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The Healthy Seed

By John Tobin ND.


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Planning Conception


TEAM NEWS Exciting progress in the medical department & a new retreat manager!



Christine Cronau’s Fat Revolution!





Two guests share their amazing stories of courage and positivity.


By Jessica Gaunt ND.

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Dear Readers, Welcome to Lifestyle Excellence No. 76. Living Valley Springs is a genuine health retreat staffed by professional, experienced, caring personnel. Located on the Sunshine Coast, we provide a number of reviving programs for people from all over the world who are seeking better health. If a new start with your health is one of your resolutions then we encourage you to keep connected through our facebook page, website or simply come and visit Living Valley Springs for a life changing program. In this edition of Lifestyle Excellence, Naturopath Jessica Gaunt gives parents a helping hand by providing some nutritious school lunch ideas for children. If your plans involve the addition of a new family member, take a look at John Tobin’s article on fertility and conception. We also introduce the author, speaker and Low-Carb, High-fat activist Christine Cronau, who is kind enough to share with us her delicious but healthy ice cream recipe, perfect for serving up on hot days. Don’t miss the back page for our latest retreat packages, then visit our website to find the best dates for you. We look forward to seeing you in 2014.

Wishing you all the best in health! April Patane Lifestyle Excellence Editor

contributors John ‘Toby’ Tobin, Naturopath. BHSc. Toby has been a part of the team at Living Valley Springs for over 20 years. His energy and enthusiasm for health and wellness are an inspiration and we appreciate his vast knowledge and contributions to Lifestyle Excellence.

Jessica Gaunt, Naturopath. BHSc. Jessica has been part of the Medical Team at Living Valley Springs for nearly four years. As a naturopath she empowers as many people as she can to implement changes that lead to optimum health.

Lifestyle Excellence is produced and distributed free by Living Valley Springs Health Retreat. Living Valley Springs is a public benevolent institution with a passion to empower individuals to make healthy lifestyle changes through health education. In addition to a powerful theraputic program, our team provides education on-site and through health lectures both internationally and throughout Australia.

We hope you find this a valuable health resource.

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The Healthy Seed PLANNING CONCEPTION By John Tobin ND. There is something very satisfying about planting a seed and watching it grow, but what does it take to ensure the seed will ultimately mature and bear fruit? The first step is to ensure the seed is healthy. Healthy seeds come from healthy plants that generally have a higher resistance to disease. The next step is to ensure the soil is fertile and rich in nutrients, yielding and able to absorb water easily. The conditions have to be just right in order for the seed to germinate and burst into life. The plant then needs all the right elements to continue to mature and eventually bear fruit, - fresh air, adequate water, minerals, various nutrients and the right amount of sunlight. If just one step is incomplete the seed will not grow and the plant will not bear fruit. Similar principles apply when preparing for pregnancy. A seed is impregnated in the womb, cells begin to divide, a foetus develops and approximately 9 months later the fruit of labour is born! But what are the factors that are likely to impact the outcomes of a healthy pregnancy? One factor to consider is our dietary habits. A diet high in sugar and processed or refined carbohydrates has been strongly linked with infertility in both women and men. High carbohydrate diets disrupt the finely tuned balance of hormones required for reproduction (not to mention the increased risk of obesity). One large prospective study found that women with the highest refined carbohydrate

fat dairy may increase the risk of anovulatory infertility whereas intake of high fat dairy may decrease the risk.2 Good fats include saturated fats (from meats, eggs and full fat dairy), essential fatty acids (such as the omega 3 and 6 oils) and medium chain triglycerides (found in coconut oil). Harmful fats, also known as trans fats are contained in hydrogenated vegetable oils (such as margarine or vegetable shortening). Organic foods are also an extremely important consideration. Pesticides known as endocrine disrupting chemicals (or EDCs) have the ability to disrupt hormonal balance by mimicking hormones which in turn, can have

