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Meeting Life’s Challenges


PARTNERSHIPS & AFFILIATIONS American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities American Network of Community Options & Resources Association for Persons in Supported Employment Brain Injury Association of New York State The College of Saint Rose Home Care Association of New York State National Guardianship Association Network of Choice and Opportunity NeuroPsychologic Rehabilitation Services New York State Association of Community & Residential Agencies New York State Industries for the Disabled New York State Rehabilitation Association Northeastern New York Association of Health Care Recruiters Shenendehowa Central School District Transition Advisory Committee University at Albany

COVER PHOTO Best friends and Day Community Opportunities Program (DCOP) participants Charlie and Gary on the Avenue of the Pines walking path in Saratoga State Park. Photo taken by David Whitaker, a Living Resources DCOP staff member, while working with the program participants on the “Road Trip� photography project.




n 2010 Living Resources met and even exceeded the needs of the individuals it served, however, the recessionary economy and its effects on governmental funding greatly altered the organization’s ability to add new services. The unmet needs of individuals with disabilities continued to be great, especially among those aging out of special education and seeking adult services of all types. Securing the private and public funds to address unmet needs will continue to be a major focus for Living Resources well into the new decade and beyond.

Living Resources continued to make the case for adding newly constructed “smart” houses for individuals who remain in our care throughout their lives. Fully one-third or 90 residents in our homes and apartments have already been identified as needing a greater level of care within the next 5 to 10 years. A grant for $650,000 will make it possible to break ground for the first smart house in 2011, but Living Resources will continue to negotiate for additional homes until all our aging and medically frail residents are provided with housing that meets their needs. The College Experience Program at The College of Saint Rose made further progress in preparing young adults for a future of independence and employment. Seven more Living Resources students completed the two-year program and proudly received their certificates at the college’s commencement on May 8; there are now 19 graduates of this important program. Applications for admission to the College Experience Program remained steady as other young adults from many New York State communities learned about this unique program which includes housing services as well as academics. In the past twelve months, Living Resources increased its capacity to serve individuals in several important areas: Service coordination grew by ten percent, day programs by five percent, and arts and skill building areas by ten percent. Staffing also increased to 728 full and part time staff. Thirty-eight percent of our employees have been with us for five years or longer thanks to recruitment and retention programs which encourage longevity; this has provided a consistency and continuity of care that is always beneficial to those we serve. In 2010, Living Resources also implemented a new starting wage for direct support professionals throughout the agency. As our families, friends and community supporters read the 2010 Annual Report, we ask that you remember these words: Your help is making a difference! We have filled the following pages with stories and pictures representing the many worthy and life-enhancing changes taking place in the lives of our program participants. These changes are oftentimes the direct result of private donations and grants which supplement state and federal funding for programs, room and board, and healthcare services. Many of the program amenities that make our services stand out from all the rest are thanks in large part to the support of our generous benefactors. In closing, we want to thank two groups of individuals who play very different but important roles at Living Resources: our Boards of Directors and the employees who work here. Together, they made it possible for Living Resources to be named Achievers 2010 Nonprofit of the Year by The Business Review. This award, which annually recognizes an organization for demonstrating excellence in management and service delivery, belongs to these hard working and committed individuals and we are personally grateful for their efforts every day of the year.



John S. Delaney President Living Resources Corporation Board

Fredrick W. Erlich Chief Executive Officer


“The College Experience Program is much more than I expected. I love it here!”

Experience Program A+


atrick Kivlen is a 21 year old College Experience Program (CEP) freshman from Averill Park, New York. At the time of this interview he was already in his second semester of The College of Saint Rose/Living Resources program and couldn’t be more enthusiastic and energized about his new life. “Even my sister Beth wants to come to Saint Rose,” he said, “after she gets her associates degree from Hudson Valley.”

A brain injury survivor from a bicycle accident at age four, Patrick was living with his parents when his service coordinator told him he should apply to the CEP. “I needed this to grow and I knew I didn’t want to live with my parents forever,” he said. Patrick quickly added that he loves his parents very much and is grateful for their encouragement and many years of support. Yet, like all young men his age, he had personal goals for himself – college, employment, his own apartment – and dreams for his future. Acceptance into the CEP has changed Patrick’s life forever. “I feel safe here and I love the interaction with the staff and with my peers.” He added that the first semester, especially the Portfolio I Class required for all CEP freshmen, was challenging for him because he had to create an original power point program demonstrating what he was learning. The spring semester is going much better for Patrick who proudly adds that he is able to navigate the Albany bus system and is learning to cook and try new foods.

