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Please could you just run this major project, support that fantastic young person, broker this perfect partnership and, erm, change the world... by end of play...? Is making a difference something youʼd like to make part of your to-do list?

Livity is a socially responsible youth communications agency that works with young people to produce co-created campaigns for the causes and brands we believe in. We share our offices with young people every day: a methodology that fuels our campaigns and helps 100 young people into work or education each year.

In 2010, Livity and Channel 4 bid successfully together to the Legacy Trust UK to deliver the incredible UK-wide Olympic Legacy project, somewhereto.

somewhereto is a key project of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. At its heart, itʼs about enabling 16-25 year olds across the UK to find spaces to do the things that they love, by working with them to secure access to spaces they need but donʼt have.

With a focus on the arts, culture and sports, somewhereto is committed to empowering young people to unlock spaces to grow their passions with a real sense of ownership… whatever their thing and wherever they want to do it.

We are looking for outstanding individuals or organisations that want to do some good, whilst 2

doing what they're good at. You will be the core members of the somewhereto team. You will be skilled in project management with extensive experience across the youth, statutory, sports or cultural sector.

As a Regional Producer you will be responsible for planning and implementing regional delivery strategies for somewhereto and working on the ground to ensure that young people are both inspired and mobilised to identify their passions and find a space to bring them alive. You始ll also work with local and regional agencies, as well as space-owners themselves, to unlock spaces and make them available for young people.

As the Central Support Manager responsible for somewhereto mission control, you will be a skilled problem-solver and troubleshooter with extensive experience of providing advice and guidance. You will be responsible for communicating the vision and practical

驶We are delighted to be supporting

application of somewhereto with a range of stakeholders to ensure that young people, spaceowners and the public are inspired and mobilised to bring spaces alive.

somewhereto, we are very much looking forward to working with Livity to find new ways to engage young people始s creativity and

We like our Regional Producers and Central Support Managers to be organised, passionate about what they do, driven and accountable. Strong managerial skills and experience in engaging with, empowering and mentoring young people are essential. Knowledge of the public and business sectors would also be an advantage.

passion始 Jo Twist Education Commissioning Editor, Channel 4 3

Project Aims If you know a young person with a passion, somewhereto is all about unlocking space in which they can come alive. somewhereto thinks about space in its broadest sense: it could be temporary access to a local cinema for a young person to showcase their film…or negotiating street access for a street football tournament…or access to office space that is unused at night for a band to rehearse…or negotiating access to an area of a city for skaters…or a street corner for busking…or an online space to set up an online music mag… the opportunities are endless!

somewhereto: inspires young people to look for space inspires spaceowners to open up spaces involves young people in inspiring events and somewheretos supports young people to solve their space needs creates a sense of ownership of somewhereto in young people UK wide encourages everyone to view space differently ensures that somewhereto is enduring and sustainable beyond the 2012 games


Project Structure 1. Digital Platform At the heart of somewhereto will be a website, designed to serve as a hub for young people to access local and national somewhereto spaces, locate their nearest Regional Producer and to share and connect with stories and other young people nationwide. The website is also the hub for spaceowners to explore the benefits of their participation in the project, alleviate practical and legal concerns and provide a space brokering service via a Central Support Manager or a Regional Producer.

2. Central Support somewhereto will have a core support team who are central to the project. At the somewhereto digital hub all stakeholders will be able to access networks, support and guidance to ensure that their relationship with somewhereto is well-informed, motivational and enduring.

3. Regional Producers: Regional reach with local expertise Participants will benefit from the local knowledge of a somewhereto Regional Producer. Young people will be mentored and empowered at a local level to identify spaces for themselves. Regional Producers will facilitate this as well as sourcing new spaces regionally and providing an outreach service for somewhereto.


As the project builds and moves towards its legacy phase, Regional Producers will be encouraged to develop the leadership skills of engaged participants and promote ownership of the project as these individuals assume the role of Youth Ambassadors.

Inspiring Engagement somewhereto is about providing the catalyst. Lighting the fire to kick-start young people into

驶The Livity team are so proud to

doing it for themselves. Regional Producers will be supported by key events delivered by Livity and Channel 4 to inspire young people and create awareness of somewhereto.

be delivering Legacy Trust UK's somewhereto programme. Improving and benefiting young people's lives is at the heart of

Reporting and Celebrating Storytelling and celebrating success is a central theme throughout somewhereto. Regional Producers will be required to capture and present multi-platform success stories and case studies for the duration of the contract.

what we do and we can't wait to start inspiring and helping young people to find spaces to do the things they love and are passionate about, leaving a longterm legacy after the Olympics始 Michelle Clothier Co-founder of Livity 6

somewhereto project overview  
somewhereto project overview  

Introduction to somewhereto for applicants