when you are planning out your garden as the way in which you plant your garden will have an impact on its survival rate.

Direct seeding is the most cost effective when it comes to

Transplanting give your more control and predictable results

getting started. You also have a wider range of flowers, plants

as the plant will mature faster and give you an earlier harvest.

and veggies to choose from as you are not limited to your

Baby plants are also more resistant to pests and are stronger

local garden center. When direct seeding, you run the risk of

because they are more mature. Be careful not to introduce

weather hazards, as your plant will have to withstand wind,

weeds and diseases to your garden when transplanting as

dry weather, or heat in its very early stages. You also want to

there is a higher chance that you may grow weeds along

be sure to thin out the seedlings and pull a few of the plants

with the plant purchased. Also, make sure to expose your

out as they sprout to create space between each plant. If you

transplants to dryer conditions and cooler temperatures

fail to do this your plants may become crowded and will start

prior to planting to prevent your plants from going into shock.

to compete for light water and nutrients.

In addition to the seeds and transplant options, you will also want to consider the types of plants you want and the best season and environments for them. There are two main types of plants, annual and perennial. Both plants follow the same growth cycle, however annuals complete that cycle in one season whereas perennials may live on for 2-5 years. Annuals are best when you are beginning, especially if you are unsure of what you would like to grow. These plants mature much more quickly and requires less commitment, taking one year at a time. Perennials typically bloom for one season, but come back year after year. They tend to be more expensive, but are a good long-term investment for your gardening needs.


get growing














Growing your garden can be an exciting new way to start this year. By putting more effort and energy into the things that inspire you most you will better yourself and your curb appeal! Imagine walking into your lush green garden, it’s spring, and the smell of lavender surrounds you, bright orange poppies wave at you in the slight breeze, and ripe tomatoes hang from the vines, just waiting to be picked. It all starts here. It’s time to get our hands dirty and start from the ground up! And remember, the secret to a green thumb is simple: engage with life and life will engage with us.



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Property Gallery Featuring homes from Ventury County’s vibrant, bucolic Ojai Valley to the sandy shores of Ventura and beyond.


28946 Cliffside Drive, Malibu 5 BD | 6 BA | 1 HALF BA | 4,095 SQFT | $23,750,000

This rare coastal Malibu estate sits on a quiet cul-de-sac in the exclusive enclave of Point Dume. It features ocean views from nearly every room of the house, including Catalina Island, and an ultra-private yard along the cliffs above the Big Dume wave breaks. Patricia Waltcher | 805.340.3774 CalDRE#:01176473

3996 Pacific Coast Highway, Ventura 3 BD | 4 BA | 3670 SQFT | $5,300,000

Offering the ultimate in privacy and beach enjoyment, this home boasts over thirty-eight hundred square feet of living space and one of the largest oceanfront decks along the entire Rincon. The home includes a grand entrance, massive skylight and an open concept living area. Chuck Menzel | 805.320.3308 CalDRE#: 01943965


20220 Mountain Road, Santa Paula 5 BD | 6 BA | 6,787 SQFT | $2,850,000

Extraordinary Santa Paula estate resting on over 6 sprawling acres with sweeping mountain views and a private orchard. Inspired by traditional French Country architecture, every detail in this custom property was thoughtfully designed and built with no expense spared. Laura Darrah | 805.641.0125 CalDRE#:01994033

11089 Encino Drive, Oak View 4 BD | 4 BA | 1 HALF BA | 4,273 SQFT | $3,100,000

Beautiful horse property on 2.5 acres mountain top with spectacular views. This completely renovated luxury home is a peaceful oasis ideal for family, entertaining or retreat. With beautiful wide-plank wood floors, large windows, and creative, modern palette, the light-filled interior delights and intrigues, while always maintaining a connection to the outdoor environment. Patricia Waltcher | 805.340.3774 CalDRE#:01176473 | ojai 805.646.7288 | ventura 805.641.0125


