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Sharing the Journey Spring Summer 2016

Meeting Life’s Challenges

DIRECT SUPPORT PROFESSIONALS: “The Foundation of Everything We Do”

Since 1974, Living Resources has been providing services to individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities and people with traumatic brain injuries. Though each person we serve has different needs, wants, and dreams, we have a single goal of assuring that everyone we serve lives and grows as independently as possible - a goal that could not be accomplished without Direct Support Professionals. Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) work directly with individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities. In residences, day programs, and supported employment, as well as in community, therapeutic, and recreational settings, DSPs are responsible for ensuring that the people they serve are safe, secure, and lead fulfilling lives. They accomplish this by providing varying levels of support in daily activities such as eating, dressing, hygiene, and community participation. “When you have a family member with a disability, you want to know that they are well cared for,” said Fredrick Erlich, co-founder and CEO of Living Resources. “It’s the most important thing.”

DSPs support the people they serve in many different ways. Kristina and her DSP Sergio attended the Living Resources Legislative Brunch in February to speak with legislators about the need for support of programs and services for people with disabilities and their families.

A Highly-Skilled Workforce Direct Support is not an entry-level position. Before anyone can start providing services to individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities, they must undergo Continued on page 3

CARE AND COMMITMENT Direct Service Professionals must be caring and committed, highly professional and able to think on their feet. For Debra Braoudakis, the roots of her career go back to her childhood; growing up as one of ten children, she was always looking after at least one of her siblings. “I love being a DSP,” said Debra, a house manager for three Living Resources residences. “It’s a joy to help people lead better lives.”

Ellen and Debra take a moment to smile for the camera.

When she started working as a DSP three years ago, Debra expected to be helping people with personal care, transportation arrangements, and meal preparation. What came as a surprise to her, however, were the things that don’t appear in a traditional job description – like being a financial advisor or a travel agent.

“Ellen loved trains, but she’d never been on one,” said Debra of a resident in a house she manages.” She kept talking about buying a train ticket, but every time she got any money, she’d spend it right away.” Seeing Ellen’s disappointment and frustration, Debra sat down with her to discuss setting goals and saving money. Together they decided on a destination, figured out the price of a ticket, and made a plan for setting aside a portion of each check she received. Soon, her savings began to accumulate, and last July, Ellen took her first train trip, traveling to Niagara Falls. A big part of being a DSP involves getting to know the people they work with, not only their disabilities and deficits, but who they are as a person: their interests and personalities, their likes and dislikes, their strengths and challenges. “It was a big goal and a big trip, but she made it,” said Debra, adding that for Ellen, who uses a wheelchair, taking a train to Niagara Falls was part of a larger journey toward being more independent.

A MESSAGE FROM THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER We’ll introduce you to NeuroPsychologic Rehabilitation Services (NPRS), who partner with our Brain Injury Services to help people who have sustained brain injuries gain independence and rebuild their lives.

Happy Spring! Recently I was taking a walk, enjoying the sunshine and shaking off the long – if not snowy – winter, and I found myself reflecting on the past, present, and future of Living Resources, and what makes our agency special. For many people, events like the Culinary Cornucopia, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last November, or the 7th Annual Golf Tournament, which will be held this June at the Mohawk Golf Club, Fredrick W. Erlich stand out – but to me, the most special and Chief Executive Officer amazing things about Living Resources take place on a daily basis, through our programs and services, our staff and the people we serve. In this issue of Sharing the Journey, you’ll read about Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), who work directly with the people we serve every day to provide the supports that allow these individuals to lead happy, productive lives, and participate fully in their communities.

You’ll learn about artists from our renowned Arts Program who have been thinking big – really big – with a 24-by-12 foot mural, and a landscape adorning the side of a truck!  nother essential component of what A makes Living Resources so special is our extraordinary leadership team, with whom I work closely to keep the agency running smoothly, and moving forward as a leader in the field of disability services.

Please take a moment to look below to learn about the newest members of the team who have joined us over the past year and a half, and on behalf of the Living Resources family, have a wonderful spring and summer!

Meet the Newest Members of Our Leadership Team


Steve Klein

M. Christian Bender

Dr. Len Travaglione

Associate Executive Director for Program Operations

Associate Executive Director for Business Operations

Assistant Executive Director for Behavioral Services

Steve joined Living Resources in the fall of 2014. In his role as Associate Executive Director, he’s responsible for the oversight of program operations, including Residential, Day Services and Community-Based programs.

