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...God's Word is the only true, tested and trusted agent that explodes the seed/potentials in us.....(Pst Udeh T.L)

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About Iron Pillars Intercessors Squad Int'l Double Portion and Divine Escape- 2014 Iron pillar is an international non-governmental organization of evangelical Christian groups all over the world. Iron pillar came into existence in 1999 at Aba, Abia State, Nigeria as a result of the leading of the HolySpirit as written in Jeremiah 1:18 by a group of persons like Brother Daniel Chinedu, Brother Tochukwu Udeh, Brother Chinwendu Marcel Anaemeje, Brother Timothy Nworgu, Brother Emeka Udeh, Brother Melody Nworgu etc which was been formed through Brother Daniel. This Christian group became involved with fervent prayers and intercessions, Bible studies, and evangelism. At that tender age, it experienced a lot of set back as a result of several circumstances like venue, finance, temptations etc that led it from not being in active for some days, weeks, and at times some months. Today, Iron Pillar as her name implies has come to stay with branches at U.S.A, Ukraine and some states in Nigeria with Aba being the headquarters. Through Bible studies, prayer meetings, and Bible discipleship, Iron Pillar challenges, motivates, and mobilizes people to fulfil the great commission (Matthew 28:18-20) from various denomination and she does not align herself with any particular denomination, church. Iron pillar recognizes and identifies with witness of the church throughout the world. It is based under the leading of the HolySpirit and Biblical principles/standard. Currently, Evangelist Marcel Chinwendu Anaemeje stands as the visioner under the appointment and mandate of the Holyspirit.


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The Secret of a Blessed Man (Part one)

Pastor Tochukwu Udeh L.

But his delight is in the Law of the Lord and in his law doth he meditate day and night......(Ps.1:2)

Made to count

Every great man is shaped by what he reads. Great ingredients which have explosive seeds are there in the content of the materials they read. What you read tends to shapen your thought pattern either in a good way or bad way. Every man is not different from his thought pattern. That is why the scripture says "As a man thinketh in his heart so he is"

Your thoughts influences the way you do things. God's word today says that a blessed man takes delight and solace in the Word of God. His source of inner strength is drawn from the authentic Word and not from wine, women, wealth , or worldly materials. During the moment we engage in deep meditation in the Word of God, we tend to embark on series of Word procession that transmits faith from the supernatural realm into the realm of reality. Our understanding are enhanced. We develop a sordid interest in the things of the world and absolute resilience in the revealed truth of the word of God. Thus our fruition becomes enormous and spontaneous when our uttmost delight is in God.

No human being is a product of chance or mistake. It is possible that a pregnancy may be a mistake but the product is never a mistake. We are God's workmanship, created in the image of God. You are made to impact your world positively. You are made for a change. You are created to create a change. So, it does not matter the background you are raised from, You are made to count. God had you in his mind. He made you special. You are the only best of your kind in the world. You are somewhat special. The Best of God's dreams. Your problem is a temporal issue. For it is written"He has made all things beautiful in his time..." (Ecc.3:11) We should never be discouraged when we are faced with divers challenges and perils, they are there to make us more stronger and to reveal the power of God inside of us. Don't give up! Winners are never Quitters and Quitters are never winners. The storm is meant to toughen the wood and to destrony. We are made to count. God is on our side. He will strengthen us in Jesus name. Amen




When everything seem to be crumbling around U; What approach will u take? Let's consider Job, He was a man that loved God and remained steadfast when all was taken from him, " Then Job arose, tore his robe, and shaved his head; and he fell to the ground and worshiped. Job 1:20 ; Job boldly declared "Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return thither: the LORD gave and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD. Maybe u have had a Job experience or u r in one now, or u will have your day, just know your respone will make all the difference, will we continue to worhship God in the mist not knowing the out come, Job didn't allow even his wife to discourage him, satan will us even the ones close to us, he knows our heart connections, so we should gaurd our heart with all dilgence and pay attention to the spirit that is speaking in our hearing. We must try the spirit by the spirit to see who is speaking. Jesus to in Matthew was tempted by satan and each time he spoke the written word of God, Jesus declared in each temptation "IT IS WRITTEN" Jesus is our example, we should declared the word , satan hate when the beliver use the word of God, so we should us it in each breath, Praise God!!! Bless God!!! etc. The Apostle Paul declared this in Romans 8:35-39.

