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Elegance by design 51 - 53 Westbury Hill | Westbury On Trym | Bristol BS9 3AD T: 0117 962 2599 E: Local Family Run Established since 1993


Highest quality | Wide range of German & English Kitchens | Modern, traditional & contemporary styles | Designed to suit your style & budget | Customer car parking.

Something New Say goodbye to the rainy season in June and kick off this summer with sunny weather, friends gatherings and holidays! This month, we will introduce some children-friendly dining spots in Bristol, which includes a newly opened café and a newly renovated pub for when you want to eat out. You and your kids can really enjoy the summer sunshine with alfresco dining in this (I hope) sizzling summer. If you haven’t heard the recent news about the breastfeeding mums gathering in Bristol, we had visited the gathering that day and interviewed some of the mums who were there, you can view it on page 10. To show our support, you will find a support-breastfeeding poster on page 17, you are welcome to put this poster on your window or pass it to the café or restaurant near your area, to show your support to all breastfeeding mums. Or you can download it from our facebook page at redlandandcothamlifestyle

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Have A Cuppa Tea? Just when you thought if the summer season is ever coming, it finally looks like the summer weather has arrived and we can start enjoying the outdoors again. If you have attended or hosted the numerous Jubilee celebration parties and any subsequent family barbeques in the past months, the strain of having another home party now might not be the first thing on your mind. This month we thought you might want to try out some of the great family friendly gathering places around town and the best part is, you can avoid doing all the cleaning up afterwards! Our neighbourhood is filled with family friendly places which include many cafés, pubs and restaurants for gatherings with family and friends. Of the new cafés which have recently opened, we particularly liked one on Gloucester Road which we will introduce. Did you know that there are also some cafés in the area with children’s corners, where they can play whilst you can enjoy a moment of peace and quiet? For a grand Sunday brunch, we have the perfect venue with a garden for you where you can watch your children play in a safe environment whilst you catch up with your friends. If you are a mum to be, there are places which offer comfort if you need to breastfeed. In case if you lucky enough to find a babysitter and you want to find a place to catch up with your girlfriends, these places are just perfect to relax over a cup of afternoon tea!

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Grounded Newly opened in May 2012, this former car showroom has been transformed into a family friendly café, Grounded in Horfield is the third branch of Grounded Cafés in the Bristol area. The café is pleasantly decorated in wooden and recycled materials in a consistent style to its Grounded branches. Upon entering the café, you would be surprised to know the innovative use of recycled materials: that the bar was made out of a church pews and a church door from Redland, the floor boards were taken from the roof of a psychiatric hospital and the toilet doors were custom made from floorboards. With plenty of comfy sofas and a little outdoor garden at the back, the café is spacious enough for parents, children, babies and pushchairs. With an extensive menu that has many locally sourced food and drinks, most of the food ingredients used are from local producers in Bristol, including John Sheppard Butchers in St Phillips, Herberts Bakeries in St Werburghs, Clifton Coffee and Luscombe for their organic drinks. As a family friendly café, baby changing facilities and breast feeding is welcome. You can even order a Babychino for your little one before they start playing with the toys in the café. A kid’s menu is available and is served until 4pm.

Grounded Horfield 421-425 Gloucester Road, Horfield, Bristol BS7 8TZ Tel: 0117 9511505

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Lashings Located on Gloucester Road with two primary schools nearby, Lashings at Bishopston is definitely one of the most popular café for mums and casual chatters. With its light and airy atmosphere, you will be amazed with their extensive drinks menu. Beside the regular coffee selection, there are many choices on iced coffee, smoothie, milkshake, caffeine free drinks and their famous teapigs – fine teas selection with traditional English tea and aroma tea. A loyalty card with buy-10-get-1-free offer will be given when you ordered. While you enjoying your cakes and cappuccino at the terrace area, your little one can meet some new friends in the play area. There is a little play house in the terrace, and a kitchen toy set so hat can let your children to learn how to run their first café!

