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elcome to Liv Media's very first Small Business Guide! In these pages, you will find more than 50 amazing local brands, some well established, and some brand new. Behind each one of them is a passionate founder with a vision to offer something new and different in our city. From wellness consultants to fashion and jewellery brands, the Small Business Guide is a who's who of the city's most innovative and exciting SMEs. Why did we create the Small Business Guide? The idea came from a #supportlocal initiative we launched in 2020, when we offered a free listing to any small business that felt they could benefit from the support of Liv Magazine. The overwhelming feedback from founders and customers alike showed us that more people than ever are looking to spend with local businesses. In the wake of COVID-19, we have collectively shifted away from mindless consumption and we now want to purchase mindfully, sustainably and in a way that meaningfully impacts individual business owners and their families. By supporting local, we help to keep innovation alive, boost the local economy and give individuals the chance to build a brand - and a company culture - they can be proud of. The Liv Media team is proud to do our part to keep local small businesses thriving in 2021. We hope you find that this guide gives you the inspiration you need to support local businesses whenever you can!

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Health Coaching

H e a lt h C o a c h i n g

BUST-A-RUT Using a combination of nutrition, fitness and

When you partner with me,

mindset, Angela Hancock empowers clients

I can guarantee that I will

to show up in all areas of their life, as the best

believe in you before you

version of themselves possible. By making a few simple changes to their nutritional habits,

believe in you. Until then,

she helps them discover their lust for life.

borrow my faith, trust in the

Imagine being able to perform at the highest

process and prepare for

levels, physically and mentally, both at work

the magic to happen!

and play, every single day: to have the energy and patience to nurture and engage with your children and spouse as your true and vibrant

- Angela Hancock, founder, Bust-A-Rut

self, ready to deal with whatever life throws your way.

About the founder: With 25+ years experience, Angela began as a fitness leader, before becoming the #1 nutritional coach for her company. She is an NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist and has all the tools to offer her clients lasting lifestyle changes.


H e a lt h C o a c h i n g

LIMITLESS Limitless is where fitness and functional

The absence of disease

medicine meet. The Limitless team

does not mean the

understands that their clients lead busy lives, and as they approach middle to later life stages, youth no longer masks lifestyle habits

presence of health. You won't hear about

that can be detrimental to health and body

sustainable science-based

composition. Limitless's mission is to help

nutrition, movement and

clients transform their bodies while increasing

habitual change because

their energy output and mental clarity;

it is much easier to profit

decreasing their stress levels; and improving their sleep, digestion, and overall lives. This is achieved by combining fitness, strength training, physio-science, nutritional medicine, real-world practicality and decades of

from detoxes, fat burners and extreme diets. - Tricia Yap, founder, Limitless

experience, all in a private boutique studio and health clinic located in the heart of Central.

About the founder: Tricia is recognised as one of the most accomplished health and fitness experts in Hong Kong, with qualifications in strength and performance coaching, functional medicine and nutrition. She is also a TedX speaker and women’s empowerment advocate.


H e a lt h C o a c h i n g

NURTURE YOUR LIFE Nurture Your Life is a health coaching practice with a functional medicine approach, specializing in gut and thyroid health, weight loss and weight management. They get to the root cause of the "dis-ease" in your body by using detailed questionnaires and lab testing. They use customized 1-2-1 coaching sessions for conditions such as Candida, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), insulin resistance/ diabetes and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. In addition, they use detailed analysis of lab work markers and provide a wide range of

It's not as simple as saying "you are what you eat!" You are what you eat, digest, absorb and get past the cell membrane. - Helen Revans, founder

nutritional supplements, dietary interventions, and natural healing protocols to restore the body to balance. Furthermore, Nurture Your Life offers a range of gut, hormone, food sensitivity and inhalant testing options.

About the founder: Helen Revans is a certified Holistic Health Coach with a functional medicine approach specializing in gut and thyroid health. What makes Helen different is that she has over 30 years’ experience as a food preparation and nutrition educator.


Food & Drink

Food & Drink


As long as you’re smiling,

BubbleMe is the ultimate refreshing and

learning, and enjoying each

easy-to-drink alcoholic sparkling beverage.

day as it passes, you’re

With vitamin C and a hint of fruit flavour, it

doing it right. Of course,

contains zero sugar, zero gluten, 83 calories

having a tasty and guilt-free

and just two grams of carbs. BubbleMe is

beverage companion by your

not just a new drink, it’s a new approach

side does help!

to guilt-free drinking. The 5% alcoholic seltzer promises to bring good vibes with

- Allen Zhang, founder, BubbleMe

each bubble. From junk boats to house parties, raise a can to the perfect beverage companion!

About the founder: Allen Zhang is an aerospace engineer by training. He grew up in Hong Kong and lived in Chicago for the past decade. After returning to Hong Kong in 2020, he couldn't find a good local hard seltzer and so he embarked on the long journey of perfecting a new one.


Food & Drink

FOK HING GIN Yes, there are similarities with a popular Western profanity but FOK HING GIN is actually named after a street in Hong Kong. Although the city is more known for ginseng than gin, Hong Kong and Great Britain will forever be connected and that’s why FOK HING GIN has chosen to distil its gin from the UK, with the spirit of Hong Kong captured into the mix. Infused with the beautiful chaos

It's your gin for Fok Hing good times. - Paul Harper-Cox, founder, Fok Hing Gin

of the place we call home, FOK HING GIN is a simply delicious drink inspired by the light, colour, sound, atmosphere, variety and mayhem of this amazing city.

About the founder: Hailing from the UK, Paul HarperCox made his way East with his life in a backpack and a head full of dreams. At least that’s how he'd like the story to go. In reality, late nights as a consultant drove him to proclaim, “I need a f***cking drink.” The rest is history.


Food & Drink

SPICEBOX ORGANICS SpiceBox Organics is a USDA-certified organic

Our tag line, “the conscious choice” means that we are

market and café for handcrafted, fresh, organic

always conscious of the choices

selections. With a wide range of products

we make and the impact it

that cater to dietary requirements including

would have on our community

gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, paleo and more,

and the environment. We

SpiceBox Organics is known as Hong Kong’s

ensure that we do whatever we

local one-stop-shop for meals, snacks, and

can to promote and sustain the

pantry needs. They also carry over 1,200

wellbeing of both.

products including spices, spiceblends, fresh local fruits and vegetables, superfoods, grains, herbal supplements, eco-friendly cleaning

- Punam Chopra, founder, SpiceBox Organics

and body products, many which are available online, as well as at their two locations in Mid-Levels and Kennedy Town.