7887 Ojai Santa Paula Road, Ojai 4 BD | 4 BA | 11,000 SQFT | $24,500,000

Aspen Grove Ranch is a luxury ranch estate on 177 prime acres of rolling hills and fenced meadows, flanked by the iconic Topa Topa Bluffs. The newly-built, finely-crafted main residence features a large great room with two story windows, a grand fireplace and a fabulous chef’s kitchen. Every room is strategically designed to take advantage of the epic views and a wrap-around covered porch offers a variety of locations from which to survey the gorgeous surroundings. Patricia Waltcher | 805.340.3774 CalDRE#:01176473

4424 Thacher Road, Ojai 10 BD | 9 BA | 3 HALF BA | 7,402 SQFT | $14,000,000

As soon as you enter 4424 Thacher you are tucked away in your own private sanctuary amidst 6-acres of organic olive and citrus trees. The main residence was built in the 1895 and now shares the land with a 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom guest house, 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom guest casita, studio guest quarters, detached yoga/art studio, detached library, amazing views of the Ojai Valley, two private gated entrances, bocce ball court, space for horses and much more. Lester Cook | 818.642.7412 CalDRE#:01991090


906 Foothill Road, Ojai 5 BD | 5 BA | 3,550 SQFT | $7,250,000

Built in 1927, this iconic Paul Williams Spanish Colonial home has been lovingly restored while upgrading all infrastructure to modern standards. The property includes an office, a detached studio, a pool, an expansive veranda and views of the Topa Topas. This unique home combines spaciousness, functionality and aesthetics that result in unrivalled beauty and wholeness. Patricia Waltcher | 805.340.3774 CalDRE#:01176473

14209 De La Garrigue Road, Ojai 4 BD | 4 BA | 3,900 SQFT | $6,720,000

On 35 pristine acres of oaks and meadows with amazing views, this gorgeous ranch estate blends rustic style with modern elegance. Adorned with reclaimed wood and local stone, this custom-built masterpiece seamlessly weaves together Eastern and Western styles. This property takes its cues from classic architecture and the natural environment, incorporating them into a family home that celebrates interconnectedness, warmth and beauty. Patricia Waltcher | 805.340.3774 CalDRE#:01176473 | ojai 805.646.7288 | ventura 805.641.0125


3191 Ladera Road, Ojai 3 BD | 4 BA | 4,336 SQFT | $5,100,000

With unmatched views across the Ojai Valley, the Tuscan inspired 4,300 plus squarefoot main residence, takes full command of the 40 acre estate and the pastoral Ojai valley and majestic mountain views, that are intoxicating and ever changing. With ample room for family and guests to spread out, this authentic and luxurious retreat takes full advantage of it’s apex location. Enhanced to accommodate your menagerie of pets in luxury, this gentleman’s ranch is as unique as the Ojai valley itself and is extremely private. Robin Williams | 805.798.2025 CalDRE#:01435322

2871 Maricopa Highway, Ojai 4 BD | 3 BA | 2 HALF BA | 4,353 SQFT | $5,900,000

This gated, 16 plus acre Ojai ranch for sale offers privacy and plenty of space to spread out with four bedrooms, two offices, formal living room, great room, formal and casual dining, large laundry room with office area, and multi-room master suite. The great room and formal living room each offers vaulted ceilings, fireplace, and French doors leading to outdoor living areas. Nora Davis | 805.207.6177 CalDRE#:01046067


12420 Macdonald Drive, Ojai 6 BD | 6 BA | 6,614 SQFT | $3,300,000

Welcome to the Crown Jewel of Ojai located behind private gates of the exclusive Rancho Matilija community. This family compound features nearly 13,000 square feet of both elegant living space & utility areas. Main home boasts 6 bedrooms, 6 baths, huge gourmet kitchen, game room/bar & master suite with fireplace, two balconies, huge walk in closets and luxurious master bath accompanied by a guest house, a pool and spa on 2 acres. Gwen Mulligan | 805.320.7691 CalDRE#:01364978

Larry Krogh | 805.312.0512 CalDRE#:01305510

12605 Highwinds Road, Ojai 4 BD | 3 BA | 2 HALF BA | 4,274 SQFT | $3,375,000

Beyond the high rises, city lights and beach towns of Southern California, there is a majesty in the mountains and rolling hills of Ojai Valley. A private, gated road leads past the lighted tennis court, horse facilities, caretaker’s quarters, and over-sized RV garage to deliver you to this expansive, hacienda-style home with guest quarters, gym, game room, office, large vestibule, wet bar, and two fireplaces.

