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College living environments sure have changed over the years. What used to be completely utilitarian dorm rooms with only enough space for a bed, a small closet, and desk, have evolved into spaces where college students can have more of the comforts of home and really operate their dorm room much as they would their first apartment. That, of course, includes the kitchen products that allow you to cook meals easily and have access to convenient products. Dorm room cooking has become more the norm in colleges across the country and luckily there are plenty of places online to find efficient, affordable, and compact kitchen supplies for smaller spaces. Some of the most important kitchen appliances to keep in mind when outfitting your space include:

Cooking AppliAnCes *Cordless kettle. This appliance is perfect for dorm cooking. College dorm rooms, most often specify that there are no open flames in the rooms. This electric kettle allows for easy - and safe - cooking and take up little space. *3-in1 Meal Maker. This handy appliance packs a punch in terms of what it offers for the price. This three appliance in one product, is a toaster/oven, 4-cup coffee maker and round griddle in one compact unit. In a limited space, you need to focus on appliances that are able to meet a variety of needs.

A new lifestyle *Small microwave. A microwave is a must-have appliance for most kitchens of any size. They allow us to cut down our cooking time and reheat leftovers in a snap. Most of all, they are perfect for dorm room cooking. Luckily, these come in small sizes that are appropriate for smaller spaces.

*Electric Egg Cooker. In spaces where you have no flame to boil water, cooking eggs can become a bit of a problem. Luckily, an electric egg cooker allows you to cook up to seven soft, medium, and hard boiled eggs at a time.

Get Up and Get Going Dorm room cooking can be fun when you have the appropriate appliances for your particular space. Get online and find great products at great prices to make your house a home.


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