About the founder: Passionate about sustainable and organic food production, Punam aims to source products with a minimal carbon footprint and to encourage fair-trade practices among producers and suppliers.


Food & Drink

YOKITCHEN TOUCH OF EARTH Newly launched last year, YoKitchen aims to make dessert as healthy as possible by using natural, high-quality and mostly organic ingredients with added nutritional benefits. You'll find plenty of antioxidants and healthy fats, and zero artificial ingredients and refined sugar in their delicious and eye-catching desserts. Every item is designed to reduce inflammation, satisfy cravings for sweet treats,

Eat right, not less. - Yoko Fung, founder, YoKitchen Touch of Earth

and be wallet-friendly too. YoKitchen's vision is to make a positive change in the world, to let people enjoy a delicious treat with the knowledge that they're making a better choice for their health.

About the founder: A fitness enthusiast who truly believes in balancing training, nutrition and recovery, Yoko Fung's motto is simple: “Eat Right, Not Less.� Her goal is to bring a smile to people around her when they taste her beautiful vegan desserts.




513 PAINT SHOP 513 Paint Shop is a boutique paint and interiors brand that’s all about combining brilliant colours with earth-friendly paints that are safe and non-toxic for you, your family and the planet. 513 believes that beautiful colours in your home and interiors are essential for bringing joy to your life, and that you should

Never underestimate the power of positive energy that uplifts even just one person. - Eunice Cheung, founder, 513 Paint Shop

never haver to compromise on your health or your eco principles to get the perfect shade.

About the founder: Eunice Cheung is an interior architect trained in the US and UK. An established interior design in Hong Kong for over 20 years. she founded 513 Paint Shop and design studio Effect by e&e (



88SHEEP 88SHEEP’s mission is to help people improve their sleep and general wellbeing by curating an exquisite range of natural sleep solutions. It offers carefully selected sleep

I strongly believe that following a sleep routine using quality products that bring us joy

brands and products, including sleepwear,

and comfort is the most

aromatherapy, herbal teas, bath & body,

fundamental thing we can

earplugs, crystals, and more... Their passion

do to experience restful

for the transformative power of sleep has led

sleep. With a good sleep and

them to develop their own line of wellbeing

renewed energy, we can face

products to naturally relieve stress and aid

the challenges of the day.

sleep. Launched in 2020, their first collection of pillowcases and sleep masks is eco-friendly

- Clara Le Gall, founder, 88SHEEP

and made out of the highest quality silk. Sleep better, become your best self.

About the founders: Founded by Clara Le Gall and Adrien Damez-Fontaine, 88SHEEP is the expression of their need to focus on their wellbeing. Clara has a background in luxury retail buying and is a certified sleep consultant, while Adrien is a creative consultant.



B SQUARED DESIGN B Squared Design is an architectural and interior design firm specializing in residential projects. Their team comprises designers, a Cantonese-speaking project manager, and trusted contractors and handymen. Over the years, they have carefully cultivated relationships with furniture shops and factories, ensuring only the best for your home. They handle jobs both large and small, from initial design all the way through to sourcing, construction and project management. Whether you rent or own

Your home should be your oasis, and creating beautiful, functional spaces that become sanctuaries from the outside world is my passion. - Britta Butler, founder, B Squared Design

your property, B Squared Design strives to maintain a seamless balance between project requirements, budget and aspirations to help you create your dream home.

About the founder: Britta Butler (A.B. Harvard, MArch MIT) has extensive knowledge of a wide range of residential design projects. She brings many years of experience in successful completion of interior design jobs for clients in Hong Kong and abroad.



BAMBOA HOME Bamboa is Asia's original bamboo store! At Bamboa, they believe in creating a healthier

To me, the most important in life is to find

lifestyle for their customers. All of their products

meaning in whatever

are made using sustainable materials that

you do, and do it with

leave less of a footprint on this earth. Bamboo

a good conscience

is durable, antibacterial and biodegradable, making it one of the most sustainable resources

without harming our

in the world. Bamboa designs and produces

environment, animals

attractive and useful home and lifestyle

or people.

products using bamboo. Products include bed sheets, towels, t-shirts, sunglasses, homeware, bathroom items and more. Launched in 2020,

- Julia Washbourne, founder, Bamboa Home

their Grow Bamboo Initiative plants bamboo in rural areas to combat climate change and support local communities.

About the founder: Julia Washbourne came to Asia in 2003. Her previous career exposed her to the issues of pollution, waste and labor exploitation that plague global supply chains. Julia dedicated herself to finding a better way and discovered the endless benefits of bamboo.



HK CLOSET DETOX HK Closet Detox is a decluttering and organising service with the mission of coaching women through the in-depth, transformative process of decluttering, organising and curating their personal style, wardrobes and homes. Beatrice Talamona founded HK Closet Detox to honor her values of purpose, balance and sustainability. Her services are perfect for women who feel overwhelmed in their space and in their lives, who strive to achieve organisation, balance and purpose, but also overall wellbeing, health and happiness. At HK

Create a space filled with purpose, not with clutter. - Beatrice Talamona, founder, HK Closet Detox

Closet Detox they believe that every woman can feel empowered to face life's challenges with clarity and positivity by detoxing and reorganising her personal space.

About the founder: Beatrice worked in luxury fashion for almost 10 years in London, Paris, Milan and Hong Kong before discovering the transformative benefits of decluttering and reorganising, which led her to create her company HK Closet Detox.



OKOOKO BY EUROPEAN BEDDING Okooko is a premium bedding store in Central that specializes in natural organic latex

Made of natural materials and produced in an environmentally

mattresses. They recognise the demand for a

and socially sustainable

customisable sleeping system which focuses

manner, Heveya® is on

on good back support for all ages, builds,

its way to becoming a

sleeping positions and personal preferences. And because a good bed is more than just the mattress, they pair the mattresses with their organic latex pillows, adjustable slatted bed bases and soft bamboo sheets, all made of

world standard for high quality mattresses. - Stefan Magnus, owner, Okooko by European Bedding

natural and sustainable materials. With their 100-night free trial, Okooko guarantees you a good night’s sleep.

About the owner: Stefan Magnus has been in the mattress industry for more than 25 years. With his extensive knowledge and passion for environmental care, he created the Heveya® mattress made of organic latex, a comfortable and sustainable material



RUAI INTERIORS Ruai is passionate about making interior design

We are passionate about

accessible to everyone. They offer quality,

making interior design

tasteful and customisable interiors that cater to

accessible to everyone.

your budgeting needs, thanks to an extensive

Whether you are looking

list of suppliers, built upon relationships

to increase your workplace

established over three decades of living in Hong Kong. Together with their competitive and honest pricing, Ruai's goal is to save you

productivity or create a beautiful home, we offer

money, time and headaches. The founders

a unique and personal

understand that interiors are far from a one-

experience that caters to

size-fits-all model, so whether it be a residential

your budgeting needs.

or commercial space, a full renovation, or simply a single room transformation, they are ready for any challenge. They are designing

- Marcella and Sarah, founders, Ruai Interiors

their very own furniture line, focusing on affordable, quality, sustainable materials, and will be launching an online shop in 2021.

