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E m po w eri n g , Enc o ur a gi n g & Streng thening February 2014 Edition

Living With More The Guarantee of God Ephesians 1:14 NLT

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What God is Doing Spring 2014– Anticipated Book Release

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The Spirit is God’s guarantee that he will give us the inheritance he promised and that he has purchased us to be his own people. He did this so we would praise and glorify him.

His word says in 2nd Corinthians 1:20 NKJV– For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.

Until next time, I love you to life This is the guarantee that will not and I pray Gods’ life changing return void. It is the guarantee that Increase, Overflow & Abundance for each of you! has no expiration date. You’re looking for a certain time but God wants you to be certain that the time will come!

Beloved, I pray that you won’t miss what God is saying to you. GOD guarantees to give you the promised inheritance because you belong to Him. Because of that, everything that He has promised to do for you, in you and It is time for you to get your mind through you, He will do it. right and into agreement with what God has said concerning you God wants to remind you that He has and believe Him without doubting. had you on His mind and had plans for Watch what you believe about you you long before you knew Him. because so a man thinks, so is he. The ideas, visions and thoughts that It is also time for you to get your you have are all a part of the plans mouth right and start declaring God made for you. Remember that He and decreeing over your life what told Jeremiah - For I know the plans God has said about you. Watch that I have for you. Plans to prosper what you say about you because you and not harm you. Plans to give that’s what you’re going to see for you a hope AND a future. you. There is still life and death in So what is God guaranteeing you ask? the power of the tongue. Read His word. It says a hope AND a future. Beloved, your hope is not in vain! Your hope in Christ will produce your future in Him. Don’t get weary if things are a little hard. Don’t throw in your towel because you’re having to work a little harder. Don’t turn back because it looks like you don’t have the support that you need. God has guaranteed that He will give you the inheritance. He has assured you that the promise will come to pass. How He does it isn’t your business.

If the Lord said it, He guarantees He’ll do it. You’ve got to believe God to see God!

His word will not return void . You can decree it and He will establish it. Hallelujah! Yes the Lord is waiting for you to get in agreement with the guarantee He has already placed on your life!

Prophetess LaTrice Williams– CEO LaTrice Williams Ministries & Living With More


And it’s time to get your life! And FB: LaTrice Williams Ministries start living it the way God intended Twitter: @LaTriceSpeaks – more abundantly. Jesus said I came that you might have life AND Instagram: LaTriceSpeaks have it more abundantly! Beloved, agree with Gods’ Yes and Amen concerning you and watch for what He’s about to do!

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Living With More

Real Money Answers -Patrice C. Washington Let’s get real ladies! Whether voluntarily or involuntarily, managing money is a reality that we all (especially as women) will face at some point in life; we might as well do it right! This book will be your go-to guide for years to come.

Patrice C. Washington Speaker| Author| Coach Website: Twitter: @SeekWisdomPCW

Know why? Because whether you’re a busy wife, single mother, young professional, a tad more seasoned gal or somewhere in between, it tackles the fears, struggles and questions hundreds of women have asked Patrice over her last decade of helping women get out of debt, rebuild their credit and

define their passions. And it’s all done in her down-toearth, practical and sassy (when necessary) tone. The book’s sections are smartly built around the format of Patrice’s highly acclaimed women’s coaching program, The Mindset + Money Master Class and represent her entire philosophy about personal finance success.

money using their gifts, manage their money wisely and get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations around money.

After all, it’s what got the Money Maven out of her own $18,000 of credit card debt! Readers are led through practical money lessons and exercises that will help them create wealthy habits, earn more

Credit Basics– The Beginning Steps-Devon Ransom There are millions of Americans that are drowning in debt each year. This book is designed to help individuals who are overwhelmed in debt to become debt free and achieve financial wholeness.

Devon Ransom Author| Credit Specialist Website: Phone: 706-250-1015 Email: Facebook: Ransom Credit Management Services, LLC Twitter: @ransomcredit Instagram: thecreditlady

Services that are provided by Ransom Credit Services are: Credit Restoration Homebuyers Programs Credit Building Credit and financial workbooks and guides

This book teaches you step by step how to become familiar with credit and how to begin your journey to become debt free. Take control of your credit profile today!

