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Every year children become strangled from playing with the cords attached to window treatments in homes, offices and business’s. Newly proposed legislation is recommending that manufacturers eliminate the cords to eliminate the risks.


RED STAR design group Sin

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words from the editors and publishers:

We all know how unpleasant it can be to try on swimsuits; especially if you still have a few extra pounds that have been comfortably hidden under sweaters for months. In the May issue of LWM, our annual swimsuit fit guide was featured, offering helpful suggestions on finding the perfect swimsuit based on specific body types. Recently, I have been looking for a formal gown for our son’s wedding in October and I am confident that the story I am about to share is not mine alone. The reason for sharing this is to spare anyone else from becoming as desperate as I and doing what I did to obtain that perfect dress. It seems that all of the dresses that I fall in love with are $7,000 dollars or higher. Of course, made by designers such as Stella McCartney, Carmen Marc Valvo, Yves Saint Laurent, as well as other designers in that high dollar price range. However, besides price being an issue there seems to be no actual true size to rely on when buying or trying on a gown. Every designers’ dresses and gowns are all sized very differently, in spite of what the label states. So not only is price a big problem, but size is an even bigger one…(or smaller...LoL, having embarrassingly tried on several dresses labeled three times larger than my normal size, only to find that they are still too small. Therefore, I decided to take a leap of faith and purchase a dress on Ebay from a seller that emphatically boasts the ability to create a custom tailored dress based on your specific measurements and a picture of the dress of your dreams, all for less than $200.00 dollars. Feeling very excited about the prospect of not only having the dress I could have only admired, I was getting my exact size too. Problem solved! I immediately proceeded to meticulously take all of the necessary measurements requested by the seller in order to accomplish this task, also supplying the seller with a hand drawing of the dress to show its relevant detailing, a photograph of the dress and the website URL to view the actual dress. In three weeks the dress arrived in a package that looked like it traveled the seven seas. Excusing the packaging knowing that it had traveled quite a distance I quickly opened the package and tried it on, without any proper inspection, only to find that the sleeves were three inches too short, bra-pads were sewn somewhere between the layers of the dress that landed just below my neck, big long diagonal darts were sewn in the absolute wrong location, the dress was at least ten too long in length and there was none of the stunning detailing that made the dress Advertising Inquiries: inches so exquisite in the first place. And to make things even worse, instead of being lined in a lighter fabric, the dress was actually doubled to create a self-lining, making the dress weigh Brian Strauss -Publisher about ten pounds or more. Although, it was the right color. After contacting the seller on Ebay, they graciously agreed to refund most of my money.­— And, so my search begins, again, but hey, at least the new fall fashions will be out soon! After this expedition is over, 302-355-0929 we will be developing a “fit guide for gowns” too, once we figure it out. Thank goodness, Brian and our son, Sean will be renting tuxedos for the wedding from a local vendor. HELP WANTED In this issue, we have found great products and tools to deal with summer hair, drinking EXPERIENCED AD SALES beer after exercising, a first-hand look at the most organized men, delicious recipes that Call: 302-355-0929 Editors / Publishers are completely dairy free, for adults only vacation spots, and more. Diane and Brian Email: Enjoy! Strauss Brian and Diane Strauss Associate Editor: Michael Strauss puppy love™ Creator Sean Strauss Media Development Jonelle Jentilucci Resident Artist and Creator of the Valentino caricature. Liam McWilliams Design and Graphics Diane Strauss

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July 2015

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by Dr. Kelly Brown

Staying Active and Healthy During the Summer





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by Alisa Rose

Living With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 12 By Beckie Butcher

Summer Hair: Tame It or Let It Go


Recipes From: Deliciously Dairy Free


By Leslie Waters

Is Beer a Post-Workout Recovery Aid By Neil Thanedar



Treating Acid Reflux with Acupuncture





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July 2015


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Medical Marijuana Finally Available in Delaware

FDA Cuts Trans Fat in Processed Foods Now, the FDA is taking a step to remove artificial trans fat from the food supply. This step is expected to reduce coronary heart disease and prevent thousands of fatal heart attacks every year. Trans fat intake has been linked to an increased risk of coronary heart disease by contributing to the buildup of plaque inside the arteries that may cause a heart attack. For this reason, the Food and Drug Administration requires that the trans fat content of food be declared on the Nutrition Facts label to help consumers determine how each food contributes to their overall dietary intake of trans fat. Many processed foods contain partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs), the major dietary source of industrially-produced trans fat in processed food. Avoiding Trans Fat A variety of processed foods including the frozen, canned and baked goods contain trans fat. The amount per serving is listed on the Nutrition Facts label. The inclusion of partially hydrogenated oil in the list of ingredients, is another indication that trans fat is present. Source:FDA

The First State Compassion Center opened on June 26th in Wilmington off of Germay Drive. After a long hard fight and even longer wait it is now finally possible to get Medical Marijuana in Delaware. To be able to purchase Medical Marijuana: Patients need a valid Delaware Patient Identification Card, and a valid Delaware government issued photo ID. You need to be a resident of Delaware and your doctor has to be licensed to practice medicine in Delaware. Currently the State of Delaware only recognizes ALS, Alzheimer’s, Cachexia, Cancer, Hepatitis C, HIV, Pain and PTSD as qualifying conditions. There is a form that needs to be filled out by the patient and their Doctor . The form can be found online at http://dhss. There is a yearly $125.00 fee to become a member of the FSCC if you have a caregiver who is authorized to pickup your medicine they have to be registered and pay the $125.00 fee too. Discounts are available to veterans, seniors, and qualifying low income patients. For questions or other information go to www. or email:

Are You Making These Costly Online Travel Booking Mistakes?

43%of all travel in the United States is now booked online, with leisure travelers frequently booking their own travel, 3 Pitfalls: 1. Relying Upon Low Price Guarantees. Shoppers should scrutinize the wording of the guarantee. In most cases, the online travel agency (OTA) guarantees only that the traveler is getting the lowest advertised price.


2. Assuming OTA Sites are Competitors. Users of online travel agencies have a great many travel site Most travelers don’t know that the largest two OTA’s control 80 percent of the U.S. market for online travel bookings or that they own many of the other popular online travel agency websites, 3. Ignoring the Fine Print. Often, the lowest priced plane ticket is non-refundable and the fine print contains details that raise the cost of a flight. Source:“Summer Travel Soars; Many Americans to Spend More”

July 2015

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Drinking beer as a post-workout recovery aid seems to contrast every popular post-workout practice. Beer’s carbohydrate content in synonymous with the “beer belly” effect, which, for some, is the primary motivation for hitting the gym. The alcohol would serve to further dehydrate an already dehydrated system. There is no evidence that beer, a plant-based drink consisting of barley, hops, and yeast, contains adequate amounts of electrolytes to restore those lost during exercise. Furthermore, an argument can be made against the antioxidant polyphenol content in beer in light of recent research warning of the possible detrimental effects of antioxidant intake during or immediately following physical activity. Although this research is still in its infancy, early evidence suggests that antioxidant intake during resistance or endurance training may actually impair strength-gain and endurance enhancement. — continued on next page


July 2015

— continued from previous page

There is an upside. Nonalcoholic beer, which still contains its anti-inflammatory and antioxidative capacity, has been shown to enhance immunity following strenuous physical activity, which temporarily reduces immune function. This is caused by the increase in oxidant production (a necessary evil during physical stress), which then engages and partially depletes immune activity as the body tries to reverse some of the damage done by exercise. In the study, participants who drank beer daily for three weeks before and two weeks after a marathon reported fewer occurrences of respiratory tract infections and were shown to be up to 3 times less susceptible to the common cold.

However, a recent study published in PLoS One concluded that excessive intake of alcohol can slow protein synthesis, the process by which muscles adapt, repair themselves, and grow after being subject to physical activity. In the study, athletes who consumed large amounts of alcohol (8 shots of vodka + orange juice over the span of 3 hours) saw a ~40% decrease in the rate of protein synthesis. While the study clearly indicates that excessive amounts of alcohol can be detrimental to muscle building, the effects of moderate drinking are not clear. Current thinking suggests that the relationship between alcohol intake and protein synthesis is linear; that is, moderate alcohol intake may curb the rate of protein synthesis, just not as dramatically. So, it seems like beer in its natural form can’t be recommended as a recovery aid. What if it’s recipe was tweaked in such a way so as to get the most of its natural components, minimize the effects of alcohol, and enhance its electrolyte content, all while still maintaining the flavor people have come to love? A team of sports nutritionists at the Griffith University in Australia investigated the effects of 4 different variations of beer on their primary endpoint, fluid restoration after exercise. The 4 variations included:

• Low-alcohol beer (2.3% ABV)

• Low-alcohol beer + sodium (electrolyte source)

• Full-strength beer (4.8% ABV)

• Full-strength beer + sodium

The researchers found that the low-alcohol beer with added sodium outperformed the other options and provided the best compromise “between a beverage with high social acceptance and one which avoids the exacerbated fluid losses observed when consuming full strength beer.” In a study conducted by the same research group several years later, the group tried to assess whether it was the electrolyte balance or the alcohol that had a

greater impact on fluid retention post-exercise. This time, the experimenters introduced 4 different kinds of beer variations:

• Low-alcohol beer + 25 mmol/L sodium

• Low-alcohol beer + 50 mmol/L sodium

• Mid-strength beer (3.5% ABV)

• Mid-strength beer + 25 mmol/L sodium

The study recruited 12 male volunteers to participate in a cyclingbased exercise. Body mass, urine sample, and regulatory hormones were obtained before and 4 hours post physical activity. It turned out that the low-alcohol beer with 50 mmol/L sodium outperformed all other options, suggesting that electrolyte balance in these beverages had a more significant effect on fluid retention (and the prevention of dehydration) after physical activity than did small changes in alcohol concentration. Contrary to popular belief, a pint of your favorite brew can help with something other than the development of a “beer belly.” A lowalcohol beer enriched with sufficient electrolyte content seems to be a viable post-workout recovery aid. The research in this area is still nascent, but we look forward to finding out how tailoring one of America’s favorite beverages can help with facilitating physical activity and improving health.