One large prospective study found that women with the highest refined “ carbohydrate intake had a 78% greater risk of ovulatory infertility than women with the lowest intake. � 1

intake had a 78% greater risk of ovulatory infertility than women with the lowest intake.1 Another dietary consideration is our fat intake. Contrary to mainstream marketing, a low fat diet can actually be detrimental to the developing foetus. Fats are essential for optimal development, and together with protein, form the structural framework of our body. A recent study comparing low fat dairy to full fat concluded that high intake of low

detrimental effects on fertility. Furthermore, many of these chemicals have the ability to cross the placenta barrier. It is now estimated that by the time many babies enter the world they may have as many as 300 industrial chemicals in their bodies.3 Another area to focus on is our lifestyle habits. Are you the type of person that works hard through the week, skipping meals, working late and needing a coffee to keep things

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The Healthy Seed cont. together? Or do you have a few drinks or smoke a little in an effort to unwind in the evenings or on the weekends? Sometimes we may not realise just how out of balance our lives have become. Lifestyle habits such as these can have a significant bearing on reproduction. Studies from China, Australia and Europe have identified a 30% approximate increase in the rate of childhood cancers when fathers smoke prior to conception. And when mothers smoke (or passively inhale) there is a significantly higher incidence of birth defects.4, 5 & 6 Moderate daily exercise also has an impact on healthy outcomes before and during pregnancy. Parents who are either significantly underweight or overweight have greater difficulty conceiving and a higher rate of miscarriage.7, 8

Recently a phenomenon, termed ‘foetal programming’, has led to the increasingly supported theory of ‘foetal origins of adult disease’. In other words, parents who are an unhealthy weight or make poor lifestyle choices prior to and during pregnancy may irreversibly predispose their offspring to conditions such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes and cardiovascular disease as an adult.9 We all know it takes two to make a baby, but all too often the focus is solely on the mother-to-be. The reality is that men have more than just a small part to play in creating a healthy baby. So for the best possible outcome, both parents need to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle, as well as appropriate supplementation, to lay the foundation required to grow a healthy baby.

We all know it takes two to make a baby, but all too often the focus is solely on the mother-to-be.

The reality is that men have more than just a small part to play in creating a healthy baby

Preconception care should ideally begin at least 3 months prior to conceiving in order for both parents to achieve optimal health. Now this is not to say there is nothing that can be done to assist the health of your child later in the pregnancy, but if you could do things right, where would you begin?

Conception Plan...



Health is not defined as the lack of disease; health is an optimal state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Just because you ‘feel’ healthy doesn’t mean that everything is OK. A well-organised health check will involve a thorough health history, and should ideally be supported with some objective testing procedures. These may include blood tests (either laboratory testing or live blood analysis), a body composition assessment and a review of any other recent medical reports (if relevant).

A detox program will not only reduce the effects of toxic exposure on fertility but will also protect the developing foetus from harmful toxins. It is important to be aware that detoxification is much more than fasting on juices. It involves the use of fats and proteins to ‘mop up’ toxins, nutrition for optimal liver function and support for healthy elimination. It is important to consult with a health care professional trained in detoxification prior to commencing a detox program.





There are very specific nutritional needs that are required by men prior to conception and for women throughout the pregnancy. Deficiencies in even one of these nutrients may result in infertility, increased risk of miscarriage and altered development of the growing foetus. These nutrients can be obtained from a well planned dietary and supplement regime.

The benefits of a well-planned preconception program not only assist in a healthy pregnancy, they last a lifetime. So if you are planning on having a baby in the near future, make the decision to give them the best start to life and commence a preconception plan right away.

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Call Living Valley Springs on 1800 644 733 for more information or to arrange a personal health & lifestyle assessment. REFERENCES 1. Chavarro JE, Rich-Edwards