Nora Davis | 805.207.6177 CalDRE#:01046067 | ojai 805.646.7288 | ventura 805.641.0125


205 S. Lomita Avenue, Ojai 6 BD | 5 BA | 1 HALF BA | 4,847 SQFT | $2,750,000

This iconic 1929 historic spanish revival is admired for its stately appeal, impeccable condition and placement on the Register Ventura County of Historical Places. Situated on nearly one acre, this lush property offers an 18 room, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms in the main house; a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom full guest house, 2 car garage and a saloon with pool table and bar. One can enjoy gardening, chickens and farm animals within the corrals. This is simply a must see. Clinton Haugan | 805.760.2092 DRE#:02019604

Tyler Brousseau | 805.760.2213 CalDRE#:01916136

3490 E. Ojai Avenue, Ojai 4 BD | 4 BA | 3,750 SQFT | $2,500,000

On 3 acres on the east end of Ojai, this private estate with incredible views includes a simply designed, custom-built, ranch-style home with an expansive deck off of the back engulfed by a 100 year old oak tree and a gorgeous 1 bedroom 1 bathroom guest house with it’s own deck and a panoramic view of the mountains and valley. The main house features 3 bedrooms including a breakfast nook with a tall conical ceiling. Larry Krogh | 805.312.0512 CalDRE#:01305510


SOLD | 1731 Patricia Ave, Simi Valley Tri-Plex | 4,944 SQFT | Sold for $1,500,000

Beautiful turnkey tri-plex in the heart of Simi Valley. These three large, condo-style units are custom from top to bottom. Each have 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, and are approximately 1,648 sq. ft. The deluxe kitchens include stylish granite countertops, with breakfast bar, and built-in stainless steel appliances. The designer master suites are equipped with separate bathtub and showers, dual sinks, walk-in closets and balconies. Jason Bartyn | 805.320.6878 CalDRE#: 01319180

4000 E. 2nd Street, Long Beach 3 BD | 2 BA | 2,956 SQFT | $1,700,000 Larry Krogh | 805.312.0512 CalDRE#:01305510 Trevor Miller | 805.641.0125 CalBRE# 02119159

9972 Creek Road, Oak View 4 BD | 3.5 BA | 3,388 SQFT | $1,595,000 Nora Davis | 805.207.6177 CalDRE#:01046067 | ojai 805.646.7288 | ventura 805.641.0125


1429 Poli Street, Ventura 4 BD | 3 BA | 1,672 SQFT | $2,100,000 Shanoah Curran | 805.641.0125 CalDRE#:01994611

SOLD | 123 Fairview Road, Ojai 5 BD | 6 BA | 5,655 SQFT Sold for $7,500,000 Erik Wilde | 805.830.3254 CalDRE#:01461074

HLR Ranch | 6770 Wheeler Canyon Road, Santa Paula 3 BD | 5 BA | 3,000 SQFT | $2,450,000 Larry Krogh | 805.312.0512 CalDRE#:01305510

1489 Foothill Road, Ojai 5 BD | 5 BA | 4,254 SQFT | $2,150,000 Joan Roberts | 805.223.1811 CalDRE#:00953244


SOLD | 1190 El Toro Road, Ojai 7 BD | 6 BA | 6,999 SQFT Sold for $$10,800,000 Patricia Waltcher | 805.340.3774 CalDRE#:01176473

SOLD | 815 Canada Street, Ojai 3 BD | 4.5 BA | 3,719 SQFT Sold for $1,793,227 Patricia Waltcher | 805.340.3774 CalDRE#:01176473

SOLD | 10580 Ojai Santa Paula Road, Ojai 3 BD | 3.5 BA | 3,840 SQFT Sold for $3,760,000 Patricia Waltcher | 805.340.3774 CalDRE#:01176473

SOLD | 920 El Centro, Ojai 4 BD | 2.75 BA | 2,941 SQF Sold for $1,075,000 Patricia Waltcher | 805.340.3774 CalDRE#:01176473 | ojai 805.646.7288 | ventura 805.641.0125


SOLD | 1701 McNell Road, Ojai 3 BD | 3.5 BA | 2,400 SQFT Sold for $3,000,000 Patricia Waltcher | 805.340.3774 CalDRE#:01176473

