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Good Company 15 Out and Proud GLBT People to Know and Celebrate

Frank Ocean

Anna Pacquin

Margaret Cho

This Grammy winner and R&B singer-songwriter came out in 2012 when he stated he experienced unrequited love from a man.

True Blood actress Anna Pacquin publicly came out as bisexual at a Give a Damn, a campaign that is part of a GLBT advocacy group.

This queer-identified comedian has won awards for her humanitarian work for women, Asian Pacific Islanders, and the GLBT community.

Mary Gonzalez

Fallon Fox

Azealia Banks

She is Texas’ first ever GLBT lawmaker as a State Representative. After her campaign, she officially came out as pansexual.

She is the first known trans MMA fighter. To date, she has two wins and no losses and the full support of MMA’s management.

While she considers herself openly bisexual, this award-winning rapper says she does not like labeling people on sexual orientation alone.

Tammy Baldwin

Richard Blanco

Lana Wachowski

Baldwin is the first openly gay senator to win a seat in the US Senate, and she has the highest seniority in her class of senators.

He is the first Latino and openly gay inaugural poet, and read at President Obama’s second inauguration.

Director of The Matrix, Lana is the first major Hollywood director to come out as trans. Wachowski received a visibility award from HRC in 2012.

Matthew Vines

Chris Tina Bruce

Andy Marra

This activist took a leave of absence from Harvard in order to study the Bible and homosexuality in order to fight for GLBT people who also come from a Christian background..

Bruce is the first trans bodybuilder to participate in a competition. Bruce is an avid speaker, activist, and trainer dedicated to discussing gender fluidity.

This activist came out as trans to her adoptive parents and travelled to Korea to meet and to come out to her birth parents. She works with GLSEN, NCTE, and GLAAD.

Edie Windsor Having been together with her late wife for more than 40 years, Windsor is being forced to pay $363,000 in federal estate taxes, a whopping amount she would not have to pay if she were in a heterosexual marriage. Windsor is currently fighting the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of DOMA.

Anderson Cooper This renowned CNN anchor came out in 2012, noting that he has always been gay and proud. He is also a freelance writer and published his a memoir earlier in his career.

Diego Sanchez Hired as the first openly trans Capitol Hill legislative staff member by Barney Frank (who is the first congressman to be in a same-sex marriage), Sanchez was also the first trans person on the DNC Platform Committee. 42


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Issue 7, Volume 1: June 2013, LI Pride Guide  
Issue 7, Volume 1: June 2013, LI Pride Guide  

60 pages of GLBT Pride: an exclusive interview with Melissa Etheridge, a Q&A with LI PrideFest headliner Debbie Gibson, top movie and music...