About the founders: Marcella Wilson and Sarah Cullinane both grew up in Hong Kong, and founded Ruai Interiors in 2020. With Marcella’s natural creative flair, paired with Sarah’s ability to turn concepts into reality, they are the perfect match to curate the space you’ve been dreaming of.



QURIOUS Collaborating with 14 (and counting!) independent designers in Australia, Qurious's

“Qurious is our way of

passionate founders have curated a gorgeous

creating good vibes

and eclectic collection of lifestyle items that

through thoughtful

are mostly handmade and showcase the best

consumption of items

of Australian design: creative flair, artisanal skills, and quality ingredients. Made in small

that are made with

batches and beautiful to look at, their range of

purpose and love. It’s the

colourful homewares, personal accessories,

exciting beginning of a

health and beauty products, fragrances,

bigger journey - join us!“

and illustrated children’s books and greeting cards are a joy to use and own. Their unique collection is perfect for gifting - to yourself and

- Cheryl and Rowena, co-founders, Qurious

others! - and they regularly add designers and products to keep things fresh and exciting.

About the founders: Combining professional experience with their passion for quirky, creative and colourful independent designer products, Qurious is the brainchild of co-founders Cheryl and Rowena, who aspire to generate good vibes in this amazing city they call home.







J e w e l l e ry

AUSTY LEE ART JEWELLERY aUSTY Lee is the eponymous jewellery brand of one of Hong Kong’s most talented jewellery designers. Combining high fashion jewellery with excellent craftsmanship and fashion-forward designs, Austy creates avantgarde, one-of-a-kind art jewellery pieces. After more than a decade in the jewellery world, Austy believes that beautiful jewellery should be owned and appreciated not just by the privileged few, and that everyone should be able to invest in heirloom pieces to pass to the next generation. Inspired by the Chinese saying, “Gold has a value, but jade is invaluable,” Austy has reclaimed the precious stone for the 21st century, with an antique yet edgy design aesthetic that marries jade with gold and gemstones in striking designs.


Any designer should not be afraid to be their unique self. They should express who they are through their creations. - Austy Lee, founder

J e w e l l e ry

About the founder: Austy, born and raised in Hong Kong, is a high-end jewellery designer with 20 years of experiences in the industry. He is passionate about changing the world with his unique and fashionforward pieces of jewellery using all kinds of rare gemstones.


J e w e l l e ry

FLO JEWELLERY Inspired by nature, chakras and sacred geometry, FLO Jewellery crafts delicate, symbolic pieces that are meaningful to the wearer. For grounding and connection, pick up a Tree of Life necklace, or request a chakra consultation to learn which piece from the Chakra collection would be most suitable for you. We love the "Flower of Life" pattern of interlocking circles, which can also be found on

The love that you pour into your work is what it will take for you to create something beautiful and good for all who are touched by it. - Flora Chan, founder, Flo Jewellery

the new FLO diffusers that clip to your mask and infuse your day with a relaxing scent.

About the founder: As a wellness entrepreneur and holistic healer, Flora infuses her jewellery collections with her passion for people, spirituality and arts. She combines readings with recommendations on which of her pieces will bring the most benefits to the wearer.


J e w e l l e ry

JEMOCRACY JEWELLERY JEMOCRACY makes accessorizing for work

as ‘the go-to destination for any professional

We created JEMOCRACY to make women feel amazing at work with ease, poise and a touch of humour.

woman looking for confident, work-appropriate

- Myriam and Yulia, co-founders

easy. Bringing together style and functionality, this online brand curates a beautiful range of earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and brooches. All pieces are built for work life and can be mixed and matched effortlessly. Launched in Hong Kong in 2018, the brand aims to bring fine jewellery into women’s everyday lives, helping them dress the part for every work occasion. Tatler hailed JEMOCRACY

jewellery.” All collections are released in limited drops, so you can be sure your piece is unique. Their "try-before-buy" service allows you to book a free try-on session before purchasing. Delivery is free throughout Hong Kong.

About the founders: Myriam and Yulia are the power duo behind Jemocracy. Myriam is a French, fully qualified lawyer; Yulia is a Russian-Swiss former financier. Both bring their strong corporate expertise and authenticity to the brand. Contact them at info@


J e w e l l e ry

KARMA CREATIONS Karma Creations is a Hong Kong-based, female-led family business with one very specific goal: to create tasteful and purposeful jewellery that celebrates the modern woman and accompanies her through life’s journey. As a sister brand of the globally renowned luxury jewelry company, Dehres, the Karma Creations team leveraged their experience in the industry to create an affordable yet high-quality line that expresses their core values: that their customers are special and deserve the best. Visit their website or their

Create good karma through positive thoughts, loving words, and generous acts of kindness. - Hannah Zion, founder, Karma Creations

Landmark showroom to discover 18K gold pieces, assembled with the finest gemstones, diamonds and craftsmanship.

About the founder: Hannah Zion moved to Hong Kong from New York in 1971 with a husband, a baby, and a mission. Fifty years later, she is the matriarch and co-founder of a globally respected diamond company. She founded Karma Creations to create a young, new and spiritual jewelry line.


J e w e l l e ry


When a good idea

Inspired by empowering and ancient symbols,

strikes you, maintain the

Karma Links’ passion lies in bringing their

momentum and keep

unique stories and positive qualities to the

self-doubt in check.

surface by designing spiritual jewellery pieces with a trendy twist. Whether you choose to treat yourself to bracelets, earrings and rings,

- Nina Pahlman, founder, Karma Links

or get creative by layering necklaces, Karma Links exists to show you the way.

About the founder: Originally from Finland, Nina Pahlman relocated to Hong Kong in 2006. Coming from a family of artists and craftsmen, she grew up with a passion for arts. After multiple management roles in travel and trade, Nina founded Karma Links in 2013.




AVEITA LIMITED Born out of a passion for conscious living and a desire to support the local community, Aveita launched a soft, breathable antibacterial face mask last year to huge acclaim. Buoyed by the success of their first venture, their newest launch is an organic, raw ginger powder. Coming soon will be a line of ultra-comfortable and luxuriously soft bras that will make women of all shapes and sizes feel supported. Everything Aveita creates is with the health of the planet in mind, which is why they've also started

Consciousness starts with awareness. Educating our fellow Hong Kongers on how their choices impact not only them, but the planet, is important to us. - Sarah Kalmeta, co-founder, Aveita Limited

Women, Wine & Wellness Workshops to educate the public about how their choices impact not only them, but the world.

