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Greetings, brothers and sisters in Christ Time flies. Summer is around the corner. Certainly hope brothers and sisters are enjoying the wonderful weather we have in Southern California. Spring time is special. Not only we are to remember what our Lord Jesus Christ had done for us on the Cross, it is also the time when we have our Living Spring Fellowship picnic. While enjoying the outdoor activity, brothers and sisters came together to sing praises to our God and fellowship with one another outside of our regular monthly fellowship meeting at Church. For the past 2 years, we had our picnic at Orchard Hill’s Settler’s Park. This year, we moved our event to a new location at Oak Creek Community Park. Desmond sacrificed his sleep for our fellowship to get there early to reserve the place for our picnic event. Still it was not early enough as someone else was there earlier to get their spot for an Easter egg hunt event held by a nearby church. But the organizer showed their love in Christ by allowing us to have the tables for our picnic. Give thanks to God for His provision for the arrangement and nice weather on the day. By the time we had our yummy Arby’s sandwiches delivered fresh (thanks, Ken), some of the kids were already tired and not keen in playing games. Despite this, it was a great time of fellowshipping with brothers and sisters. On the note of fellowship, do you remember the message given on Sunday that to remind us to fellowship with one another? As brothers and sisters in Christ, we ought to fellowship, build up and support and pray for one another. I could recall my college days when fellowship with one another came naturally and was so much easier. Now with young ones at home and having a demanding work schedule, it is not easy anymore and need extra effort. Fellowship can be like having meals together, having outdoor activities together and among other fun activities. It also means we are to spend time together to build up, encourage and pray for one another so that we can stand firm in our faith and in our lives. Brothers and sisters, lets continue to fellowship with one another. Henry

Beginning 2010, LWF has a Bible Study every month focusing on Jesus’ miracles and how we learn from them and apply the lessons in our daily life. In April, we talked about Jesus fed the five thousand (five loaves and two fish). You might be thinking: I have heard of this story numerous times already that I can even retell it from the end. Indeed, this is one famous miracle in the Bible that not only it is recorded in all four Gospels in the New Testament, but even unbelievers are familiar with that. Since so many of us have heard of this miracle so many times, what is to be left for us to learn in the Bible Study? Actually, there is a lot. For example, when we go deeper, we can see that in the Gospel of Mark, the passage alludes to some books in the Old Testament (Numbers 27:15-17, Psalm 23:1-2, and Ezekiel 34:11-15). This just further confirms that Jesus Christ is our shepherd and He will take care of our needs. Second, we cannot read in details how Jesus performed this miracle. All four authors of the Gospel books only described what the reactions of the apostles were when Jesus asked them to feed those people in the wilderness. I had not given much thought why the miracle was written this way in the past. After the Bible Study, I think part of the reason is that it’s beyond the authors’ comprehension to use the appropriate words to describe the miracle. But more importantly, we can relate to the apostles’ situations when we read that. How many times are we faced with big challenges when we serve at church and for God? How many times have we used all our thinking and still cannot come up with a solution? This miracle shows us that there is always a way out, and the key is how much faith we have in God. In the story, one young person was willing to offer his own food, and no one at that time knew what good this little food could be for feeding over 10,000 people (the Bible only tells us there were 5,000 men, not counting women and children). However, just because of such little offering, Jesus was able to perform

this miracle to separate the loaves and the fish and distribute them to the crowd. Not only the whole crowd got fed, there were twelve baskets of leftovers as a result of this miracle. At this point, you have to wonder: Since God is all powerful, and Jesus is the son of God, why would he make a fuss and need people’s contribution or offering to perform this miracle? Couldn’t He have fed the 5,000 without asking the apostles and the five loaves and two fish and still made enough food out of nothing to feed the crowd? I see that this is where God and Jesus’ love toward the apostles and the crowd showed. Not only God wants to save us from eternal damnation, He wants us to be involved in His works so that we can understand His compassion toward the world by asking us to contribute our own resources to His ministry. When we offer ourselves to serve God, He will perform miracles on us so that we can share the achievements with God! Would God have been able to do all He wants without our help? Absolutely! But He wants us to share the joy He has for helping and serving people so that we can somewhat understand His compassion toward His children and the unsaved ones. In the end, I think the verse in Matthew 6:33 sums up best about what kind of mindset we need to have in order for us to offer ourselves to serve God without reservation: “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Amen. Vincent Ho

Living Water Fellowship Calendar 5/7 Theme Night - Speaker Mark Lum 5/14 Bible Study 5/21 Jubilation Rehearsal - No Fellowship 5/22 (SAT) Jubilation 6/4 Community Service / Workshop 6/11 Fellowship Picnic Preparation 6/18 Cell Group 6/25 Bible Study