Sources: Co-author: Shoua Kue, Co-author: Pasha Gurevich Beer as a Post-Workout Recovery Drink? - NPR Alcohol Ingestion After Exercise Impairs Protein Synthesis - PLoS One Non-Alcoholic Beers Reduces Inflammation and Incidence of Respiratory Tract Infections - Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, American College of Sports Medicine Beer as a Sports Drink? Manipulating Beer’s Ingredients to Replace Lost Fluid - International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism The Effects of Different Beverages after Exercise  - International Journal of Preventive Medicine Exercise-Induces Oxidative Stress and Dietary Antioxidants - Asian Journal of Sports Medicine

About the author: Neil Thanedar is CEO of LabDoor. Previously, Neil co-founded Avomeen Analytical Services, an FDA-registered product safety laboratory, and also worked on emerging mobile sports and medical device products. Degrees: BS: Cellular & Molecular Biology - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor BBA: Business Administration - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor @NeilThanedar,

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Living With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome By Beckie Butcher, Author of My Battle With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My name is Beckie Butcher. I was born and raised in Elgin, Illinois and am a 1982 graduate of Elgin High School. In 1997, I conferred an Associates Degree in Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Technology from a local community college and worked as a lab technician in several hospitals and laboratories. My interests are cooking, knitting and gardening. In 2007, I was enjoying my life which included work, church activities and entertaining friends when chronic fatigue syndrome interrupted my life. I literally saw clouds in front of my face (brain fog). It was almost as though I was having a stroke. My limbs felt like there were anchors tied to them and my muscles felt like someone was playing tug of war with them until the fibers broke. My joints felt like someone was stabbing them and my bones felt like someone was taking a hammer and shattering them into tiny pieces. I was too exhausted to form words much less hold a conversation. I also noticed I was more sensitive to light and sound. Television bothered me and normal indoor voices drove me crazy. I couldn’t stand it. I thought it was me until I heard somebody 12

call it “sensory overload.” Unable to work, I was facing financial hardship and the possibility of losing my home which I had just purchased. I made an appointment with my primary care physician who was unable to find anything wrong. She ordered lab work and sent me to my neurologist the next day to make sure she hadn’t missed anything. He couldn’t find anything wrong, either. He said he would order a viral panel (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is thought to be caused by Epstein-Barr Virus) but he wanted to wait until the previous lab work came back. I told him no, he had to order it then, because I knew something was terribly wrong. Besides, I knew what the results were going to be; normal. They always were with me and they always are when you are looking for CFS. That’s what makes it so hard to diagnose. Routine tests always come back normal. I was right, there was something terribly wrong; chronic fatigue syndrome, that’s what was wrong. Although I had an answer and could now be proactive regarding my health, I was still pretty shaken up. My entire world had been turned upside down and life as I knew it for 43 years was

July 2015

over. I remember lying on the couch flat on my back in excruciating pain hoping I wouldn’t live long. I felt worthless and became severely depressed. On top of that, people I loved and trusted the most turned their backs on me, unwilling to deal with me or my problems. I turned angry and bitter, becoming a dark, ugly person whom even I detested. I wondered why I was even here. I was no good to anybody. I wanted it all to stop; the excruciating pain, the extreme exhaustion, the sense of worthlessness, the financial burden, all of it. I didn’t care anymore. Although my true friends reassured me I still had a lot to offer and I was still loved, I didn’t see how or why. I seriously considered taking my own life at this point. I did, however, find some relief through an upper cervical chiropractic treatment, an adjustment in the neck which allows the body to heal itself known as the NUCCA method (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association). For more information about NUCCA, visit Most people were very kind and loving towards me. Most tried to understand my illness and were willing to work with me. — continued on next page

— continued from previous page

Then again, some were downright cruel and heartless, accusing me of exaggerating and making it all up. Who could make this stuff up?

nothing logical about CFS and there is no set pattern to it. I’ve been known to fall over in seconds, so be ready to cut plans short at the first sign of fatigue.

Some laughed at me and didn’t believe I couldn’t walk ten paces without feeling faint; but it was true, I couldn’t. They didn’t believe me when I described how horrific the pain and exhaustion was. They didn’t try to understand it much less accept it, and I wasn’t accepted into their lives anymore, either.

Create new fun. Instead of going to dinner and a movie have a video night with snacks instead. This way if the patient suddenly becomes exhausted he or she may lie down if they have to.

As terrible as this all may sound, I survived and I would like to share some ways you can help. Shop, make meals, help clean house, do laundry, etc, but if the patient says they’re strong enough to do something for themself, then let them do it. Letting patients do some things for themselves will give them a feeling of self worth and they might even feel better about themselves. For me, the worst part of having CFS was the loss of independence. It about killed my spirit. The sudden change from a strong, independent, self-sufficient woman to a totally dependent woman was more of a blow than I could handle. I would have much rather died than be the burden I was to everyone. Show love and support. Let us know we still have value. Low self esteem, at least for me, was a big issue. Since I couldn’t contribute to society or give of myself anymore, I had no self worth whatsoever nor did I feel like I had any value as a human being. We need to know we are valuable to you in spite of our situation. Like anybody who struggles with illness, we need love and reassurance also. Visit, call or send cards. Another hardship of CFS is isolation since we’re not able to get out much. Just a simple thinking of you card or a quick phone call makes my day. You don’t have to talk long, just a quick “hi, how are you, just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you,” makes all the difference in the world. Respect the need to prioritize. There is

Last but not least, educate yourself. is a very informative website with wonderful resources for both patients and caregivers. One such resource is an online newsletter called Research 1st. It has all the up to date information on the war against CFS as well as links on how to help with the cause such as advocacy and donations.

my symptoms. When you’re in that much pain, believe me, that’s the last thing you want or need to hear. Could it be worse? Maybe, but it could be a lot better, too. Don’t devalue someone’s pain until you’ve felt it yourself. Everybody experiences symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome occasionally but not nearly as often or as severe as chronic fatigue syndrome patients. Remember, this is not just being “tired” all the time or having a case of the flu. It is a serious, debilitating autoimmune disease which attacks the body’s tissues, robbing people of their lives and their dignity. To those of you who suffer and who care for them, I hope this helps.

In addition to ways to help, there are also ways not to help. Don’t try and “fix” it. You can’t fix it, but you can be there to love and support us. Please don’t “diagnose” us; please don’t tell us, “It’s not that bad.” It IS that bad. Instead of helping, what you’re really doing is minimizing the seriousness of a very real and very painful disease. Remember, we have already been diagnosed by the experts. And please don’t offer medical advice. If the doctors can’t cure us, neither can you. Avoid making comments such as,” Well, you’re a lot better off than most people.” People walk in only one persons’ shoes and that’s their own, and until you’ve walked in somebody else’s, you don’t know that. There’s no way anybody can make that comparison without experiencing another persons’ pain. Although well meaning, it minimizes what the patient is going through, making them feel like their situation is less important than someone else’s. Besides, it doesn’t solve anything. We need to be validated in our own situation and in our own place. Another well meaning but cruel comment is, “Things could be a lot worse.” Re-read

July 2015

Beckie Butcher was born and raised in Elgin, Il. She graduated from Elgin High School in 1982 and in 1997 was conferred her Associate of Applied Science Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology from Elgin Community College. She worked as a lab technician in various hospitals and laboratories all of her adult life and is a Platinum Member of World Wide Who’s Who in Executives, Professionals and Entreprenuers. She is the recipient of several awards through World Wide including VIP of The Year for authorship in 2013, Top Female Executive in 2013 and Top Female Executive for Life in 2014. She was also selected as a Top Ranked U.S. Executive by the National Council of American Executives. Her book My Battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is currently being considered for a movie in Hollywood.