Patrick Kivlen

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the CEP for Patrick was how many activities were available to him and his housemates on campus. In addition to the sports and fitness facilities, CEP students can join clubs and participate in college sponsored social events including late night activities such as the prom. Patrick is a very active member of the Best Buddies Club. As one of the club’s directors at the college, he speaks to others who want to know more about the program which matches individuals with intellectual disabilities with student volunteers. Patrick is also looking forward to joining the Student Events Board next semester which helps plan many of the college’s extracurricular activities.


Site-Based Day Program


aylon Bartlett is a 33 year old young man who has been a member of the Living Resources Site Based Day Habilitation Program (SBDH) ever since Camary Statewide Services merged with us in 2003. Like many young adults his age, Waylon is looking forward to having his own apartment some day and finding a roommate. Having a pet would also be something he would enjoy, but thoughtfully adds that the roommate would have to want the pet, too.

Currently Waylon lives in a Living Resources residence and attends the SBDH five days a week; on weekends he visits his parents. He is very close to the SBDH staff who are trained to work with people with a variety of developmental disabilities. Waylon’s individualized program plan focuses on lots of physical activity and volunteer work. He would like to see longer program days, however, and says there just isn’t enough time to do all of the things that are planned each day.

“Some day, I’d like to have my own apartment and maybe even a pet.”

One of the very unique aspects of the SBDH program is the way the highly trained staff work hard to teach social skills and cooperative work skills by using the participants’ own interests to keep them engaged and learning. Waylon’s love of electronics is a good example of this. By rebuilding a stereo he purchased at a thrift shop with staff, Waylon has learned important money management lessons and how to make repairs on electronic equipment. He has also mastered how to load his IPod with 800 songs and how to use a computer. And, when it comes to his need for regular physical exercise, Waylon’s choices are always basketball or bowling.

Waylon Bartlett


Always Welcomed

enjoys the freedom of moving around the LOB – she averages between 30 and 40 deliveries a day – and, after only three months, is looking forward to expanding her delivery responsibilities to legislative offices in buildings outside of the LOB and around the Empire State Plaza. According to Kevin Kather, director of the Legislative Messenger Service, Kathy has delivered over 1,600 of the 80,000 pieces of mail and 90,000 newspapers that will be distributed in 2011. In addition to expanding her delivery route, Kevin is also teaching Kathy to use computers to track prior legislative deliveries, some as old as two years.

Kathleen Schleich


mployment Services program participant Kathleen Schleich has dedicated her life to conveying important messages; whether at work or during her free time, she distributes information that needs to get to people as quickly as possible. Five days a week, Kathy can be seen working for the New York State Senate and Assembly Legislative Messenger Service at the Legislative Office Building (LOB) in Albany. Her day starts at 9:00 a.m., but she usually arrives at work by 7:30 a.m. where she meets some of the other 25 messengers, also challenged by developmental disabilities, for breakfast and friendly conversation about current events. One of Kathy’s earlier job placements through the Employment Services program at Living Resources was as a security guard for 11 years. During those years, however, she never gave up hope of finding a job that would give her more benefits such as a pension. When her job coach Denise Hamedy heard about the opening at the LOB Messenger Services, she helped Kathy develop the references and skills needed for this new job. Since starting in January, Kathy now

When she isn’t working, Kathy is also trained to deliver information to her community and to young people. She volunteers with the Clifton Park Community Emergency Response Team and helps her community by assisting professionals in the event of a disaster. She is part of the United States Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol at the Stratton Air Base in Glenville and is a trained Drug Demand Reduction Officer who teaches young people ages 12–21 how to respond in situations where alcohol and drug use threaten to cause harm to self or others. Finally, when Kathy isn’t working or volunteering she can be found in her garden or looking into group travel opportunities. She hopes to go to Ireland and Germany someday, but for now she needs to keep working. “Traveling is very expensive,” she added!


A County by County Perspective


ince 1998, one of the most popular and busy programs at Living Resources has been the Day Community Opportunities Program (DCOP). This community-based day program is an important transitional program for many adults who may go on to other services such as Employment Services, the College Experience Program and even Residential Services. To best share what the DCOP experience means to our program participants, Living Resources interviewed a representative from each of the five teams; they are Helen Claus, Pasquale Colicchio, Eric Machiewicz, Ashley Singleton and David Pierce.

