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Now that’s what I call a Summer! With all the amazing sunshine we’ve been having everyday just makes you wonder why you need to bother going on holiday in Spain or Greece when you have it all right here? To make the most of this brilliant weather, our feature story and monthly recipes this month are all about having the perfect picnic (Page 5). There are just so many great picnic foods for you to try; from traditional to continental or maybe even a touch of international? There are also some great places around Bristol you can go for a picnic; or if you want to make a day out of it, we’ve found some great beaches and places in the countryside, and it’s all free. In our Expert’s Say feature this month (Page 20), Crystal Clear will be answering some of our reader’s questions about installing PVC windows and conservatories. With all the heavy rain water we had earlier this year, this is the hot topic you wanted answered! We have been busy hunting around town in the Gromit Unleashed charity exhibition and so far we have found most of the ones around city centre. Just keep going to complete it all! Lastly, if you had missed out on the music festivals last month, there is still the Keynsham Fake Festival coming on 24th August! Emily, Editor

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Keynsham Fake Festival




Sunny Days, Perfect Picnics

A perfect sunny day just seems to scream out to me for getting a picnic together and get the most out of the weather. Preparing a picnic is as simple or elaborate as you want to make it and there are many ways to make a picnic as unique and different as they can be, so that they are truly memorable occasions. To give you a few ideas in preparing for your next picnic; we have a number of scenic places around town and nearby you can visit, some interesting and quick to prepare recipes to give your picnic a more continental theme and of course a checklist to help you better organise your picnic so that you can spend more time enjoying the sunshine. The easiest way to go about a picnic is to visit a supermarket on your way to your picnic venue and buy a number pre-packaged cocktail sausages, sandwiches, crisps and lemonade but then this would hardly be anyone’s perfect picnic.

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According to The Oxford Companion to Food, the earliest records of picnics in England and France were of wealthy landowners in the 14th century hunting on their own estates with elaborate feasts that followed. By Victorian England, picnics were popularised and became more commonplace in social society, with writers like Dickens, Trollop and Jane Austen romanticising them in their books. The Victorians made picnics an art form, with hours of preparation required for in both food and matching picnic cutlery and equipment. Today we have benefit of using light disposable plastic cutlery and a wide variety of convenient prepared foods to choose from, but there is a growing trend in reviving some of the traditions in making a picnic an elaborate outdoor feast. According to Fortnum & Mason who claimed to have invented the Scotch egg in the 1730s, picnic hampers were originally meant to be travellers’ baskets. Many coach inns along Piccadilly prepared these travellers’ baskets them for people embarking on long journeys in the 18th Century. This soon evolved into large Victorian picnic hampers which contained boned and sliced chickens, cheeses, bread baked goods, butter wrapped in lettuce leaves, to keep it cool and rich fruit cake. With all the choices of food available today, you can quite simply pick your picnic items by theme; Traditional English, Mediterranean, flavours from around the world, or even all of the above in moderation. Knowing the occasion and your guests will help you determine your picnic menu, many would agree in choosing foods that can travel well and can be shared easily in finger food portions. In a traditional English picnic, seasonal foods such as strawberries, cold asparagus in vinaigrette are usually favourites with everyone. By choosing staple items such as quiches, pork pies, scotch eggs are also a safe bet for fussy eaters who are not adventurous about trying out new foods. Small details also make a nice difference such as choosing watercress rather than lettuce. Desserts such as Victoria Sponge and Battenberg cake are also traditional favourites, but bear in mind that cakes are more prone to attract insects. An alternative to consider are chocolate brownie or flapjack fingers.