JW, Rosner BA, Willett WC. A prospective study of dietary carbohydrate quantity and quality in relation to risk of ovulatory infertility. Eur J Clin Nutr. 2009 Jan;63(1):78–86. 2. Chavarro JE, Rich-Edwards JW, Rosner B, Willett WC. A prospective study of dairy foods intake and anovulatory infertility. Hum Reprod. Oxford University Press; 2007 May;22(5):1340–7. 3. Body Burden: The Pollution in Newborns. 2005 Jul 14. 4. Rudant J, Menegaux F, Leverger G, Baruchel A, Lambilliotte A, Bertrand Y, et al. Childhood hematopoietic malignancies a... [Cancer Causes Control. 2008] - PubMed - NCBI. Cancer Causes Control. Springer Netherlands; 2008 Jul 10;19(10):1277–90. 5. Milne E, Greenop KR, Scott RJ, Bailey HD, Attia J, Dalla-Pozza L, et al. Parental prenatal smoking and risk of childho... [Am J Epidemiol. 2012] - PubMed - NCBI. American Journal of Epidemiology. Oxford University Press; 2011 Dec 21;175(1):43–53. 6. Paternal cigarette smoking and the risk of childhood cancer among offspring of nonsmoking mothers. JNCI J Natl Cancer Inst. Oxford University Press; 1997 Feb 5;89(3):238–44. 7. Grodstein F, Goldman MB, Cramer DW. Epidemiology. Body Mass Index and Ovulatory Infertility. 2nd ed. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 1994. pp. 247–50. 8. Boots C, Stephenson MD. Does obesity increase the risk of miscarriage in spontaneous conception: a systematic review. Semin Reprod Med. 2011 Nov;29(6):507–13. 9. Wu G, Bazer FW, Cudd TA, Meininger CJ, Spencer TE. Maternal Nutrition and Fetal Development. J Nutr. American Society for Nutrition; 2004 Sep 1;134(9):2169–72.

TESTIMONY I came to Living Valley Springs with depression, fatigue and I am also obese. I could not even make it up the hill to my room without getting puffed halfway. After 10 days, I could walk all the way up the hill and up the stairs to my room with only being a little puffed. On the Saturday morning I made it to the lookout located halfway up Pomona Mountain. Wow! I didn’t think I could make it but I took it one step at a time. I know now with the tools and information from Gary and his team that I can do anything if I fuel my body with the right things, have a positive mind and a willing attitude. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. I feel great and I am ready for a fantastic future!

John & Gabrielle Tobin with their baby boy Zander Patrick

Debbie Fisher 10 Day Cleanse - April 2013

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team news

LIVING VALLEY SPRINGS Since the last edition of the Lifestyle Excellence there has been a few exciting developments at Living Valley Springs.

TESTIMONY I attended the 10day retreat at Living Valley Springs with my 14-year-old daughter who is suffering from Chronic Fatigue. The knowledge and wisdom provided to us over the 10 days has truly been amazing. LVS has given us the tools to take charge of our lives and sustain them in the best health going into the future. My daughter has shown true improvement over the program and we now look forward to utilising our new skills and following through with the NEWSTART message. Never have I seen a more committed bunch of people working so well together. The staff of LVS certainly made the experience!

Shane Moloney 10 Day Cleanse September 2013

Giselle was ten when her family established Living Valley Springs. She was home schooled and worked regularly in the garden producing organic vegetables for the guests. At age fifteen Giselle took on a full time position in charge of food services at the retreat. She designed the new kitchen and supervised its construction. As Head Cook she developed a menu that won hearts. She even produced the first LVS cook book. As an LVS representative Giselle also worked as a nutritional consultant in a number of health food stores. In 1998 she was contracted by the Sheraton Hotel Group to demonstrate her unique style of cuisine to their chefs. She then established a Living Valley Springs buffet in the Sheraton Brisbane, which proved to be a great success. Giselle has played a major role in every department of the retreat, being always committed to service. For a number of years she worked as a therapist where she established our beauty program and initiated a number of our current treatments, including the Clay Wrap. She has worked in the main centre, reception and the health shop; she has also worked as a customer service representative and has spent many hours on the road promoting product sales. She has also done time in both cleaning and maintenance. In December 2012, Giselle was appointed Retreat Manager, under the direction of her Dad and Founder, Gary Martin. “I have a passion for ultimate health. It is my desire to share the essential keys of longevity and wellbeing with our guests through our unique program. The miracles that I see happen at Living Valley Springs continually amaze me and I am excited to now be in a role where I can enhance the experience of our guests. I am extremely proud of my Dad and our amazing team and I am ready to take LVS to another dimension in the area of personal care.� - Giselle.

