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training hardware


training hardware Speed. Agility. Endurance. Strength Training is a fundamental attribute to everyone who is serious about achieving their goal. The adidas Training Hardware range has been developed to the highest specification to help you get the best performance from your workout and reach your goal faster. adidas is all in

core gym balls 65cm / 75cm

training mat

++anti burst material ++dual grip texture for extra stability ++hand pump included ++Max user weight 110kg

++Extra padded reversible surface ++Carry strap ++183cm x 61cm

Available colours 65cm: Available colours 75cm:

knee support

skipping rope set + carry case

++Neoprene for heat retention and maximum compression ++Comfort fit for extra support ++breathable mesh material

++2 interchangeable weight ropes ++2 x 50g and 2 x 100g weighted handle inserts ++Carrying case included ++275cm length



training bands

neoprene dumbbells ++Anti-roll triangle design for safer exercising ++Neoprene coating for protection and impact resistance ++Heavy duty durable iron construction

available in 1kg, 2kG, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg

++High and medium resistances included ++1.8m length ++Workout instructions on each band

1 - 5kg

professional grip trainers ++Easy grip handles ++Improves grip strength ++Beneficial for weightlifting and all racket sports

power tubes ++compact design ++outer sleeve for added protection ++variable resistance

available in 3 levels of resistance

deluxe dumbbell set with case ++Unique twist lock system ++Interchangeable weights ++Chrome plated carbon steel ++4 x 0.5kg weights ++4 x 1.0kg weights ++4 x 1.5kg weights ++Carry storage case

dual grip medicine ball ++Dual grip handles for added flexibility on exercises ++ Increased weights for improved core strength training ++Flat edge for floor exercises ++Textured surface for added comfort ++100% heavy duty rubber construction

available in 3kg, 5kg, 8kg

3 - 8kg

interchangeable weights complete with carry case

KETTLEBELL ++Heavy duty 100% iron construction ++Neoprene surface to protect floor and resist impact ++Wide handle for extra versatility ++Simultaneously stimulates muscle strength, develops explosive speed and unbelievable endurance

available in 4kg, 8kg, 12kg, 16kg

4 - 16kg

swivel push up bars ++Builds upper body and core strength ++Unique swivel/fixed action ++Smooth bearing disc

adjustable ankle/wrist weights


++Fully adjustable strap ++8 x 0.25kg or 0.5kg weights ++Zip enclosed removable weight packs ++Secure lock Velcro mechanism ++One size fits all

base smooth bearing disc

full body weight vest ++anti burst material ++Total weight: 10.7kg ++2 x 0.5kg, 4 x 1kg, 2 x 1.25kg and 1 x 2.5kg weights ++Flexible weight inserts ++Secure zip up weight pockets ++Safe and balanced weight distribution ++Adjustable buckle and velcro straps ++Zip up design for close fit ++One size fits all



Adidas Accessory 2013  

Adidas Accessory 2013