From the Secretary's Desk Sis Sarah Shettima is an undergraduate student of Ternopil State Medical University. She is a woman of virtue and an epitome of discipline. Her humble and amiable nature is worth emulating. She is a dedicated believer. Presently, she is the secretary of Iron Pillar Intercessors Squad Ternopil Ukraine. On beahalf of the Iron Pillars ministries world wide we bring you all greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As you make your time to read this first edition of the Heroes Magazines, we believe that God will richly bless you. Thank you once again for your support in prayers. God bless you all.

A Self-Checkpoint for the Single Woman Am I complete in my own life, even if no one ever joins me on my journey? Have I built a healthy network of friends and family who love me the way I am, and do I maintain those relationships even when I'm dating someone? Am I ignoring my dreams to pursue a relationship, or am I pursuing my dreams and letting love find me? Have I learned to love myself, even if I choose to be home alone on a Saturday night? Once you've made sure you're emotionally strong and secure with who you are, you'll come to realize that lateblooming roses are often the sweetest. You'll realize how much you actually like owning your own schedule, weekends, and independence. You will be brave enough to boldly chart your own path, even if it doesn't include a white picket fence. You'll hope for romance, but with or without it, you'll crank up the music and dance. And when you look in the mirror, you'll see a woman who doesn't let go of her joy simply because love hasn't yet arrived. Singleness is a choice, not a lack of options. The next time you check the box "S" for single, remember this: singleness is no longer a lack of options but a choice—a choice to refuse to let your life be defined by your relationship status, and to live every day happily, to let your "Ever After" work itself out. Whether or not you have someone in the passenger seat, you are still the driver of your own life, and can take whatever road you choose. So the next time you hit a speed bump—otherwise known as the ages-old question, "Why are you still single?"—look 'em in the eye and say, "Because I'm too strong, too smart, and too fabulous to settle."


PREAPARING A HEALTHY MEAL One of the toughest parts of getting on track with healthy eating is getting organized — but there are ways to take a smarter approach to meal planning and shopping. Come Up with a Weekly Game Plan This will not only help you stick to a healthy diet, but it will also help keep you on a budget (you won’t end up opting for last-minute take-out).

Evang. Abraham


We defeat Satan's lies through the truth, which is God's Word (Psalm 86:11; 119:30,160; John 17:17; Ephesians 6:13-17). We aim our minds especially at the highest Truth, Jesus Christ (Hebrews 3:1; 12:2). Truth is more than a block of information to be examined and debated. Ultimately, Truth is the Person who says, "I am the Way and the Truth and the Life" (John 14:6). It is one thing to study ideas about someone, but it's another thing to know Him and to live by His power. The hinge upon which a renewed life turns is the relationship that fills your mind and heart. This is what Paul told the Romans and the Colossians. "Those who live according to the sinful nature have their minds set on what that nature desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires" (Romans 8:5). "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind" (Romans 12:2).you maybe in this world but the spirit man is not of this world. "Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God... Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed..." (Colossians 3:1-3,5). Colossians 3 shows the ungodly attitudes and actions we must "take off." It also shows the godly ways that we should "put on." We have the best reason to keep growing and changing: God has already accepted us as dead to sin and alive in Christ. Did you notice how Colossians uses tenses? Colossians 3:3 says in the past tense: "You died!" "You have taken off your old self with its practices and have put on the new self" (Colossians 3:9-10). "If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" (2 Corinthians 5:17). God has accomplished His great miracle in us already. Spiritually, we have been made completely new. Practically, we live up to that spiritual truth more and more. Jesus gives us progress as we trust and obey Him. He does this by His Spirit who lives inside us and renews us day by day (2 Corinthians 3:18; 4:16). "For if you live according to the sinful nature, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live" (Romans 8:13). "I pray that out of his glorious riches He may strengthen you with power through His Spirit in your inner being... Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us..." (Ephesians 3:16,20).