Cooroy Clinic - Now Open! Living Valley Springs has opened a Naturopathic and Massage clinic in Cooroy at the offices of Chiropractor Adam Roache, 7 Garnet Street, Cooroy. This will provide easier access for outpatients coming from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Bookings can be made by calling 07 5485 4344 or by emailing

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Healthy Handbooks We met Christine Cronau in Brisbane last year where she was speaking at the ‘Low Carb Down Under’ seminar. Not only were we impressed with her knowledge and personal experience, but with how healthy and vibrant this mother of two teenagers looked! You may have already seen her on A Current Affair or The Morning Show sharing the details of the fat-rich diet her family has been thriving on for many years.

AU TH OR : Ch ris tin e Cr on au

“Why the

vilification of fat was the biggest health blunder in


Christine has taken the time to present her research in her book “The Fat Revolution”. It is packed full with studies and science, easy to read and is excellent for anyone trying to lose weight, maintain excellent health, provide proper nutrition for their families or even those wanting to wind back the clock a few years. A balanced diet does not have to be difficult and Christine makes it look simple in “The Fat Revolution Cookbook”. It contains indulgent full-fat recipes – without the sugar or the guilt. If you have followed conventional health advice in regard to weight loss and find that it just doesn’t work for you, or that you are tired of calorie counting, over exercising and feeling hungry all the time then I highly recommend you pick up these books. From an overweight young woman to looking incredible in her 40’s, Christine proves that good health and weight loss can be achieved by still eating foods which are satisfying and most importantly, delicious!

Try one of Christine’s recipes for yourself!

Chocolate Ice cream INGREDIENTS • 600 ml organic pure cream • 8 egg yolks • Vanilla bean

• 2 tbsp quality cocoa • 2½ tbsp raw honey

METHOD 1. Pour cream into a large mixing bowl and add the cocoa. 2. Whip cream with an electric beater until almost completely whipped (not yet forming stiff peaks, but almost to that point). The cocoa will slowly dissolve while whipping. 3. Add yolks, one at a time, while continually whipping until fluffy. 4. Add seeds from the vanilla bean. 5. Add honey slowly while whipping. 6. Pour into an airtight container and freeze. BOOKS AVAILABLE FROM

TIP Remove from the freezer and place in the fridge half an hour before use, as it will make it easier to serve.

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in food sciences? By Gary Martin ND.

What’s new in food sciences? Well, for a year or two, Australia has been party to the “Fat Revolution” which seems to be taking the world by storm. After sixty years promoting the ‘low fat’ philosophy, cardiac surgeons, GP’s and nutritionists have done an about-face on the question of dietary fats. Many learned scholars are now promoting a diet high in saturated fats and moderate in protein, with controlled carbohydrate intake. Even the National Heart Foundation has been shaken by the most recent scientific revelations that question the use of statins to artificially control serum cholesterol levels. Yes, it seems that cholesterol is necessary in the performance of many vital functions, including the transportation of fat-soluble nutrients, the elimination of fat-soluble toxins, the manufacture and balance of hormones, tissue repair and arterial vitality. If cholesterol is not the villain, then what is? Refined grains, sugars, processed foods and rancid oils promote inflammation of the arterial walls, creating lesions. The liver responds by producing therapeutic LDL cholesterol, designed to seal up the lesions and repair the tissue. When a person continues to consume those harmful acidpromoting foods, the bones release phosphates and calcium in an effort to stabilise serum pH. Free calcium then mixes with the cholesterol producing a hard inner surface on the arterial walls. Cholesterol is not the disease, but merely the response to destructive dietary habits. The relationship between dietary fats and serum cholesterol is insignificant. Serum cholesterol is actually elevated in response to refined carbohydrate foods, rancid over-heated vegetable oils and exposure to contaminants such as mercury. It is not the animal fats. In fact we have often found that an

increase in the consumption of saturated fats along with a reduction in carbohydrate intake produces a modulation of HDL and LDL cholesterol, resulting in an optimal HDL/ total cholesterol ratio and improved cardiovascular health. In October 2013, the ABC program, Catalyst, presented a two part series titled, “Heart of the Matter”, in which the foundations of the low saturated fat diet were clearly shaken. The relationship between cholesterol and heart disease is under review, having been rejected already by many reputable cardiac surgeons and nutritionists. The Catalyst programs can be viewed at the following website: Fats as a whole have been charged with many crimes against humanity since the second half of last century. For decades fats have been blamed for atherosclerosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, cancer and increased mortality. The Fat Family has been condemned by the National Heart Foundation, nutritionists, health journalists and doctors, while only certain fats ever pose any threat to wellness and longevity. Most common fats are actually beneficial and even essential for optimal performance and general wellbeing. Saturated Fat particularly has been maligned as public enemy number one over the last sixty years, when in actual fact it has been a major component in longevity diets for millennia.

