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Berlin, DE

Livins Varghese is a Multidisciplinary Designer (Graphic, Product, Sustainable design) from the beautiful southern part of India, currently residing in Berlin, Germany. With a Master degree in Integrated Design from Dessau, Germany and a Bachelors degree in Multi-media (Visual Communication) from Kottayam, India. He holds academic and professional experience in Graphic design, Illustration, a bit of UI/UX design, Sustainable Product Design, Upcycling Design, Product Photography. He loves to venture into daily creative adventures of Design & Art to generate and create context-driven solutions and expressions, through sustainable practices. He runs a weekend upcycling project called, Project REINC. The project basically collects the 50s-60s tube radios and give a new life using wireless audio technology. He also works as a freelance graphic designer and he did finish three brand design projects in Berlin.

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