What are non-human rights? Non-human rights is a term coined by animal welfare activist and lawyer Steven Wise, who has campaigned for three decades to achieve actual legal rights for members of species other than our own. His organization, the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP), is working “to change the common law status of at least some nonhuman animals from mere ‘things’ which lack the capacity to possess any legal right, to ‘persons’ who possess such fundamental rights as bodily integrity and bodily liberty, and those other legal rights to which evolving standards of morality, scientific discovery, and human experience entitle them.” According to NhRP, nonhuman animals are still considered property in the eyes of the law. Even those animals that we know possess feelings, emotions and higher forms of intelligence— great apes, elephants, dolphins, whales—have no more legal standing than a shoe, a table or a car. “These are complex animals who have deep emotions, understand each other’s minds, live in complicated societies, transmit culture, use sophisticated communication, solve difficult problems, and even mourn the loss of their loved ones,” reports the group. “Just like humans.” “But they are still considered property, poached and taken from their natural habitat, separated and held against their will, subjected to cruel experimentation, exploited for entertainment, sold on the black market, used, abused and treated like objects for our amusement and financial gain,” says NhRP, adding that such experiences can scar animals for life. “Yet the law affords them no rights, allowing humans to do with them whatever we want.” 14

Wise and company would like to see animals who are confined for use in research or entertainment have the opportunity to live out their days in a wildlife sanctuary with a hospitable climate where they can enjoy “bodily liberty” to pursue their free will. NhRP is working to first establish a legal precedent that nonhumans can have legal rights in the U.S. judicial system. The organization filed its first cases in New York State in December 2013 representing four individual chimpanzees being used in research labs and for entertainment purposes, and hopes to expand its caseload to other nonhuman species in the near future. In the meantime, NhRP is looking for the help of volunteer lawyers, scientists, mathematicians and predictive analysis professionals interested in lending their expertise to the fight for recognizing the legal rights of nonhumans. “Over the coming years, we will be filing as many cases as we can afford, so contributions are very important, too,” reports the group. “We also need funds to help establish sanctuaries for the animals we’re working to free from captivity.” Why should we care that animals have legal rights too? Steven Wise is fond of quoting Abraham Lincoln, who said: “In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free.” If we don’t want to live in a world where humans are enslaved, why should we tolerate similar treatment of our closest animal relatives and other sentient beings great and small? Whether or not the chimps he is fighting for ever get to a sanctuary, Steven Wise will forever go down in history as the Abraham Lincoln of the non-human rights movement.

CONTACT: Nonhuman Rights Project,

July 2015

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BRING OUT YOUR GOLF BEAST: Secrets of the Pros By Dr. Scott E. Rosenthal There are roughly 30 million golfers in the US alone. This translates into 720 million spinal bones, 690 million discs, 60 million hips, 30 million tailbones and a ton of joints in the upper and lower extremities. All these body parts are subjected to the high speed, asymmetrical twisting movements you perform over the 4 hour period it typically takes to play 18 holes. These actions not only result in an assault on the little white ball, but on your body, as well. Your final score depends on each of your body parts working optimally and injury-free. This explains why so many golf pros have the same secret weapon to keep them performing... well, as a PRO! This edge-enhancer and survival essential does not fit in a golf bag, become part of your sports wardrobe, or require selling one’s soul to the devil at the crossroads. It’s a doctor of chiropractic! After Jordan Spieth won the 2015 Masters Tournament, he stated the following about his chiropractor:

smooth, accurate and powerful swing. It’s true that the spine should be straight from the front view, but from the side there are two types of curves that contribute to a perfect mix of strength and flexibility. The first curve is found in the mid-back and tailbone and is the forward facing curve that you were born with and carry throughout life. The second develop in the neck and lower back as you first learn to lift your head and walk as a baby. Too often the normal curves become overly arched, thus rounding the back and thrusting the head forward. This may be due to an injury or an accumulation of injuries, or your habits: sitting at a desk or in your car, sleeping on an unsupportive pillow, etc. Ironically, spinal bone misalignment can cause and be caused by a loss of normal curvature and posture. Muscles weaken. Ligaments either abnormally shorten or lengthen.

In order to feel the difference proper spinal posture makes, try the following test: Sit on a chair or bench without having your “Dr. Van Biezen is an important member of my team and, thanks back touch.

to his care, my all-time dream of winning the Masters Tournament has now become a reality.”

1. With arms crossed, slouch forward with your chin tucked.

In order to understand how chiropractic care can help you golf better and overcome or prevent injury, you need to recognize three common enemies:

2. Rotate your shoulders right to left and observe the range of motion achieved.

Poor Posture

3. Now sit tall and erect with your chin in a neutral position, roll your shoulders back once and cross your arms again.

Lack of Flexibility

4. Rotate your shoulders right to left and observe the greater range that you reach.

Poor Swing Mechanics This article will focus on the first two problems: poor posture and inflexibility. If your swing mechanics need help, visit your pro for a lesson. Good posture and healthy spinal curves are vital to achieve a 16

A joint is a perfectly designed machine by nature that combines flexibility with stability. Too much movement causes instability. Conversely, too much stability brings loss of function. Golf, like

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any other performance activity in life, requires harmony within a joint in order to perform optimally with enough stability to protect against injury. The same actions that contribute to a loss of normal curvature in the spine can lead spinal, pelvic or extremity joints to misalign and/or fixate. This results in a loss of flexibility and strength. Just one misalignment can dramatically decrease function and increase the probability of injury. Think of your car. Imagine the damaging effects on performance, higher accelerated rate of tread wear and a greater probability of a blowout when a front tire is just a few millimeters out of alignment. With golf, the slightest loss of alignment in the pelvic region alone can cause you to weaken, slice and ruin your shot! Central to the practice of chiropractic is the detection and correction of joint misalignment and fixation, improving posture and guiding patients to adopt a healthier lifestyle. With the use of gentle adjustments, soft tissue releases, strengthening exercises and sound advice, your doctor of chiropractic is the perfect practitioner. He or she will help you overcome the structural problems that have been restraining the best golfer inside you from getting out on the course. Besides aiding the injured amateurs or pros on the circuit, chiropractic care is instrumental in helping the healthy golfer improve his or her game.

Tiger Woods. Barbara Bunkowsky, a LPGA tour professional, remarked, “I have found that chiropractic keeps me flexible and pain-free so that I can perform at my highest level. The benefits of chiropractic have improved my golf swing, putting less stress and strain on my body and allowing me to be a more productive golfer.” Tired of missing your shot? Slicing? Coming up short? Slouching with poor posture? Already injured, hurt or feel inflexible? Want to golf more often with more vigor and less pain? If so, your choice is not whether you should see a chiropractor, but when. By addressing the structural causes that contribute to a poor and/or painful golf experience, with chiropractic care, you can take your game to the next level. With a few chiropractic adjustments, you can bring out your inner golf beast!

Can you guess who said this? “Lifting weights and seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis have made me a better golfer. I’ve been going to chiropractors for as long as I can remember. It’s as important to my training as practicing my swing.” That’s right,

Dr. Scott E. Rosenthal is a second-generation Doctor of Chiropractic and a past president of the Delaware Chiropractic Society. His undergraduate degree is in Nutrition and he is a Certified Yoga Teacher. In his Wilmington practice, he offers the cutting-edge Koren Specific Technique (KST) as well as other contemporary and traditional approaches. KST comfortably integrates gentle adjustments of the spine, cranial bones, TMJ, arms and legs (including the wrists and feet). Dr. Rosenthal specializes in pain relief, auto or work injury recovery and natural ways to boost whole body wellness. To contact Dr. Rosenthal please visit rosenthalchiropractic. com or 302-999-0633.

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Treating Acid Reflux with Acupuncture Heartburn and acid reflux are common complaints in this country. A majority of adults will experience some sort of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in a year with half having weekly symptoms. GERD can include symptoms such as heartburn, a burning discomfort behind the sternum or below it, belching or nausea. Often medication is used to decrease stomach acids and is taken frequently to decrease symptoms.

holding in your frustrations? The liver’s role in Chinese medicine is to assure proper Qi movement throughout the body. With high stress or unexpressed anger, the liver tightens and has difficulty moving Qi in the proper way. Then the liver can overact on the stomach resulting in heartburn. This is a periodic type heartburn and the association with stress is usually recognized. Other symptoms of liver depression include frequent sighing, irritablity, and rib-side discomfort. This pattern responds well to acupuncture. Needles are usually placed in the abdomen, legs, and arms to correct the Qi movement and decrease heartburn.

Heartburn and Chinese Medicine

Diet and Heartburn

In Chinese medicine, symptoms of acid reflux are attributed to a disruption in the normal Qi (energy) flow of the stomach. In ordinary situations, the stomach’s Qi dynamic flows downward. In cases of heartburn or acid reflux, it is going in an upward direction. The cause of this switch can include stress and unexpressed anger, poor diet, or a blockage in the normal pathway of food and Qi. Acupuncture can redirect stomach Qi in order to decrease the frequency and severity of gastroesophageal reflux and its associated symptoms.

Diet can be a major factor in symptoms of acid reflux. In Chinese medicine, all foods and drinks have a temperature. Foods that are considered warming can increase heat in the stomach. Heat naturally rises and will add to acid reflux. Examples of these include peppers, hot spices, and alcohol. Other foods can cause relaxation in the esophagus that allows the acid to come up, including garlic, mint, and chocolate. Other dietary irregularities such as eating too late in the day can also cause heartburn. Most GERD symptoms are experienced at night or during sleep, eating near bedtime increases the chance of this occurring. Your acupuncturist will be able to tell you what foods to avoid based on your complaints.

By Dr. Kelly Brown

Acid Reflux that is Worse in Stressful Situations Do you seem to get heartburn mainly when you are stressed or 18

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Additionally, too much warmth in the stomach can affect the spleen and weaken the digestive system. The spleen in Chinese medicine aids in digestion. It helps the stomach and takes pure substances from food and water to make Qi for the body. If the stomach is weak, the spleen will become weak. This weakness will alter the Qi dynamic as discussed above leading to further acid reflux. It may also lead to poor digestion of food and constipation. Overeating and Acid Reflux Another aspect of the diet that can cause acid reflux is overeating. Often the spleen and stomach are already weak, as described above, and the digestive process is slowed. In Chinese medicine this is called food stagnation. This type of heartburn may also have upper abdominal distention, diarrhea, or nausea. Acupuncture will help to promote the digestive process, and specific diet changes can help to decrease the reflux in this case.