Lashings Coffee House 260 Gloucester Road Horfield, Bristol BS7 8PB Tel: 0117 329 4252

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The Royal Oak Always packed with families on Sundays, The Royal Oak has just refurblished its outdoor garden. This pub on Gloucester Road is highly rated on its extensive selection and food quality. All vegetables and meat are sourced from local farmers in Somerset and there is even an outdoor wood fired oven which serves their fresh homemade pizza during summer. At the back of the pub, the large family friendly outdoor garden has a huge play area with lots of children facilities includes a swing set with slide, ride-ons toy and a Wendy house. In case if your little one wants to stay indoors, there are story books and board games available in the pub. To celebrate the 2012 London Olympics, a large TV will be set up in the garden (depending on the weather) for those who want to enjoy watching the games in the pub with family and friends in an outdoor setting. Remember to check out with the pub before your visit. The Royal Oak 385 Gloucester Road Horfield, Bristol BS7 8TN Tel: 0117 989 2522 Call us on 07833208953 to advertise

Redland FOR SALE

Offer’s Over £350,000

Redland FOR SALE






A lovely 1930’s three bedroom family home with garden and garage close to Redland Green School, City Centre, Henleaze cinema and The Downs. Viewing is highly recommended

A spacious one double bedroom hall floor flat in a fantastic location in Cotham with one parking space and a private rear garden.

A fantastic one double bedroom first floor flat with a balcony, conveniently located close to Whiteladies Road and Cotham Hill. Ideal for first time buyers and investors

A one double bedroom first floor flat with an allocated parking space, close to Gloucester Road, Whiteladies Road and the City Centre. Viewing is highly recommended.

74 Whiteladies Road Clifton, Bristol BS8 2QA

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in our neighbourhood

In July, Bristol resident Kelly Schaecher was breastfeeding her five-month-old baby in a cafĂŠ on Park Street and was told by the cafe staff that she should move to aside to a corner if she wanted to breastfeed. Feeling upset by the incident, friends and supporters gathered on 4 July at Park Street CafĂŠ to protest for mothers who breastfeed. The public support was so overwhelming that hundreds of women from Bristol and the South West area turned up with numerous news reporters covering this story. Redland and Cotham Living was there to support this worthy cause and we spoke to some of the mothers who were present in the gathering.

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Kath (right), Bristol With her home-made sign to support this gathering, Kath believes breastfeeding is a natural act from mum to baby and that all people should support.

Esther, bRISTOL This mums-to-be knew about this gathering on Facebook and came to support. Esther is so glad to see the great support for breastfeeding in the Bristol community.

Especially for the new mums who might feel embarrass on their first time breastfeeding in public, Kath thinks the shop should show their support to breastfeeding mums.

“I didn’t encounter this problem when I breastfed my baby in other cafés, it would be great if the shop can put a poster to show that breastfeeding is welcome.’

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Katherine, Bristol

Antonia (right), bRISTOL “Breastfeeding is the most natural action in the world, I knew about this gathering from the internet and decided to come and support with my friends and my home-made banner”.

Judith, mother of three from Bath came to support these Bristol mums .

Judith, Bath

“There are many shops in Bath with the Breastfeeding Welcome poster at the shop front, which is really reassuring to breastfeeding mums”

gAYNOR, bRISTOL “There is a lack of awareness for the needs of breastfeeding mums, it would be good if a sign can be displayed at the shop to show they support us”

Over 260 premises across the city, as well as First Bus Bristol, now support mothers to breastfeed when they are out and about with their baby. All breastfeeding mothers in Bristol should now receive a list of premises in a booklet The Essential Guide to Breastfeeding in Bristol from NHS. For the list of breastfeeding friendly places in Bristol and information abou the scheme, please visit NHS website at

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Redland £250,000

This very well presented attractive period property offers roomy split level accommodation on first floor level and is located in a very peaceful Redland side road. A convenient location for easy access to Durdham Downs and the superb range of shops, bars and restaurants on Whiteladies Road.

Redland £167,000

Light and spacious first floor apartment set in a beautiful period building, situated close to Durdham Downs and Whiteladies Road. The property is presented to a high standard throughout and is accessed via an elegant communal hallway, with steps leading up to the main entrance door into the flat.

Redland £665,000

A spacious and comfortable 6 bedroom Victorian semi-detached family home in a tucked away Redland location offering flexible accommodation. To the front there are off street parking for 2 cars. In addition the attractive private gardens of Clyde Park are open to residents of Clyde Park and Woodfield Road.