Take 20 minutes during the weekend to plan your weekly meals. Schedule one week of healthy meals at a time and use a calendar to visualize and organize. Plan to have most dinner plates follow a balanced model, like MyPlate: one-quarter of the plate goes to whole grains, one-quarter to lean protein, and half to fruits and veggies. Collect healthy recipes online or from cookbooks and magazines and keep them in a binder or folder. Choose no more than two new recipes a week for weeknight meals — just in case they don’t turn out exactly as planned. If you’re usually in a time crunch during the week, choose a few dishes you can cook ahead on weekends and store in the fridge or freezer. Write Your Grocery List Once you plan out your meals, you’ll know exactly what goes on your grocery list. Take 15 minutes during the weekend to go through the refrigerator, freezer and pantry to see what you have in stock. Toss out expired items and make room for new ones. Check staple ingredients (like salt and olive oil) so you can stock up if running low. Review recipes ahead and make sure you have everything you need. Write the amount needed so you don’t over- or under-buy. Schedule at least one hour to shop at the grocery store so you don’t feel rushed. And don’t forget to eat before you go — you’ll minimize impulsive purchases. Read more at: oc=linkback


We are the Chosen generation

HARD TRUTH ABOUT EDUCATION Success is a journey, not a destination Ralph Arbitelle. We are born to realize that getting a degree, increases your chances of getting a job, provides you with an opportunity to be successful, your life will be a lot less stressful and your parents would tell you to make them proud. “Education is the Key”. Bla Bla Bla… Now look at the statistics, Steve Jobs’ net worth $7 billion R.I.P; Richard Branson net worth $4.2 billion; Oprah Winfrey net worth $2.7 billion; Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Ford, Bill Gates etc, now here comes ‘the coup, de grace’. Looking at these individuals, what’s your conclusion? Neither of them in being successful ever graduated from a higher learning institution, now some of you would protest like, you know money is only the medium by which one measures worldly success, some of you even have the nerve to say, I don’t do it for the money, so what are studying for? To work for a charity, need more clarity?:) please!!! Let’s look at the statistics, Socrates, Malcolm X, Mother Teresa, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Muhammad Ali to mention but a few, were either of these people unsuccessful or uneducated? The point is this, if there was a family tree, hard work and education would be related, but school would probably be a distant cousin. If education is the key, then school is the lock (contd)


Don’t get it all twisted, school expands your horizon, but you need to understand your morals and reassess your aims, because if you want a job working for someone else, then help yourself. But then that would be a contradiction, because you wouldn’t have really be helping yourself, you’ll be helping somebody else; there’s a saying, which says: “if you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help build theirs”. Redefine, how you view education. Understand its true meaning. Education is not just about regurgitating facts from a book on someone else’s opinion on a subject to pass an exam. Look at it, Picasso was educated in creating art; Shakespeare was educated in the art of [word] that was written. Don’t let exam results decide your fate. Believe in yourself and stay positive. But then it pays to be educated.




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Double Portion-2014

Are you looking for perfection?

Don' tl etHol l ywood' si mageoft hei dealwomanmakeyouf eeli nadequat e.

eupt osomeoneel se’ si deal Perfection.PERFECTI ON.Tenl il el e er s ornotImeasur f or mi ngawor dt hatshoul dbet hr ownoutoft he physi calst andard.WhatIreal i zedwas-who humanvocabul ary,f ornoonehast heabi l i t yt o IamdependsonwhoHesaysIam. obt ai ni t .Thedi conarydefines‘ per f econ’as: Ther ei ssuchaf reedomi nknowi ngIam t hecondion,st at e,orqual i t yofbei ngf r eeor l ovedandaccept edbyaGodwhoseesme f r eeaspossi bl eofal lflawsordef ect s. f ortherealme.I ti sf reei ngt oknowIdonot Thef unnyt hi ngaboutt hi sdefinioni st hati t owearmasksaroundHi morpresent havet asser t st hatbei ngper f ectbr i ngsf r eedomf r om somef al seadversementofmysel ft ogetHi m somet hi ng.Now,Iwantyout ost opandt hi nk t ocon nuel ovi ngme. ofa mewhenyouf el tt hemostf r ee.What wast hatl i kef oryou?Whower eyouwi t h? Trueperfectionisachievedwhen Whatt r i gger edt hatf eel i ngi nsi deofyou?