Registration 7:30 a.m. Race begins across the street from James Street Tavern 2 S. James Street, Newport, DE Entry Fee: $25 pre-entry; $30 day of event

Treat the Cause Antacids may help in the short-term, but they do not correct the cause of frequent acid reflux. Side effects of long-term use of antacids can cause other digestive upsets such as constipation and flatulence; see next month’s article on acupuncture and digestion for more information on how acupuncture can help those conditions. Schedule an appointment for acupuncture today to decrease your acid reflux and start digesting better!

Dr. Kelly Brown is a chiropractor and acupuncturist with Pure Wellness. She received both a Doctorate in Chiropractic and a Masters in Acupuncture from New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY. Dr. Brown is a life-long resident of DE and is glad to be back in the area serving the community. You can contact her at the office 302.365.5470 or through the website www.purewellchiro.

Wish you were here 

302.355.0929 For advertising inquiries:

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Tame It or Let It Go!

Bumble and bumble Don't Blow It Enhances texture and body for the perfect air-dried style. A texture-enhancing blend of lightweight polymers boosts hair’s natural texture and adds bounce while a plant-based conditioning blend keeps hair soft and hydrated. Available: Sephora

salty dog cocktail beach spray A sea-esque mist designed to give you salty, beach-based texture and a matt finish. Fresh from the beach malleability, salty texture and fullness with a soft matt finish recommended for. all hair types Available:

Rowenta Inspiration Pro Dryer (on left page) Rowenta’s salon-quality hair dryer features a tourmaline-boosted ceramic system that delivers non-damaging ionic heat for smooth, shiny, frizz-free results every time. Designed with 35% more air flow, and a 20% faster drying time, it’s equipped with AutoSensor technology that automatically turns the dryer on when in hand and off when it’s set down. Rowenta Versa Style™ Styling Iron Ready to use in less than 30 seconds, the iron does not only straightens but uses Rowenta’s exclusive ProCurling technology with lateral edges and surrounding silicone rubbers to curl, wave or create incredible root lift in one easy step. The hard-anodized titanium-infused 1” plates deliver even heat distribution and ultra durability, while the tourmaline-boosted ceramic coating naturally produces nondamaging infrared ionic heat for smoother, shinier, frizz-free results. Temperatures range from 260 F to 400 F and are easily readable on a digital screen. Expertise- Straight Express Iron A salon-quality straightening tool, featuring Rowenta’s exclusive 3D-Straight technology which perfectly straightens any type of hair. Ready to use in less than 30 seconds, the iron features 16 integrated heating teeth that comb, stretch and prestraighten hair, adding a vertical straightening action to the horizontal action of the plates.The hard-anodized titanium-infused 1” plates deliver even heat distribution, while the tourmaline-boosted ceramic coating naturally produces non-damaging infrared ionic heat. The built-in ionic generator emits millions of pure negative ions for unmatched smooth, shiny, frizz-free results. Temperatures range from 260 F to 450 F and are easily readable on a digital screen.

Creates texture. volume. and fullness. This dry, translucent finishing hairspray will produce unbelievable volume and texture in your hair that will last all day and into the night. You just can not be afraid of heights! Free of Parabens and Sodium Chloride. Available: Trilogy Salon & Spa (see ad in this issue)

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into one eye and determine if it responds appropriately by getting smaller. Then, the other eye is checked to see if it responds correctly as well. In both cases, the pupils should get smaller when light is shined into the eye.


I have a 12 year old cat that I think is having problems seeing. I feed her a good quality, no grain moist food. She does go outdoors but mostly at night. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Considering this could affect her eyesight, I would recommend going to your Veterinarian to have her evaluated. Your veterinarian will determine if the situation requires a referral to a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist. Initially, a complete history and physical examination will take place. Chances are that the veterinarian will observe her walking around the examination room, which is a foreign environment, without touching her. This allows your veterinarian to make important observations that could play a part in your pet’s evaluation and treatment. The veterinarian will observe such things as how well the eyes are open. Are they the normal size, position and conformation? Are the eyes sensitive to light (photophobia)? Is the blink reflex normal? Are the pupils the same size? Is there exophthalmos (abnormal protrusion of the eyeball) or buphthalmos (enlargement of the globe)? Is there any discharge from the eyes? If so, is it clear, yellowish or green in color and is it in both eyes or just one? Is entropion (a turning inward of the eyelashes or part of the lid, for example) or ectropion (a turning outward of a part of the eye). Is the nictitans (the third eyelid) elevated or protruding? All this information can be obtained simply by observation and not even touching your cat.

Often times vision will be evaluated by doing a menace test. This involves a sudden gesture towards the eye, generally using one’s hand. Each eye will be tested individually with the other eye being covered. The proper response would be to blink, indicating that she saw that sudden gesture. Remember, your cat will not be touched when the sudden movement is made. Another important response that should be checked is called the pupillary light reflex. This test does not test for vision. It checks the integrity of the retina, optic nerve and additional anatomical structures. The pupils reaction to light is assessed. So, darken the room, shine the light from an ophthalmoscope

The eyelids and eyelashes need to be examined as well. Are the eyelids or eyelashes turned inward (entropion) or outward (ectropion). If any of the eyelashes are turned inward and touching the cornea, superficial corneal ulceration can develop. This type of problem can be surgically corrected by a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist or a general practitioner who has had experience performing this procedure. The nictitans, (commonly called the third eyelid), and the conjunctiva (the fleshy part of the eyelid) should be assessed for swelling, inflammation, masses, discharge, change in color and foreign bodies. The cornea (anterior part of the outer covering of the globe) and the sclera (the white part of the eyes) are continuous with each other. Pathological changes that could occur are mineral or lipid deposits, which appear as white specks, changes in pigmentation, visualization of blood vessels where they shouldn’t be and possible edema. The cornea should be checked for any irregularities on its surface. Corneal diameter is assessed. If it is determined that the diameter is greater than expected, glaucoma could be present. An instrument called a tonometer can easily determine intraocular pressure. Additional structures that need to be evaluated include the pupil, the iris and the chambers. They are checked for such conditions as blood, fibrin, inflammatory cells in the anterior chamber (hypopyon), adhesions from the iris to the cornea or lens, cysts, fibrous tissue plus many more. Some of the possible tests that could be run include Fluorescein staining of the cornea to evaluate if ulceration has occurred. The dye is green in color. The cornea will take up that color if a superficial corneal ulcer is present. Ulcerations are painful to your pet and should be addressed immediately. Shirmer tear testing will check out tear production. An abnormal test results in a condition called dry eye or keratoconjunctivitis sicca. There are additional tests that would be performed in the specialist’s office if your general practitioner is unable to. All in all, if you suspect or observe any of the discussed conditions, it would be wise to have your pet evaluated by a veterinarian, and a specialist if it is warranted. Dr. Rose DiLeva is a 1987 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s school of Veterinary Medicine. She practices alternative and conventional veterinary medicine. Dr. DiLeva is a certified veterinary acupuncturist and a certified veterinary chiropractitioner. She can be reached at her Animal Wellness Center in Chadds Ford, Pa. at 610-558-1616 for appointments and telephone consultations. Her web site is and

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Befriend Your Inner Critic By Karen Verna Carlson

Critic: One who forms and expresses judgments of the merits and faults of anything. �The American Dictionary of the English Language

What is your inner critic like? Is it a constant nag? A frequent complainer? A loving nurturing ally? A Greek chorus amplifying underlying emotions? A narrator projecting doom and gloom? A committee picking apart every achievement? A fear monger? Whose voice or voices deliver those negative and positive inner messages? Does the critic or critic committee whisper or shout? Does it viciously attack? Does it soothe you? Does it needle or harangue you? Everyone has an inner critic. An authentically healthy, balanced person would obviously have a healthy balanced inner critic— one that is appropriately supportively constructively offering both negative and positive assessments. I am not such a person, although I have made great progress in that direction. Childhood Sources This inner way of talking to ourselves can be traced back to childhood authority figures, who were not always motivated to serve our best interests. Author May Sarton reminds us, “… words are more powerful than perhaps anyone suspects, and once deeply engraved in a child’s mind, they are not easily eradicated.” Amidst early experiences my personality overlaid a ‘conform or die’ drama to the messages of my caregivers, and my inner critic evolved into an obsessive perfectionist. It was harshly condemning with no warmth or kindness. It was snide and caustic, repeatedly wounding my sense of self worth. It caused psychological damage. Yet I succeeded in my healing and teaching career, unaware that I could befriend my inner critic and feel tremendously better about myself, my work and my life. 24

Get Acquainted The King and I song, “Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…” serenades my typing. Many self-critics are highly secret, maybe bunny rabbit shy. Others might be so puffed up like a Macy’s parade balloon they defy intimacy in favor of stunned awe. Indeed, “The most elusive knowledge of all is selfknowledge.” (Mirra Komarovsky) Authentically Mine It’s easy, however, to get started on this leg of our exciting life journey of self-discovery. Befriending your inner critic deserves some inaugural remarks. Here is Virginia Satir’s declaration of self-esteem: “I am me. In all the world there is no one else exactly like me. There are persons who have some parts like me, but no one adds up exactly like me. Therefore, everything that comes out of me is authentically mine because I alone chose it.” Observe Step one—observe your inner critic. Be a scientist. Don’t judge or interfere with its behavior, just note it. How does it sound— softly soothing, clipped and nasty, mumbling, hesitant? How does it influence the way you feel? Does it uplift you or bring you down? Does it scare you? Does it pressure you? How does it show up—sneaking in or exploding with bombast? When does it show up? At quiet moments or busy ones? During what activities does it appear? At night after you’re in bed with the lights out? In the midst of social events? During business negotiations? Starting any new project? This is a form of mindful meditation. As I wrote last month, “…studies of mindfulness meditation show how it supports healthier functioning in the body, in the mind, and in relationships,” so the rewards of this work ripple into every aspect of your life.