For a Mediterranean picnic, there are a number of foods you can buy which does not require preparation such as a Mezze selection of flatbreads, olives, hummus and roast veg. This is lighter in taste compared with pies and scotch eggs but you can also include some continental cheese and hams to balance your appetite. When you choose what cheese to take, try to go for hard cheeses as oppose to soft cheeses because they keep better form under non refrigerated conditions. Not to mention this is a rule of thumb for choosing picnic items that won’t bruise or break easily if bumped. Even if you are having a family picnic and once the kids have finished their food, you can still reminisce some romantic moments with a bit of fresh seafood and bottle of Champagne and strawberries. Many young couples have enjoyed memorable picnic

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dates and reliving these moments makes your picnic extra special. Just remember to bring an icebox to keep these items chilled! For a more exotic approach to picnic food, you can add an exotic touch by making your own Japanese Sushi. This is a light and delicious alternative and makes a perfect mess free finger food for your picnic basket. A healthy option does not mean it has to be boring, vegetarian tortilla wraps such as a grilled courgette, bean and cheese combo is a refreshing choice. If you are looking to add a touch of spice, homemade Thai fishcakes is heavenly with a cool glass of Riesling. For some quick and easy to prepare picnic foods, see our recipes page this month on page 27 and discover how easy it is to make your own gourmet picnic treats.

- Prize winning sausages - Tasty 8 week matured T Bones - Gower Salt Marsh Lamb Koftas - Free range Chinese pork ribs - Gluten free range - Butter flyied legs of Gower lamb

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Where to go Although hunting for your picnic food (like the medieval gentry did) is off the menu today, many people continue the spirit of the hunt today in finding the perfect location, which now hold equal importance with the food. In creating this part of the perfect picnic experience there are many parks, riversides, hilltops, and beaches to choose from to find that picturesque postcard backdrop. Without having to go too far, here are a few FREE places you can go to relish your perfect picnic.

Ashton Court Estate (Long Ashton, Bristol, BS41 9JN)

Just over the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Ashton Court Estate has 850 acres of woodland and meadows for you to discover in a brilliant picnic location. If you are lucky, you might even see the park’s own herd of red deer. Look out for the Doomsday Oak, just one of the many ancient oak trees. The Summerhouse Plantation, close to the mansion, is full of interesting plants and archaeology and there are plenty of activities including an orienteering course, miniature railway, mountain bike and horse trail, and hiking aplenty.

Blaise Castle Estate (Weston Road, Lawrence Weston, Bristol, BS10 7QS) Set in 650 acres of parkland, Blaise Castle Estate has a dedicated picnic area and a large children’s play area with its dedicated zones for younger and older children including a sand play, climbing frames, tree house and trampolines. There are a number of paths leading up the hill to the rear of the grassland. At the top is a castle (actually a folly), if the flag is flying it is open to visitors and you can see wonderful views over to the River Severn on one side and towards Bristol. Within the grounds, there is also the Blaise Castle House Museum housed in a late 18th century mansion which has a fascinating collection of items which offer an insight into domestic life with cooking, lighting, washing and other household equipment used during the last three hundred years. Call us on 07833208953 to advertise

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Chew Valley Lake

(Chew Lake Tea Shop, Walley Lane, Chew Stoke, Bristol BS40 8TF) You would never believe that this is a large man-made, Bristol Water-owned reservoir. Located in the foothills of the Mendips, ten miles south of Bristol, Chew Valley Lake is rich with wildlife and is a designated SSSI, a special scientific interest area as it is one of Britain’s most important sites for wintering wildfowl with over 280 species of birds. It is also a world-renowned fly fishing venue with one of the most heavily stocked Trout fisheries in Europe. On a sunny day, Chew Valley Lake has some of the most fantastic views that the English countryside can offer. The lake has one main island called Denny Island. The River Chew enters Chew Valley Lake via the Herriots Pool nature reserve at the shallow southern end of the lake. The lake is also a popular water sports venue, hosting windsurfing and sailing in addition to housing a nature reserve, several public picnic areas, woodland walks. Car parking is free from October until April and a nominal fee charged during the summer period. There are two attractively landscaped picnic areas with seating in front of the Chew Lake Tea Shop, overlooking the lake. There are also two adventure play areas for kids.

