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Winter 2012-2013

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Jumping for  Joy    

Our Time  To  Celebrate  A  Great  New  Age       and doom, unless you December 2, 2012 It is not gloom realize that doom is where we have been living for the past thousand years or so. Imprisoned by dis~stress and spiritual bondage that we, as a relatively young species, have brought upon ourselves by backward thinking and primitive thought patterns. We now have the opportunity to awaken into this powerful and transformative time as improved human beings with a greater purpose, and heightened intelligence. A time of peace and prosperity is at hand, as we transition into this new age of enlightenment, so long awaited. Behold, our earth has once again come of age. A time of great change and challenges may lie ahead, but we must look forward to these challenges as an un-leasing of the spirit. We, as humans have the ability and the knowledge to display love and compassion for each other and our planet as a whole, instead of alienating ourselves and beliving we are alone in the universe. Our current actions left un-anchored would soon lead to our ultimate demise. It is wake up time, as we journey into the fifth dimension, a dimension of our collective consciousness, uniting and igniting us all in our true and unlimited potential.

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Winter 2012-13

“I Pledge Allegiance To the Earth Of Our Beloved Solar System And to All of Her Creatures For Here They Dwell One Planet United in Harmony With Universal Love And Compassion for All”

Living Sky  Foundation  “Earth  Allegiance”  Now  a  Poster     In celebration of Earth Day, as well as the 75th anniversary of the Shenandoah National Park, students from Hearthstone, Belle Meade and Rappahannock County Public Schools in Sperryville, Virginia united for a two-day collaboration to illustrate a new world pledge of allegiance. “Earth Allegiance” written by Cherl Crews, Founder of the Living Sky Foundation, evolved when the pledge of Allegiance had banned from morning announcements in public schools for containing the word God. Living Sky was inspired to create a pledge that would not offend any one system of beliefs, and that would unite all people of the planet in a common vision of love, honor, celebration and respect for all life on earth. The mural went “straight to the top” of the mountain that is, where it was graciously received by over a thousand invited guests at it’s unveiling at the Shenandoah's National Parks, 75th Anniversary and Rededication Ceremony on June 25th, 2011. Superintendent Martha Bogle in her re- dedication speech recited “And now my friends, in this year, 2011, we seek to pass on to our children a

richer land and a stronger nation. Let us join together for the future as we have so well in the past. Let us renew the promise of preservation, and in it, the rich and boundless promise of Shenandoah. Let us all take pleasure in rededicating Shenandoah National Park for succeeding generations of Americans. For the recreation and for the re-creation which they shall find here.” The Living Sky Foundation has donated this beautiful mural to the Shenandoah National Park at Skyline Drive, Virginia in anticipation of permanent placement in the park for all to enjoy. A portion of the proceeds generated from the sale of this poster will go to support the National Park Service as well as to further support the Living Sky Foundation Community Outreach Programs. To acquire a copy of this two-sided, 12 x 18” educational tool and color poster, please visit If you are interested helping the foundation with the distributing the poster, to purchase in quantity, or receive permissions to publish the “Earth Allegiance” pledge, please


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Winter 2012-13

Enjoy this Lifetime Library Lessons in Earth Guidance Don’t Eat that Cow

MOOZY Foundation Spokescow Illustrated by Trusten Jean~Patrick Murrah

“The cows are people in our neighborhood”

We don’t Eat Cow… We Eat Leaves and Berries, Grass and Grain… But We Don’t Eat Cow. We Eat Fruit and Veggies, Nuts and Seeds… But We Don’t Eat Cow. We Eat Fungus and Flowers, Bark, Bulbs and Dried Roots… Make Some Tea, But We Don’t Eat Cow. We Drink Sunshine and Lap Up Water… But We Don’t Eat Cow. Agave, Nectar Oats and Grain… But We Don’t Eat Cow. Dried, Ripe or Dropped From the Trees, Out of the Ground, Off the Vine, Or Salt of the Sea… But We Don’t Eat Cow.