With each interview, reccurring themes began to emerge: the joy of making friends; freedom from social isolation; the growing of self-esteem from accomplishment; and, the pleasure of giving back to one’s community. The structure of the DCOP deliberately nurtures the awareness of these shared human experiences at levels that can be understood by individuals of all abilities. The result is groups of people, working together, who are happy and proud of who they are and what they can do for others. The weekday program is divided into three activity areas: skill building, recreation and volunteering. The opportunities to make friends, master new activities and develop a sense of being a valued member of a group are limitless. Skill building classes, for example, provide lessons in cooking, using public transportation, job interviewing and even dating. Recreation times, while stressing physical fitness, also teach self confidence and cultivate life-long interest in sports such as swimming, golf, tennis and team sports. The volunteer activities for many of the participants have led to paid employment in restaurants, local stores, gyms and offices. “Friends” was the unanimous answer to the question about what everyone likes most about the program. In addition to enjoying each other during program hours, participants are seeing each other outside of program at dances, community events and to celebrate special times like birthdays. Would anyone change the program in any way? There was only one suggestion – an even greater emphasis on outdoor activities with more exercise!

We all have plans for the future and the men and women of the DCOP are no exception. Some people are looking for employment or more days at the jobs they have. Others hope to be able to live on their own or with a roommate. One of our interviewees longs to get married someday and even have children. For today, however, they take much pleasure in pursuing the activities scheduled for them by the DCOP; as they build skills and volunteer they know they are getting closer to achieving their personal goals

Helen Claus – Schenectady Team

Pasquale Colicchio – Albany South Team

Eric Machiewicz – Albany North Team

Ashley Singleton – Saratoga Team

David Pierce – Rensselaer Team


Financial Statements Combined Statement of Financial Position December 31, 2010

Combined Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets for the year ended December 31, 2010

Assets Cash and cash equivalents ......................3,930,912 Investments ................................................470,692 Receivables ..............................................4,046,845 Prepaid expenses ..........................................86,755 Property, plant & equipment, net..........13,744,419 Other assets ................................................760,350

Revenue Program services revenue ....................35,450,881 Other revenue ..............................................432,873

Total Assets........................................23,039,973

Total Revenue ....................................35,883,754 Expenses Salaries and wages ................................19,055,006 Fringe benefits ..........................................5,384,208 Other than personal services ..................7,155,161 Administration ..........................................4,153,998

Liabilities Accounts payable and accrued expenses ....................................3,275,977 Current portion of long term debt ............403,424 Deferred revenue ..........................................65,570 Interest rate swap........................................667,398 Long term debt ........................................9,564,262 Other liabilities ........................................3,713,798

Change in net assets before swap contract ..................................135,381

Total Liabilities ..................................17,690,429

Change in Net Assets ....................................46,639

Net Assets Net assets, unrestricted ..........................5,349,544 Total Liabilities and Net Assets ............23,039,973

Total Expenses ..................................35,748,373

Change in fair value of interest rate swap........................................– 88,742

Net Assets, unrestricted, Beginning of Year ....................................5,302,887 Net Assets, unrestricted, End of Year ................................................5,349,544

Revenue increased 1.8% from 2009. Audit conducted by: Cusak & Company, Certified Public Accountants LLC

To our readers...

Additional information about any of the programs listed in this Annual Report can be obtained by visiting the Living Resources website at or calling the Albany office at 518.218-0000 and asking to speak to the program director.


Programs & Health Agencies

2010 Individuals Served

Acquired Brain Injury Services ......................................................136 Adventure Program ........................................................................31 After School Program ......................................................................65 Carriage House Arts Center............................................................247 Certified Home Health Agency* ....................................................283 Clinical Services ..............................................................................725 College Experience Program ..........................................................22 Day Services (community-based)..................................................148 Day Services (site-based) ................................................................80 Employment Services ....................................................................134 Hearing Impaired & Interpreting Services ....................................86 In-Home Support Services ..............................................................33 Licensed Home Care Services Agency..........................................163 Residential Services**....................................................................287 Rotaract..............................................................................................5 Service Coordination ......................................................................297 _________ Total individual program enrollments…………… 2,742 Total unduplicated individuals served………...…. 1,237

* This number includes individuals who received only a single service during 2010 such as the Peer Review Instrument assessments required annually by Medicaid waivered programs. ** Includes 77 homes and apartments for people with developmental disabilities living in Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady and Westchester Counties.