Joining the Living Resources family in November of 2015, Chris is responsible for ensuring that all existing and new program operations are well-run and fiscally sound.

“Dr. Len” provides clinical oversight for programs for people served by Living Resources. He is spearheading the integration of Employment Services with other agency programs to heighten our commitment to supporting individuals in the open and competitive work world.

Direct Service Professionals: “The Foundation of Everything We Do” Continued from page 1

extensive training to gain skills and deal with numerous scenarios. Moreover, DSPs are required to take ongoing trainings to keep their skills up-to-date and meet recertification and safety requirements. Training includes dealing with challenging behaviors, including screaming, crying and physical aggression. DSPs learn to understand the reasons behind different behaviors, for instance, what’s going on in people’s lives, what upsets them, and how best to communicate with them. Because they often work with individuals in group settings (residences, day programs, etc.), DSPs play a critical role in helping people build peer relationships, lessen volatile situations, and create safe and healthy environments.

DSPs Rally for Fair Wages at the NY State Capitol — More than 97,000 Direct Support Professionals work for nonprofit agencies throughout New York State. These talented, caring, and highly skilled professionals love the work they do and the people they serve.

DSPs learn to navigate the health care system as they support the delivery of physical and behavioral health services for the people they serve. This means working with doctors, insurance companies, and other providers to coordinate appointments, administration of medications, and other treatments. Taking care of medically fragile and mobility-impaired individuals is often physically strenuous, requiring lifting people into wheelchairs, assisting them in and out of bed, or helping them in the bathroom. Effective and precise communication is a must – daily logs and other paperwork are necessary to pass along important information to co-workers and supervisors, as well as to meet oversight requirements of local, state and federal agencies. Everything from the day-to-day activities (meals, trips to the store, grooming and hygiene, etc.) to more complex situations must be properly documented. Part of the Family “Some people we serve don’t have close relationships with their parents or other family members,” said Arianna Geier, a DSP at a Living Resources residence, “We have to be aware of this, especially when it’s a holiday or special occasion where some people in the house are spending time with their families. The ones who don’t have close family relationships feel left out and sad. You have to be there for them … be their family.”

This closeness is a wonderful part of the job, but it also makes things very hard when a DSP leaves their job – something that happens more frequently than anyone would like. “I can tell you so many stories of DSPs who have people in their houses join them for holidays and family dinners,” said Erlich. “When a DSP leaves, it can be really devastating for everyone.” Despite the fact that the position requires skill, compassion and strength – both physical and emotional – the pay rate for DSPs is low. Many work overtime – or at several different jobs – to make ends meet. They want to stay because they love what they do and the people they serve, but often, the need to earn more money causes them to take positions in other industries. Living Resources and other similar agencies across the state were part of an advocacy effort to raise the minimum wage for all. State funding must be increased to accommodate mandatory pay raises, or DSPs may leave the profession they love for jobs with higher pay. In the community Public perceptions of people with developmental disabilities have come a long way throughout the years. Today, people with disabilities are very much a part of the workplace and the community. However, in spite of these Continued on page 5


LIVING RESOURCES Networking Event Connects Potential Employers to Job-Seekers with Disabilities On Wednesday, February 24, 2016, a networking event was held at Living Resources to offer local businesses the opportunity to learn about the College Experience internship program, and to connect with young adults with intellectual disabilities looking for internship and employment opportunities. Guests saw the premiere of a video featuring College Experience interns, employees and their employers. The event was presented by Living Resources

College Experience in conjunction with The College of Saint Rose, the Capital Region Chamber of Commerce, and Chambers of Commerce from Colonie, Guilderland and Bethlehem.

Living Resources CEO Fred Erlich speaks to guests at the College Experience/Chamber of Commerce networking event.

Speakers included Living Resources CEO Fred Erlich, Capital Region Chamber President Charles Steiner, and Jonathan Phillips, President of Phillips Hardware, a supporter of the College Experience internship program.


e d Chambers of Commerc “The Living Resources an ted y informative about talen networking event was ver r tte be to g disabilities lookin students with intellectual ce that local businesses their future with experien out these students was can provide. The video ab that is able to have them inspirational; any business lucky. work for them is extremely room packed with all of It was impressive to see the t sted in learning more abou the local businesses intere ying these students. I am the opportunities of emplo e ct of the College Experienc so excited to see the impa r se students will add to ou program and the value the local economy.” Jonathan Phillips Hardware President/Owner, Phillips


Jon Phillips is President of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Albany Chapter. Their mission is to encourage growth and learning among entrepreneurs in the Albany area through peer-to-peer learning, once-in-alifetime experiences, and connections to the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs.