「珠仔」英文名:Casey Tsang 中文名:曾廣珠 Flower Name:珍寶珠,大頭珠 (爺爺專用!) 珠仔生日:四月十日 出生於:香港 -> (可稱為「香珠」) 珠仔家有一父母及一妹,珠爸爸曾退休,之後再次投身於出入口行業。珠媽媽以前是家庭主婦, 等到小珠變大珠之後,便在中華神學院做文書。珠仔在曾家是「廣」字輩,她跟妹妹及其他表姐 弟妹都是曾廣 X。 珠仔小時是在淘大住的,幸好在沙士事件前便搬了去土瓜灣高山劇場附近。她說沙士是發生在她 以前住的那一幢大廈!感謝神! 返學生涯:珠仔的小學是呂名才小學,中學是油麻地循道中學。珠仔考完 A-LEVEL 之後便來到美 國,她說 A-LEVEL 的經歷實在是非常悽烈。有幸神的保守帶她來到 SAN JOSE,五天之後便認識 了她的至愛 ”ERIC”。 兩年後便 TRANSFER 到 UCLA 讀 BIOCHEM。

珠仔的喜好 最喜愛的動物:貓,她的家有兩隻:SMOKEY & BARBIE。SMOKEY 最鍾意飲啤酒。松鼠有兩 隻。 食物:甜的東西 (汽水除外) 運動:KICKBOXING,YOGA。 最唔鍾意的動物:昆蟲 (特別是蚯蚓 ) 食物:肉,青豆 ( 急凍果隻 ) 曾經去過的國家:日本,韓國,大陸及美 國,最想去富士山。 最開心的事情:完成 THESIS 的 DEFENSE。她用了三年去完成 THESIS,非常有成功感及 ACHIEVEMENT。 最唔開心的事情:失敗時,珠仔形容自己很固執和執著。當失敗了會再努力嘗試。 最驚怕的事情:坐過山車。她懷疑自己有畏高症,再加上有 D 怕死。 怕死的經歷:在九一一空難事件發生後,珠仔因為怕 TERRORIST 再次襲擊而取消了她的機票。 最難忘的經歷:親戚的去世,還瀝瀝在目。 還有珠仔小時候 ( 大約兩歲時 ),有一天突然見到媽媽帶了一個 BABY 回家。後來 才發現這 BABY 是自己的妹妹,印象十分深刻。

與主同行的經歷: 珍寶珠是出生於基督教家庭。由她的嫲嫲及婆婆,至父母也是基 督徒。從小便跟父母去偱道會崇拜。爸爸年輕時有考慮出國讀神 學,但後來去了英國就讀。珠仔大約在中四,中五時期信主。信 主前與妹妹關係唔好,可能是珠仔情緒化。信主後,神開路,有 舊同學在美國讀書,可以幫助珠仔申請學校,在神的帶領下,少 於三個月便收到 APPROVAL。珠仔覺得來美國是神的祝福,生活 十分順利,在 SAN JOSE, CUPERTINO 的基督之家 ( 第五家 )聚 會,由於那教會是用國語為主,令到珠仔跟 ERIC 有格格不入的感 受。到了 UCLA 讀書,經歷了一段沒有去教會的空白期,現在有 機會來到 CBCCOC 十分開心。找到一個屬靈的家,珠仔也慢慢的 投入事奉。第一步就是參加 CHOIR。因為她小學時是 CHOIR 一部 份。

版主對珠仔的感覺: 在 INTERVIEW 之前,一直覺得珠仔十分開朗,樂天,而看到她在教會及團契的投入令我相信她 對神十分忠心。INTERVIEW 之後,聽到她分享自己的另一面,原來有時會很情緒化,很感恩的是 看到神不離不棄的帶領,是增強她信心的源頭,希望她與 ERIC 可以繼續在 IRVINE 定居,在 CBCCOC 一同事奉及敬拜這位又真又活的神。

was an inquisitive teenager when I first heard the gospel. I asked tons of questions of my friends who were trying to help me to understand the truth. Some of my questions were genuine, but some were just nonsense. Looking back, I really thank God for the love and patience my pastor and friends in church had shown me. They treated me with respect. They never got mad at me because of my silly questions. The Lord used their guidance to open my eyes and my heart. The horizon of the pursuit for truth has been ever expanding for my inquisitive soul. Knowing Jesus has been the best thing that ever happened in my life. I am truly grateful that God has counted me worthy to be entrusted as a messenger of His eternal word. The longer I study and preach the Bible, the stronger assurance I have that the Bible is the Word of God. I can’t but be humble to my God. “Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.” (Psalm 119:18)

