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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the June issue of Living Out and your 2013 Pride Guide! Saturday, June 8th will bring with it a new day, a new parade route, a new beginning for our movement! This June is particularly special as the time at hand is an exciting and pivotal one for our community. Two Supreme Court cases are currently challenging the discrimination that still exists today. One of the cases challenges the Defense of Marriage Act (DoMA), which involves Long Island’s own Edie Windsor. We hope the courts will rule in favor of justice in the coming weeks, and bring our community one step closer to equality. We have also heard our Vice President Joe Biden announce that transgender rights are the civil rights issue of our time, and have seen professional athletes find the courage to come out or show support. All these milestones and more show that this not only a great time to celebrate, but also to reflect on how much work there is left to do. This is the second year that The Long Island GLBT Services Network is organizing the annual Pride Parade and PrideFest. Just as The Network knows it has a great responsibility to provide critical services and programs for tens of thousands of GLBT and allied Long Islanders each year, we knew we had an equally important responsibility on June 8th: ensuring that Pride was a day in which our whole community could come together to celebrate victories and connect with each other. I am confident that we have met that responsibility this year, and most importantly, that once the festivities come to an end, each one of you will head home with unforgettable memories and a renewed feeling of solidarity, hope, and pride. Please join us on Saturday, June 8th in Huntington for a Pride like Long Island has never seen before. Enjoy incredible all-day performances by local and national entertainers, great food and drinks, and a fun-filled day of activities for everyone. Bring your family and friends! On behalf of the many staff and volunteers who have made this great day possible, thank you for joining us. We look forward to many more years of Pride to come.

Every June, I find myself wondering about what Pride truly means to me. As a New Yorker, this June has been a particularly thoughtful one as anti-GLBT hate crimes have reached higher numbers than before in addition to many unreported cases. At the same time, 12 states in America and 14 countries around the world have taken a stand in promoting marriage equality through legislation. Equality has been a journey for our community, and while it is becoming a reality, I daresay we still have much more work to do in our local and national community. And there are public figures coming out every day in supporting that important and ongoing work through pride in their identities. Musicians Tegan and Sara (pg 14) and pro basketball player Jason Collins (pg 56) are helping pave the way for GLBT youth in oppressive communities to be themselves. As singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge (pg 46) tells us in an exclusive interview, the front-runners of the movement help us all to live honestly and “Speak True” of our identities. But I suppose I am still left with the question of what Pride means to me—what a wonderful idea that no single person’s definition matches another’s. And maybe that is what Pride is: celebrating the diversity woven in and out of the GLBT community, recognizing and appreciating our intersections and our differences, and embracing that we each hold a unique identity. That is something we can truly be proud of.

D AV I D K I L M N I C K , P H D , M S W





Issue 7, Volume 1: June 2013, LI Pride Guide  
Issue 7, Volume 1: June 2013, LI Pride Guide  

60 pages of GLBT Pride: an exclusive interview with Melissa Etheridge, a Q&A with LI PrideFest headliner Debbie Gibson, top movie and music...