Get your daily

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The French boast the lowest death rate from Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) in the world. In 2000 the number of French who died of CHD was 82 per 100,000 population, compared to 144 in Australia.1 Only 11% of French adults are considered overweight, compared to 66% in the USA. A low 7% are obese compared to 31% in the USA.2 It is interesting to note that the French consume more fat than any other nation on Earth, ingesting an average of 170 grams per person per day, against a world average of 78 grams.3 In 1992 the Bordeaux University determined that saturated fats make up the greater part of the French diet.


“ Cholesterol is

not the disease, but merely the response to destructive dietary habits.

What seems to be a paradox can be simply explained. Good fats satisfy the appetite. In fact, there is a mechanism in the brain that basically tells you when you have eaten enough fat. You just do not feel like eating any more. On the other hand, carbohydrates can be deceptive. Even after a huge meal, most people can find room for sweets. When the regular consumption of fat is neglected, there is a tendency to gravitate to, or even crave carbohydrate or sugar-based foods. Subsequently, a low fat diet can often result in obesity, as it has done for many bewildered advocates of the low-fat philosophy.

At Living Valley Springs Health Retreat, we occasionally host guests who are enjoying their tenth decade of life and are surprisingly healthy. When questioned about their diet they inevitably tell us that they have a farmer’s breakfast every morning, consisting of lamb chops and eggs cooked in loads of butter. It is interesting also to note that in 1920 the average consumption of butter in the USA was 18 pounds per person per year, while death by heart attack was an insignificant statistic.4 By 1960 butter consumption had plummeted to four pounds per person per year, while death by heart attack had soared to 37% of deaths.5 So, it seems that after sixty years of condemnation, the saturated fat family has finally been exonerated. However food is only one part of the puzzle in relation to wellness and longevity. A lifestyle that provides consistently high levels of energy, optimal mental function and long life involves commitment to a number of basic fundamentals including regular exercise, proper breathing, sunlight, rest, temperance, the use of water and trust in God. Howbeit, the health benefits attainable from the regular consumption of quality saturated fats are more than significant. REFERENCES: 1. CIA World Fact Book (2008). 2. British Medical Journal. May 29, 1999. Malcom Law, Nicholas Wald. Why Heart Disease mortality is low in France. 3. Food & Ag organistation of the U.N. 4. NHLBI FY 2002. Fact bk. Ch 4. Dis.Stats. Vital Stats of the U.S., NCHS. 5. Nat. Heart, lung & Blood Inst. Morbidity & mortality: 1998 Chartbook on cardiovascular, lung and blood diseases. Rockville, Maryland: US Dept. of Health & human Services, National Inst. of Health, 1998.

“The world’s healthiest snack and most delicious daily source of coconut oil!” - Gary Martin ND

Living Valley FatFix! Two delicious varieties - Choc Berry Antioxidant (dairy free) and Vanilla Protein Boost (contains whey) Available in individual fixes or packs of 10

Get your fix today. or 1800 644 733

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the diagnosis...