Redland £235,000

A spacious two double bedroom hall floor flat with front and side garden, set within a period semi-detached house in the heart of Redland. The accommodation boasts an impressive lounge with large window, sash windows and many period features including a fireplace with gas fire. Offered with no onward chain.

Cotham £285,000

An absolutely superb garden flat which forms part of this very handsome period semi detached house in Cotham. Located just off Cotham Brow, the property is within easy walking distance of the hustle and bustle of both Gloucester Road and Whiteladies Road.

Redland £325,000

Competitively priced 1930’s three bedroom semi detached family house with deceptively spacious rooms and traditional features, is situated within easy walking distance of Redland Green School which is literally a stone’s throw from the rear garden. The house is offered with no onward chain.

Sale Agreed

Redland £740,000

A substantial and impressive early Victorian 5 bedroom family home in a popular central Redland position with garden to 3 sides and gated off street parking. The current owners have improved and extended the property to the side elevation and much of the accommodation has been stylishly updated.

Redland £375,000

Modern extended 4 bedroom end of terrace townhouse with good sized garden situated in a desirable tree lined side road in central Redland within a few minutes walk of Redland Green School. There is a driveway with parking for two cars.


Show your support to breastfeeding by putting this poster to your window/ shop, photocopy is welcome or download at www.facebook/redlandandcothamlifestyle




New Books for your little boys

Big Bad Bill on the Naughty Step by Mark Sperring Paperback RRP £6.99

Perfect for naughty pre-schoolers, it’s time for Captain Buckleboots and Sam to show Big Bad Bill how to say sorry...The naughty step is the place Sam has to sit when he has done something he knows he really shouldn’t have. And Sam isn’t alone. Captain Buckleboots is on the naughty step too, and this time so is Big Bad Bill, the naughtiest cowboy in the Wild, Wild West...Another warm and witty take on learning to say sorry, from the creators of Captain Buckleboots on the Naughty Step.

The Night Pirates

by Peter Harris, Deborah Allwright Paperback RRP £5.99 One night, young Tom is awoken by noises outside his house. He peeps out of the window and what should he see but PIRATES. And stranger still - they’re GIRL PIRATES stealing the front of his house! Tom joins their pirate adventure across the high seas to an island where some rather lazy and silly grown-up pirates are guarding their treasure. But not very successfully. Tom and the girl-pirates make a surprise attack and are soon off on the seas once more with the treasure!

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The Dinosaur Games

by David Bedford, Dankerleroux Paperback RRP £5.99 Titus the T-Rex is ready for the Great Dinosaur Games. He may only be young, but he’s a tough lizard king and he’s out to win everything! Or so he thinks. He’s not built for hurdles and swimming isn’t easy when you’ve never learnt how. But with a meteor on its way to Earth, everything is set to change. Titus may not win a race, but he might just save one ...A funny, fastpaced rhyming text with spectacular sporty illustrations.

The Toy Robot Storybook - Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom by Ladybird Books Ltd Paperback RRP £3.99

The creators of the number one preschool children’s TV show “Peppa Pig”, bring you the magical award-winning world of “Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom”. In this exciting new adventure, Fairy Princess Holly, Ben Elf and their friends find an old broken robot in the forest. Holly wants to mend it with her magic wand, but Ben wants to fix it using his elf skills. The key to wind up the robot is missing, so Holly uses a spell to make a magic key, which has some very strange results! Boys and girls will love reading this exciting adventure storybook based on the magical show, “Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom”.

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Don’t let the recession stop you having