E m po w eri n g , Enc o ur a gi n g & Streng thening

Living With More

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Dinae—I’m Yours - Debut Single Atlanta based Artist, Dinae, is a 25 year old anointed woman of Connect with Dinae: God. She is currently a Music Facebook– Jessica Dinae Little teacher for the Atlanta Public Instagram - Officially_Dinae School System. Twitter: @iamDinae She also serves as the Choir Director for VOW (Vessels of Wor- ____________________________ ship), the young adult choir at To Book Dinae : Turner Chapel AME Cathedral In Michael Little: Marietta, Georgia. 678-595-6302 Dinae is also a Praise and Wor- ship Leader at her home church, Beacon Light Christian Church in Austell, Georgia. The single will be available on Google Play, Amazon and CD Baby.

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Living With More

Minister Faith Renee Spells

A Healthier You

My Bad Health Motivated Me to Pursue Good Health On December 2, 2013, I went in to have an EGD and a Colonoscopy done and I was weighing in at 260 pounds. I was tired, bloated, mad and scared. But while I sat there waiting, I realized that I needed to know what was making me feel this bad. I was only 32 at the time and tired all the time. My iron was low, my hemoglobin was low, my energy was depleted and I was literally struggling to stay awake each day. Prior to the procedure, a week ago, I met a young lady via Instagram named Charity Ellison. We jokingly stated how we both had biblical names and how God had brought us together. Little did I know, it was true. She was in Washington. I was in South Carolina. Upon finding out that I had stomach ulcers, I was relieved, yet also concerned. Knowing the cause of the ulcers, I prayed that God would literally change my mind. On December 3, 2013, I signed up with the It Works Company. I used the products before (the body applicator wraps) and knew of the other products, yet this particular day- I decided to become a distributor. Not a loyal customer, but a distributor. I received my products on December 5, 2013 and started journaling my journey on Dec. 8th. From 260 on Dec. 8th to now 243 on January 31, 2014is mind blogging. I literally became a product of the It Works products. Since the Genesis of my weight loss journey, I have literally transformed my mind, body and even spirit. Some ask, “What are your secret weapons?” I simply reply in this order: God, prayer, It Works products, WATER, WATER, WATER, clean eating, dedication, passion and consistency. By becoming a distributor of the It Works products, I have literally been afforded to see the changes in people lives and their confidence. They are becoming healthier, they are smiling more, and they are finally living and not weighted down by the excess weight. So now that you see the pictures of my transformation and some of my clients are you ready yet to literally change your life or become debt free with changing people lives? Great! Go to my website at and sign up as a Distributor or SHOP as a Loyal Customer. In this business, I have vowed not only to assist you with the best and natural products from the It Works product line but to also assist you with a dietary plan that will cater to your weight loss goals and aspirations. I provide customized weight loss plans that are catered to the person’s likes, dislikes and capabilities. I love to help people and I pray that you are willing to accept the challenge! Want to follow me on Social Media? Great! Facebook: FB Fan Page: Alopecian Beauty Instagram: Iam_alopecianbeauty Twitter: Username (frspells) It Works: Alopecia: Email: Socialcam: Alopecian Beauty

E m po w eri n g , Enc o ur a gi n g & St re n g th e ni ng

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Living With More Woman2Woman Organizer & Founder,

Pastor/Prophetess Tami Barton Woman2Woman Vision: Lead the way, set the standard for Women Working "Together".. Not Competing Against Each Other. Mission: SIECE--Support, Inspire, Encourage, Challenge & Empower women to reach their God Given Destiny. The Group is also designed to foster a more intimate relationship with our Father... Website: Email: Facebook: We offer: Counseling/ Monthly Meetings Real Talk Women Symposiums/ Weekly online Bible Lessons

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Living With More

What God Is Doing! Spring 2014! Paperback and Kindle

Thank you for your continued love and support of the ministry. All seeds can now be sown at on the Seed Sowing page! God bless you for all that you do to keep this ministry moving forward and reaching the masses. You are greatly loved and appreciated! ~ Prophetess LaTrice Williams

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Living With More Newsletter- February 2014 Edition  

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