LIVING RESOURCES Direct Service Professionals: “The Foundation of Everything We Do” Continued from page 3

advances, misconceptions about people with disabilities persist, and DSPs often find themselves working to dispel those notions. Late last year, Debra was with a group of individuals who took a trip to New York City to go holiday shopping, see the Rockettes Christmas Show, and take a bus tour to Brooklyn to see the famous Dyker Heights Christmas light display. “Everyone had a wonderful time,” said Debra, “and the lights were amazing.”

Growth and Gratitude Each weekend, Tracy and her DSP Arianna call Tracy’s mother who lives on Long Island so they can catch up on what’s been going on over the past week. It may not seem remarkable, but that’s precisely what makes it so extraordinary. “When I first started working at the house, Tracy had a really hard time communicating,” explained Arianna. “She’d get easily frustrated, and she’d act out by pounding on the table, or walking away to be alone in her room.”

During the tour, the bus stopped to allow people to get out and see the lights and decorations up close. Most people in the group disembarked, but a few chose to stay on the bus. It was then that the bus driver turned to Debra and said, “I feel sorry for those people, having to stay on the bus.” Instead of being upset by the driver’s comments, Debra looked at the incident as a “teachable moment.” “Don’t feel sorry for them, they chose to stay on the bus. They’ve had a long day, and they’re tired.” Debra told the driver. “They’re comfortable and warm – they can sit here and still see the lights and enjoy themselves. I’d say they made a pretty good choice!” A career in the Direct Support Professional field can be difficult, sometimes requiring working long hours and dealing with difficult situations. But more often, it’s one of the most rewarding careers, where each day, DSPs get to help the people they serve learn and grow, and flourish. “Fundamentally, our entire agency centers on Direct Service Professionals because they’re the foundation of everything we do,” said Fred Erlich. “They’re the basis for everything we hope, dream, and ultimately accomplish for the people we are proud to serve.”

You can help support Living Resources programs and services. Go to and click the MAKE A DONATION button.

Arianna & Tracy get in the Christmas spirit.

But as Arianna and Tracy forged a connection, Tracy began to come out of her shell. Over time, she became better at expressing herself, and was able to meet goals, like learning how to set the table. The change in Tracy was apparent to her mother, who had spent many years as her daughter’s primary caretaker. “I don’t know where we’d be without you,” she said to Arianna during a recent phone call. “I’ve seen such a positive change in my daughter. Thank you so much!” Like so many parents and family members of people we serve, Tracy’s mother is quick to express her gratitude toward direct care staff. “A lot of families really look at DSPs as part of their families,” said Arianna, adding that Tracy’s mom bought a small gift for each house staff member last Christmas to show her thanks.


LIVING RESOURCES 25TH ANNUAL CULINARY CORNUCOPIA Living Resources’ signature event, the Culinary Cornucopia, celebrated its 25th anniversary on Sunday, November 15, 2015 at the Albany Marriott. Special touches for the silver anniversary began even before guests entered the venue, as they were greeted with appetizers served from the Charcoal Dole Barbeque food truck. Inside, guests strolled through the silent auction area, sampled artisanal teas and coffees from returning favorites, Divinitea and Professor Java’s Coffee Sanctuary, and paused for photo opportunities on the red carpet before entering the ballroom. Once seated, guests could partake of offerings from 11 of the finest and most popular restaurants in the Capital Region, as well as try a variety of mixed drinks, locally-made liquors and craft beer.

Staff of Angelo’s 677 Prime celebrate with Chef Ken Kehn, winner of a gold medal and the Chef Anton Flory Grand Award.

Tony Panza and his wife, board member Jill Braverman-Panza; Angelo Mazzone, Sandy and Joe Nardoci, Randall Perry, Drue Sanders, LeGrande Serras, Living Resources CEO Fred Erlich, and event producer Joan Meyer. Joan has since bid farewell to Living Resources after 26 years of service and we wish her well. The ArtForms Gallery Achievement Award went this year to College Experience graduate Rob Corso for his success in his job at Orange Motors body shop. Following Rob’s award, LeGrande Serras took to the stage for the Mission Moment Challenge, asking guests to match a $5,000 challenge from BBL Companies. Donations like these, going directly to Living Resources programs make success stories like Rob’s possible. Special thanks go out to seven-time Presenting Sponsor Hannaford Supermarkets, and to Supporting Sponsors Dunkin’ Donuts and Prestige Vending Services for making the 25th Cornucopia the most successful ever. Additionally, a round of applause to the 11 participating chefs and restaurants who, year after year, donate their time, talent and fabulous food: 3 Ball BBQ, Albany Marriott Market, Angelo’s 677 Prime, Capital Region BOCES, Druthers Brewing Company, Epicurean Bistro, Hilton Garden Inn by BBL Hospitality, The Mallozzi Family, Reel Seafood Company, Salty’s Pub and Bistro, and Saratoga Marriott Courtyard.