2010 Agency Events


he 2010 Bishop Howard J. Hubbard Awards Luncheon was held at the Albany Marriott in April. The honorees were Community Volunteer Dorothy S. Stevens and Certified Master Chef Dale Miller. Mrs. Stevens and Chef Miller have a long history of involvement with Living Resources as donors and enthusiastic advocates for the work of the organization.

Mistress of Ceremonies Lydia Kulbida, CEO Fred Erlich and Bishop Howard J. Hubbard with 2010 honorees Dorothy S. Stevens and Chef Dale Miller.


he College Experience Program, in partnership with The College of Saint Rose, celebrated its fourth class of graduates in May 2010 bringing the total number of graduates to 19. The purpose of the program is to prepare young adults to live independently with confidence, work in competitive employment or to continue to pursue higher education.

The 2010 CEP graduates include (front) Christina Higgins, Colleen Stasky, (back) Joseph Riccardi, Joshua Looman, Kevin Archibald, Khaleef Lewis and Jeremy Bailey.


n our never-ending endeavor to replace the loss of government funding for programs, Living Resources established another fundraising event – the Living Resources Golf Tournament. The event was held at the beautiful Orchard Creek Golf Club in Altamont, New York and garnered rave reviews from the participants for the wonderful lunch and dinner menus, plentiful beverages, the stylish golf shirts giveaway and the generous premium bags. The 2011 tournament, again sponsored by Justin Spraker and Ameriprise Financial Services, is rumored to be even better! Winners of the 2010 Inaugural Golf Tournament Corporate Challenge include Rick Riccio, Kevin Russell, Scott Kind and Justin Riccio representing A.J. Gallagher Risk Management Services.

2010 Agency Events


he annual Living Resources family picnic took place on July 16 and hosted almost 600 people. This year, five jackets were distributed to individuals celebrating 25 years with Living Resources and eight blankets were given to individuals who have lived in the residential program for 30 years. About 30% of the individuals who come to us for residential services have lived in a Living Resources residence for 25 years or more.

Antoinette Fusco enjoys the music at the annual picnic.

Fred Erlich presents John Blakelock with a jacket and 25-year certificate.


group of individuals from the Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) program organized an event to mark Capital District Brain Injury Awareness Day. What started out as a small picnic for ABI participants turned into a grand celebration at Tawasentha Park in Guilderland, New York; it was attended by nearly 300 people who came to share and to get the latest information about services for individuals with traumatic brain injuries. The event was so successful that plans for another picnic are already being made by the individuals who organized the 2010 program.

Members of the brain injury support group were interviewed by Anne Hayden (center) of the Altamont Enterprise regarding the Brain Injury Awareness Day at Tawasentha Park.


he 20th Annual Culinary Cornucopia was a celebration like none other in the Capital Region. It was the result of two decades of growth, experimentation and hard work on the part of hundreds of people who wanted to truly make a difference in the lives of individuals and families challenged by developmental disabilities and brain injuries. The event brought together all of the components of a great party – mouth-watering menus, great wine pairings, gorgeous surroundings, interesting people and the excitement of tantalizing auction items – only this party took place on a much grander scale with over 500 guests. For those who attended the 2010 event, it was a night to remember. Fred Erlich accepts a plaque from The Albany Marriott General Manager Catherine Stevens recognizing Living Resources for 20 years of dedication to culinary excellence and education.

2010 Agency Events


he After School Program (ASP) once again celebrated the start of the holiday season with a sumptuous turkey dinner prepared by staff in the agency cafetorium. The 2010 Thanksgiving dinner was the biggest ever with more than 75 guests.

Living Resources staff member Joe Morelli carves one of many turkeys for the Thanksgiving dinner.

Students, family members and ASP staff enjoy the feast!


n 2010, Living Resources began the installation of a 40 Kilowatt solar panel array on the roof of its headquarters in Albany. The panels are being leased from SunDog Solar as part of a New York State Energy Research and Development Authority grant initiative for businesses serving nonprofits, schools and municipalities. SunDog Solar will own and maintain the panels for twenty years after which Living Resources will have the option to purchase the equipment. Anticipated savings in energy costs is estimated to be about one-twelfth of the annual cost for energy at the 300 Washington Avenue Extension headquarters. The solar energy project completed in January 2011 is part of the agency’s focus to find ways to lessen our carbon emissions in areas where we have programs.