About the founders: Sarah Kalmeta, a success coach focusing on holistic solutions and conscious living, and Joanne Yue, a financial consultant and wellness advocate, teamed up to bring the concept of Conscious Simplicity to Hong Kong.




We envisioned a brand where a

When trying to balance a hectic work

mental health break didn’t have

life and a busy social calendar, it’s easy

to cost an arm and a leg. Why

to forget to slow down and take some

settle for a poor-quality inexpensive

time to ourselves. Enter Breathe, a luxury

piece, or splash out on a luxe

loungewear brand designed with mental health at its core. Breathe sources the most luxuriously soft fabrics for each piece, carefully designed to bring you the most

item the price of a kidney? We're here to show that self-care can be luxurious and affordable.

- Juliana Yu, founder, Breathe

indulgent comfort wherever you are.

About the founder: Born and bred in Hong Kong, Juliana Yu founded Breathe in 2020. With a millennial eye for trends and dedication to the pursuit of quality, Breathe is the perfect solution to your lazy day needs.



FLOW WITH ME HK A family-owned business that makes highquality and high-performance yoga, athleisure wear and equipment more accessible, Flow With Me is passionate about inspiring people in Hong Kong to be happier and healthier through yoga and fitness. It can be difficult to find sustainable and fashionable yoga clothes that offer great fit and quality in Hong Kong, which is why Flow With Me has hand-picked a selection of personally tested products. The items they stock are produced sustainably,

Find something you are passionate about, work hard and the rest will follow. - Jiwon Yoon, founder, Flow WIth Me

using natural and recyclable materials. They also look great, whether you’re working out, at a shopping mall, or about town.

About the founder: Jiwon is a mum of two energetic boys living a busy life in Hong Kong. She is a passionate yoga enthusiast, which is why she is bringing a variety of brands onto one easy-touse online platform.



JENG! BOX Looking for a little something to treat yourself with? Curated by the Liv Magazine team, JENG! is a self-care box that drops every quarter, delivering a box full of happiness to its recipients. In every box, you'll discover exciting products from local and international brands alike, from skincare to supplements, healthy snacks to homewares. Previous boxes have contained treats from Book Depository, Crabtree & Evelyn, Reset Bioscience, Comfort Zone and Lyre's, to

JENG! is the ultimate self-care box in Hong Kong. Every quarter brings a new collection of treats that you're guaranteed to love.

name a few. Bulk orders are welcome. Want to get your brand involved? JENG! welcomes enquiries from distributors too!

About the brand: JENG! is a sister brand under Liv Media, a boutique content agency that publishes Liv Magazine - and this very guide!



LIT CONCEPT Lit concept is not just another lifestyle store. The founders handpick products that boost your well-being, mentally and physically. They foster partnerships with local and global brands to promote sustainable development. From vegan coffee to natural wine, CBD products to upcycled goodies, they believe sustainability is a journey that should never end. Find them at pop-up spots all over Hong Kong and browse their carefully curated selection of food, drinks, gifts and lifestyle

Sustainability is about changing your habits for a lifetime. It's a journey that never ends. - Justin and Samantha, founders, Lit Concept

products that strive to make the world a better place.

About the founder: Justin Cheng is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded several start-ups focusing on technology, lifestyle, design and talent. Samantha Chung is an experienced digital marketer who specialises in content creation for impact, lifestyle and hospitality brands.



PAPER-ROSES Paper-Roses, a Hong Kong based boutique illustration and design house, offers a range of beautiful, colourful and sometimes quirky greetings cards, stationery and gifts. Working with local printers and manufacturers using eco-conscious materials (including FSC-certified recycled paper, GOTScertified organic cotton and natural cork), Paper-Roses has a firm focus on stylish sustainability. Simple yet sophisticated, all of their designs start life as hand-drawn and painted illustrations. The contemporary (but lightly whimsical) designs, with their clean

My aim? Planethappy gifting‌ sharing smiles, hugs and laughter while being as kind to the planet as you can. - Penny Creedon, founder, Paper-Roses

lines and calming colours, are perfect for a little get away from your everyday.

About the founder: Founder and artist, Penny's inspiration comes from her everyday life. That's why you’ll see a lot of Hong Kong in her designs, along with images that reflect her memories and the things her friends and family love.



STYLE STANDARD Style Standard is a Hong Kong-born men's style and grooming company aimed at helping

Men deserve the opportunity to look good and feel good about the

guys look good and live well. Sourced from

way they look. From fixing

around the world, they carry some of the

your fit to cleaning up your

city's best grooming, style, and everyday

colours, there are lots of

accessories that make everything from self-

small and easy ways to

care to gift-buying a breeze. Their online store makes the purchase process super simple,

look good in a way that's

but it's the hands-on and personal touch of

still comfortable and true

the team that makes your experience perfect.

to who you are as a man.

From expert guidance and input available seven days a week, to in-person drop-offs for urgent orders, you're getting much more than

- James Thomson-Sakhrani, founder, Style Standard

what you're paying for with Style Standard.

About the founder: James Thomson-Sakhrani is a fourth-generation Hongkonger and entrepreneur. With a background in entertainment and the corporate world, he's always been on the balanced edge of style and fashion and now wants to help other men look good and live well.



THE BALI BOX Hailing from beautiful Bali and her surrounding

Becoming more mindful

lush islands, The Bali Box brings handcrafted

of our purchases is

eco-alternatives exclusively to Hong Kong.

a great practice to

Specialising in self-care, clean beauty,

start living a more

plastic-free kitchen essentials and a growing collection of bags and baskets, The Bali Box

sustainable lifestyle.

ensures that materials are naturally derived,

Choose quality over

made by hand and plastic-free, with the

quantity, natural over

exception of some caps on oils and sprays. All of their products are carefully sourced from

synthetic and ensure

island artisans and eco-entrepreneurs, and

that employees are

are chosen for their environmental and social

paid and treated fairly.

responsibility. Delivery is 100% plastic free and since there is no way around shipping from Bali to Hong Kong, emissions have been offset

- Tara Alderson, founder, The Bali Box


About the founder: Tara Alderson has a Bachelor's degree in environmental studies and a PhD in sustainable food systems. Always blown away by Bali's craftsmanship and eco-alternative products, she was inspired to create The Bali Box in October 2019.