the kitchen you always dreamt of! Dream Doors, the Bristol Company that provides new life for old kitchens, has this week encouraged those interested in their property, either for themselves or to sell or let, to take advantage of a modern approach to a new kitchen. The kitchen ‘facelift’ is a technique that primarily uses the existing frames of your kitchen as a base and brings them up to date with new doors and work surfaces, available in a wide range of materials from ultra modern to classic finishes. Dream Doors can also add new appliances, tiles, flooring and accessories, giving you the kitchen you’ve always wanted. The years of throwaway products, intense manufacturing and obsession with trends have led to new ways of balancing our desire to be modern and lifestyle-led, with our conscience for the environment and most currently...our wallets! But, with a Dream Doors kitchen ‘facelift’ there is now a chance for homeowners to consider how a kitchen can be designed, manufactured and fitted for a fraction of the cost of a complete new one. With all the expertise of a traditional kitchen company, the Dream Doors facelift is an economical new solution for your old kitchen. In addition, there are so many advantages - the installation is swift, usually “With the news flooded only a couple of days, as there is no old with stories of a “Double Dip” kitchen to pull out and no major works to recession and the gloomy Euro, disrupt you. The process is environmentally the thought of home sound, as all doors are made to order, so improvement, especially the there is no waste at the end and only a cost of a new kitchen can be fraction of the manufacturing involved with a new kitchen. daunting, but luckily there is a

slither of silver on those dark clouds”

Graham Juniper Director of Dream Doors, Bristol

Call us on 07833208953 to advertise

Your new kitchen begins with a designer booked to visit your home to measure and quote. This is completely free of charge, without obligation and we’re confident you’ll be pleased with the outcome. If the kitchen is to go ahead an order is raised for the doors

and in just a few weeks the fitters are booked at your convenience to install and be out as quickly as possible. Dream Doors kitchens come in all shapes and sizes and with fitters that are dedicated to ‘facelifting’ kitchens, the aim is that every eventuality is thought of and they are equipped to carry out the job without having to wait for materials or contact secondary tradesmen.

“We’re all busy people and the kitchen facelift is a simple and easy way to limit the disruption of a new kitchen. Our qualified fitters can have the job completed in a matter of with a kitchen facelift, you’re recycling, so helping the environment too!” For information, to book an appointment or just to see what Dream Doors can do to cheer your house up, contact Graham or Loretta on (0117) 9443223, or visit If you want to see what our customers think of the work they’ve had done please visit


suRedland Tell people you saw their ad in mm and Cotham Living er


Great British




Conservatory Blinds*

British prices est of r our B o f Up to 50% OFF selected Verticals & Rollers* ow ll n a 20% OFF Wooden Venetians* C For a free quotation from your local consultant, call

0117 383 0220

Inspiring Ideas, Expertly Delivered. *Offers are for a limited period only and are subject to availability on selected fabrics and colours, while stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.

Call us on 07833208953 to advertise



For a beautiful new kitchen...

just change the doors Transform your tired kitchen in just a few days from start to finish Less cost, less time, less mess... •Huge choice of Doors, Worktops, Appliances, Sinks & Taps •From doors to complete kitchens •50% deposit with balance on completion

Call Graham for a FREE estimate: 01179

View our credentials at


Visit our Showroom: 11/12 The Promenade, Gloucester Rd, Bristol BS7 8AL

What’s On Bristol Harbour Festival Friday 20th July to Sunday 22nd July The renowned Bristol Harbour Festival is returning to the city’s picturesque waterfront, bringing together Bristol’s diverse communities for a three days free celebration. For more information, please visit

Bristol Thai Festival

Saturday 28th July to Sunday 29th July 10.30am - 6pm, Queen Square, BS1 4PR Discover the exotic world of Thai dance, music and energetic display of Muay Thai Boxing or experience a relaxing Thai massage. Freshly cooked Thai food stalls and Thai beer garden and souvenirs included. For admission charges and more information, please visit or 07833 088 938

34th Bristol International Balloon Fiesta Thursday 9th August to Sunday 12th August Ashton Court, BS8 3TQ

Bristol’s world-class hot air ballooning festival, and is recognised as one of the UK’s top five outdoor events, the Balloon Fiesta will spectacle of over 100 balloons of all shapes and sizes taking to the sky in mass ascents each morning and evening from Friday to Sunday, and of course the famous night glows. For more information, please visit or 07833 088 938

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Until Sunday 2nd September Bristol Zoo, BS8 3HA

See No Evil 2012

Thursday 16th August to Sunday 19th August Nelson Street, BS1 2JT See No Evil placed Bristol firmly on the cultural map last year and organisers have pulled out all the stops to attract the highest calibre of urban artists from around the world. Local heroes Portishead will be curating a live piece of music alongside a huge projection installation, alongside unusual festival installations stretching from Nelson Street to Bristol’s new creative quarter.