A pastry table was provided by students from the Culinary Institute of America in memory of Certified Executive Pastry Chef Noble Masi, who had served for many years as an American Culinary Federation Judge for the competition portion of the Culinary Cornucopia. The award given annually for guests’ favorite restaurant of the evening was renamed the Noble Masi People’s Choice Award. Event emcee Benita Zahn acknowledged the many people and organizations who had been involved with the Cornucopia since its inception, including Donna and Yono Purnomo of Yono’s Restaurant, who received a plaque for their role in helping to create the event. Others recognized included event chair and Certified Master Chef Dale Miller; chefs Bill Hohenstein, John Marzilli, Jim Rhoads,

The Culinary Institute of America’s pastry table, created in memory of Chef Noble Masi. Photos: Donna Martin, Village Photo



Living Resources Artists Think BIG

Mural Puts Living Resources Artists “On the Map” Artists from Living Resources Saratoga Arts Program and Day Program worked together for one and a half years on a mural depicting a colorful map of the world. The mural, painted in sections at the arts studio in Malta, was transported to the Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Schenectady, where it was assembled to hang on permanent display above their Yulman Indoor Swimming Pool. Our thanks to the JCC for organizing and hosting the mural unveiling ceremony, held on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 and congratulations to all the amazing artists for their beautiful work!

Above: Artists stand in front of their world map mural shortly after it was unveiled at the Schenectady JCC pool. Left: Artists worked together to design and create the mural at the Malta Arts Center location.

Art on Wheels A press conference was held on March 14th, 2016 at the Latham Farms Hannaford Supermarket to announce the launch of a partnership with the innovative bottle redemption company CLYNK in New York State. Kudos to artist Nadine Nandkissore of our Arts Program for having her work selected to appear on CLYNK’s first recycling truck in the state! CLYNK allows users to create a personal account, accumulate a balance, and use the funds at their discretion to be redeemed as cash, used for store purchases, or put toward charitable donations. Living Resources is proud to be the first nonprofit in New York to sign up for this creative and convenient fundraising program with CLYNK. Artist Nadine Nandkissore (2nd from left) of Living Resources Arts Program holds her painting “Fauvist Forest”, which was reproduced on the side of a truck by bottle redemption company CLYNK. With Nadine, from left to right, are Hannaford Community Relations Specialist Brian Fabre; Living Resources CEO, Fred Erlich; Hannaford Albany Region Director of Operations, Dennis Martin; and CLYNK CEO, Clayton Kyle.


LIVING RESOURCES – Friends and Family Fall 2015 Day Program Awards The Living Resources Day Programs Awards are held twice a year, in April and October, to recognize the accomplishments of the people in our programs, and to give kudos to staff members who demonstrate excellence in supporting the individuals they serve.

Tyrone proudly shows off the two awards he received: Great Improvement in Money Skills and Recognition in Exceptional Volunteering.

Living Resources CEO Fred Erlich and Schenectady Jewish Community Center Executive Director Mark Weintraub appeared on Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara’s television program, Assembly Update to talk about the upcoming Capital Capabilities Festival. The festival, which spotlights the accomplishments of people with disabilities, will be held on Sunday, April 17 at the JCC. For more information on the event, please visit capitalcapabilities


A group of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) receive the Starlight Award at the Fall Day Programs Awards, held in October, 2015. The award is given to Living Resources DSPs for excellence in their work. (L-R: Deb LaPorte, Kristin Sweet, Kawana Temple, Marilyn Butler, Amanda Spickerman and Shadiat Rabiu).

LIVING RESOURCES – Friends and Family


On Thursday, December 30th, 2015, an art reception was held at the Capital District YMCA’s 845 Commons Men’s Residence in downtown Schenectady, showcasing large-format canvas prints of photos taken by a group of formerly-homeless veterans now living at the residence. The vets worked with Living Resources Veterans Services Project (VSP) Director Michael Cognetti and photography instructor Dr. Erik Lord, himself a veteran, who taught photography basics, as well as concepts of visual texture and contrasts.