Solar panels atop Living Resources’ headquarters on Washington Avenue Extension in Albany.

Albany County Executive Michael Breslin joins Betsy Ferris Wyman of SunDog Solar and Fred Erlich for the winter ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating Living Resources’ new solar panels.



arly in 2010, Living Resources and Catholic Charities Disabilities Services, in partnership with applicant Wildwood Programs, Inc. submitted a federal grant request for a project that would fund a sustainable broadband adoption initiative, including equipment and implementation. The total cash value of the three-year grant to the partners is $845,363 with in-kind match expenditures valued at $259,000. The federal stimulus funds were made available by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) passed in February 2009 which designated $7.2 billion to expand broadband adoption in unserved and underserved areas across the country. The benefits of widespread broadband usage, while typically supporting economic and investment growth across the global business world, have many educational and operational advantages for agencies like Wildwood, Living Resources and Catholic Charities. In addition to the purchase of computers with webcams and microphones and the software that enables video calls, the advantages of the new broadband technology will include videoconferencing and recordkeeping of meetings and trainings, real-time monitoring and medical support for aging and medically frail residents in agency homes, and cost efficient delivery of operational information and services. Videoconferencing services among several agency sites alone is expected to save the three organizations many thousands of dollars in travel expenses and staff time every year.

Another major benefit to existing Living Resources programming as a result of enhanced broadband technology directly impacts our services for individuals with disabilities. Participants in programs such as Employment Services, the College Experience Program and the Day Community Opportunities Program will have many more opportunities to explore a variety of work experiences and the skills necessary to prepare for them. Better trained job applicants, with all levels of abilities, will have greater prospects for gaining the employment they want with the introduction of sustainable broadband usage throughout all three organizations.

GIFTS TO Living Resources January 1, 2010 – December 31, 2010


he Living Resources Boards of Directors, staff and those we serve are grateful for the continuing support of our donors. Donor support is a strong indicator of how our services are perceived by the community in general and by our program participants and their families. Thank you, donors, for your vote of confidence in our services and for honoring our work with your generous contributions. Only with your help can we continue to meet the challenges facing individuals with developmental disabilities and brain injuries.

Gifts to the Acquired Brain Injury Program Anonymous

Gifts to the After School Program Stewart’s Foundation Holiday Match WGY Christmas Wish Campaign

Gifts to the Carriage House Arts Center Debra Carpenter Patricia Hernandez Martin, Mary Ann & James Kenneally Sonja Klinkow Mr. James F. Kommer Mental Health Association in New York State Mr. & Mrs. David Momrow Raechel Morris John & Marian Nitsky Jim & Gayla Riccardi Kevin & Deborah Rose Lauryann Scott-Irish

Gifts to the Employee Appeal Anonymous Thomas & Courtney Aukscunas Kwesi Blankson Brian Boodrow David, Dorothy & Claire Brownell Alfred F. Brunson Mary Beth Burditt Sergio & Laurel Camacho CDPHP Michael & Macaire Cognetti Steve & Kathy Condon John Charles Cook Kimberly Darling Linda DeLuca Stephanie DiCocco Anne Doyle Karen Doyle Susan & John Dunnigan

Michael Brian English Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick W. Erlich Maggie Erlich & Reed Anderson Joel & Bette Frisino Erin Gapp Sharon Goldberg Denise Hamedy Scott, Regan & Jackson Hamilton Francine Hemans Sarah M. Hewitt Taalib & Katrina Horton Janice Hundley Inger Hurley Mary T. Kerbelis Joe LaMalfa Jim Levay Julie Liss Michelle Longe Susan & Colin Lovelock Eliot Margolis Sarah Ann Marincic Rachel Martino Vincent Mascardi Jason & Keri Mazzuca Joan & Jim Meyer Pauline & Tim Morris Anne Murphy Janet & Neil Murray New Horizons of Albany Ray Newman Mr. & Mrs. David Noonan Dan Owens Christine Pamberi Randy & Lawanda Patterson Sally & Lester Perlee Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Poitras David C. Putman Lisa, John & Joseph Razanousky Charlene Saide Selkirk Cogen Partners, L.P. Thomas & Robin Stover Tim & Bonnie Unser Anne Valliere Janeen VanAuken