DinoZoo roars into life! A massive 88 tons Brachiosaurus (approx. 15m tall, 25m long) and 12 other massive dinosaur displays are now in Bristol Zoo for you to marvel. For admission charge and other information, please visit or 0117 974 7399

For more information, please visit

- Tree & shrub pruning - Planting - Tree removal - Tree stock surveys - Woodland management - Health & safety reports - Disease & insect control

Please call 01275 371 000 Email

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waste of money or worth every penny?

Type ‘therapy’ into Google and you’ll get a myriad of possibilities: Whether it’s emotional, mental, physical or spiritual, there’s a therapy for everyone. How do you figure out who’s competent and who’s crazy! Obviously qualifications and governing bodies are a great place to start. The Complimentary and Natural Health Care Council and General Hypnotherapy Register cover a wide variety of therapists and demands high levels of professionalism and qualifications. Now it’s down to personal taste and the sort of issue or area in your life you wish to change. Do a bit of research, ask your friends about their experiences. Being “in therapy” is no longer a taboo subject. What sort of therapy you would be comfortable with? A mind-based talking therapy or hands-on energy based? Make a list of five or so different therapists and call for a chat. A good therapist should be happy to speak to you before you commit to anything. Getting a feel for the person you will be working with is important. Your “gut” feeling will let you know almost instantly; trust that information.

It’s always good to ask yourself... • Do I trust them? • How often will I need to see them and for how many sessions? • What’s the cost? (Remember you get what you pay for, so if they are the cheapest on the market, why is that?)

• What’s included in the package of therapy they will provide? • Will they teach me techniques that will help me to help keep myself in balance? • Do they have any information to take away on these techniques? • Is there an aftercare service? • What is their success rate?

Call us on 07833208953 to advertise

As in life, you get back what you put in. So if you are looking for the magic wand or pill that will make it all go away and give you the life you dreamed of, than most likely therapy isn’t for you! However, if you are prepared to take an honest look at yourself without taking it personally; decide what’s not working for you and what is, and are ready to make the necessary changes that will bring about balance and happiness in your life, then you are perfect for therapy. Why not book in for a free telephone consultation today? Call 0800 8406123 Essential Awareness offers : 1. Free telephone consultation 2. A bespoke package of therapy based on your life experience and goals 3. Self help techniques 4. Self help manual 5. Aftercare service … A knitted scarf … cuddly toy … kitchen sink …! Be Happy, Be healthy, Live abundantly... Call 0800 840 6123 or visit our website

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Graham’s Two Hour Roast Salt Marsh Lamb The salt marsh lamb season has now begun and what better way to celebrate it and enjoy its distinct taste of by using the most flavoursome part - the shoulder. When you get your salt marsh lamb, remember to ask your butcher to bone a lamb shoulder (typically final weight about 1.5kg+ (4 lbs) and remove the blade bone). Ingredients (5 servings) 1 boned whole lamb shoulder, around 1.5kg+ (4 lbs) For the stuffings: 1/2 tsp cumin 2 tbsp chopped rosemary 1 tbsp sultanas or dried apricots 2-3 clove of garlic Chopped chilli 1/2 bottle white wine Preparation 1. Mix the stuffing ingredients together well in a bowl and season with salt and pepper. 2. Spread the stuffing on the lamb and neatly roll the meat to form a roasting joint, then cover in foil. 3. Pour the wine onto the roasting tray and put the lamb joint on top. 4. Cook in preheated oven at 220°C for 15 minutes. Turn down to 170°C for a further 1 hour and 45 minutes. 5. Remove from oven and rest 15 - 20 minutes in its foil before served. Suggested accompaniments Seasonal roast vegetables, Samphire (sea asparagus from the Salt Marsh) and Mashed potatoes Call us on 07833208953 to advertise



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Soap making parties Creative and fun, hands on parties making bubble bath, bath bombs, lip balm and soap.

Mobile party leader comes to your house and runs a session making beautiful practical gifts to take home. No mess, no fuss, just lovely smells 07595 350764

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Kids Corner Can you find 8 differences between these two very similar pictures? See how fast you can spot and circle all the differences!

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Aug 2012 - Redland and Cotham Living  
Aug 2012 - Redland and Cotham Living  

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