FEELING THE WARMTH As a part of a community learning project, participants from our Saratoga Day Community Opportunities Program (DCOP) hand–knitted over 50 winter hats and scarves for people in need. On November 19, 2015, the winter wear was presented to Shelters of Saratoga, an organization that helps homeless people in Saratoga County.


LIVING RESOURCES – Friends and Family Congratulations, Sheila! Sheila, a participant in Living Resources Employment Program, was presented with a certificate of recognition for her great work by her supervisor, Jennifer Ogrodowski, Head of Youth Services at the Saratoga Springs Public Library. Keep up the good work!



Artists from Living Resources Brain Injury Services worked together to create an intricate circular mosaic depicting Northeast plants and animals. The finished mosaic, measuring over five feet in diameter, now hangs at Living Resources’ Albany office.


LIVING RESOURCES – Friends and Family

Living Resources After School Program (ASP) participants and staff play a game at their Thanksgiving party in November, 2015.

Living Resources CEO Fred Erlich presents a plaque to Donna Purnomo and Chef Yono Purnomo of Yono’s Restaurant in recognition of their role in the creation of the Culinary Cornucopia, which celebrated its 25th anniversary on Sunday, November 15, 2015.

Rockin’ out on air guitar at Living Resources Annual Picnic, held on September 18, 2015 at Krause’s Grove in Clifton Park.


LIVING RESOURCES – Friends and Family

It’s ZUMBA Time! Antoinette, a participant in the Rensselaer County Day Community Opportunities Program (DCOP) coteaches a Zumba class alongside an instructor from the YMCA for her fellow Rensselaer DCOP participants. The class meets weekly to dance, work out, and have a great time.

You may notice that we have included with this mailing a reply envelope for your use. You may use it now to support our Annual Fund, or save it for the future to make a gift in honor or memory of someone you love. The individuals and families served by Living Resources appreciate your support. Thank you for sharing the journey with us!

Service Coordinator Theresa Moffitt received a plaque in recognition of her outstanding service, presented by her supervisor, Jason Mazzuca, Director of Service Coordination, at the Staff Appreciation Day in December 2015.


LIVING RESOURCES – Friends and Family NeuroPsychologic Rehabilitation Services: REBUILDING LIVES AFTER BRAIN INJURY NeuroPsychologic Rehabilitation Services (NPRS) is a comprehensive program designed to treat the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral challenges resulting from a traumatic brain injury. In conjunction with Living Resources Brain Injury Services, NPRS is part of a continuum of care as the next step in recovery after hospitalization and traditional rehabilitation efforts. Offered in 20-week cycles, NPRS focuses on intensive rehabilitation tailored to individual participants (known as trainees), focusing on improving cognitive difficulties associated with brain injury, such as behavioral control, attention and memory. In group and individual settings, trainees work on emotional problems and relearning social, interpersonal and life skills. Many trainees attend several cycles of the program in order to gain maximum benefit and continue their progress.

Trainees’ family members and significant others are encouraged to attend the program. Individual and group supportive counseling, educational programs, and peer support are available to caregivers and loved ones of a person who has suffered a brain injury. On January 21, 2016, a graduation ceremony was held for 12 trainees from the most recent NPRS program cycle. Family members, friends and staff gathered in Living Resources’ Cafetorium to listen as each graduate spoke about the challenges and deficits caused by their injuries, and the strategies learned in NPRS which are helping them rebuild their lives and reach their goals. To learn more about NPRS, visit their website at or contact Susan Cavallaro at (518)392-7314 or


“I enjoy NPRS, and being with other people who understand … it opened my eyes to things I was unaware of, like adynamia, which means I have low mental energy. I know it affects others around me by them thinking that I don’t care … but that’s not the case. I care immensely about everything and everyone, but with adynamia, sometimes it’s hard for me to show it.

“My name is Jim. The deficits I struggle with are problems with my expressive language, attention, and the processing of information effectively … this means that I struggle to communicate and interact with others smoothly. I’m continuing to improve despite the many hurdles in front of me. I can’t be the person I was but I’m developing a new me.”


I’ve learned to use a notebook to write things down, to remind me of things that need to be done … having plans helps me immensely. I am proud of who I am now … I was told that I’d never be the person I was before … but I enjoy being who I am now. I feel like I have a voice now.”