THE WILD LOT The Wild Lot is an experimental and collaborative concept space right in the heart of Central that aims to transcend the boundaries between a gallery, shop, event space and home. Balancing commerce with creativity, the space aims to establish stronger community platforms and outlets for Hong Kong’s creative economy. Born out of a passion project and the desire to provide more venues in Hong Kong that can bridge creative communities while supporting local businesses, The Wild Lot works with

People shouldn’t feel confined within four walls. The Wild Lot is a safe space to dream big and share ideas. - Elaine Chen-Fernandez, founder, The Wild Lot

a range of local artists, photographers, artisans, craftsmen, designers (and others), all with the goal to cultivate, encourage and promote a more inclusive and diverse creative community and ecosystem.

About the founder: Elaine Chen-Fernandez is the Founder and Director of Mad Otter Ventures, a social impactdriven platform where she actively explores both venture philanthropy and impact investing.



WILD AT ART STUDIO The Wild at Art Studio is a creative sanctuary in the heart of the city, right at the intersection of creativity and healing. Art workshops are

The Wild at Art community truly lights up my life. I watch people budding and blossoming as they grow

designed with a focus on emotional health,

towards self-discovery through

wellbeing and creative self-care. The studio

art, and I love to tend and

offers mindful art-making experiences to help

water each one. This sustains

people destress. But there are times when

me. I am grateful and inspired

words are simply not enough, so Katie offers

every day.

workshops to help people explore personal stories through art in order to develop new

- Katie Flowers, founder, WIld at Art

perspectives and discover insights. Art therapy is provided for individuals in a 1:1 setting.

About the founder: Katie Flowers is an art therapist, art educator and a practicing artist. She passionately believes in the powerful healing capacities of art, and that if we tap into the creative life force that resides within, healing and change can be profound.


A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. - ALBERT EINSTEIN



BLISS BODY RETREAT In times where many people are looking for meaningful ways to live and express their unique potential, Bliss Body Retreat is ready to support and share their wisdom. Its mission is to raise our collective consciousness, offering their guests a glimpse of spiritual awakening. Bliss Body Retreat has created one-of-a-kind programs combining yogic practices with spiritual teachings and deep meditative work, always in inspiring locations and curated properties - be it a luxurious jungle villa in Bali, a charming mansion in sunny Tuscany or an unexpected eco farm right here in Hong Kong. More recently, Bliss Body Retreat has created online offerings and mentorships to support and encourage their

Everyone is born with a right to live up to their fullest expression. Each human by birth has been given unique powers, and a purpose. My mission as a guide is to share a map on how to rediscover these gifts and bring each soul to the light. - Vlada de Sousa, founder, Bliss Body Retreat

community along the way, always through a safely guided process of self-discovery.

About the founder: Everything that Vlada teaches, whether it is about meditation, spirituality, or energy work, comes from the depth of her heart and years of dedicated self-work and personal practice. She praises yoga as a powerful method of self-realization.




We want to make it

Coconut Matter pioneered a new path in

easy for everyone to say

beauty to prioritise both our planet and our

"no plastic, please," By

health in everything they do. They bring

closing the loop on how

mindfulness and love to your beauty routine. Coconut Matter believes that adopting

our products are made,

small changes at home can create a big

packaged and delivered,

impact on our planet. Their mission is to

we help to make a better

craft the best performing products from

planet, and a better you.

natural, vegan ingredients, without testing on animals. Their core ingredient - Fair trade, organic, virgin coconut oil - provides

- Diane van Zwanenberg, founder, Coconut Matter

a livelihood and improved wellbeing for rural Solomon Island communities.

About the founder: Diane van Zwanenberg created Coconut Matter our of a desire to give her young daughter beauty products that were safe for both her and the planet, DShe brings mindfulness to beauty products so everyone can create change from home.



ESTHECLINIC HONG KONG A French beauty clinic providing innovative non-invasive aesthetic treatments, EstheClinic

Our body is the most precious thing we own, and feeling confident in

is a multi-award winning company with

it is truly empowering.

20 years of medical and technological

Knowing that we give, to

expertise. EstheClinic offers a full menu of

both men and women, the

highly effective, pain-free and zero-downtime

opportunity to feel better

treatments that tackle a range of issues, from pigmentation to fine lines and everything in between. All treatments use the most

in their own skin without pain or downtime is what

advanced technologies for permanent hair

drives me as founder of

removal, anti­-aging, body contouring and


rejuvenating treatments from top to toe. No matter your skin concern there is a perfect tailored treatment. All EstheClinic treatments

- Solène Verrot, founder, EstheClinic Hong Kong

are safe, completely painless, non-invasive and with immediate and lasting results.

About the founder: EstheClinic’s success story is that of a family business driven by a passion for beauty. In 2019, Solène, together with her partner Léo, brought the concept to Hong kong. Thanks to them, you can now enjoy a Parisian beauty experience right on your doorstep!




It’s never too late to free yourself from the past.

The Hong Kong Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic is

You have options! Tattoo

Hong Kong's premier provider of tattoo removal

removal is about more

and pre-cover-up tattoo lightening. Established in 2012 with the belief that Hongkongers should not have to sacrifice results or safety of their

than just ink and skin. It’s about letting go,

skin in order to afford tattoo removal, the clinic

moving on, starting new,

has become a place that provides hope and

reflecting outside who you

a fresh start. Committed to providing custom

are inside. Whatever the

solutions, amazing results, and exceptional

reason, I’m here to help.

service, Denise has brought her expertise to this spacious, welcoming Central location. With US certification and a US FDA-approved laser,

- Denise Winter, founder, Hong Kong Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic

Denise has performed thousands of successful treatments for countless happy clients.

About the founder: Denise Winter was inspired to open the clinic by conversations with clients at her husband’s tattoo studio. With 18 years in service industries in the US and Hong Kong, she offers excellent individualized care and continuously strives to raise the bar.



MAWANLA Mawanla is an online platform focused on delivering premium CBD derived products. It strives to educate the world on the benefits

Cannabidiol is the next natural shift on our health

of cannabinoids by offering the industry's

spectrum and its healing

highest quality and most trusted solutions.

properties deserve all the

Mawanla works exclusively with small, family-

hype in the mass media

owned farms to grow their hemp to organic standards. After harvesting, the hemp is processed by CO2 extraction to ensure zero

it has received recently. Begin your journey with

residual solvents. Their CBD oil is THC-free,

us and find your balance

non-GMO and Made in the US. Mawanla


products are also free from pesticides, herbicides, solvents and chemical fertilizers.