SOLD | 403 Franklin Drive, Ojai 3 BD | 2 BA | 1,043 SQFT Sold for $880,000 Patricia Waltcher | 805.340.3774 CalDRE#:01176473

1789 Corte Jubilo, Camarillo 4 BD | 4 BA | 3,327 SQFT $1,575,000 Anna Stephan | 805.765.2004 CalDRE#:01985294

SOLD 6851 Pueblo Vista, Camarillo

4 BD | 3 BA | 3,584 SQFT Sold for $1,400,000 Larry Krogh | 805.312.0512 CalDRE#:01305510 Jason Bartyn | 805.320.6878 CalDRE#: 01319180

SOLD 4063 Donlon Road, Somis 4 BD | 5 BA | 5,200 SQFT

4 BD | 4 BA | 3,327 SQFT

Sold for $3,085,000

Sold for $ 1,350,000

Larry Krogh | 805.312.0512 CalDRE#:01305510 Gwen Mulligan | 805.320.7691 CalDRE#:01364978

Larry Krogh | 805.312.0512 CalDRE#:01305510


SOLD 410 Avocado Place, Camarillo

SOLD 1240 Rancho Vista Lane, Ventura

SOLD 630 Skyline Road, Ventura 4 BD | 3 BA | 3,200 SQFT

4 BD | 5 BA | 6,799 SQFT

Sold for $1,700,000

Sold for $2,650,000

Larry Krogh | 805.312.0512 CalDRE#:01305510 Gwen Mulligan | 805.320.7691 CalDRE#:01364978

Larry Krogh | 805.312.0512 CalDRE#:01305510

SOLD 1547 E. Main Street, Ventura

SOLD 2473 Poli Street, Ventura 2 BD | 1 BA | 870 SQFT

3 BD | 2.5 BA | 2,482 SQFT

Sold for $710,000

Sold for $1,115,000

Larry Krogh | 805.312.0512 CalDRE#:01305510 Jason Bartyn | 805.320.6878 CalDRE#: 01319180

Jason Bartyn | 805.320.6878 CalDRE#: 01319180

SOLD 283 Carne Road, Ojai

SOLD 12150 Mountain Lion Road, Ojai

7 BD | 9 BA | 6,500 SQFT

4 BD | 4 BA | 5,254 SQFT

Sold for $4,745,000

Sold for $3,000,000

Represented buyer Larry Krogh | 805.312.0512 CalDRE#:01305510

Ellen Halverson | 805.407.3261 CalDRE#:01306217 Larry Krogh | 805.312.0512 CalDRE#:01305510

SOLD 12449 MacDonald Drive, Ojai 6 BD | 6 BA | 6,300 SQFT Sold for $1,975,000 Larry Krogh | 805.312.0512 CalDRE#:01305510 Gwen Mulligan | 805.320.7691 CalDRE#:01364978

1119 N.Signal Street, 1119 N. Signal St, Ojai Ojai 4 BD | 3 BA | 3,911 SQFT 4 BD | 3 BA | 3,911 SQFT $2,295,000 Sold for $2,295,000 Kristen Currier | 805.798.3757 Kristen Currier | 805.798.3757 CalDRE#:01314850 CalDRE#:01314850 | ojai 805.646.7288 | ventura 805.641.0125


205 S. Signal Street, Ojai

215 Church Road, Ojai 2080 SQFT | $1,260,000

1 BA | 1532 SQ | $1,295,000


211 S. Blanche Street, Ojai

639 W. Villanova Road, Ojai

2 BD | 2 BA | 1,593 SQFT

3 BD | 2 BA | 2266 SQFT



Erik Wilde | 805.830.3254 CalDRE#:01461074

Joan Roberts | 805.223.1811 CalDRE#:00953244

309 N. Fulton Street, Ojai 3 BD | 2 BA | 1430 SQFT $1,025,000 Clinton Haugan | 805.760.2092 DRE#:02019604 Tyler Brousseau | 805.760.2213 CalDRE#:01916136


