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The Zeal For good works (TITUS 3:13-14)

Sunday 8th February 2009

Sunday 8th February 2009

The zeal for good works The dictionary describes zeal as eagerness to do something, a zealot is a person who shows zeal in excess. Jesus came to this world to do the work of God (His Father), and to encourage others to engage in doing the things God wants them to do. God wants us to serve him with eagerness and enthusiasm not with cold and reluctant attitudes. The greatest good that you can do for yourself is to give your life to God through faith in Christ Jesus

‘The Good News of Salvation’

This is our theme for the month of February. By studying about the joys and benefits of His salvation will allow us to appreciate our Lord better in 2009

The Church Needs You!

House Fellowship Text:

Decision determines destiny

‘Let there be no strife between you and me ---for we are kinsmen’ (Genesis 13:8)

Scripture Reading Genesis 13:1-18

Genesis 13:7 says ‘And there was strife between the herdsmen of Abram’s cattle and the herdsmen of Lot’s cattle. The preceding verse gives the background of the conflicts. “And the land was not able to bear them for their substance was great”. Often, our prosperity is the very source of our trouble. Abram was a person of peace and wanted things to go smoothly especially since he and lot were family. Abram was generous to lot. He offered Lot his choice of land ‘whatever you think is right’ was his proposition to his nephew. But Lot interpreted Abram’s meekness as weakness as most people do this days. . Lot looked at life with a spirit of worldliness and a desire to advance materially. He represents those who believe that material possession brings true happiness. What Lot should have done was to have given older man the privilege of first choice. He saw a chance of get rich quick,he grabbed the opportunity and paid the price later. Be careful what decision you make in life and do not allow material gains to control your decision this year. Abram and Lot represent two different approaches to life. Abram was the kind of man who if his business interfered with his religion,gave up his business. Lot was the kind of man who,if his business interfered with his religion, gave up his religion. Which kind are you ? Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in decision making this year.

Prayer Points 1. The spirit of God is my guide this year in Jesus name 2. This week is my week, therefore I am free from bad decisions and trials of life in Jesus name. 3. Lord, give me a clear direction on major and minor matters concerning my life this year in Jesus name. 4. I receive divine direction to make right choices this week in Jesus name. Add other prayers as your spirit directs . Cover all your prayer points with the blood of Jesus.

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IN TODAY’S SERVICE... - The zeal for good works.

(Sermon Text)

- Holy Communion Service - Scripture Reading - Philippians 2 : 12-16

NEXT WEEK... - Blessed Hope.

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- Thanksgiving Service for Late Evangelist T.O Aikulola

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY 12-week Discipleship Class & Workers Training, Classes starting on Wednesday 18th February 2009

DISCIPLESHIP/WORKERS REGISTRATION For those wishing to attend our Discipleship/Workers training course Application forms are now available from the church office. Please Note, this course is mandatory for existing workers and for those wishing to voluntarily work in the house of God


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Church Bulletin - The Zeal for Good Works - 8th Feb '09  

The Zeal for good works

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