Unm asked and unasham ed

weyieldourselvestotheHoly WordofGod...”Andbenotconformed tothisWorldbutbeyoutransformed bytherenewingofyourmind...”

Forme,findi ngf r eedomwascomi ngt ot he r eal i zaont hatIdi dn' thavet opr et endt obe somebodyel se.Ican' tt el lyouhowmany mes Whatt ot r ul yval ue It r i edt obesomeoneel se,soIcoul dmeett he Haveyoueverf el tt heneedt opl eas eot her sby st andar dsoft hatguyort hosepeopl e. l i vi ngupt ot hei ri dealofper f econ? t er i ngmysel ft ofitast andar dofper f econset Areyoustrugglingwithbreakingfreefrom Al bysomeone,ot hert hanGod,act ual l yt r appedme tryingtoobtainperfecon? ss t andar ds andpr event edmef r omt r ul ybei ngt hewoman DoyoufocustoomuchtoHollywood’ oryourpeer s 'opi ni ons ? Godhaddesi gnedmet obe.Tr uef r eedomhas Ifso,Iwouldencourageyoutoseethecontrast comef r omknowi ngt hatwhoIami snot bet weenwhatHol l ywoodval uesandwhatGod dependentonwhoot her ssayIam,orwhet her values.Herearejustafewdifferencesbetweenthetwo. con nuefromnextpage

1.Yourbody 3.YourBeaut y Hol l ywoodsays. . .t hatwomenshoul ddo Hol l ywoodsays. . .beaut ycomesf r ompr oduct s s u c h a s e y e l i n e r , ma s c a r a , l i p s c k , p o w d e r , what everi tt akest obeassl enderaspossi bl e. Godsays. . .Hecr eat edyouri nmostbei ngand andperfume.Theadversementswesee const ant l yst r esst hi si deaandassertt hat kni tyout oget hert opr oducesomet hi ng womenwhoweart hesepr oduct swi l ll and wonder f ul( Psal m139:1314) .Thi smeans theperfectjob,bequickertocatchthat t hatt heshapeyouhavewaspi ckedoutf or certainguy’ seye,orsomehowbeofmor e w o r t h t h a n t h o s e w h o d o n o t . youandyou,al one.Goddi dnoti nt endf or Godsays. . .Charmi sdecep ve,andbeaut y peopl et obecooki ecu eri magesofone i sflee ng;butawomanwhof ear st heLor d anot her .No,ofcour senot !Hedesi gnedyour istobepraised.(Proverbs31:30) bodyt obedi ffer entt hanyourmot her’ s, Al t houghIdon' tbel i evet her ei sanyt hi ng wr ongwi t hweari ngmakeup,perf ume,et c. , yoursi st er’ s,andyourbestf r i end’ s. I d o b e l i e v e t h a t t h e y h a v e t h e a b i l i t y t o Hehasgi venyout hi sbodyandwant syout o enj oybei nguni quel ycr a ed!Peopl ecomei n becomeadistraconfromusworkingon whowear ei nsi de. di ffer entshapesandsi zesandal lar ebeau f ulTheLorddoesnotlookatthethingsman andal lar eWORTHl ovi ng.Embr acewhat ever looksat.Manlooksattheoutwardappearance shapeyouar eandknowt hatyouar eoneof ,buttheLordlooksattheheart.(1Samuel16:7) aki nd! Thi sver set el l suswhatGodi st rul yconcerned 2.Success wi t h-ourheart s.I ti sokayt owantt ol ookyour Hol l ywoodsays. . .successi shavi ngaf ancy best-thereisnothingwrongwiththat!However, j obandmaki ngal otofmoney. what ' smor ei mport anti syouri nnerbeaut y. H e w o u l d r a t h e r u s f o c u s o n b e i n g w o me n Godsays. . .successi swhenwear eusi ngt he gisandpassi onsHehasgi venust omakea whoarecompletelyinlovewithHim,which mani f est si t sel fi nourdai l ywal kwi t hHi m. mar kont hi swor l df orHi m.Col ossi ans3: 17s Whowillyoufollow? ays,“andwhat everyoudo,whet heri nwor d So…i t’ supt oyou.Whowi l lyouf ol l ow? ordeed,doi tal li nt henameoft heLor d, J esus,gi vi ngt hankst oGodt heFat hert hr ough Willyoulooktotheunrealiscstandardsof perf econsetbyHol l ywoodt odefineyour sel f , hi m .Whatar m” eyoupassi onat eabout ?Do orwi l lyoul ookt oGod? youenj oywr ing?Danci ng?Basket bal l ?Ar t ? Wanttoknowhowtoscraptheidealssetby Busi ness?What everi ti s,wor khar dt obr i ng Hollywoodandlivewithahealthymindsetbased st rut hs?Her ei ti s:youmustst artl i vi ng Hi mgl or yandhonor .Gi vet hanksf orwhatHe uponGod’ i n l i g h t o f t h e f a c t t h a t G o d ’ s o p i n i o n a b o u t y o u haspr ovi dedf oryou,anddon' tr el yonwor l dy ma er smor et hananyoneel se' s.Byf ocusi ngon measur esofmoneyorst at ust odefineyour God’ sopi ni onofyou,youwi l lbebr eaki ngt he success. chai nsofbondageyouwer eoncei nandrunni ng i nf r eedomt oal i f eofperf econ—God’ sway.N ow,doesn’ tt hatsoundl i keal i f ewort hl i vi ng?