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Step two—categorize the content. Is the nature of commentary predominantly negative, positive or a varying blend? Is your critic often worrisome? Does it focus primarily on hysterical fear or just cautionary restrictions? Is it comforting, reassuring? Is it primarily rebellious or conformative? Is it perfectionistic or reckless?

“To do nothing is failure. To try and in the trying you make some mistakes and then you make some positive changes as a result of those mistakes, is to learn and to grow and to blossom.” (Darlene Larson Jenks) We are what we think about all day long. That is the simplest definition of self-esteem.



Step three—consider how it affects you. Does it push you to achieve more, work harder, martyr yourself, act arrogant, explode with anger, have a good laugh at yourself, give up, sink towards torporous despair? Does it magnify self-doubt into paralysis? (“Doubt indulged soon becomes doubt realized.” Frances Ridley Havergal) Is it trying to protect you? Encourage you? Diminish you? Elevate you? Enrich you? Impoverish you? Empower you? Humble you?

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Somewhere along the line of development we discover what we really are, and then we make our real decision for which we are responsible. Make that decision primarily for yourself because you can never really live anyone else’s life, not even your own child’s. The influence you exert is through your own life and what you become yourself.”


Befriending your inner critic is mindfulness training, which I wrote about last month, featuring Dr. Dan Siegel’s research, “For those who were taught to train their mind to be mindful, their ability to be present was increased, their immune system functioned better, and their …[chromosome health] increased. Amazing, but true: How you focus your mind’s attention inwardly can change molecules in your body that make you healthier and make your cells live longer. With presence, too, our ability to be aware of our emotions and make them work for us instead of against us will be improved. And our ability to focus attention so that we can learn what we want to learn will be strengthened. As if that were not enough…we will be able to approach, rather than withdraw from, challenging situations and actually feel more meaning and fulfillment in life. Some people call that happiness. It is a way of living a life of meaning, compassion, and purpose.”

Step four—evaluate how well your relationship with this inner critic serves your quality of life. Ask, what benefits have I received from listening to my critic? What price have I paid heeding this voice in self-esteem, relationships, work? All these can be upgraded. If your relationship with your inner critic is abysmal it can be totally transformed. If it’s excellent it can be elevated to dazzling, with concomitant effects in every area of your life. Be sure to have an attitude that is friendly and forgiving. “The forgiving state of mind is a magnetic power for attracting good. No good thing can be withheld from the forgiving state of mind ,” Catherine Ponder declares. Stop Research indicates that to change behavior, it is more effective to stop telling yourself negative things than to just tell yourself positive things. First, recognize that your inner critic is not a reality. It is comprised of things you have adopted based on early life experiences. See it as separate. You can learn how to disarm and turn off its negativity as well as amplify and highlight its positivity. One way is to treat it like you would an unskilled child, using lots of compassion, simple logic and patience. Another way is to kindly silence it—thank your inner critic for sharing. Do not reinforce it by engaging further. After telling it to stop, focus attention on something simple like getting a drink of water. Change There are definitely times when stronger approaches are needed. Use logical recollections that definitively state, “these are lies my father/mother told me.” Sometimes I treat it like an obsessed pet with a sharp, unequivocal, “LEAVE IT!” I mean what I say, without saying it meanly. It only takes 21 days to change this kind of habit, but you will notice encouraging results almost immediately.


Affirm In conclusion I resonate with excitement affirming George Sand’s declaration, “The old woman I shall become will be quite different from the woman I am now. Another I is beginning…”

Karen Verna Carlson, N.D., Ph.D. (Hon.) is a naturopathic physician and professor credited with “the first major breakthrough in Swedish Massage—research demonstrating energetic interconnections”—since Peter Ling systemized it in the early 19th century. After 35 years running her own nationally accredited school of holistic healing and massage she has retired to provide a new kind of holistic care for individuals and families. In addition to her specialties of healing massage and bodywork, she provides sensitive, timeand cost-effective services for home or office, family members and staff, that include diverse holistic problem solving for garden, pets, children and elders. She has received international recognition for holistic healing and educational work, an honorary degree, silver medal, and Who’s Who listing. She’s appeared on TV and radio and has been featured in professional publications and mass media. Phone (302) 777-3964

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Summer Fun!


hen was the last time you laughed so hard your cheeks hurt? What do you do that brings feelings of joy and excitement into your life? No matter what your relationship status might be, taking time to relax and have fun is integral to your overall health and happiness. For those in a relationship, time spent together having fun is important in helping to maintain feelings of closeness and connection. With all of the day to day responsibilities and stressors that are a regular part of life, having fun together is a necessary ingredient for a healthy, happy lifestyle. In my experience, couples who aren’t having fun together outside of the bedroom are far less likely to be having fun together inside the bedroom. Frequently, clients come to me for help in their relationships and their reason for seeking treatment is because they no longer feel close, connected, or “happy” with their partner. When I explore what they typically do for fun together, many identify things like: watching TV, reading a book, going out for meals, etc. Those are nice hobbies, and perhaps they are part of one’s much needed daily selfcare regimen; however, I question whether or not these things truly bring them a feeling of fun or excitement. Lucky for us, the summer is the perfect time to embark on a new adventure and find new ways to add more fun and excitement to our lives. Whatever your interests may be; whether you’re partnered or single—there is something for everyone. Below is a sampling of some of the Camps, Resorts, Beaches, and Getaways that I found while looking for creative ideas for some Adults-only fun. For those looking for clothing optional adult fun, I’ve included those as well. Send the kids to stay with family for a few days, hire a pet sitter, and pack your bags! It’s time for the adults to have some fun.


Adults-Only Camps Club Getaway- located in the Berkshire Mountains of Kent, CT is an impressive 300 acres of beautiful land, offering a wide variety of all-inclusive weekends, including many that are for Adults Only. Four of their Adults-Only weekends are featured on their website, each offering a unique set of activities to meet your needs. For example: “Young Professionals” weekend is for individuals between the age of 20s-30s; “Boomer Weekend” is for adults ages 50+; “J-Weekends” are exclusively for Jewish Professionals; and “Camp Out” is for LGBT singles and couples, ages 21+. Beer and Wine are complimentary at dinner for any weekend. Examples of their activities include: cooking classes, zip-lining, yoga, wine tasting, hiking, water-skiing, and various sports. “And when the sun sets, the party begins. Dance the night away knowing you get to do it all over again tomorrow.” See their website for complete details at: Wine Camp- located on the North fork of Long Island is a 4-day Wine Camp adventure. “Wine Campers participate in hands-on learning experiences in the vineyards and wine cellars, working with winery owners and winemakers. Attendees are introduced to exceptional local wines and food, in the gorgeous setting the North Fork provides.” Attendees also get to take home a case of wine (12 bottles). For more information, see Wanderlust Festivals- are typically 4-day events. The events are currently offered at various locations all over the U.S., Canada, and Australia (according to their 2015 schedule). “Wanderlust Festivals are all-out celebrations of mindful living. We bring together exceptional yoga and meditation instructors, musicians, speakers, artists, and chefs for transformational retreats in the world’s most awe-inspiring natural resorts.” For event dates and locations, visit their website:

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Adults-Only Luxury Resorts

Adults-Only Resorts (Clothing Optional)

Miraval Resort- is located in the Santa Catalina Mountains in northern Tucson, AZ. “The Miraval experience is: fresh, locallysourced ingredients to make gorgeously flavorful food; signature self-discovery and growth activities that make the heart-pump and the head re-think; fabulous spa services that ignite the senses; an unrivaled team of well-being specialists to help you make positive and lasting change in your life; and the feeling of being taken care of from your first point of contact.” In addition to their world-class spa, they also have an on-site challenge course, featuring 10 high ropes and 7 low ropes activities; a rock climbing wall, zip lines, fitness classes, and wellness classes—just to name a few! If you’re looking for a luxury getaway without leaving the country, I highly suggest you consider the Miraval Resort. Learn more about them at:

Sea Mountain Resort, Palm Springs, CA- The exact location is unknown, as they will not release the address until after you have booked your stay (to maintain the highest levels of privacy). It is a gated estate with 24-hour security. “The number one best ranked for romance and elegance.” There are way too many amenities to list them all. Some of the highlights include: A heated mineral springs swimming pool, a European style pool and nude tanning garden areas, Nude mineral water whirlpool access 24 hours, Nude cedar wood sauna by nude Pools, World class massage for one or two – Voted “Best of Spafinder.” Evening parties and events nightly – with a Nude dance area, Clothing optional outdoor recreation, and their 24-hour Club Taboo Gardens. For more information, see their website at:

Glenmere Mansion- is located in New York’s Hudson Valley. Their gorgeous Tuscan-style Mansion features luxury accommodations with only 18 Guest Rooms. “Located within its manicured 150 acres, Glenmere boasts an outdoor heated swimming pool, large whirlpool spa, fitness center, 2 har-tru tennis courts, 2 har-tru bocce courts, and a championship croquet court. Visit our new 8,000 sq. ft. Spa featuring a marble bath house/hammam. Golf courses, Woodbury Commons Outlet stores, the Harness Racing Museum, apple and pumpkin picking and the 11-mile Heritage Trail are just minutes away.” Guests must be 18 years or older. For an escape that feels like a little piece of Italy right here at home, Glenmere Mansion is sure to be a perfect fit. To see photographs of this beautiful getaway and/or book your stay, visit their website:

Desert Sun Resort, Palm Springs, CA- “A world Famous Luxury Nudist Resort.” Amenities include: A Spa, restaurant, night club, tennis court, fitness center, pools, and a fire pit. For more complete details, see their website at: Mira Vista Resort, Tucson, AZ- “A Premiere Clothing Optional Resort.” Amenities include: A massage treatment center, restaurant, Clubhouse Lounge & Bar, tennis courts, pool tables, ping pong tables, a large heated pool, and a water volleyball pool. For more complete details, see their website at:

Have fun and enjoy your Summer!