About the brand: Mawanla was founded in early 2020 by two CBD aficionados fascinated by the numerous healing properties of cannabinoids. Their mission is to debunk the myths and misunderstandings around these naturally occurring compounds. ​



NEEDS.HK Needs.HK is an online store that curates

Remember to become

quality products at attractive prices. Their aim

the best version of

is to be a one-stop shop trustworthy website

yourself. Believe that

for all your daily needs. Customers can shop with confidence, knowing that everything on

your purpose is bigger

the site has been specially handpicked after

than your fear. Keep

being tried and tested by their core team

your eyes on the

members. Needs.HK constantly introduces

goal and don't forget

new products from all over the world. Their vision is to build a community through their

to have fun! Life is a

customers, and to serve them with integrity

celebration; revel in life.

and excellence. An inclusive distributor, they welcome collaborations with like-minded vendors who need a platform to showcase

- Rani Moriani, co-founder, Needs.HK

their unique products.

About the founder: Rani Moriani is a co-founder of, Her effervescent personality lights up any room. Multi-faceted, she loves to explore many things. When she’s not busy working, you will find her nose-deep in a book, reading or cooking up new recipes.



MY FRENCH ELEGANCE My French Elegance is an image and style consultancy based in Hong Kong that offers premium styling sessions and image consultations with a French touch. Founded by image consultant Celine Lamour, It offers a variety of styling elegance packages, including style makeovers, personal shopping and wardrobe detox, as well as colour and body shape analysis. My French Elegance is also dedicated to helping professionals by conducting corporate style workshops and professional image development sessions. Its mission is to empower people with an extra touch of self-assurance that's hand-in-hand

For me, when you form your own style it is not just with clothes, you create it from your personality. - Celine Lamour, founder, My French Elegance Limited

with effortless style. Whether you're looking for an elaborate and exploratory styling session or an efficient image consultation, get in touch with Celine.

About the founder: Celine Lamour is a certified Image Consultant trained at "La force de l'image - Jill Cavalli" Paris. She is an expert in the fashion industry and loves styling her clients with an effortless French Touch.



ZEROYET100 ZeroYet100 is founded on the principle that natural is better. Their products are formulated with ingredients derived from nature with potent innate properties. In short, nothing toxic yet totally effective. Their line is free of nasties and their ingredient list is transparent and pure. The all-natural products are formulated at the brand's own workshop in Hong Kong and personally tested. The handcrafted products are then housed in recyclable or upcyclable packaging and labelled with only laminationand plastic-free paper product stickers. ZeroYet100 aims to empower you to take the

Nature provides us with everything that you need. Take care of it, make the most of it and most importantly, offer gratitude. - Anita Patel and Sheetal Avlani, co-founders, ZeroYet100

best care of yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you. No compromises required.

About the founders: Meet Anita Patel, a part-time teacher with a passion for clean and green beauty, and Sheetal Avlani, an ex-fashion designer with a passion for healthy living.





ALL ABOUT YOU WELLNESS CENTRE All About You is Hong Kong’s leading mental wellness centre specialising in hypnotherapy, NLP, healing and tarot reading. The centre

Your life really is “All About You.” Your thoughts,

provides individual therapy sessions and

interpretations and beliefs

transformational group workshops, and is the

have created your current

only English-speaking centre in Hong Kong

reality. Life mastery simply

that provides training for individuals to become

requires you to become

internationally certified hypnotherapists. All About You provides a safe space, and regularly hosts renowned practitioners for

aware of what you’ve created, and accept all

workshops and events. It also offers conscious

that you have previously

products such as crystals and affirmation


homewares. Whether it’s addressing a deep issue, attaining wisdom, or enhancing your performance, All About You has services to

- Sonia Samtani, founder, All About You Wellness Centre

match your needs, and caters to left-brained individuals and deeper spiritual-seekers alike.

About the founder: With over 15 years of experience, Sonia Samtani is a sought-after mental health expert and speaker in Hong Kong. Featured twice on TedX, she appears regularly in the media, and her book “52 Thoughts for Conscious Living” is available on Amazon.



BRAVERA Bravera is an app that empowers people to earn points and rewards through walking or

Getting rewarded

running on any smartphone. Unlock both

for being healthy

online and in-store rewards with both local

and moving more.

and international brands, anywhere, anytime. New this February: an additional option to create private corporate/organization or brand groups that include private rewards, leaderboard and chat group, powered by

It's that simple. Are you in? - Alyn Watkins, founder, Bravera

an admin panel you control. Get started by downloading the FREE version of Bravera at

About the founder: For Alyn Watkins, Bravera is the result of an active childhood playing multiple sports, followed by more than a decade working in loyalty and promotions startups servicing fortune 500 companies and billion dollar brands.




We are passionate about

This established clinic is an integrative and

helping people understand

functional medicine practice with two locations

and manage their health.

in Hong Kong: Central and Stanley. Their

Our goal is to search for

wide array of services include osteopathy, physiotherapy, naturopathy, nutrition, psychology, hypnotherapy and other allied

the root cause, go beyond what can normally be

health disciplines. Their practitioners work

offered by conventional

synergistically using a functional medicine

medicine, and support

model, identifying the root of their patients’

people on the road

health issues and treating them using an

towards holistic health and

integrative and personal approach. At Central & Stanley Wellness, patients can take an appointment with one or several practitioners, buy quality-grade supplements or order non-

wellbeing. - Damien Mouellic, founder, Central & Stanley Wellness

invasive lab tests, all under one roof. Telehealth appointments are also available for patients who are not able to make it into the clinic.

About the founder: Damien Mouellic is a Doctor of Osteopathy and the Director of Central & Stanley Wellness. He is also trained in Functional Medicine and is the Founder and President of the Hong Kong Osteopathic Association, a professional body focused on promoting professional standards in Hong Kong and Asia.



HERSHA YOGA Hersha Yoga School of Teacher Training

Practice the kind of

focuses on empowerment and inclusion

yoga that connects

through yoga. Trainees learn to teach

you to your authentic

the complete system of yoga - postures,

self. Teach the kind

philosophy, lifestyle and off-the-mat practices - to a range of abilities and needs. Hersha

of yoga that is integral

Yoga offers teacher training certifications

and accessible. Live

(200- & 500-hour), specialised trainings

the kind of yoga based

(accessible, prenatal & children) and continuing professional development through live trainings, online study and mentoring. Graduates become successful and authentic yoga teachers and studio owners. Hersha

on respect and dignity for all. - Hersha Chellaram, founder, Hersha Yoga

Yoga is a social enterprise whose proceeds support the YAMA Foundation, a charity that makes yoga, art, and meditation accessible to Hong Kong’s most vulnerable communities.

About the founder: Hersha Chellaram is a yoga educator and mentor recognised for her work in advocating for diversity and inclusion in wellbeing spaces, honouring yoga’s traditions, and teaching yoga in community and non-profit settings.