In October 2012, at age 31, I discovered a small, hard lump above my collarbone. A search on Dr. Google shook me lung cancer seemed to be the unanimous verdict. My family doctor was not overly concerned, after all, I was a young, gym obsessed never-smoker with no symptoms. An ultrasound resulted in a 'wait and see' recommendation, but I couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. Two days later, the biopsy I had pushed for revealed wraps, facials - although the colonics had me a little my worst fears... at 31, I was facing a diagnosis of concerned! At my first consultation with Toby, my inoperable lung cancer. The first oncologist I saw naturopath, I immediately felt I was in safe, very well gave me a two year life expectancy but did refer me informed hands. for a second opinion at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Over the following ten days my body began to heal centre in Melbourne. on a diet of green juices and detoxification shakes From that point on, things moved very fast. My that didn't stress my burnt oesophagus, supplements wonderful parents, husband and baby boy uprooted to aid regeneration, and beautiful treatments in a their lives and moved to Melbourne where we stayed gorgeous hillside setting. Even the colonics left me for 14 weeks. At the best cancer centre in Australia, feeling wonderful. The staff at LVS were so friendly and curative treatment suddenly became possible both Toby and Gary were mines of information, giving me the confidence I needed in my body's under the direction of one of the top to overcome cancer. The schedule radiation oncologists in the world. I quickly realised ability of talks reinforced this, and provided Treatment was very harsh, 6 weeks of the tools I needed to create a wholesale I needed to do daily radiotherapy and two rounds of lifestyle change. chemotherapy; I was warned I would something to help By day 10 I was much stronger and able become very sick, and would probably to eat the delicious food that I could need to be hospitalised. Whilst I never myself heal after previously only look at. I was ready to questioned this regime, I quickly realised I needed to do something to treatment, and to devise a supplementation regime that help me keep cancer at bay. With help myself heal after treatment, and to take control of my would Toby's expertise, we developed a detailed take control of my future health. diet and supplementation plan I still follow future health Living Valley Springs had been today. I left LVS a far cry from the sick, in recommended to me just after pain person I had been when I arrived. While I didn't get diagnosis. The combination of health retreat and to climb the mountain with the rest of the group, I will expert naturopathic advice was exactly what I was looking for, and before starting treatment I booked definitely be back to make it to the top! As a postscript to this story, I have recently returned my 15 day stay. The treatment was as harsh as promised, and I from my regular surveillance scan in Melbourne. My first ended up in hospital for 2 1/2 weeks. By the time I follow up scan, at three months, showed no evidence of was strong enough to go to LVS I was still unable to disease, and now, thirteen months after treatment, my swallow anything other than liquids, and reliant on scan remains clear - there is still no evidence of disease. pain relief. Despite my obvious limitations, the staff With the knowledge I gained at LVS I have the best at LVS were happy to accommodate me for the first possible chance of a cancer free future, an invaluable taste of normality I had experienced in a long time. gift for me and my family. The treatments sounded wonderful - massage, clay Alexandra Golledge



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the prognosis!

One morning I awoke to find a small, red rash on my back. It was itchy, like a spider bite. I even thought I had brushed up against a little stinging caterpillar. Six months later, the still undiagnosed rash had turned into large red welts and had spread to my legs, arms and torso. A dozen biopsies eventually confirmed the rash was actually a widespread and very rare cancer: Primary peripheral cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, unspecified. “Not a good one to have”, said my Oncologist. The prognosis was a 16% 5 year survival rate and an average lifespan for sufferers of 36 months.

I learnt so much during that stay at LVS: about diet, exercise and important lifestyle reforms. I also learnt about teeth (yes I had some old root canals and amalgam fillings removed) and most importantly about positive thinking. Gary and his team’s enthusiasm rubbed off on me. I became determined to stay positive through whatever treatments I chose to do. I remembered the advice, “Accept the diagnosis. Reject the prognosis”! And that’s what I did.

My first reaction was to rush madly from doctor to doctor, naturopath to naturopath, herbalist to herbalist, trying to find someone who could cure this rare and difficult-to-treat disease. But no one I consulted had even heard of it, even some of the doctors! I then embarked on a series of industrial strength chemo regimes, both I.V. and oral, as well as extensive radiation for I became the growing numbers of lesions spreading determined to over my body. They were now big, open and ugly! stay positive

The positive effects of that single retreat at LVS stayed with me through the next gruelling 3 years of treatment. This included more heavy chemo, (which eventually stopped working) and finally when all other options were exhausted, a bone marrow transplant. This was an awful time, but remembering all the positivity I’d learned at LVS, I found something beautiful to be thankful for every single day.