Kilve Beach, Minehead (Kilve, Nether Stowey, TA5 1EG) About one and a quarter hour’s drive from Bristol is Kilve Beach, a designated SSSI area with a large and rocky beach filled with a wide variety of types of stones and rocks. The beach is backed with low sandy banks and larger cliffs displaying amazing coloured formations. The cliffs are not safe for climbing but the natural surroundings are great for kids to play in rock pools, climbing, and making castles, arches and other shapes with the rocks. Beside the path leading down to the beach is a stream lined with trees and there is a place to stop for some fun on a tyre swing. The stream is ideal for paddling, playing on the banks and digging in the mud. It is not safe to paddle out in the sea as shifting mud is a hazard but there are flat places ideal for a picnic. There is a car park with pay and display charges. Public toilets and a cafe are nearby and in the village of Kilve.

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Sand Bay, Kewstoke

(Kewstoke, Somerset, BS22 9UF) If you are looking for a beach that is more secluded and away from the crowds, just next to the busier main beach in Westonsuper-Mare is Sand Bay, an ideal getaway with unspoilt panoramic scenery. The site has attracted dog walkers and hikers for 200 years with fine views up and down the Severn and over Woodspring Priory Sheltering in the lee of the headland. On a clear day, you can even see Wales across the Bristol Channel. It can get windy on the beach so if the sand gets too much to have a picnic, you can always try the nearby Kilve Beach in Minehead instead. There are walks around the Weston Woods (South of Sandbay), Sand Point and Middle Hope (National Trust land for Sand Bay). This beach is noted for its diverse bird population, its saltmarsh and sand dune communities. Sand Bay has passed the toughest European standards for bathing water quality. There is free car parking for approximately 100 cars.

The Chalk Horse Hill (Cherill, Wiltshire SN11 8UY)

There are eight white chalk horses carved into the hills of Wiltshire and the Cherhill white horse was cut in 1780, making it the second oldest. It is situated on the edge of Cherhill Down, off the A4 Calne to Marlborough road just east of the village of Cherhill, and is just below the earthwork known as Oldbury Castle. Nearby is the obelisk known as the Lansdowne Monument. Very well placed high on a steep slope, the horse is easily visible from below and from a distance. Owned and maintained by the village of Cherhill, the 233-year-old hill figure underwent a major facelift in 2002 after losing both its whiteness and its horse shape and it is now re-chalked every two years. Look around for car parking and wear comfortable shoes as there is a bit of walking required to your ideal picnic spot.

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What to bring

A comfortable blanket or ground covering to sit on. If you are worried about ruining your favourite quilt or blanket, bring along a vinyl tablecloth to serve as an under layer. An ice box for items that need to be kept cold. Use plenty of ice packs to keep everything chilled. You can freeze bottled water, lemonade, or fruit juice to double as ice packs and save space – just be sure you have the time to let them thaw prior to serving. If you can, try to avoid putting the icebox in your car boot during transport, as it’s the hottest part of the car. Plastic storage containers and plastic storage bags to prevent things from spilling, while also keeping food separated and fresh. Sunblock and insect repellent. A sharp knife for cutting food and a multi-purpose penknife with bottle opener and corkscrew functions. Rubbish bags to take all your rubbish home. Make sure the perfect picnic spot Call us on 07833208953 to advertise

remains a perfect picnic spot. There might not be any water taps nearby so remember to take napkins and moist hand wipes for thorough cleanup. You can never be sure but a small first aid kit can make all the difference. Once you have organised everything you want to take to your picnic, look again and see if there is anything you can leave behind that don’t absolutely need. Make it easy and ensure all picnic foods are simple to transport and not too heavy to carry. Some picnic spots are isolated with a long walk to reach them. If you are having a family group picnic, opt for paper or plastic plates and cutlery which easier to carry. If it is a romantic picnic date for two, you can take cutlery; glasses and china plates for an extra special touch that make a good impression, but remember you will need to carry it all! Reference: Perfect picnic: How to pack the perfect one By Anna-Louise Taylor (BBC Food) Top Tips for a Successful Picnic By Elaine Lemm, ( Guide)

CranioSacral Therapy & Reiki

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Sneyd Park ÂŁ825,000

A lovely spacious four double bedroom detached house positioned in a highly desirable location with attractive yet manageable gardens. Three reception rooms, kit/brek room, utility and cloaks. Double garage and parking.