Our mental health

MindnLife is a Hong Kong-based private

influences so much in our

psychology practice, and a winner of Expat

daily lives. Prioritise it and

Living’s Readers’ Choice Awards 2021. Their

share how you’re feeling

experienced team of psychologists and

with professionals or

counsellors provide an excellent standard of care, using clinically-proven therapeutic

trusted friends. This helps

interventions and individualised treatment

to find ways of cultivating

plans. They focus on Client Centered Therapy

a positive and healthy

to help clients overcome personal barriers to

mindset, and reminds us

growth. MindnLife offers a variety of services

that we’re not alone.

and support for individuals, adults, children, teens, families, and couples facing a wide range of issues. They also offer Educational

- Dr. Quratulain Zaidi, founder, MindnLife

Assessments that are firmly based in psychology data and research.

About the founder: Dr. Zaidi is a registered Clinical Psychologist in Hong Kong and the UK. She has more than a decade of clinical experience in mental health, social, emotional, behavioural and relationship challenges. Dr. Zaidi works with adults, families and couples.



MINDFUL STUDIO HK Based on the timeless principles of mindfulness and yoga practices, Mindful Studio HK journeys with clients on the path of self-discovery to enhance their physical and mental well-being. Through activities like

Just like a collection of streams will eventually flow towards a beautiful waterfall, those who consistently practice yoga and meditation will ultimately crystallise the

yoga, meditation and soundbaths conducted

virtues of love, generosity,

in private or semi-private settings, clients

and compassion to benefit

are invited to find harmony and connection

themselves and society.

amongst body, mind and nature. Mindful Studio HK believes health is wealth, and inner peace is the new success! At Mindful Studio

- Simon Hui, founder, Mindful Studio HK

HK, let go of the complex world outside to discover the simple and tranquil world inside.

About the founder: Simon Hui was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Nigeria, graduated from an Ivy League university in the US, learned yoga in India, and once ordained as a monk in Myanmar. He is currently studying for his Masters in Buddhist Counseling at HKU.



MIND YOUR BRAIN Mind Your Brain helps you tap into your subconscious mind to resolve friction in your life. Your subconscious mind governs 90% of

Consulting for mental health, wellbeing or performance doesn’t

your behaviour. Your self-esteem, self-image,

mean you have a

confidence, anxiety, procrastination and self-

problem, but rather

sabotage are the consequences of a friction

that you want to grow,

between your conscious desire and your subconscious behaviour. These frictions come

strive and express your

from outdated subconscious perceptions,

full potential. This is our

unresolved trauma and limiting childhood


associations. When the friction is ignored, it can start to impact on your mental and physical performance, wellbeing and health.

- Olivier Courret, founder, Mind Your Brain

Offering hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming and other modalities, Mind Your Brain help to address these issues for better mental wellbeing.

About the founder: Olivier Courret is a hypnotherapist and mental coach fascinated by the power of the mind. He loves to heal and coach his clients to break the threshold of their current reality. Olivier practices in both English and French.



THRIVE HEALTH Thrive Health is an integrative physiotherapy clinic located in Wong Chuk Hang, on Hong Kong’s vibrant Southside. Thrive Health delivers personalised services and treatments to enhance our patients’ health and healing. Their internationally trained team come from diverse backgrounds, with rich experiences of their own as competitive sportspeople, so they are familiar with a broad range of injuries and the physical and mental impact they can have. Thrive Health shares a vision to provide every individual with the knowledge and support they need to overcome injury, make

Your health is the biggest asset you will own. Invest in it wisely! - Danielle Taylor, founder, Thrive Health HK

positive lifelong changes, and reach their health goals.Thrive Health's services include physiotherapy, clinical Pilates, women’s health, sports massage and osteopathy.

About the owner: Danielle Taylor's physiotherapy career spans more than 24 years, and has seen her work alongside elite athletes, national netball and rugby teams, West End performers, and even the Australian Defence Force.



UP!HEALTH UP!health is a fresh and innovative multidisciplinary health concept based in the heart of Central. They are passionate about providing tailored healthcare solutions for modern health challenges we face in our increasingly busy urban lives. UP!health's range of healthcare services are both specific and complementary when required in combination care. Their team of chiropractors provides an extensive range of chiropractic care from maternity and paediatric care to Sports injury and Posture care. Along with chiropractic, they also provide clinical massage therapy to

Follow your passion, then you will never work a day in your life! - Michelle Zhou McCulloch, UP!health

complement those needing targeted muscle treatment. Their Chinese medicine practitioner provides full range TCM treatments including herbal prescription, acupuncture, cupping and moxibustion.

About the founder: Michelle Zhou McCulloch is a chiropractor and a mother of two. UP!health was created seven years ago with the vision of providing a unique space focused on delivering the highest standard of healthcare in a modern and funky setting. Health is important, and it can be fun too!



VSH Founded in 2014, VSH, the first dedicated

The expertise of the

specialty referral and emergency practice

VSH specialists and

in Hong Kong, offers state-of-the-art

emergency teams,

veterinary referral care on both sides of the harbour. At VSH, professionals provide

in partnership with

specialized, advanced, expert veterinary

family veterinarians

care for complex medical problems in areas

and pet families, helps

including cardiology, dermatology, emergency critical care, internal medicine, oncology, ophthalmology and surgery, as well as 24hour emergency services in both locations. VSH Hong Kong, G/F-2/F, 165-171 Wan Chai

us provide the best possible care for pets. - Dr Alane Kosanovich Cahalane, founder, VSH

Rd., Wan Chai; and VSH Kowloon, G/F-1/F, 7 Liberty Avenue, Ho Man Tin, 2408-2588.

About the founder: Dr Alane Kosanovich Cahalane is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons and a Hong Kong registered specialist in veterinary surgery. She co-founded VSH with the goal of elevating the veterinary profession and care of pets in Asia.



VSRx VSRx, the first and only compounding pharmacy specialising in veterinary medication in Hong Kong, offers customized

Medicating your furry, feathered or scaley friend just got easier with VSRx.

medications tailored for pets regardless

We are here to help you

of size and species. Following the most

medicate your pet so you

stringent safety requirements in the world,

can get back to spending

VSRx pharmacists can prepare medications

quality time together.

from a veterinarian’s prescription in multiple forms, including liquids or treats in various flavours, transdermal creams and more, with

Let VSRx help you by custom-making your pet’s

the goal of helping pet owners medicate their

medications to fit their

pet easily and stress-free, with accurate and

unique needs.

effective dosages every time. VSRx 2/F 165171 Wan Chai Rd., Wan Chai, 2408-0261,

- Jennifer Tse, pharmacist, VSRx

2408-0069. Email:

About the team: Jennifer Tse, a VSRx pharmacist, is the first registered pharmacist in Hong Kong specialising in veterinary compounding. She is a member of the Society of Veterinary Hospital Pharmacists and the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong.