“As our children learn, so too are we taught, and thus our children become our teachers” Living Sky

Stone Soup, Why Yes; Not Giblets and Gravy, But We Don’t Eat Cow.

For more information on classroom projects, creative workshops, to schedule your school or group for participation in one of our enrichment programs or to obtain classroom materials contact: or call 540-937-2738

Won’t Eat That Chicken, Can’t Eat That Pig, And We Sure Don’t Eat Dead Cow! ©living sky 2003

* Living Sky Foundation (LSF) is committed to providing an environment that is free from discrimination under any circumstance. WE Embrace All as one human family, and do not differentiate between any species, race, color, religion, creed, ancestry, disability, gender, sexual orientation or age.


Living Sky Featured Artist

Winter 2012-13

Adam J. Engle; Songwriter, Poet, Musician “A Message" Do you hear the answers to all the questions you ask?  If all the questions just stop will the answers keep coming?  If you spend to much time looking, nothing will ever be found. Sometimes you just need silence to hear a sound. The stars will always shine brightest in their darkest hour, its very hard to comprehend the amount of beauty that's in a flower, A fire always feels warmer the longer your out in the cold, And a story always sounds better the more times its told. Don't think about it to long or try to explain it,you can bend the truth sometimes but don't ever break it. What path have you taken?  Is it the right one for you? Or are you simply doing what they want you to do? One day you might just realize it's not your path at all when the ground starts shaking jut remember not to fall. Do you want to win the battle but to afraid to engage in a fight? Why must we prove each other wrong to be right? The moon and the stars will share the night, then happily make way for the sun and not go to war over who's got the better light. If one people or nation was meant to be the only one, then the world would not turn and give everybody their day in the sun. When will the measure of a man not be by the size of his gun but by the love in his heart? Can we mend all the pieces after we've torn the whole world apart?

©Adam Engle

From Culpeper, Virginia, Adam Engle is a musician, a poet and a singer. “Influenced by all types of music and inspired by life itself”. Imagery flows from the strings of his guitar and through the lyrics of his tunes. Flowing smoothly like ripples on cool water, his words are the reflections of poetry that he breathes into song. As a guitar soloist, or playing in a band, Adam’s contribution to the music streaming off of this planet is graceful, blissful and uprising. Adam is the essence of a pure source and an exceptional “geetar player”. One cannot help but to fall into his rhythmic groove when graced by seeing Adam perform in person. This is a truly a gifted artist with an exceptional vibration; a musical menagerie. To hear a sampling of Adam J. Engle please visit his online links and show your support for this phenomenal local talent. Please remember to ✔ Like what you see. Adam will keep you posted of his upcoming performances, showings and recordings. Youtube: Facebook:

All songs, music and lyrics © Adam J. Engle 2012


Winter 2012-13

Guide to filling Vegetarian Pantry

Why Become A Vegetarian  Increases health, vitality and can extend lifespan.  Has a cleansing and beautifying effect.  Helps to develop intelligence and clearer thinking.  Makes you more at peace with your self.  Locally and globally economical.  Merciful and virtuous.  Assists in dispersing negative karma.  Nullifies the law of cause and effect.  Counteracts a destined calamity in regards to honoring our planets resources.  Prevents needless killing, suffering of animals with souls.

Take the  steps  that   reap  the  rewards  of   a  healthy,  joyous   lifetime  and  the   awakening  of   Awareness Education Decision Benefits