Kristen Currier | 805.798.3757

Patricia Waltcher | 805.340.3774 CalDRE#:01176473

12436 Sisar Road, Ojai 2 BD | 1 BA | 1,010 SQFT $865,000 Kristen Currier | 805.798.3757 CalDRE#:01314850

201 Lark Ellen Avenue, Ojai

410 Church Road #41, Ojai

3 BD | 2 BA | 1,201 SQFT

2 BD | 2 BA | 1,329 SQFT



Cathy Titus | 805.798.0960C CalDRE# 01173283

Larry Wilde | 805.640.5734 CalDRE#:00521627


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153 Nob Hill Lane, Ventura Offered for $1,695,000

Self-powered, highly resilient, dream home in Ventura’s prestigious Nob Hill Estates. This new 4 bed, 4 bath build embraces a simplistic, yet uniquely modern design that will captivate you with its breathtaking views, open concept floorplan, and distinctive architecture. Featuring 2,876 square foot of generous living space and high ceilings. Gorgeous engineered hardwood floors and exceptional natural light. Chef‘s kitchen hosts a large island. Walk-in pantry. Clean-burning fireplace. Wrap around patio to watch the sun rise over the valley and neighborhood lights at night. Mudroom. Spacious laundry room. Anna Stephan | 805.765.2004 CalBRE# 01985294



1570 East Thompson Boulevard, Ventura Prices from $625,000 to $1,000,000

Brisa29 is Ventura’s newest coastal development! This long-awaited 29-unit townhouse development embraces a beautiful style of modern Spanish architecture with an array of desirable floor plans, design details, and amenity choices. This community is just walking distance to the ocean and access to the community is through a uniquely designed “living street” emphasized for the peaceful coexistence between vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. A gated pedestrian entrance at Thompson Boulevard will lead into an aesthetic courtyard area with a modern flair of tastefully selected planters, benches, and pavers. Brisa29 | Juliana Lisheski | 805.755.8009 CalBRE# 01986150

1230 E. Thompson Boulevard, Ventura Starting from the high $700,000’s

Welcome home to The Pearl at Ventura Beach. A treasured community of 31 townhomes offering coastal modern style architecture with generous living areas, private courtyards, trellis roof decks to enjoy ocean views. Plans up to 1791 square feet. Add a splash of seaside life to your everyday routine. Only ½ mile walk to the beach – catch the surf, stroll along the oceanfront pathway to the historic wooden pier. Enjoy the best of downtown Ventura’s restaurants, historical, cultural and resort-style amenities. The ultimate combination of location, luxury and livelihood is all here within an impressive coastal backdrop. You’ll love coming home to The Pearl. The Pearl Ventura Beach | Juliana Lisheski | 805.755.8009 CalBRE# 01986150 | ojai 805.646.7288 | ventura 805.641.0125



3755 W MORLEY DRIVE, TETON VILLAGE, WY | $6,495,000 Jackson Hole Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: S4KWP7



TTR Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: 73KGJ7

Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: 5ES3LL

9512 WAWONA COURT, TRUCKEE, CA | $8,500,000 Sierra Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: B6EL5Z


7975 BALD EAGLE DRIVE, PARK CITY, UT | $7,550,000

1747 LEONARD STREET, DALLAS, TX | Starting at $2,000,000

Summit Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: QNQMGR

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: 5KF4TH

Sotheby’s International Realty

7750 PRESERVATION TRAIL, PARKER, CO | $5,000,000 LIV Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: XB52ZD


133 OLD QUARRY ROAD, GUILFORD, CT | $5,100,000

Big Sky Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: 77ZLNM

William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: ZB6R2C

62 CARISBROOKE ROAD, WELLESLEY, MA | $7,500,000 Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: HEYKBF

202 MIDNIGHT MINE ROAD, ASPEN, CO | $39,900,000

97 105 RUGGLES AVENUE, NEWPORT, RI | $3,250,000

Aspen Snowmass Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: L3EW42

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OJAI Agent Directory 727 WEST OJAI AVENUE - OJAI, CA


