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each have the ability to generate the vibrations that nourish us and send nourishment into the grid.

our political arena and in our lives is because of the strength of our collective intention to live in peace, harmony, respect and cooperation.

In truth, the intentions for respect, peace and harmony we’ve been feeding into the grid for decades have been catalysts for the shake-up we’re now experiencing. By feeding these intentions into the grid, any dissimilar or discordant vibrations have been made more obvious by contrast. They’ve been shaken up. This is the same dynamic that occurs when any one of us individually sets a clear intention for positive change in our lives.

Our powerful intentions are shifting human consciousness, and in that shift all of the old fear-based vibrations have become clearly evident. Rather than rumbling just below the surface of our awareness, where they are easy to ignore, they are now in full view so we can see them for what they are: expressions of who we are not.

I often give clients who are committed to shifting an old fearbased pattern, but frustrated when evidence of the pattern surfaces again, this mantra: “If it’s showing up, it’s moving up.” I want them to understand that the very act of intending to dissolve an old pattern will usually make it more visible. That gives us the opportunity to see it clearly for what it is – an expression of who we are not - and choose not to engage with it. Not to buy into it. Not to judge or defend it. Instead, we open our hearts, reach for higher ground and let it go. That same dynamic exists within the whole of human consciousness. See if you can feel the truth of this:  the very fact that hatred and fear and suspicion have risen to the surface in

They’re showing up, which means they’re moving up - and out - as long as we don’t engage with them. And by engaging with them I mean judging them, condemning them or giving our power to them in fear. This doesn’t mean we won’t feel angry, judgmental or fearful. We probably will, and many of us already do. It means we make the choice to fully feel our feelings, to honor them as part of our lifeforce energy, and rather than using them to push against what we don’t want – which perpetuates conflict – we harness them in service of what we do want. Through the power of our loving, peaceful and focused intentions, we bring our emotions into alignment with our highest visions for humanity. We vibrate in a coherent way that feeds our intentions into the grid. Rather than allowing ourselves to be affected by the discordant vibrations of hatred and suspicion that are being


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