Adults-Only Beaches (Clothing Optional) Haulover Beach, Miami Florida- Located between the Intercostal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean, it is part of Haulover Beach Park. Gunnison Beach, NJ -Tucked away at the North end of Sandy Hook. Higbee Beach, Cape May, NJ - Located at the tip of Cape Island. Little Beach, Maui Hawaii- Located just North of Big Beach (Makena Beach) in South Maui. You’ll have to half-climb to the top of the a cliff at the North end, and then walk down to the beach. Black’s Beach, San Diego, CA- Located north of Scripps Pier, beneath the Torrey Pines Gliderport. Technically, the nude portion of the beach is called Torrey Pines State Beach, but locals still refer to it as Black’s beach. Also note, because it is located at the base of a cliff, it’s a bit of a steep hike down—and back up! [NOTE: The most comprehensive guide to nude beaches and recreation is Lee Baxandall’s “World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts” available from].

Sexual Health and Healing with Dianna Palimere, PhD, LCSW Dr. Dianna Palimere is a Psychosexual Therapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has been in the field of mental health for the past 14 years, dedicating the past seven years to specializing in clinical sexuality. She holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology, a Masters degree in Social Work, a Masters degree in Human Sexuality Education, and a PhD in Clinical Human Sexuality. Utilizing a holistic approach to therapy, she incorporates a variety of clinical interventions in her work with individuals, couples, and families. She is devoted to helping people achieve sexual health and healing through her work as a psychotherapist in her private practice in Pike Creek, DE; as well as in her work with local nonprofit organizations. To learn more about her or to schedule an appointment, visit her website: or email her directly at: Join us on Facebook, keywords: Sex Therapy in Delaware.

July 2015


Ann is an award winning writer,teacher and speaker. Ann is the personal body worker of Her Holiness “Sai Maa”. Ann practices osteopathic physical therapy and has helped thousands of patients. Ann is also an expert on the use of healing foods, homeopathic and herbal consultations, and therapeutic horseback riding. Ann treats her patients in a beautiful country setting which enables her to utilize all of her learned skills as well as some of the healing properties that only Mother Earth can bestow .Ann is available by appointment and can be reached 302-656-7882. The farm is also available for birthday parties, women’s circles, and retreats.

HANDS ON HEALTH by: Ann Wilkinson P.T.M.S,

Q: Recently I met a patient of yours that you had helped. She was diagnosed with Reflex sympathetic

dystrophy syndrome (RSDS). I was diagnosed with RSDS and have had several injections and have been prescribed heavy pain killers. Can you really help some people with this RSDS?


I cannot remember a single person with RSDS that did not benefit from myofascial release specifically. Misdiagnosis of RSDS rarely occurs as the symptoms include burning and color changes of the limb involved. The pain is severe. The involved limb may even perspire or feel warm to the touch due to involvement of an involuntary aspect of the nervous system called the sympathetic nervous system. It seems because it involves this automatic response of the nervous system, medical professionals are under the impression these symptoms occurs for no particular reason. It is treated like a mystery disease using pain killers, whether they are injectable or oral as the only treatment option. The RSDS patients that have come to me did not responded to conventional treatment. The nerve pain is so severe and the autonomic response is so disturbing and intense that the amount of pain medication required to just dull the symptoms is almost incapacitating. Using techniques to address and affect the amount of tension an injury has left in the limb involved whether it is only a toe or a finger or more often the entire distal aspect of the limb, the part farthest from the body. When an injury occurs that involves the fascia, the likelihood that the injury will in some way disturb the natural flow of the nerves is highly probable. In fact, almost every orthopedic injury has some kind of neurological overlay or issue even if it is merely a resulting lack of coordination that is the only neurological complication. RSDS is a condition where the fascial restriction is strong enough to press not only on the pain fibers of the nerve but also the fibers that control involuntary reactions of the limb. Many therapist categorize their treatment options into either orthopedic or neurological, not realizing the two are deeply meshed, as they are so integral to each other. Whenever you treat the fascia, you are always affecting the connective tissue which the fascia is categorized as. It is often treated as insignificant connective tissue, seen as something in the way during surgery, fascia is often cut and discarded.


Art Fitness

today and let us set up a personalized program just for you. 28

ServiceS: • • • • • • • •

The beneFiTS:

increaSed energy booST brain Power booST memory decreaSe STreSS liFTS dePreSSion combaTS healTh condiTionS & diSeaSeS • PoSiTive reSulTS (SPorTS SPeciFic) • SucceSS!

PerSonal Training Semi-PrivaTe Training Senior FiTneSS SPecial PoPulaTion FiTneSS Program PoST rehabiliTaTion Small grouP claSSeS STrengTh+condiTioning

As the significance of the fascial system is more respected each year and the electromagnetic influences of the body begin to be recognized as very significant and important, awareness is heightened. More care will be taken with the fascia during surgery with more emphasis on the restoration of the fascia will become realized as imperative to recovery. In my experience, each RSDS patient I have seen over the last 30 years is actually a patient with fascial symptoms not recognized. There are additional symptoms of sweating, color changes,burning and nerve symptoms that are scary and severe. It really translates into the restriction is deeper, hidden, and trickier than the usual fascial disturbance. The injections usually do not make a significant difference one way or the other. The pain medications are often not only ineffective, but the complications of the pain meds ,includes constipation, addiction and a momentum toward stronger medications can lead to more severe complications. The patient can be misled that somewhere there is a magic pill that will work. It won’t. Life becomes hard, distorted, disrupted. These patients are desperate for any relief possible. Many have given up and are resigned to disability. If they were introduced to myofascial release at any point in the treatment, of course there is less harm done to the organs and systems of the body. Less mental and emotional damage as symptoms literally dissolve as the pressure, tension, resistance to flow of nerve information and circulation are literally lifted, released almost evaporated from the tissues, The patient no longer has that diagnosis. Recovery can be full. The only reason this diagnosis seems so permanent is that no one has treated the right system. Many times, if the arms are affected, so is the neck. If the legs are affected, so is the back. If the neck is affected, so is the back. Osteopathic practitioners are trained to recognize this phenomena. It really is not rocket science, treating this ailment properly looks like magic, feels no less than a miracle. Osteopathic treatment however is fairly simple and straight forward. Recovery can even be quick. The infliction of serious damage to the life, lifestyle, peace, flow and grace of the individual with this diagnosis is turbulent at best. People change under chronic duress. The good news is, the proper treatment is really easy in the hands of a person trained to treat this properly. RSDS has always been a fascial problem in every patient that has comes to me with this diagnosis. They have been successfully treated with myofascial release and homeopathy.

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Our professional support team understands your daily struggles and is committed to your individual needs and success. 2807 Concord Pike


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July 2015

WHEN YOUR FEELINGS BETRAY YOU By Joe White Feelings are not real. Yes, they can seem real. They can appear real. They can even feel as if they are real; but feeling something doesn’t make it real. In any situation, what you are feeling is based on your perceptions. What you learned to associate to whatever has triggered that feeling. It becomes a trap. The more we make it real, the more real it feels and that causes us to slide deeper into that feeling. Once we do that then everything that we see is filtered through this feeling. We begin to look for more references or reasons to why we feel the way we do. We do this until it envelops us and consumes everything. The code for this is,”I can’t help myself ” or “it just overcomes me.” For example, you are driving home late at night and a song comes on the radio and it reminds you of an old relationship and you feel sad. You start to think about what could have been, and how you miss that person at times. The next thing you know the song is long gone and you are still swimming in sadness. Another example is when you set a goal, you get really excited. You buy things that could help you and you post about it on Facebook. You feel ready, but you never get out of the gate and the feeling fades and so does the desire. See, it does not matter if the feeling is positive or negative. It is still not real and it does not serve you regardless of your intention. If it is positive, it gives us the illusion that we are making progress but we are not. The feelings actually hold us back because we are so busy feeling that we are not taking action. Feeling something is a heck of a lot safer than putting yourself out there and taking action. When the feeling is negative, we focus on that feeling and everything associated to it. As we do so we become stuck in the past. Instead of recognizing that we are feeling something undesirable, letting it pass or examining it, we focus on it. The more attention you give it the stronger it becomes. Remember whatever you feed will grow and whatever you starve will die. So what is the solution? First, allow yourself to feel your feelings. Stifling or ignoring your feelings will only keep them buried in the unconscious. Second, avoid giving them meaning or labels. An easy indicator is when we use the word “why”. Such as, “Let me tell you why I am so angry” or “Why do I feel so not enough?” Lastly understand feelings are meant to pass through us and not stay stuck within us. Shift to stronger feelings of love, gratitude, or towards an achievement that is part of your purpose AND then take action within that feeling. Feeling is only half the equation, you must take action. If you feel love then do something that is loving. If you are feeling grateful, then express that gratitude. Feelings are an invaluable part of being and when we allow ourselves to remain present while we feel them, we stay connected to our life not to a world of our feelings. Until next month… Live Free!