Eventually, in a less than stable emotional state, I found myself talking, between through whatever sobs, to Gary Martin at Living Valley treatments I Springs. I was a mess, mainly because no chose to do. one in the alternative medical field could help me. I did, though, have a strong sense of faith in my oncologist at Royal Brisbane It has been almost two years now since my bone Hospital. However, I seriously needed to do something marrow transplant. I am still in remission and feeling and do it quickly about my shattered emotional state. stronger every day. Not a day goes by where I don’t thank everyone who helped me for this wondrous, This is where Gary Martin and his team at Living Valley awesome miracle called life. I will never forget the way Springs helped me tremendously. Firstly, Gary helped that Gary took me in and the way his staff looked after me calm down. Then, after a few meetings, he invited not only me but also the hundreds of others who have me to do a ten-day retreat that would give me the tools been to LVS. Gary, thanks mate… Words cant express to help support me during my treatment. I accepted my gratitude! eagerly and turned up on the first day, convinced that something good would come of all this. And it did! Mike Higgins

At Living Valley Springs we love to hear about life after the retreat, whether your stay was 1 month or 24 years ago, we welcome you to share your story, to inspire others in their journeys to good health. Get in touch, email: We look forward to hearing from you!

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Healthy Lunchboxes FOR KIDS BY JESSICA GAUNT ND. BHSC. One of the biggest questions people ask me is; ‘Thanks for helping me with my nutrition, but what should I be doing for my children?’ These days, parents are bombarded with information about the negative side effects of additives and colouring agents that are tucked away into so much of the food marketed to children. With the overwhelming amount of information about what is not safe to give their children, parents can often find it quite a challenge to provide healthier food for their kids. The real question they are asking themselves is, what is healthy and just how long will it be considered healthy before we are told it’s not? My answer is get back to basics! Rewind the clock and consider what your grandparents ate and what existed within balanced diets before the mass production of food. The food group that I find continually gets missed, besides protein in most children’s diets, is good saturated fats. This includes foods like organic avocado, soft cheeses, butter, meats, eggs and coconut products. Yes it is fat and yes kids

need a lot of it as it provides sustained energy with none of those energy slumps that simple sugars often deliver. With its ability to nourish cell membranes, support healthy brain and cognitive function, the numerous benefits of good quality saturated fats in a developing child’s diet cannot be ignored. The Weston A. Price Foundation suggests that fats are essential for enhancing nutrition specifically when it comes to vitamins A, D, K and E, which all depend on fat for absorption.1 These vitamins are vital for bone development, healthy teeth and for strengthening their little immune systems to keep those nasty school colds away. So, is it possible to give your kids the nutrients they need while protecting them from harmful additives? I say it is! While it may take a little more time and thought to prepare, your reward will be strong, healthy children who will enjoy the creative treats you make for them.

Natural full-fat Greek yogurt with added blueberries and walnuts. Walnuts, which look like little brains, are high in Omega 3 and are essential for brain development. Kale chips. Tear leaves into chip sizes, toss through olive oil and salt, cook in oven ‘til crisp. Kale is fabulous for keeping the liver happy, is anti-inflammatory and a great antioxidant. Boiled eggs are high in good protein & fat for healthy brain development & sustained energy. Fresh papaya, full of digestive enzymes. Quinoa Sushi – Cook quinoa until fluffy, then add a touch of apple cider vinegar and salt to taste. Include chicken, roast beef or lamb & avocado in the roll. 100% Pure Coconut Water.

REFERENCE: 1. Dietary Recommendations for Children: A Recipe for Future Heart Disease? - Weston A Price Foundation [Internet]. [cited 2014 Jan 3].

Page 12 | No. 76 |

Mini Capsicums or cucumber stuffed with chicken and cottage cheese for a high dose of vitamin C, with good healthy fats and protein for the immune system. Organic beef rissoles packed with protein for stable energy production and muscle development. (Recipe pg.13)

Coconut water is fantastic for hydration, mental clarity & alkalisation. Berries are a great little brain booster with a fantastic array of antioxidants for cell protection and delivers a little bit of sweetness without the sugar overload.

Coconut chips, which can be seasoned with cinnamon if desired, are a great snack for gut and immune health.

fats are essential for enhancing “ nutrition specifically when it comes to vitamins A, D, K and E, which all depend on fat for absorption.1


6 eggs beaten 1 zucchini grated 100g feta grated Salt to taste Cherry tomatoes

METHOD 1. Whisk eggs & salt, add grated zucchini & feta and mix through. 2. Scoop mixture into oiled mini muffin trays, slice cherry tomatoes in half & place on each frittata. 3. Place in oven and bake at 180 for 20-30 mins or until frittatas have risen & slightly browned.