New Books Swim, Bike, Run: Our Triathlon Story

Alistair Brownlee, Jonathan Brownlee, Hardback RRP £20 Swim, Bike, Run is the ultimate triathlon book, from Olympic heroes the Brownlee brothers The Olympic Triathlon, Hyde Park, London August 7th 2012. ‘We jogged to our positions on the pontoon: two brothers, side by side, the world and everyone we ever cared about looking on. Eighteen years of training, culminating in this single race. Noise from the crowd impossible to imagine. Hearts thumping. Swim-hats pulled tight, goggles lowered. Into a crouch, poised for the hooter. Three. Two. One...’ This is the story of how two skinny lads from west Yorkshire became the best triathletes in the world. Meet the Brownlees: Olympic Champion Alistair, World Champion Jonny. Brothers, training partners, rivals. They have obliterated the competition and set new standards for swimming, biking and running. But the Brownlee brothers have never forgotten their roots. They still do their schoolboy hill runs and Dales rides; still train harder and longer than anyone; still push each other to new heights. In this revealing, often very funny book they take us inside their world and inside their races. It’s both a riveting story of brotherly rivalry and a rare insight into what it takes to be the best. Swim, Bike, Run is also packed with training secrets. Whether you are thinking about your first triathlon or are a seasoned competitor, here are unique sections on how to swim, bike and run, and advice on nutrition, injury, and mental approach. With the Brownlees in your corner, you will do more than you ever thought possible. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in swimming, cycling and running and will be loved by readers of Mark Cavendish’s Boy Racer and Running with the Kenyans. Alistair Brownlee, 24, is a British triathlete from Yorkshire. He is the reigning Olympic champion, a back-to-back European champion and a two-time World champion. Jonathan Brownlee, 22, is also a British triathlete from Yorkshire. He is the reigning World Champion, a two-time World Sprint champion and an Olympic bronze medalist. “Sport has two new heroes: a couple of nice lads from Yorkshire”. (The Times).

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Handmade Glamping

Charlotte Liddle, Lucy Boffin, Lucy Hopping, Hardback RRP £14.99 Decorate your tent, tipi, caravan or camper van with any of the 35 stunning projects in Handmade Glamping. Using a variety of crafting techniques including knitting, crochet, quilting, embroidery, patchwork and applique, Charlotte Liddle and Lucy Hopping have created a wonderful range of accessories that will bring retro charm to your idyllic country getaway. Whether you fancy a quiet retreat to secluded beaches or are off to live it up at the summer festivals, you will find something to make your home away from home look stunning and feel cosy and comfortable. Divided into four chapters, start with Recycling and Repurposing and make the embroidered curtains using vintage fabrics or the hexagonal patchwork scatter cushions to put on the camp bed. In Campfire Cooking there is everything you’ll need for a romantic meal under the stars, including decorated plates, quilted placemats and a picnic bag. Pretty Decorations has crocheted bunting to hang outside, a cute cross-stitch picture to hang inside, and pretty storage ideas for small spaces that recycle jam jars and other household items.

Salt Sugar Smoke

Diana Henry, Hardback RRP £25.0 Jams and jellies, chutneys and pickles, smoked and potted meats and cured fish, cordials and alcohols, vegetables in oil, mustards and vinegars - here are recipes to fill the larder with the most delicious conserves of all kinds. Award-winning food writer Diana Henry has sourced preserves from many different cuisines, from familiar fruit jams to more unusual recipes such as Georgian plum sauce, rhubarb schnapps and Middle Eastern pickled turnips. There is expert advice and instruction on techniques where necessary - from successful smoking (without expensive equipment) to foolproof jellies. As always Diana’s irresistible narrative style makes you feel she is in the kitchen with you, guiding you gently through the recipes and providing fascinating background that ranges from the traditions of wild mushroom picking in Italy, Scandinavia and Russia to Simone de Beauvoir (who compared making jam to capturing time). Preserving makes the most of seasonal ingredients and intensifies flavours wonderfully. It’s also a delicious way of making everyday food special and giving friends and family something beautifully home-made.