THE MAN IN THE MIRROR Whenyougetwhatyouwanti nyourSt r uggl ef orsel fandt heWor l dmakesyouKi ngf oraDay;J ustgot oaMI RROR andl ookatyour sel fandseewhatt hatMansays.Fori ti sn’ tyourFat herorMot herorWi f ewho’ s

Judgementuponyoumustpass;TheFellow whoseverdictcountmostinyourlife,istheone staringatyoufromtheGLASS.SomePeople maythinkYou’reastraightshoo ngCHUM, andcallYouawonderfulGUY;ButtheMan intheGLASSsaysYouareonlyaBUM,ifyou can’tlookstraightinhiseye;.HeisTheFellow toPlease;nevermindalltherest.Forhe’s withyoueventotheEND,asyoupassyour mostdangerousanddifficulttests,IFONLY THEMANINTHEGLASSISYOURFRIEND.You mayFooltheWholeworlddownthepathway oflife,andgetpatsonyourBackasyoupass. ButyourFINAL REWARDandremarkswillbeHEARTACHES SSELFCONCEPTI NFLUENCES andTEARS,ifYouhaveCHEATEDtheManin ONE’ O N E ’ S S T Y L E theMIRROR.Somemes,wetrytoplaythe

actorinlife’smostchallengingsituaons,we neglectthatourtrueselfcannotbehidden irrespecveofhowmuchpretextwemay appeartobeorlooklike.Itbecomesimperave thatyouCULTIVATEtheFAITHinYou,DEVELOP theCOURAGEinyou,RADIATEtheWARMTHin you,PRACTICEtheCHARITYinyou,SHAREthe HAPPINESSinyou,SHOW theKINDNESSinyou, EXPRESStheLOVEinyou,MANAGEthe POTENTIALinyou,NURSEtheINNATEABILITIES inyou,andSTIRtheGIFTSinyou,fortheyouin youmakeyoutheyou,youare.Sotherefore, lookfortheBESTandgettheBESToutofLIFE. YouaremadeforaPURPOSE,thereforeDARE toBeREAL;youcanbeattheRICHasyoupoise tofulfillDESTINY.