Gifts to the Miller Sanders Gallery The Prudential Foundation

Gifts to the Residential Program Patricia & Ted Levine Fran & Charlie Rasmussen

Gifts in Support of Services to Individuals with Disabilities Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Debra Avellino Manning & Lois Balcom Ralph & Susan Bandel Daniel H. & Muriel S. Bassett John & Laurel Berbach Karen Berney Hon. Robert M. Blais Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Bleser Vladia Boniewski & Daniel Vallely Donald & Jeanne Bourque Lou & Judy Buhrmaster David Burtis Bob & Anne Bylancik Ms. Andrea Cass Daniel J. Carroll Joanne E. Cerneck Alexandra Chalif & David Thomson William B. & Ellen C. Chapman The Chinese Community Center of the Capital District Marjorie Coello The Community Foundation for the Capital Region’s Thomas J. Gorman Fund John R. Craig Robert S. Cummings Cusack & Company, CPAs, LLC Loretta Darcy Bob Daubney’s Bowling & Billiards Robert H. Day, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John S. Delaney Mr. & Mrs. Robert Del Signore

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence DeMers Katherine P. Dixon Kent Dixon The Dounoucos Family Foundation Susan Dunnigan Roland, Christa & Mark Eberhard Sara Erickson Exit 9 Wine & Liquor Warehouse Arthur & Jane Ferguson Judy Frey Judy & Roy Fruiterman Richard A. Fuerst, Esq. Arnold & Lois Anne Galbraith Arthur & Deborah Goldstein Gerald A. Grabcheski Thomas Greeley William M. Harris James & Joan Healey Hoffman & Miller Oil Co. David & Peg Holohan HSBC Bank USA Maribeth Jahn Jay H. Jakovic, Esq. John’s Auto Service, Inc. Karen B. Johnson E. Stewart Jones, Jr. Milton M. Kaplan Patricia R. Kellam J. Eric King & Kathlene Thiel Maggie Kirwin Adam J. & Ruth A. Koblensky Leonard J. Kot Robert W. Lazar Patricia & Ted Levine Marc W. Lustick, Esq. W.J. Lyons, Jr. Funeral Home, Inc. Timothy D. Lytton & Rachel A. Anisfeld James & Barbara Malerba Darlana C. Martinez Betty O. McCanty Anne & Tom McEvoy Thomas Meyer & Maura McPeak Kristin McVeigh & David Parente Mr. & Mrs. William McVeigh

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Dr. William J. Cromie stands outside of the Living Resources Employee Wellness Center that bears his name, generously funded by CDPHP.

Jim and Rhea Clark and their daughter Betsy at the Living Resources Donor Recognition Event held in May 2010. The Clark family created a lasting tribute through their Review Foundation by naming the Board Room.

Eileen M. Pierce Thomas Shoudy Nancy P. Splonskowski Walter J. Trojanek Bishop Howard J. Hubbard Awards Luncheon Honoring Chef Dale Miller and Dorothy S. Stevens Jacqueline Ahl Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Susan Bailey Ralph & Susan Bandel Doris Bedell Rev. & Mrs. Paul Blanch Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Bleser Vladia C. Boniewski Theresa Boor Mr. & Mrs. Steven Bouchey Laura Brazee Hon. Michael Breslin Debra Carpenter Catholic Charities, Inc. The College of Saint Rose John Charles Cook Erin Demont Dr. & Mrs. Harry DePan Mr. & Mrs. Roland Doucet Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Dounoucos Barbara Dragon Susan Dunnigan Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Elmore Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick W. Erlich Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Faist Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Farone Judy Frey Richard A. Fuerst, Esq. Dr. Phillip Fusco Sarah E. Gage Mrs. Ruben S. Gersowitz Dr. & Mrs. John Hackett Patricia Hernandez Hon. Gerald D. Jennings

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Richard Sleasman Dr. Joel M. Spiro Elizabeth Squires Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Stevens, III Michael Suprunowicz Andrea Taichnar Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Tully Bonnie Unser Margarethe Vandenberg Rev. Marshall J. Vang Dr. John D. Walko Rev. Wampler Patricia G. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Windish

Inaugural Golf Tournament Title Sponsor: Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Corporate Challenge Sponsor: Marshall & Sterling Upstate Scholarship Sponsor: Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC 19th Hole Sponsor: M.M. Hayes Company ADP, Inc. AJ Gallagher Risk Management Services Albany Institute of History and Art All Star Wine & Spirits Tony Alvarez Tom Amell John Antalek Mike Baldwin Rick Barnett BBL Family of Companies John Bohanski Kevin Bettini Burst Marketing Capital Bauer Insurance Kevin Carey Anthony Carrow Carrow Real Estate Services John Cerone

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Sheila and Bill McVeigh chose to underwrite the CEO’s Executive Suite in honor of their son Billy who receives services from Living Resources.