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177 Whiteladies Road Clifton BS8 2RY Sales 0117 923 8238 Lettings 0117 946 6588

CJ Hole Clifton

A knowledgeable and truly professional Residential Sales and Lettings Team, serving Redland, Cotham and Kingsdown CJ Hole Clifton is independently owned and run by Howard Davis, one of the longest serving agents in the local property industry. Howard and his team have a wealth of experience and expertise to help you make a successful move. With designated experts in Sales, Lettings and Management, and strong links to other property specialists nationwide, you can be sure of a first class service whatever your needs. If you are considering a move and would like a free consultation with one of our Directors, please contact the Clifton team. We look forward to hearing from you.

Redland FOR SALE


Howard Davis Managing Director, CJ Hole Clifton

A very attractive two double bedroom garden flat with its own private entrance. Lovely contemporary open plan kitchen/diner with bifold doors to decking and fabulous walled garden. Sunny aspect.

Felicity Parker Sales Director, CJ Hole Clifton

Redland FOR SALE


Six bedroom mid terrace house with a current annual rent at £29,580 pa. Great location, close to University. HMO licensed with an Assured Shorthold Tenancy until June 2014. Excellent opportunity for new or established property investor.

Redland FOR SALE


A recently refurbished Redland family home with attractive rear garden. Four bedrooms, three reception rooms, kitchen and utility room . Lots of original features and working shutters. Great location for Whiteladies Road, the Downs and the City Centre.



Redland TO LET

£990 pcm

£1,300 pcm

Redland TO LET

£600 pcm

Two bedroom garden flat. Bayed sitting room, kitchen, bathroom. Attractive rear garden and off street parking for one car. Great location for Gloucester Road and City Centre.

Redland TO LET

A lovely three bedroom garden flat. A secure, large garden behind a lockable gate is one of the things which makes this flat an ideal property for families. Private entrance and located close to Whiteladies Road. Unfurnished.

A unique opportunity to rent a quirky mid terrace house in a great location close to Whiteladies Road. Well presented, two double bedrooms and small courtyard area. Parking on a first come first serve basis.

A top floor flat in Redland. Two double bedrooms, shower room, open plan kitchen/living room. Available now. Furnished and plenty of storage space.


Expert’s Say

We talk to James Mizen, Managing Director of Bristol-based doors, windows and conservatories specialist Crystal Clear, about the latest range of stylish and low-maintenance windows and conservatories.


The idea of installing PVC double glazing windows for its durability and energy efficiency is appealing but I find them unattractive compared with the original timber box sash windows I currently have. How can I keep its original looks but also make my home more sustainable?

While traditional timber sash windows look elegant, particularly after refurbishment, their regular and costly maintenance isn’t quite so attractive. They also have a tendency to be draughty and prone to leaks, even with regular maintenance. You could consider replacing your existing timber windows with PVCu double glazed vertical sliding sash windows, which are a low maintenance alternative and offer all the benefits of modern technology with the look and feel of traditional sash windows; low maintenance, energy efficiency, high security and ease of use.

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We offer a wide range of designs and styles of PVCu sliding sash windows in a choice of colours and wood grain finishes, so you can rest assured that your new windows can replicate your original windows, retaining the character and look of your own home. In addition to the comprehensive range of styles and finishes, there is a choice of window furniture, Georgian bar designs and layouts, deep bottom rails, decorative sash horns, glazing options, wool pile covers and putty line glass lines, which will enhance the authentic look and feel of your windows.


I have been meaning to get a bit more space by installing a conservatory for some time now but I have not worked out what I need in terms of size and I don’t want to spend too much money on it. Can I find an installer who can give me flexibility and options within my budget?

You should consider the size, shape and design of the conservatory, so that it complements the style of your home and enhances your living space. With the wide range of styles available, there’s a conservatory to suit every age and style of home. Our conservatory specialist can help you decide on the perfect conservatory, based on your budget, requirements and home, and will show you how each different conservatory could look on your house by creating a 3D image and superimposing it onto a photo of your property. An experienced installer will help you to think about what you’d like to use the extra space for and how often it will be used and offer suitable options based on your specific needs. There’s a wide range of designs, styles, sizes and shapes of conservatory, so there’s a conservatory to suit every home. An Edwardian style conservatory, with its elegant and simple look, is a very practical and efficient way to extend your property as it offers excellent floor space due to its square or rectangular internal shape.