Business Services

b u s i n e s s S e rv i c e s

BAUHINIA SOLUTIONS LIMITED Bauhinia Solutions supports business owners, entrepreneurs and executives to happily take on those tasks and projects from their “too

I have a deep understanding of the pressures a business owner faces because I

hard” or “not enough time” baskets. Alleviate

have been there myself.

your stress and overwhelming to-do-list

When you have the right

by delegating your personal or business

systems and processes

administration and marketing work. They can help you with administrative paperwork, diary

in place, it allows you

and email management, customer service,

to let go of having to do

content marketing, digital advertising, website

everything yourself.

updates, and more. Tap into their well-rounded experience so you can focus on what truly matters the most, whether that is growing your

- Nicole Graham, founder, Bauhinia Solutions

business, or spending more time with family and friends.

About the founder: An expert in virtual and remote support, Nicole Graham leads a team of experienced marketing specialists, personal assistants and administration professionals. As a certified online business manager, she has grown her business into a boutique support agency.


b u s i n e s s S e rv i c e s

ELSA LAW & CO. SOLICITORS Elsa Law & Co. Solicitors is a boutique law firm based in Hong Kong servicing the international community, from individuals to mid- to largesized corporates. The firm is led by Ms. Elsa Law, an experienced lawyer with over 25 years of practice in Hong Kong. It is known for its client-centric, solution-focused and holistic approach, providing the best solutions to companies and individuals that seek them out for advice. The team can advise on contracts and commercial transactions, legal disputes and settlements, divorce, probate, succession

We are a peoplefocused business for people in need of solutions. We take a consultative approach to help people navigate the law. - Elsa Law, founder

planning, crime and more. It serves with a high level of integrity, professionalism and, most importantly, compassion.

About the founder: Ms. Law has been a lawyer for over 25 years. She has worked in the U.K. and as in-house legal advisor to reputable corporations. She founded her own law firm in 2005 as she believes in finding solutions to help clients to achieve success.


b u s i n e s s S e rv i c e s

FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS WORLDWIDE Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide (FEW) was co-founded by Anna Wong and Ines Gafsi, with the mission to bring together key resources and support women need to succeed in their business. Today, FEW has become the largest business platform in

Entrepreneurship is more fun with all its ups and downs. Enjoy! - Anna and Ines, founders, FEW

Asia and has over 20,000 members and 300 corporate partners including Facebook, UBS, Silicon Valley Bank and KPMG.

About the founders: Anna Wong (CEO) and Ines Gafsi (COO) share the same belief of the importance of empowering female fellows and giving back to the society. They also play a business advisory role to help enterprises to grow and achieve their forecasts.


b u s i n e s s S e rv i c e s

FRESH ACCOUNTING Accounting, but different. Fresh Accounting is a dynamic management accounting practice and consultancy with offices in Hong Kong

Starting a business is never easy and for a lot of people, we simply do not

and Singapore. They believe accountants

know where to begin. It is

should do more than just report on how your

important to remember we

business is doing. They identify opportunities

are not alone. Partnerships

and strategies to improve your business and support you in improving performance and profitability.Their three core services are: monthly accounting and payroll services; CFO and advisory services; and implementation of

are more important than ever before. - Paul Gardner, founder, Fresh Accounting

cloud-based accounting solutions powered by Xero. Fresh was born in Hong Kong in 2014 and is here to support SMEs.

About the founder: Paul has extensive experience working with SMEs and business start-ups. He understands the importance of developing and managing relationships and has a proven track record in both implementing and maintaining accounting systems and processes.


b u s i n e s s S e rv i c e s

LIV LABS The creative agency arm of Liv Media, Liv Labs offers a wide variety of bespoke services to bring your brand to life. Whether

Fast, flexible and full of fun, Liv

you need help crafting the perfect press

Labs is a content agency with

release, writing lively product descriptions,

a can-do approach. Bring your

overhauling your website or creating eye-

campaign to life with content

catching collaterals, the seasoned team

created by the team behind

is ready to help. Beyond words, the Liv

Liv, Hong Kong’s best-loved

Labs team has also produced video and photography campaigns for clients such as

wellness magazine.

Pure and Hyatt Hotels. With their proprietary content channels across print, digital, social and email, they can write your story, and share it too.

About the founders: Liv Labs is part of Liv Media, a boutique content agency that publishes Liv Magazine - and this very guide! In 2020, Liv Media also launched Wellness Week, the Wellness & Lifestyle Awards, and JENG! Box, making it the authority on wellness in Hong Kong.


b u s i n e s s S e rv i c e s


Although I hadn’t expected to be an entrepreneur,

The Women Entrepreneurs Network (WEN)

I planned carefully and

has a long history of supporting women

worked with determination

business owners. The network began in the late 80’s with the workshop, "How to start

to make my business

and run your own business." Today, WEN

successful and well-

supports women on their business journey,

respected. My success

from startup to sale. Their mission is to

enabled me to help other

empower and educate women entrepreneurs

women entrepreneurs and

to scale their business through knowledge, networking and events. In addition to their popular "Circle" events and webinars, they also offer 1-to-1 mentoring, ongoing small

the less fortunate. - Elizabeth Thomson, co-founder, The Women Entrepreneurs Network

mentor circles, and an online directory. WEN is where inspiration is found, connections are made and problems are solved.

About the founders: WEN Co-Founders, Elizabeth Thomson (inset) and Kimberly Whiley (left) are passionate about supporting women entrepreneurs to thrive and succeed in business. Business women in their own right, they have over 50 years of experience in growing and selling businesses.



513 Paints






Ruai Interiors


All About You Wellness Centre


Spicebox Organics


Austy Lee Art Jewellery


Style Standard




The Bali Box


B Squared Design Limited


The Wild Lot




Thrive Health HK


Bauhinia Solutions




Bliss Body Retreat










Wild at Art Studio




Women Entrepreneurs Network 70



YoKitchen Touch of Earth


Central & Stanley Wellness




Coconut Matter


Elsa Law & Co. Solicitors




Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide


Flo Jewellery


Flow With Me




Fresh Accounting


Hersha Yoga


HK Closet Detox


Hong Kong Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic






Karma Creations


Karma Links




Lit Concept


Liv Labs




Mind Your Brain


Mindful Studio




My French Elegance Limited




Nurture Your Life







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