Foundation board member Justin Spraker and his wife Sarah with Fred and Beth Erlich at the 20th anniversary celebration of the Culinary Cornucopia.

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20th Anniversary Culinary Cornucopia Presenting Sponsor: Hannaford Supermarkets Signature Sponsor: Northeastern Fine Jewelry Corporate Sponsors: BBL Family of Companies Capital Bauer Dunkin’ Donuts Joseph Carr Wine First Niagara HSBC Bank USA Rose & Kiernan, Inc. SEFCU Media Sponsors: 99.5 The River WNYT News Channel 13 A Peaceful Place – Facial Connections Aaron’s, Inc. Albany County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau Albany Light Truck & Car Repair Service Albany Marriott Albany Marriott Market

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Culinary Cornucopia Mistress of Ceremonies Benita Zahn poses with John DeCelle of SEFCU. Both Benita and SEFCU are long-term supporters of this event, adding to its yearly success.

Certified Master Chef Dale Miller presents a 20th Anniversary Culinary Cornucopia Recognition Award to Donna and Yono Purnomo of Yono’s Restaurant.

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Chef Luca Brunelle of the Reel Seafood Company receives a gold medal from the American Culinary Federation judges at the 2010 Culinary Cornucopia.

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Gifts Made in Honor of: Louis J. Bonan from Mr. & Mrs. Vincent P. Capka Joseph Cimon from Gerard W. Cimon Emily Covey from Bruce & Debbie Covey Kim Del Signore from Stephanie A. Balnaitis Mr. & Mrs. Robert Del Signore Andrew Draffen from Jack & Barbara Draffen Fred & Beth Erlich from Greg & Michele Schwab Myron & Marsha Vanetsky Seth Fruiterman & Aviva Meyerowitz from Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Swift Mr. Richard Fuerst from Dorothy S. Stevens Mr. & Mrs. William McVeigh from Paul & Phyllis Cooney Dale L. Miller, C.M.C. from Jan Reiss-Weitzman Robert Mulhall from parents Harry & Lillian Mulhall John James Murphy from Carmella Murphy Sandra V. Nardoci from The Prudential CARES Volunteer Grants Program Brian Nitsky from John & Marian Nitsky Dorothy S. Stevens from Richard A. Fuerst, Esq. Gifts Made in Memory of: Louis J. Bonan from Breckenridge Garden Arts 1 David Capka

Mary & Vincent Capka Corvette Atlanta Inc. Kathleen Libbey & Shannon Libbey-Landis Mrs. Jeanette Lozupone Jarka M. Burian from Grayce Susan Burian Katherine P. Dixon from Susan & Michael Herron Betty O. McCanty Nancy Dixon from Susan & Michael Herron Howard Geffner from Robert & Lauren Kasper John Hurley from Inger Hurley Michael Kaplan from Robert & Lauren Kasper Dr. James O’Brien from Genevieve Lentlie Kevin J. O’Brien from Anthony & Jeanne Aurelia Pat Butler Sharon L. Davis Robert & Ellen Hotz Ken & Kathy Jennings Coleen Keegan Janet & James Kurposka Rachel MacDonell Gregory Maguire Susan F. McCarthy David & Estelle Momrow Edward O’Brien Kathleen M. O’Brien Sharon O’Brien & Trevor Oakley Sylvia O’Brien Vincent & Ann O’Brien Andrea Taichnar

Chef Ryan Huneau of the Mallozzi Group accepts the Ginsberg’s Salon Award at the 20th Anniversary Culinary Cornucopia in November 2010.