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My neighbour installed new PVC double glazing windows last year which looked really great, but with all the rainfall this year, their windows have been leaking water when it rains. They contacted their contractor but are still negotiating repairs and replacements. I would also like to replace my windows but how can I protect myself if products are faulty and for peace of mind.

It’s important to choose a windows specialist that is a member of the Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS), which provides comprehensive protection for homeowners installing windows, doors, conservatories, orangeries and associated products, and registered with FENSA, which is the leading body providing homeowner protection in the double glazing industry, ensuring all installations comply with current building regulations. As a DGCOS Accredited Installer, Crystal Clear offers full protection of the Ombudsman Scheme, a comprehensive guarantee, a deposit protection certificate and an insurance backed guarantee and is regularly inspected to ensure that customers are 100% satisfied throughout the project. Crystal Clear is also member of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF), which represents companies who make, supply or fit, glass and glass related products in the UK and registered with the BFRC, which is the UK’s national system for rating the energy efficiency of windows and is recognised within Building Regulations as showing compliance for replacement windows installation. All of the windows supplied and installed by Crystal Clear are A‐rated and industry‐leading and built to the most exacting of British and European standards and come with a 10-year guarantee. For more information, please contact Crystal Clear 22a Emery Road, Brislington, Bristol BS4 5PF T: 0117 971 7880 or 01275 759922 E: W:

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Keynsham Fake Festival A Fake Festival is a fabulous opportunity for families and local communities to enjoy a fun packed music day out together, meeting up with friends and listening to some great live bands. The tribute bands that perform at a Festival are chosen specifically to cover a wide range of age groups, so there is something for everyone to enjoy ... and on Saturday August 24 one will be coming to Keynsham for the first time! Organiser Pete Marsh explains how he got involved: “I’ve been putting on gigs at Bristol venues for some time and am always looking for new opportunities to bring a range of live music to as many people as possible: holding a Fake Festival at Keynsham seemed the perfect idea. “The event will feature tributes to Oasis, U2 and Red Hot Chilli Peppers plus five local support bands. The main action takes place inside the Fake Festivals purposebuilt performance marquee while outside is the ‘Entertainment Zone’ a large fenced area for entertainment stands to keep kids and festival goers amused plus the all-important food stands that are essential for keeping the audience fed in true festival style.” The Festival will be held at Keynsham RUFC (BS31 2BE), early bird ticket offer ends 24th july,doors open at 12.30pm with music starting at 1pm. A free drink is on offer to all those arriving before 2pm. For ticket information, see ad at the inside front page or visit or

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Distinctive by design 51 - 53 Westbury hill | Westbury On trym | bristol bs9 3AD T: 0117 962 2599 e: Local Family Run established since 1993

Kitchens by DesiGn

highest quality | Wide range of German & english Kitchens | Modern, traditional & contemporary styles | Designed to suit your style & budget | customer car parking.


50 North Street, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 1HJ

ASHLEY HEATING gas heating services

T: 07939 614853

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Scotch Eggs (serves 4)

4 large eggs 275 grams sausagemeat 1 tsp fresh thyme leaves 1 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped 1 spring onion, finely chopped a dash of salt Grounded pepper 120 grams plain flour (seasoned with salt and freshly ground black pepper) 1 egg, beaten 120 grams breadcrumbs vegetable oil

Method 1. Place the eggs, still in their shells, in a pan of cold salted water. 2. Place over a high heat and bring to the boil for about 5 minutes, or until the egg cooked well.