R E N A DA M 8 0 5 . 3 2 0. 8 4 5 8

V I CTO R I A A DA M 8 0 5 . 3 2 0. 8 3 8 9

ST E P H E N A D E L M A N 8 0 5 .6 4 0. 5 5 6 3

A M M A R BA K H U S 8 0 5 . 2 72 . 5 2 5 1

TYLER BROUSSEAU 8 0 5 .76 0. 2 2 1 3

DRE 02096989

DRE 00688940

DRE 01786486

DRE 02089365

DRE 01916136

K R I ST E N C U R R I E R 8 0 5 .7 9 8 . 3757

J O E DAV I S 8 0 5 . 574 . 97 74

N O R A DAV I S 8 0 5 . 2 07.6 1 7 7

PA U L A E D M O N D S 8 0 5 .6 6 5 .7 3 8 2

KIRK ELLISON 8 0 5 . 3 4 0. 5 9 0 5

D R E 0 1 3 14 8 5 0

DRE 01999568

D R E 0 1 0 4 6 0 67

D R E 0 2 07 9 0 0 0

DRE 01884301

R O B BY H I L L 8 0 5 . 8 5 0. 9 2 2 9

KATHY HOFF 8 0 5 . 2 9 0.6 9 07

BOB KEMPER 805.551.5121

JAN LEWIS 8 0 5 .75 0. 1 2 7 9

K E L LY E LY N N 8 0 5 .7 9 8 .0 3 2 2

DRE 02017844

DRE 00599430

DRE 01356802

D R E 0 0 3 9 6 5 37

DRE 01962469

J OA N R O B E R TS 8 0 5 . 2 2 3. 1 8 1 1

T E R E SA R O O N E Y 8 0 5 . 3 4 0. 8 9 2 8

D E B O R A H S C OT T 805.804.2062

T E R E SA S M I T H 8 0 5 . 8 9 0. 3 0 3 2

A M A N DA STA N WO R T H 805.218.8117


DRE 00599443

D R E 0 1 970 5 8 7

DRE 02100451

DRE 01262333


Managing Broker 8 0 5 . 8 3 0. 3 2 5 4 D R E 0 14 6 1 074

JENNIFER BURKETT 6 6 1 .4 3 5 . 5 5 1 5

STA N C O B U R N 8 0 5 .4 1 5 .6 1 5 3

M E AG H A N C O N R A D 8 0 5 . 9 14 . 8 2 2 0

L E ST E R C O O K 8 1 8 .6 4 2 .74 1 2

N A N CY C U N D I F F 8 0 5 . 3 4 0. 8 3 4 5

D R E 0 2 0 47 1 74

DRE 00625802

D R E 0 1 5 074 0 6

DRE 01991090

DRE 01205285

GAIL GRAHAM 8 0 5 . 5 5 8 .6 3 2 3

DENNIS GUERNSEY 8 0 5 .7 9 8 . 1 9 9 8

E R I CA H A P P Y 8 0 5 .707.4 67 1

VICTORIA HARGREAVES 8 0 5 . 8 4 4 .0 1 2 9

C L I N TO N H A U G A N 8 0 5 .76 0. 2 0 9 2

D R E 0 07 1 2 1 7 7

DRE 00499291

D R E 0 1 7 72 14 8

DRE 1278532

DRE 02019604

RAMIRO MARTINEZ ORTIZ 8 0 5 .6 3 0. 2 8 8 4

V I V I E N N E M O O DY 8 0 5 .7 9 8 . 1 0 9 9

A L E J A N D R O M U R I L LO 8 0 5 . 8 8 9.6 8 2 9

A N N M A R I E PA R E N T 8 0 5 .4 5 2 . 5 2 0 9

J O N AT H A N R I D D E L L 8 0 5 .7 9 8 . 3 0 0 1

D R E 0 2 075 2 6 3

D R E 0 0 9 8 970 0

DRE 02094091

D R E 0 1 3 2 8 37 3

D R E 0 1 9 97 14 2

CAT H Y T I T U S 8 0 5 .7 9 8 .0 9 6 0

PAT T Y WA LTC H E R 8 0 5 . 3 4 0. 37 74

L A R RY W I L D E 8 0 5 .6 4 0. 57 3 4

CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS 8 0 5 .7 9 8 . 1 7 76

ROBIN WILLIAMS 8 0 5 .7 9 8 . 2 0 2 5

DRE 01173283

D R E 0 1 1 76 47 3

DRE 00521627

D R E 0 1 9 5 0 672

D R E 0 14 3 5 3 2 2 | ojai 805.646.7288 | ventura 805.641.0125




I G N AC I O A N Z A L D O 8 0 5 .76 0. 3 6 4 3

J AS O N BA R T Y N 8 0 5 . 3 2 0.6 8 7 8

JEFFREY BELZER 8 0 5 . 3 1 2 .07 1 3

S H A N OA H C U R R A N 8 0 5 .4 4 3. 3 1 2 1

L A U R A DA R R A H 805.262.3022

DRE 02124025

DRE 01319180

DRE 01895639

DRE 01994611

DRE 01994033

JULIANA LISHESKI 8 0 5 .4 07. 1 7 3 1

CHUCK MENZEL 8 0 5 . 3 2 0. 3 3 0 8

SHANNON MENZEL 8 0 5 . 3 2 0.6 6 8 2

T R E VO R M I L L E R 805.915.8263