or gani zat i on,t ut or i ngel ement ar yschoolki ds,kni t t i ngf orcancer pat i ent s,orbuyi ngf ai rt r adepr oj ect st opr omot eeconomi cheal i ng, f or tt oser veot her si navar i et yofdi f f er entways.Tal kt o St andi ngoutf orbei ngaChr i st i anatschooli sn' t makeanef r i endst hatar enotsavedaboutwhatyouar edoi ngandask al wayseasy.Butt her ear eaf ewsi mpl et hi ngswe yourf ort hei rhel porsuppor t . candot hatwi l lhel pot her sseet hatJesusi st he f TheKi ngwi l lr epl y,' Tr ul yIt el lyou,what everyoudi df orone mosti mpor t antt hi ngi nourl i ves. oft hel eastoft hesebr ot her sandsi st er sofmi ne,youdi df or me. '(Mat t hew25: 40) 1.J oi naChri s ti ancl ub hi sal lmenwi l lknowt hatyouar eMydi sci pl es,i fyouhave Fi ndwayst oconnectwi t hf el l owChr i st i ansatschoolByt l ovef oroneanot her .(John13: 35)

f ort hesakeofaccount abi l i t y,andmor ei mpor t ant l y f el l owshi p!Cr eat eorj oi naBi bl est udy, 3.BeaREAL,practi calandacti veexampl eofaChri sti an pl anChr i st -cent er edevent s,gowi t nessi ng,and Toerri shuman,t of orgi vedi vi ne.(Al exanderPope) ser i ousl yconsi deroppor t uni t i est hr oughchur chor Sel f -harm,drugoral coholabuse,sex(out si deofmarri age) out si deor gani zat i onsf ormi ssi onst r i ps. ,andbul l yi ngareal lf ri ght eni ngl ypreval enti ncul t uret oday. Chr i st i ancl ubscanbeasaf espacet ot al kabout Ther eareal otofhurt i ngpeopl e,whoneedt oknowt heyare yourf ai t h,andgethel pwi t hyourst r uggl es.Sobe l ovedandshownt heyarei mport ant . opent ochecki ngoutaChr i st i ancl ub,orf i ndot her Weneedpeopl et oseet hatChri st i ansarenotj ustcommi t t ed wayst oconnectwi t hf el l owChr i st i ansatyourschool .t oasetofrul es,butboundt ot heeverl ast i ngl oveand abundantgraceofourSavi orJesusChri st . 2.Servi ceproj ects :GETI NVOLVED! A p r a c t i c a l w a y t o d o t h i s i s t o v o l u n t e e r t o prayf orot hers. Beopent odi f f er entser vi ceoppor t uni t i est ohel pyour I t ma y s e e m s c a r y , b u t h o n e s t l y , l o t s o f n o n C h r i s t i a n peopl e ownsmal lcommuni t yorevent heWORLD.Tr yout r e a l l y l i k e p r a y e r . A n o t h e r w a y t o d o t h i s i s t o o w n y o u r mi s t ake di f f er entcl ubsorj ustdi f f er entser vi cepr oj ect s. s a n d p r a c t i c e w h a t y o u p r e a c h . Whet heri t ' sr ai si ngmoneyt osendt oanonpr of i t

Whenyouhaveaninterestedfriendinvitethemtochurch, 4.Al wayshaveaBi bl eonhand TheBi bl esayst ober eadyi nseasonandoutofseason. andthenaskwhattheythoughtoftheservice.Donothound Soal ongwi t h‘ pr ayi ngunceasi ngl y’t hr oughoutt heday, themtore-vi sit,butperiodicallyinvitethemtovariouschurchi tmaydoyouagr eatdealofhel pt ohavet heGOODBOOK rel atedevents. onhandatal l mes.Wi t ht her i seoft echnol ogyt hi shas I fyoudeclarewithyourmouth,"JesusisLord,"andbelieve becomei ncr easi ngl ysi mpl e,wi t ht hecr ea onofnumer ous i nyourheartthatGodraisedhimfromthedead,youwillbe Bi bl eanddevo onalappl i ca onsf orSmar t Phones,l apt ops saved.(Romans10:9) andt abl et s;aswel last r avel si zedBi bl es,andBi bl er ef er ence Letnomandespi sethyyouthratherbethouanexampl e websi t es. I fyoufindanappr opr i at ewayt obr i ngt heBi bl ei nt oa tobel i eversi nword,i nconversa on,i nchari ty,i npuri ty conver sa on,t hent akeadvant ageofi t !GetyourBi bl eout i nspi ri tandi nfai th.Ti l lIcomegi vea endancetoreadi ng &l etpeopl eknowwhatGodhast osayaboutl i f e. toexhorta on,todoctri ne.(1Ti m. 4:12-13)