Peddlers, Potions, and Practitioners 10th Annual Holistic Expo at the Arden Fair The Arden Fair is celebrating its 10th yearof its boutique expo: Peddlers, Potions and Practitioners Holistic Marketplace. Peddlers started in 2006 as a way to raise money to maintain and preserve The Buzz Ware Community Center, the building is the creative heart of Arden’s artistic community. Toby Ridings was one of the orginial organizers who envisioned an event where earth-conscious vendors, holistic practitioners and intuitive consultants could tap into the fun and celebration of the historic Arden Fair. “It gives people a chance to meet with area practitioners, make a connection and find healers and teachers with whom they resonate.” Ridings says. This year’s marketplace will not only host area merchants, but also some retailers from as far away as Minnesota. “We have a good variety,” she adds. Among the thirty-two vendors is TJ’s Rock and Gemcrafts, of Downingtown, PA. “The whole building vibrates with energy after he sets up his tables,” said Ridings. Other offerings include intuitives whose mode of soothsaying varies from tea leaves to Tarot, astrology and angel readings. A good plan is to arrive at “The Buzz” early on fair day to sign up for time slots for the coveted readings that these practitioners offer. After you make your appointment, be sure to check out the soaps, essential oils, textiles, books and other goods that will be for sale. Peddlers, Potions, and Practitioners has steady vendors who come back year after year, but its organizers also add new faces to keep the experience fresh and relevant. “Foot reflexology is an exciting offering which is new this year,” said Ridings. While admission to the Arden Fair is free, a charge of $1 is required of those entering the marketplace which is centrally located in the building and grounds of the Buzz Ware Village Center. Peddlers, Potions, and Practitioners Holistic Marketplace will be open for business on Saturday, September 5 from 10AM-6PM. More info at www.

Joe White is the President and founder of Get Life Coaching. Get Life Coaching is the leader in personal and professional development since 1999. Joe recently earned the most Prestigious Award : 2012 Entrepreneur of the year. Joe can be contacted at: 302-832-3424, or email him at: or check out: Follow Joe on @getlifecoaching

July 2015


Organized Men:

They Do Exist By Karen Jessee

I asked a few single friends to send me pictures of their most organized spots, and they kindly obliged. Enjoy these refreshing and delightful works of art by real men. I’ve learned that people will organize what is most important to them. Years ago, I worked with a gentleman who hadn’t slept in a made bed in 5 years. The bedroom was a shambles and dusty; the closet a giant laundry basket. However, his music and his shoes were lined up on the top shelf of the closet in perfect order. Another gentleman had his beautiful suits and work shirts all over the bedroom. Designer clothes were in balled-up piles on the bureau, dresser, and the floor. The master closet, which held no clothing, was such a tangle of hangers that I had to squeeze in to begin the work. Yet, his man cave in the basement had a closet and bureau of his sport and work out clothing that would have put a department store display to shame. Then there was the gentleman who was getting married to a woman who would be moving in and wanted help getting organized. When I asked which room, he answered correctly, “the bedroom.” I told him nothing said love like half his walk-in closet and a clear dresser for her jewelry and makeup. He began heaving out old clothes and nonsense from the closet floor, moved out his sports clothes, and handed me everything on the dresser, making it clear what was most important to him: his new bride’s happiness. So what you are seeing here are parts and pieces of what these gentlemen considered valuable to them: the clothing, the tools, the beer can collection, the bathroom closet, the aesthetics of the room. For others it may be the shoes, the music, or yes, the magazine collection stacked neatly in chronological order. A word of caution to the wives staring at their hubbies’ magazines in the basement: while I’ve jokingly recommended the garden hose and a gratuitous flood, I think it best to choose your battles and leave that one alone. Just saying! — more images on next page 30

July 2015

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Karen Jessee is a professional organizer and founder of Simply Organized. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and the Philadelphia Chapter of Professional Organizers. She encourages people to simplify their lives and works with those who need to downsize and get organized. Karen helps clients make the decisions and create the systems that are best for them. She also teaches the strategies to help clients gain greater clarity, control, productivity and peace. Karen is a public speaker on these topics. Visit her website at:

July 2015


Letting Go■■■

of the Right Thing

The voice on the phone was brittle with tension. “I know I should just let go of this, but I can’t! I really need this to happen.” “This” was a positive ruling by a judge that my client would be entitled to receive a juicy settlement in a lawsuit he had initiated several years ago.* The amount of money at stake would make a huge and very welcome difference in his financial condition, which had become increasingly…uncomfortable. My client is a thoughtful and loving man who earnestly desires to live a spiritually conscious life. He understands that letting go of attachment to specific outcomes is a hallmark of enlightenment and wants to be able to experience that freedom. Yet he also understands that he needs money – and he certainly doesn’t want to send any kind of message to the universe that he doesn’t need money. Wouldn’t letting go of his attachment to a positive outcome in the lawsuit be doing just that? In a word: No. But it’s important for him to be clear about what, exactly, he’s letting go of. He’s not letting go of his desire for financial ease. What he’s learning to let go of is the underground belief that, if this specific ruling isn’t in his favor, he won’t be okay. This may seem like an inconsequential distinction, but I’ve learned that it’s a profound one. Like many people, my client thinks that “letting go” means letting go of his desire for a positive outcome. But as a human being, his natural response to an experience of lack is a renewed desire for abundance. If he lets go of the desire, he lets go of a crucial aspect of his ability to create what he wants, because desire is a potent creative force. The key is to step beyond his dependency on this particular outcome happening this particular way. That dependency reflects his underlying fear that, if the specific outcome he wants isn’t realized, he won’t be okay.

By Suzanne Eder

letting go of his desire for financial ease, because on the surface it seems like a true statement: he’s in financial distress and he needs money. Without money he won’t be able to pay his bills. He won’t be okay. An exploration of whether he or anyone can, in fact, be okay without money is beyond the scope of this article. And I’m certainly not trying to convince my client that he doesn’t need money. What I want to help him feel is the deeper truth of his ability to create the financial support he needs, whether this specific outcome is realized or not. I want to support him in letting go of the belief that his experience of financial abundance is dependent upon the judge’s ruling. Would a favorable ruling create financial ease right now? Of course. Would an unfavorable ruling mean that financial ease isn’t available to him? Of course not. Unless he believes that it does. And that’s the belief he’d be greatly served in letting go of. He’s being called to a deeper level of trust than he’s ever experienced: trust in an inherently abundant universe, trust in his right to define what an abundantly fulfilled life looks and feels like for him, and trust in his own worthiness and power to create that kind of life. And trust is what makes letting go possible. I see this as an ongoing aspect of our spiritual growth and evolution – recognizing our fears of not being okay and opening to ever-deeper levels of trust that we are, always and already, okay. We are always loved. We are always supported. And I’ve found that, often, it’s more helpful to think in terms of cultivating trust than it is to think in terms of letting go, precisely because it’s so easy to get confused about what we’re letting go of.

If you feel attached to a specific outcome and are struggling to let go of that attachment, pause and At first glance letting go of this belief may seem as ridiculous as shift your focus to cultivating a deeper sense of trust about the whole thing. 32

July 2015

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Here are some suggestions for how to do it: ■ First, fully acknowledge the fear of not being okay if the specific outcome isn’t realized. ■


Breathe. Feel your feelings.

■ Acknowledge that the fear arises from an assumption – a belief – not a fact.

vein Screening

■ Intend to reach for the deepest truth that you know, beyond the circumstances and beyond the fear.

Thursday, July 23rd 4:30 - 6:30 PM

■ Do what you know to do to become more peaceful and grounded (e.g., yoga, meditation, journaling, being in nature, exercising, etc.) ■ Appreciate yourself – your talents and creativity and courage and passion and willingness to explore, learn and grow.

Your First Step to Beautiful Legs!

■ Recognize the essence behind the specific outcome you want. (In my client’s case, the essence of the desire for a positive ruling is financial ease.)

Call (302) 690-0933

■ Remember that there are countless ways for this essence to be realized in your experience. Feel the truth of that. ■ Find ways to keep yourself as relaxed as you can and keep listening inward to your own guidance.

To schedule your free screening

■ This isn’t a linear, step-by-step process, of course. It’s really an intentional expansion of perspective to help you reach a level of consciousness grounded in trust rather than fear. The more you trust, the easier it is to understand that, no matter what, you’re okay. And from that place, there is nothing to let go of. You are free. *The client and his circumstances described here have been created as a composite of many people with whom I’ve had the honor of working – including myself - who have struggled to let go of attachments to certain outcomes. “

Suzanne Eder is award-winning writer, teacher and transformational life coach, Suzanne Eder started her professional career as a CPA and enjoyed a highly successful corporate career in both Finance and Human Resources. She is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing’s intensive four-year program in mindbody-spirit healing, and is a former fitness instructor who taught aerobics, body sculpting and yoga for 16 years. She has also been initiated in Divine Openings, an extraordinary evolutionary process which powerfully supports clients in awakening to their magnificence. Through her writing, classes and workshops she offers inspired and practical counsel in all areas related to personal growth and transformation. Suzanne can be reached at or (302)888-2138.