Margaret Tarpinian Margaret A. Tucker Ruth & Donna Ulion University at Albany, Office for Sponsored Programs University at Albany, Office of the Vice President for Research: Dr. James A Dias, Janice E. Bogan, Terri Casey Patricia Zeccolo, Peter Gonczlik Edward W. Visker Monica Wilson Robert F. Reynolds from Albany City Hall Eileen Bucci John G. Femia James P. Foley Marguerite Hogan Nancy Lohrfinck Julia M. Marhoefer Darlana C. Martinez & Sally M. Kipper Bonnie & Jerry Owen Joan Reynolds Rick Rue from Connie Rue’s friends and coworkers, New York State Taxation and Finance LeeAnn Stenard from Elizabeth & Christopher Meyer Robert & Elsie Stenard Thomas Unser from Peter & Joanne Champagne Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred B. Pauquette Marie Valentino from Corvette Atlanta Inc. Edward W. Wray from Frances Livesay & Guy Rich Gifts In-Kind Benchemark Printing, Inc. Curtis Lumber Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick W. Erlich Joel Frisino William M. Harris Elma Lovelock Francine Sadowski Jeff & Jeanne Sama Village Photo

Living Resources Corporation 2010 Board of Directors Officers John S. Delaney, President Bonita Sanchez, Vice President Richard T. Cody, Treasurer Rosemary Taylor, Secretary Board Members Vladia C. Boniewski Robert Bylancik William Davies Sara Erickson Judy Fruiterman Philip Fusco, Ph.D. Kristin Parente James Riccardi Peter Sheridan Elizabeth Squires Paul C. Valente Robert Wakeman Patricia Williams

Living Resources Certified Home Health Agency 2010 Board of Directors Officers Joan L. Healey, President Joan Gold, Ph.D. Kevin Tully, Treasurer Karen Berney, Secretary Board Members Michelle Cravetz Patricia Gillespie Alycia Gregory, LMSW Joseph W. Lang Kimberly Strauchon Verner, Esq. Maryfran Wachunas

Living Resources Licensed Home Care Agency 2010 Board of Directors Officers Helga A. Schroeter, President Kenneth C. Skinner, Jr., Vice President Joseph LaCivita, Treasurer Gary Siegel, Secretary Board Members David Cherubin Linda Laudato Marc W. Lustick, Esq. Richard C. Mereday Shirley Raeddean

Honorary Board Members Bishop Howard J. Hubbard Mayor Gerald D. Jennings Karen B. Johnson Dale L. Miller, C.M.C., A.A.C. Sandra V. Nardoci Rabbi Scott Shpeen

Administrative Staff Fredrick W. Erlich, Chief Executive Officer Roy Hogeboom, Chief Financial Officer Andrea Taichnar, Assistant Executive Director for Program Judith Frey, Assistant Executive Director for Administration

Directors Living Resources Foundation 2010 Board of Directors Officers John G. Walsh, President Richard A. Fuerst, Esq., Vice President Peter J. Cornell, Treasurer Drue Sanders, Secretary Board Members Carol L. Aronowitz Raymond A. Bleser, Jr. Jill Braverman-Panza, M.D. Kevin A. Carey Richard T. Cody John S. Delaney Jay H. Jakovic, Esq. James F. Jednak Maggie Kirwin, Ed.D. Robert W. Lazar Carolyn Peterson-Vaccaro Michael A. Quaranta Daniel Round Bonita Sanchez Alta Schallehn Justin J. Spraker Jeffrey H. Stern, Ph. D., M.D. Catherine J. Stevens Dorothy S. Stevens Susan Thrasher, M.D., Ph.D. Paul C. Valente Christopher D. Ward

Michael S. Cognetti, Acquired Brain Injury Services Barbara Dragon, R.N., Licensed Home Care Services Agency Susan Dunnigan, R.N., Specialty Health Services Christine Hough, Corporate Compliance Michelle A. Longe, Service Coordination Eileen Martel, Human Resources Jason R. Mazzuca, Quality Assurance Joan Meyer, Public Affairs Joseph J. Morelli, Strategic Planning & Internal Financial Review Dan Owens, Information Services David Putman, Resource Management & Allocation Kathleen Quinn, R.N., Certified Home Health Agency Jennifer Richard, Program Services Bonnie Unser, Fund Development Anne Valliere, Employment Services



Meeting Life’s Challenges

Albany, NY Permit No. 950

300 Washington Avenue Extension Albany, NY 12203-7303

Meeting Life’s Challenges 300 Washington Avenue Extension Albany, NY 12203-7303 Main Office: 518/218-0000 Certified Home Health Agency 518/867-8800

Licensed Home Care Services Agency 518/867-8777

Dedicated to providing life-enhancing services to individuals with disabilities. Visit Living Resources Corporation on Facebook or online at

2010 Annual Report  

Living Resources 2010 Annual Report

2010 Annual Report  

Living Resources 2010 Annual Report