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VALUES CHANGE THE WORLD Over the last few decades, many people have attempted to measure what is sometimes called social, public, or civic value— that is, the value that non-governmental organizations (NGOs), social enterprises, social ventures, and social programs create. The demand for these metrics has come from all sectors: Foundations want to direct their grants to the most effective programs; public officials, policy makers, and government budget offices have to account for their spending decisions; investors want hard data analogous to measures of profit; and nonprofits need to demonstrate their impact to funders, partners, and beneficiaries. Metrics to meet these needs have proliferated over the last 40 years, resulting in hundreds of competing methods for calculating social value.

Despite the enthusiasm for metrics, few people actually use them to guide decisions. In the nonprofit sector, good managers are very rigorous about tracking costs and income. But few use sophisticated metrics to help allocate resources. Meanwhile, in the public sector, political judgment counts more than cost-benefit assessments. First, most metrics assume that value is objective, and therefore discoverable through analysis. Yet as most modern economists now agree, value is not an objective fact. Instead, value emerges from the interaction of supply and demand, and ultimately reflects what people or organizations are willing to pay. Because so few of the tools reflect this, they are inevitably misaligned with an organization’s strategic and operational priorities. The second reason that current measures of social value fail to influence decision makers is that they conflate three very different roles: accounting to external stakeholders, managing But it’s not clear why social . Social value is not an internal operations, and assessing organizations and governments societal impact. In the business sector, objective fact. Instead, it should use commercial discount decision makers use different tools for emerges from the interaction rates, especially as these rates each of these tasks. An airplane radically devalue the future. of supply and demand, and manufacturer, for instance, would use Indeed, we should hope that the therefore may change across one set of metrics, mandated by laws people in these organizations give and regulations, to explain to external time, people, places, and greater weight to the interests of stakeholders how it spends its money. future generations than do situations. The company would then use a second commercial markets. A closer But unlike molecules, which follow the rules set of metrics to allocate resources in the building of analysis of discount rates suggests of physics rather obediently, human beings airplanes. (It is a brave manager who would let that they do. In health, many have minds of their own, and are subject to investors see these internal accounts.) The company countries apply a very low or zero many social, psychological, and would then use entirely different kinds of measures to discount rate, on the grounds that environmental forces. Several decades of explain how its activities affect larger economic younger generations should not indicators such as gross domestic product. Yet in the involvement in evidence-based policymaking has shown me that although be disadvantaged relative to older social and public sectors, some proponents of new ones. Governments ignore social value measures claim that their metric can play evidence should inform all action, very few discount rates when investing in domains allow precise predictions about all three roles. Not surprisingly, and despite education and defense courageous efforts, these attempts to do three things at what causes will lead to what effects. The once have resulted in the failure to do any one of them social sciences (including business) simply technologies. do not have laws in the way that physics has. well. I recommend better ways to make social value metrics. Even seemingly solid economic principles, such as the rule that demand falls when My main advice is that nonprofits and foundations prices rise have many exceptions. A second should resist the current trend of developing assessment tools entirely separately from public policy reason that measuring social value is hard is that, in many of the most important fields of and academic social science, and instead should collaborate across sectors. The failure of the social and social action—such as crime prevention, childcare, and schooling—people do not public sectors to measure the value they create does agree about what the desired outcome not stem from a paucity of intelligence or good should be, because people’s ethics, morals, intention. Rather, it reflects four unavoidable and priorities vary, social value assessments complexities that bedevil the measurement of social that look only at costs and benefits are value. First among these is the lack of hard-and-fast laws and regularities in the social field. Many people bound not to influence many members of the public and the politicians who represent would love the social field to be more like natural science, so that they could definitely predict the effects them. Philosophers have long recognized OGBEIDE of, say, a $10 million investment in a crime prevention that societies are made up of competing and conflicting systems of valuation and program. OSAROBO justification. But measurers of social value MARK have often tried to deny this.


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He suffered no man to do them wrong; yea He reproved kings for their sakes saying, Touch not my Anointed and do my Porphets no harm. Psalms 105:14-15

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