MANY THANKS TO MAJOR DONORS Living Resources salutes the major donors and underwriters who made our recent special events successful: VETERANS SERVICES PROJECT ART SHOW BBL Family of Companies


Pioneer Bank

Comfortex Window Fashions


Michael K. Conway

Robert & Shirley Lazar

The Review Foundation/ Rhea P. Clark

William & Connie Danko

M&T Bank

Greg & Michele Schwab

Angelo & Claire Dounoucos

David Mahoney & Noble Gas Solutions

SEFCU Teal, Becker & Chiaramonte, CPAs

The Massry Charitable Foundation

The David & Candace Weir Foundation

The Culinary Institute of America

First Niagara Bank

Donna & Yono Purnomo

Dangerous Import Group

Betty Gallagher

Regan Development

Hannaford Supermarkets

Rose & Kiernan, Inc.


Saratoga Water

Marshall & Sterling Insurance


The Pike Company

UBS/John G. Walsh

Prestige Vending Services

VNA Homecare Options

Roger & Sherley Hannay Daniel & Ellen Hogarty

25TH ANNIVERSARY CULINARY CORNUCOPIA Albany Marriott BBL Construction Services Bond, Schoeneck & King Bouchey Financial Group CAP COM Federal Credit Union CDPHP The College of Saint Rose

DeCrescente Distributing Co. Angelo & Claire Dounoucos Drue Sanders Custom Jewelers Dunkin’ Donuts


GOLF TOURNAMENT FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2016 THE MOHAWK GOLF CLUB IN SCHENECTADY, NY 7:00 A.M. REGISTRATION/CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST 7:45 A.M. SHOTGUN START Support Living Resources programs and services while enjoying a day of golf at one of the finest golf courses in the Capital Region. For more information, please contact Marjorie Maniccia at (518) 218-0000, X 4372 or




THE TRI-CITY VALLEYCATS Join us for a night of baseball and fun at the Joseph L. Bruno Stadium (The Joe) in Troy as the ValleyCats play the Vermont Lake Monsters! Watch Living Resources CEO Fredrick Erlich throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the game, and stay afterward for fireworks! Like us on Facebook to receive the most up-to-date information regarding upcoming events!

HONORARY AND MEMORIAL GIFTS TO LIVING RESOURCES August 15, 2015 through March 31, 2016 The following donors have chosen to make a tribute gift to Living Resources. Thank you family members, staff and friends, for your vote of confidence in our services and for honoring our work with your generous contributions. Only with your help can we continue to meet the challenges facing individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, and impairments associated with aging.



Gary & Karen Cornwell Michael & Lynne Long

Ted Levine Bonnie & Tim Unser

Traci Cornwell Michael & Lynne Long Trisha Cornwell Michael & Lynne Long Warren Cornwell Jr. & Bonnie Hall Michael & Lynne Long Betsy & Shane Gilchrest Michael & Lynne Long

Christopher Long Gary & Karen Cornwell Kristin Kaiser Justin Long Joan Meyer Richard A. Fuerst, Esq. Dale Miller & Bryan Kelley Mark & Jane Levine John James Murphy Carmella Murphy Gerard Rozell Linda Rozell-Shannon

Amy Levie Judy & Joe Cuccolo

Harry Mulhall Dennice Brown Lynn May Brown Bernard F. Conners Mr. & Mrs. Mark P. D’Attilio Paul Daly David Farabee Francis Martin Kim Martin Tony Ng Society of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Cindy and Ed Sternal

Susan Nardolillo Elaine Sacco Mr. & Mrs. Mike Scovello James Riccardi James & Christine Pollock Helen Rynd Roberta Nahill Kerri Goodman Saunders Thomas & Mary Ellen Windish Tom Unser Donna Martin

Sometimes Twice Did you know that hundreds of companies across the country match employee contributions to organizations like ours? Not certain if your employer participates? Simply contact your Human Resources office and ask whether your company matches employee donations. You may be asked to file paperwork with Living Resources or to register online. GE employees, retirees, surviving spouses and directors can have their gifts matched dollar-for-dollar. Log in using your SSO ID and password at www.gefoundation. com or call 800-305-0669 for more information.

State Employees Tina, Toby and Linda enj oy the game at last year’s ValleyCats Living Resources Night.

Living Resources participates in the State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA). Our SEFA code number 5000202 covers all counties in the Capital Region.


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Meeting Life’s Challenges

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Sharing the Journey - Spring/Summer 2016  
Sharing the Journey - Spring/Summer 2016