Issuu on Google+ Offers Online Weight Loss Program offers Skinny Life Total Living, a clear, concise and yearlong online program to achieve weight loss goals. This online program focuses on changing and integrating the mindset, the beliefs and the habits to offer permanent weight loss solutions. "Around one billion of the world population is overweight", according to World Health Organization (WHO) Nowadays, weight loss and diet programs are available in large numbers, but most of the programs are designed to offer just temporary weight loss solutions. "After completing the diet plan, dieters can expect to get back two-thirds of their lost weight within a year", according to National Institute of Health "When it's up to weight loss, there are lots and lots of weight loss programs designed to reduce the weight effectively in time. However, the sad news is that around 90% of the weight loss programs are not permanently successful. Hypnosis and weight loss is the most powerful combination in weight loss programs since hypnosis is a powerful tool of change and transformation that can offer long-term weight loss solutions. Skinny Life Total Living is created using powerful tools of Hypnosis, Transformational Coaching, and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to provide permanent weight loss solutions. Skinny Life Total Living online program delivers the set of videos, audios and important articles with science based information each week for all its members with detailed instruction and advice", says a spokesperson for Hypnosis is an effective tool that changes thinking, beliefs, and habits which in turn helps people to reduce their weight effectively. When it's up to "How to hypnotize yourself to lose weight", you need to find the right strategies to achieve your weight loss goals. Gastric band hypnosis is also considered as an effective hypnosis that can assist you in reducing your weight within a short span of time. "Skinny Life Total Living's weekly materials include a dashboard featuring a private online journal, place to interact with Crystal, 12 Deep Core Transformational Hypnosis and Coaching audios, Two video coaching Tips and Tricks per week, Weekly Skinny Mini audios and Two Skinny Boosts a week", adds the spokesperson. About the Author : offers tips, tricks, products and online programs to achieve permanent weight loss solutions. Its latest Total Living online program incorporates hypnosis and weight loss strategies effectively to achieve people's weight loss goals. For more details, log on to: Offers Online Weight Loss Program