Hummus dip with veggie sticks are packed with antioxidants and amino acids for development of those little cells.

Soft cheese pieces. Packed with fats and protein for cognitive function and sustained energy.


Lifestyle Excellence | No. 76 | Page 13


wholesome, filling and delicious! By Giselle Alford MAKES 15 RISSOLES Being raised a vegetarian, I have never found red meat tempting or appealing, but due to my body’s need for protein and iron I have had to devise some ways of making it irresistible to even myself…. So I hope you enjoy! INGREDIENTS • 1 Kg Organic Grass Fed Beef Mince • 2 Eggs – lightly beaten • 4 Spring onions – finely sliced • 2 Cloves of Garlic Crushed • 3 Tbs Organic Tomato Paste • 1 Tbs Organic Tamari • 2 Tbs Organic Rice Flour (optional –

• • • • • • •

1-2 tsp Curry Powder 1 tsp Turmeric Powder 2 tsp Italian Herbs 2 tsp Onion Powder Fine Ground Sea Salt Pinch of Cayenne (optional) Olive Oil & Butter (for cooking)

helps to bind mixture but not essential)

METHOD Mix all ingredients thoroughly together in a large bowl. Use a ¼ sized measure cup to scoop out equal amounts then place in a heated frypan with a little olive oil and butter, then flatten out to desired thickness using a spatula. Fry both sides on a medium heat till cooked through and lightly browned. Try serving with baked or steamed vegies, mashed potato or a side salad and for those of you still eating bread you can add them to a salad filled, wholemeal burger or wrap for a hearty lunchtime meal!

Living Valley Springs

Health Lectures Live Healthy, Live Life! Discover secrets to living healthier and feeling great in this seven part lecture series. Gary Martin ND. & John Tobin BHSc. ND. share the latest in their health research, based on over 40 years of combined experience. Relevant topics such as meal planning, body chemistry, dental health and more are extensively explored. Recorded live at Living Valley Springs Health Retreat in the Noosa Hinterland, Queensland, Australia.

5 DVD Set, Total Viewing Time: 768 minutes/12 hours Available from or by calling 1800 644 733

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‘The 10-Day Cleanse’... What we Achieved!

I have been reading the Lifestyle Excellence for ages and always wanted to come. It took a while to talk my husband into it but he finally agreed. We have been on cruises and other holidays, but our stay at Living Valley Springs was the best time away that I have ever had. We live a very busy lifestyle so the rest and detox and all the fantastic treatments were wonderful. My husband also thought it was great. The LVS team were all so friendly and helpful. The food was great and even the fasting days were good (the juices and protein drinks were filling). The atmosphere was peaceful and relaxed. I will recommend everyone I know to spend time at Living Valley Springs and we will definitely return.

Joan Haase 10 Day Cleanse - March 2013

I thought I was pretty healthy and knew it all about health. Living Valley Springs taught me that I could go to a much higher level of health and they showed me how to do it. The staff are caring and brimming with health – a true inspiration. I have learnt that what I accepted as normal in terms of a healthy body is not living. I have been inspired, refreshed and taught how to age with a level of health I didn’t think possible. Thank you!

Josephine Bode 10 Day Cleanse - October 2013

To the team at LVS - On Saturday night we went out for dinner with a group of friends for the first time since I returned home from Living Valley Springs. Having suffered for six years with a serious digestive disorder it was really enjoyable sharing a meal with a group of friends and not having to run to the bathroom halfway through. I cannot thank you all enough for the kindness you showed and the wisdom you shared. It has had a massive effect on my life and Abe said that this is the Kate he knew when we first met, so thank you. The total package that you offer is incredible - all of the treatments that I received left me feeling relaxed and healthier.

Kate Lawrence 10 Day Cleanse - January 2014

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Lifestyle Excellence Issue No. 76  

The Winter 2014 issue of Lifestyle Excellence - the journal of Australia's leading health retreat, Living Valley Springs!

Lifestyle Excellence Issue No. 76  

The Winter 2014 issue of Lifestyle Excellence - the journal of Australia's leading health retreat, Living Valley Springs!