There are many reasons both physically and spiritually why anyone would want to sustain on a vegetarian diet. It is undisputable, after learning the facts, that a proper vegetarian diets it is the most healthy and beneficial for our bodies, minds and spirits. If you are not ready for this life changing alteration, don’t stress; cutting back or eliminating a diet of animal meat and byproducts, like any other addiction, takes education, commitment, and willfulness to reap the benefits. This too, this starts with a small step, the recognition that there is a healthier way to live your life. There are several types of vegetarianism with varying levels of strictness; the one that is best for you depends on your degree of commitment and your reasons for choosing an animal free diet. Get to know and honor your self, think about the choices you are making when you feed your body as well as your loved ones bodies and you can become a healthier, more enlightened, and beautiful spirit. • Ovo Vegetarian: Excludes all meat and dairy, but includes eggs. • Lacto Vegetarian: Excludes all meat and eggs, but includes dairy. • Ovo-lacto Vegetarian: Excludes all meat, but allows both dairy, milk and honey — this type of vegetarian is what most people commonly call plain old... “Vegetarian.” • Vegan: Excludes all meat (and animal products like leather) plus dairy, eggs and honey • Raw Vegan: Includes only fresh and uncooked fruit, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. Vegetables can only be cooked up to a certain temperature. • Pescetarian: Excludes all meat, but includes fish. • Flexitarian: Not really a form of vegetarianism, but this group consumes mostly a vegetarian diet, with occasional inclusion of meat, dairy or eggs. Filling a Vegetarian pantry is an exciting, colorful and aromatic experience; it can also assist in supporting your local farms, farm markets and natural, health food stores. Here is a list to keep in mind when stocking your pantry full of healthy ingredients. Whole Un-refined Grains (short, medium and long): Great source of fuel and long lasting energy, high in minerals, vitamins and fiber. Includes: Brown rice, millet, flax, pilaf, kasha, barley, oats, bulgur, and cornmeal… Dried or fresh Noodles and Pasta (Gluten free or made without eggs). Includes: Wholewheat, Buckwheat, Soba, Quinoa… Dried or Canned Beans or Legumes: Beans, Peas, and Soy are all high in concentrated vitamins and minerals. Nuts and Seeds: Raw or in Butter or Crackers (be mindful, no hydrogenated oils). Include: Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Pecans, Peanuts, Pine, Sesame and Sunflower… Raw or Dried Fruits, Veggies and Dark Greens: Organic and Un-sulphered and without preservatives. Pick a Rainbow. Include: Avocado, Bananas, Kale, Brussels, and Berries… Nutritious Oils (Fats) To be used in moderation. Preferably organic and extra virgin Include: Olive, Hemp Seed, Flax Seed, Sunflower, Canola, and Grape-Seed… Herbs, Roots, Bulbs and Spices: Preferably fresh from the garden, ground, dried, shaved, sliced. Include: SEA salt, Saffron, curry, ginger, sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, cinnamon, mustard seeds, garlic, dill, mint, cardamom, clove, pepper, chili or cyanine… Sweeteners: Molasses (only molasses has iron and calcium), Agave, Barley Malt, Brown Rice Syrup, maple syrup. Vinegars and Thickeners: Include: Arrowroot and Kudzu, Nutritional Yeast Cornstarch and Gluten Free Flours. Soy sauce (reduced sodium), Balsamic and White wine vinegar… There are innumerable sources for educating and assisting you on vegetarianism. Below are just a few links to help you on your way. Be forewarned, some of the reasons shown for becoming a vegetarian may be difficult to ingest due to the slaughtering and inhumane treatment of animals used in the food industry. Vegetarian Society: Vegetarian Resource Group: Veggie Global: PETA(people for ethical treatment of animals)


Living Sky Foundation Become a Member The Living Sky Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. As a Contributing Member you will have the honor and the privilege of watching our circle grow wider, our love grow stronger and our light grow brighter knowing that your tax deductible contribution has helped us un-pave the way to a better planet. In addition to being an active supporter, you will have access to The Living Library and all of its resources, including inclusion on our web sight, portfolio recognition on our featured artists page, early notification and invitations to annually sponsored events and productions, promotional and educational






opportunities are always available, assistance is always needed and funding is always desired. Enjoy this lifetime.

We Pledge to Protect and Celebrate Every Living Thing Under the Sky

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Living Sky Foundation News Vol. 04  

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