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3. Drain the eggs under cold running water for 10-15 minutes, then peel. 4. Mix the sausage meat with the thyme leave, parsley and spring onion in a bowl and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. 5. Divide the sausage meat mixture into four equal portion and flatten each out into ovals shape which enough to cover the whole egg. 6. Place the seasoned flour onto a plate, then dredge each boiled egg in the flour. Place each onto a sausage meat oval, then wrap the sausage meat around each egg. Make sure the coating is smooth and completely covers each egg. 7. Dip each sausage meat-coated egg in the beaten egg, rolling to coat completely, then dip and roll into the breadcrumbs to completely cover. 8. Heat the oil in a pan, until a breadcrumb sizzles and turns brown when dropped into it. Carefully place each scotch egg into the hot oil and deep-fry for 8-10 minutes, until golden and crisp and the sausage meat is completely cooked. 9. Drain the scotch egg on kitchen paper. Serve cool.

ition as otch egg came to fru The naming of the sc wrapping a to ng rri ocessed, refe pr s an me � ed ch ot “sc Scotch eggs d then breadcrumbs. an at me in g eg d ile bo , duck eggs and ns eggs, quails eggs he m fro de ma be n ca you could use , though technically gs eg e os go es tim at ch! most eggs, even ostri of scotch le eggs in the centre ab ge an ch er int ith W ping as well. entation in meat wrap rim pe ex s me co gs eg include classic sausagemeat on ns tio ria va lar pu Po nventional is, venison or less co gg ha , ing dd pu ck bla on! alternatives like salm

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1. Make the basic dough by placing the flour in a large wide bowl, tip in the dried yeast into a well in the middle. 2. Add the salt and sugar, mix and make a well. Then gradually pour in the warm water and oil mix bit by bit and use your hand in a claw like shape to mix well every now and then. You might not need all the water or you might even need some more but mix well until a soft dough is formed. Kneed on a floured surface for 10 minutes. 3. Place in a warm place, like near an oven or an airing cupboard and let your dough rise until it is almost doubled in size.

Focaccia with British Asparagus, Olives and Sun Dried Tomatoes (serves 8)


500g strong white flour 7g dried yeast 1 tsp salt ½ tsp sugar 300ml warm water with 1 tbsp of olive oil in it 250g British asparagus, cut into 2 inch pcs 60g black or green olives, pitted 75g sun dried tomatoes, halved 1 tbsp olive oil Olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping

4. Then once its double the size knock it back and then stretch it out to fit a large baking tin, for example one that is around 25 x 30cm. Then let it rest again for a further 15 minutes. Meanwhile preheat your oven to 210°C. 5. After the 15 minutes sprinkle over the British asparagus, olives and tomatoes and then press down with your fingers into the dough. Drizzle with the olive oil. Season well and bake for 20 minutes. 6. Serve with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping.

Recipe provided by

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California Sushi Roll (serves 6) Ingredients

640g Japanese rice 950ml water 80ml rice vinegar 2 tsp mirin (optional) 2 tsp caster sugar 2 tbsp salt 8 sheets nori (seaweed sheets) 1 large cucumber, cut into thin strips 1 avocado, peeled, cut into thin slices 12 seafood sticks or crabsticks wasabi paste & Japanese soy sauce, to serve

1. Wash rice under cold water until liquid runs clear. Place rice into a large non-stick saucepan. Add water. Bring to the boil over high heat. Reduce heat to medium. Simmer for 5 minutes, or until small holes form in the rice. Cover and cook over very low heat for 15 minutes. Remove from heat. Stand, covered, for 10 minutes. 2. Place vinegar, mirin, sugar and salt into a small saucepan over low heat. Cook, stirring, for 3 minutes, or until sugar has dissolved. Refrigerate until cold. 3. Spread rice over a large tray. Drizzle vinegar mixture over rice. Using a wooden spoon, make cutting strokes into rice to distribute vinegar mixture (don’t stir). 4. Place a sheet of nori, shiny side down, onto a bamboo mat or sheet of baking paper. Place 3/4 cup of rice mixture onto nori. With wet hands, gently spread rice evenly over nori, leaving a 3cm border at far end. Place a strip of cucumber onto rice, 3cm in from edge. Place an avocado slice and a seafood stick next to the cucumber. Using the mat or baking paper as a guide, roll up. Repeat with remaining nori and fillings. Cut each roll into 6 pieces. Serve with wasabi and soy sauce.

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