GW E N M U L L I G A N 8 0 5 . 3 2 0.76 9 1

DRE 01986150

DRE 01943965

DRE 02063160

DRE 02119159

D R E 0 1 3 6 4 97 8

C L A R E N C E S H AW 8 0 5 .70 1 .0 5 07

A N N A ST E P H A N 8 0 5 .76 5 . 2 0 0 4

A L E X A Z AVA L A 8 0 5 .76 6. 3 5 6 4

ELENA ZIKER 8 0 5 . 2 0 9. 9 8 2 4

D R E 0 1 07 8 6 6 2

DRE 01985294

DRE 02092490

DRE 02095069


Managing Broker 8 0 5 . 3 1 2 .0 5 1 2 DRE 01305510

K A R E N DAV I D S O N 8 0 5 . 3 2 0. 2 4 8 9

D E B O R A H D OW N E Y 8 0 5 . 3 2 0. 2 8 3 2

E L L E N H A LV E R S O N 8 0 5 .4 07. 3 2 6 1


LEANN LANGOLF 8 0 5 .6 6 5 .7 1 9 0

D R E 0 1 9 3 8 2 74

D R E 0 14 3 67 3 8

DRE 01306217

DRE 01961265

DRE 01792308

RONNIE MYDLAND 8 0 5 .74 6. 9 0 2 2

SA N D R A N AVA 8 0 5 . 37 7.75 9 8

N AY E L LY O R T I Z 8 0 5 . 37 7. 5 3 1 0

PHIL RANGER 8 0 5 .7 97.6 3 0 8

TO N I S E S SA- L A K E 8 0 5 .74 6.6 1 1 8

DRE 02036123

DRE 01515335

D R E 0 2 0 0 9 675

D R E 0 1 0 0 5 14 4

D R E 0 1 5 072 0 5 | ojai 805.646.7288 | ventura 805.641.0125



RM Sotheby’s continues to lead the industry as the largest collector car auction house by total sales. With over 40 years of proven results in the collector car industry, RM’s vertically integrated range of services, from auctions (live and online) and private sales to estate planning and financial services, coupled with an expert team of Car Specialists and an international footprint, provide an unsurpassed level of service to the global collector car market unmatched by our competitors.







HEADQUARTERS +1 519 352 4575 UK +44 (0) 20 7851 7070 NEW YORK +1 203 912 7168 CALIFORNIA +1 310 559 4575

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We invite those looking to sell their car or collection at one of our upcoming auctions, live or online, to contact one of our knowledgeable Car Specialists to discuss opportunities for the 2021 auction calendar.


Mark Johnson

“Experience you can depend on.” - Closed over 6,200 loans - $2.265 Billion in Volume

Mark single handedly raised the customer expectation bar tremendously. Mark's shear knowledge of the financial steps to consider in choosing the right type of purchase and cost helped me find the right place. Once I picked the right home, Mark was there every step of the way in preparing and guiding the customer though the maze of the State and Federal financing process. The experience was lightyears ahead of the competition in every way. Mark's confidence in finding the best path to achieve the best results was key in my shifting my finance needs from another institution which had already approved me, over to Homebridge. I can't thank Mark and the team enough and shall most certainly recommend your services to all friends and on social media. -Mike S.

Mark Johnson Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS #244919 Direct: (818) 532-1218 E:

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