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Recipes From: Deliciously Dairy Free By Leslie Waters When Lesley Waters’ mother developed lactose intolerance, Lesley was enlightened to the fact that there were millions of people who are lactose intolerant and people who have willingly made the choice to eliminate dairy as part of a “clean” diet. This was her inspiration for her latest cookbook, Deliciously Dairy Free, with more than over 100 fresh, simple, and lactose-free recipes such as Butter Bean Hummus, Chocolate Polenta Cake with Raspberry Syrup to Double Baked Mac and cheese, as well as the wonderful recipes in this month’s issue of LWM that Lesley has allowed us to share with our readers. Lesley Waters, is a well-known cookery writer and TV chef, author of several books, former Head Tutor of Leiths, owner of Lesley Waters Cookery School in Dorset and well known for her regular appearances on Ready Steady Cook, Great Food Live and This Morning. She cooks using seasonal foods when possible, that is simple, modern dishes that are easy to recreate with splendid results.

Pineapple & Smoked Chicken Sambal

If you’ve never had pineapple this way, you’ve got to try this recipe. It’s a real showstopper—I love to present it as a huge rustic board, put it in the middle of the table and let everyone help themselves. You can use cold leftover chicken in place of the smoked, and the pineapple also makes a great dessert served with crumbly meringues and your favorite dairy-free ice cream or sorbet.

Serves 4 1 large, sweet ripe pineapple 1 red chile, seeded and finely chopped 2 tablespoons honey juice of 2 oranges 2/3 cup raw cashew nuts, toasted 
and chopped 4 scallions, finely chopped 2 tablespoons chopped cilantro 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 5oz cooked smoked chicken, 
finely shredded salt and pepper Cut the top and bottom off the pineapple and cut away all the skin including the “eyes,” then quarter and remove the core from each wedge. Cut each wedge in half, giving 8 wedges in total. Place the pineapple wedges in a bowl and add the chile, honey, and orange juice. Toss well and set aside for 10 minutes to marinate. Meanwhile, mix the cashew nuts, scallions, cilantro, and olive oil together in a bowl, season to taste with salt and pepper and set to 
one side. Heat a ridged grill pan over medium heat. Remove the pineapple wedges from the marinade, reserving the marinade, and add to 
the pan. Cook for 2–3 minutes on each side or until lightly charred. Arrange the pineapple on a large rustic board, then top with the chicken and sprinkle with the cashew nut relish. Pour the reserved marinade into the hot grill pan and let it bubble off the heat for a few seconds until syrupy, then drizzle over the finished dish. 34

July 2015

Summer Fresh Pea & Dried Tomato Risotto Serves 4 as an appetizer 
or 2 as a main course

The pea puree flavored with sweet basil is the special element in this dish. Not only does it taste divine and have a wonderful vibrant color, but it makes the risotto super rich and velvety.

Pea puree 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 onion, finely chopped 1 cup frozen petits pois ¾ cup boiling water 1 cup basil, stems and leaves salt and pepper 
Risotto 20 semidried tomatoes in oil, drained and 2 tablespoons 
of the oil reserved 1 onion, finely chopped 2 garlic cloves, crushed ¾ cup risotto rice 2/3 cup white wine 1 tablespoon olive oil 3 cups hot vegetable stock 1 cup podded fresh peas To make the pea puree, heat the olive oil in a medium-size, shallow skillet, add the onion and cook over medium heat for 5 minutes or until softened. Add the petits pois and the measured water and season well 
with salt and pepper. Bring to a boil, cover with a lid and cook 
for 2 minutes. Stir in all the basil and cook for 1 minute. Transfer the pea mixture to a blender and puree until smooth. Season to taste with salt and pepper and set to one side to cool. To make the risotto, heat the tomato oil in a saucepan. Stir in the onion and cook for 5 minutes or until softened. Add the garlic and cook for another 2 minutes. Stir in the rice and cook for 1 minute. Pour in the white wine, 
add the oil and cook until absorbed. Add half the hot stock, a ladleful at a time, stirring until each addition is almost all absorbed into the rice—this will take approximately 10 minutes. Add the peas and continue adding the remaining stock as before, until the rice is cooked but still al dente 
— this will take approximately 8–10 minutes. Season to taste with 
salt and pepper. To serve, mix the pea puree into the risotto, spoon into warmed serving dishes and top with the tomatoes.

July 2015


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This special crab tart is superb with the soy–chili dressing and sesame crust. If fresh crabmeat is tricky to find, you can use fresh cooked shrimp or cooked crayfish tails instead.

Crab & Ginger Tart with Soy–chili Dressing Serves 6 as a main course 
or 12 as an appetizer 4-inch piece of fresh ginger root, peeled and coarsely chopped 1 large bunch of flat leaf parsley 2 tablespoons sunflower oil 12oz fresh white crabmeat 2 free-range eggs 2 free-range egg yolks grated zest of 1 unwaxed lime 1¾ cups dairy-free light cream Crust 2½ cups all-purpose flour, plus extra for dusting 1 teaspoon sea salt

For the crust, mix together the flour, salt, and sesame seeds in a large bowl. Stir in the oil and measured water (you may need slightly less or slightly more water depending on your flour). Using your hands, bring the dough together and form into a flat disk.

3 tablespoons sesame seeds 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil 1/3 cup cold water

Preheat the oven to 400°F. Roll out the pastry gently on a lightly floured surface and use to line 
an 11-inch removeable-bottomed tart pan. Cover with plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.


Line the tart shell with parchment paper and half-fill with pie weights. Bake blind for 10–15 minutes. Remove the tart shell from 
the oven and lift out the paper and weights. Return the tart shell 
to the oven for another 3–5 minutes, until it is just cooked. Reduce 
the heat to 375°F.

juice of 1 lime

4 scallions, finely chopped

Place the ginger, parsley, and sunflower oil in a small food processor and blend together into a paste. Spread over the base of the tart shell. Arrange the crabmeat over the top of the ginger paste.

1 red chile, finely chopped 3 tablespoons dark soy sauce 6 tablespoons sunflower oil 1 teaspoon sugar 1 tablespoon water

Beat together the eggs, egg yolks, lime zest, and cream in a bowl and season with salt and pepper. Pour into the tart shell. Bake the tart for 30–35 minutes or until just set. Meanwhile, beat all the dressing ingredients together in a small bowl. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Serve the tart warm with a drizzling of the soy– chili dressing.

July 2015


Staying Active and Healthy During the Summer By Alisa Rose The warmer weather is finally here! With longer days and the beautiful weather, who wants to be inside a sweaty gym or living off a restrictive diet.

5. Rock Climbing - this is a great way to build strength and balance. Plus you can burn up to 800 calories doing it.

During the warmer months many people take a break from their fitness goals and dieting which is the worst time, because there are so many outdoor activities that you can partake in and the abundance of great fruit and vegetables are readily available.


I have put together my “Top 10” list of summer activities and produce to help you stay on track and have a great Summer! Keep in mind this is a short list— options and possibilities are endless. Be creative and create your list while staying fit and healthy during the summer.

1. Watermelon - great for hydration; good source of Vitamins A & C 2. Mango - great in smoothies, salads and various meats; good source of betacarotene, Vitamins A & C 3. Papaya - does wonder for the skin. Helps with inflammation; good source of Vitamins C, E and beta-carotene


4. Green Beans -can be prepared in so many ways and are light on your stomach . great source of Vitamins C,A,K

1. Swimming- what better way to get in shape then swimming a few laps in the cool waters of a pool or take a beach trip and hit the ocean. (If you are planning to have Boardwalk Fries you may want to do a few extra laps)

5. Zucchini- tastes great lightly cooked or raw; good source of Vitamins A,B,C and potassium

2. Hiking- this is a great way to explore wilderness and enjoy family time, strap on a backpack filled with healthy snacks, cold water and enjoy the serenity of nature 3. Biking - This is a great way to get cardio at your local state park or hit a trail. (Don’t forget your Helmet) 4. 5K’s - Support a worthy cause while getting in shape - this is a great way to get friends and family together and can be done regardless of fitness level

we are thrilled to announce our partnership with

greencircle salons


to make your next visit to our salon a sustainable one!

Alisa Rose is Founder and President of Art Fitness. Art Fitness is commitment to providing a personalized atmosphere that eliminates intimidation and promotes success. Art Fitness is dedicated to improving the movement of one’s body and restoring quality of life through proper exercise, correct form and good nutrition. The Art Fitness team can be reached at: 302.477.0123, or Stay up to date with all things fitness: ArtFitnessLLCFollow Art Fitness on Twitter: @BdyIsaWrKoF_ART

state of the art techniques, eye diagnostics, evaluations and treatments.

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Stephen H. Franklin, M.D. Paula C. Ko, M.D. Jeffrey B. Minkovitz, M.D. Carolyn Glazer-Hockstein, M.D. Scott J. Fudemberg, M.D. Denh Tuyen, O.D. Douglas deMello, O.D.


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Full-time Residence ♦ Respite Care ♦ Secure Memory Care Spacious Apartments, Beautiful Common Areas, and a host of Modern Amenities. Our Professional Care Staff is dedicated to Enhancing the Lives of ALL our Residents ~ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 38

Nestled in the scenic parkland of North Wilmington. 1221 Lodge Lane Wilmington, DE 19809

July 2015

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Living.Well Magazine July 2015  

Summer Hair- Tame it or Let it Go Delicious Dairy Free Recipes Is Beer a Post- Workout Recovery Aid? Bring Out Your Golf BEAST Summer Fun Va...

Living.Well Magazine July 2015  

Summer Hair- Tame it or Let it Go Delicious Dairy Free Recipes Is Beer a Post- Workout Recovery Aid? Bring Out Your Golf BEAST Summer Fun Va...