***暖 up** 心不在焉 很掛念香港圓方電影院寬闊倘大又會隨配樂震動的坐倚,這個掛念源於住在美國南加洲 時。 很懷念美國才能享受的與一般戲院無異又乾淨舒服的 Dollar -Movie,那個意念縈繞 於我當時居住在香港的心靈意志。 「他鄉的月亮特別圓」是甚麼樣的意思﹖「別人的太太份外漂亮」是怎麼樣的一回事﹖ 「隔離飯香」又究竟何以成事﹖這些亂我心的思想又是如何在你我腦內構思﹖想極都是他 人的財物和事,想到自己總是:不夠本事、不怎濟事,不大如意。 不如意時,有人會廢寢忘餐日夜顛倒瘋狂沉迷群打喪屍,有人會義無反顧一擲千金早出晚 歸任意購物花錢洩意,有人借酒消愁燈紅酒綠留連夜市。不打爆機不簽爆卡不醉無歸不會 滿意。 終於到手的又會怨它姍姍來遲;星光燦爛時又怪它逗留得太短暫不稱心滿意;有高有矮有 長有短會嫌它不整齊和參差;只得一種會嫌它太少選擇沒顧及普羅大眾不同的需求和心 意。 是惻隱之心人皆有之、是非之心人皆有之﹖ 還是妒忌之心人皆有之、不滿之心人皆有 之﹖ 有書讀時,又羨慕人家事業有成有本事;自己有穩定工作時,又眼紅他人找到丈夫 找到妻子;買到房子,又會嫌不夠大 Size;在 家安裝了 42 吋大電視,又會嫌不是 HDTV;自己駕駛的車子,總怨它未夠 「卡士 」;面前的座駕是福士,心頭總想要買 MIN I ! 於是,甚麼才算是滿足愜意﹖怎樣才可每天起來便如鷹上騰展翅﹖ 到眼都是縷縷親情友 誼愛情情絲﹖數算著的都是好事正面事喜慶事﹖牢記住的都是美好的交誼、惦記著的也是 留芳的名字﹖ 對現狀的過份不滿意,成了心中平靜安祥的滋擾份子,是促成柔和謙卑不來的最大能事。 我們在天上的父在幾千年來對我們語重心長的訓示,全存在在聖經經文遍佈書卷每一頁 紙。只是同時,我們不願意,不領受又不會意;自己另有所求別有所思,一邊緊貼跟隨世 界的大小玩意兒,一邊想逃脫世俗的綑綁和繁瑣事;然而,又想被世界認同又要被世界 肯 定和認知。 每天只在無的放疾無所事事,又有啥意思﹖想想知足常樂的深意,想想永恆 的事,數數算主恩讓上帝做精神支柱,便會對於面前所處的境遇,不再在乎不再介 意 …… 試問我們可會在夜闌人靜時,細心探討認真思考這樁事宜﹖

[ wi nni eup © 20100 430 ]

By Frank Lee

Lesson from Jeslyn 4/5/2010 My daughter Jeslyn sometimes likes me and sometimes does not want me to be around. I was wondering how I can improve the relationship. Shall I punish her? Shall I ignore her so that she knows what it looks like without her father? Shall I play with her more often? Shall I buy her more toys? I shall love her as how God loves me. His love is kind, patient and persistent. His love does not change. Since He loves me, I know how to love the others especially my dear daughter. I will improve the relationship with her by love her more. She will understand eventually. Lesson from my coworker 4/5/2010 My coworker is not a Christian. However, I learn something from him. He is the Porsche club class C instructor, the mechanic of his cars and a very good racer (he raced with those million-dollar club cars). He is full of passion for car and racing. He will show me his racing video. He will tell me about his racing story. He will tell me how he modified his race cars. I may not necessary want to be a racer as him. However, I would like to be full of passion, joy and peace as a Christian. I would like to share my life and be a good witness for the blessings that my Lord gives me every day. There are many people who never hear the gospel. Do you know thousands and thousands of people in China will worship in the Sunday service together? Do you know that these people don’t want to leave after the worship because they want to know more? May I be a contagious Christian that my life can impact others. Lesson from 箴 言 Proverbs 4/8/2010 23:13




I was meditating these versus. How can I teach my children if I don’t know what is right or wrong from the Bible? God is righteousness. I need to fear Him. After He finished the design of the world, 神 看 著 一 切 所 造 的 都 甚 好. When we look around us, everything is in great control. All the stars move systematically in order eg human would not exist if the sun is too close or too far away. All animals naturally know how to grow eg foals know they need to drink milk instead of eating hay. Our nature is not in chaos mode. The world is design with system, detail and precision. I don’t want to be a lousy Christian because this doesn’t seem to align with His purpose of design.

By Frank Lee

In many Chinese families, they believe teaching is mum’s job. In the Bible, it said husband is wife’s head. It means husband is the spiritual leader at home. My family is led by me. I need to be a good example so that my kids can follow. If I don’t teach my kids, God may teach me a good lesson. 希 伯 來 書 Hebrews 12:6 因 為 主 所 愛 的 他 必 管 教 、 又 鞭 打 凡 所 收 納 的 兒 子 I should also aware if I’m setting unnecessary standard for my kids and making their life too difficult. 以 弗 所 書 Ephesians 6:4[hb5] 你 們 作 父 親 的 、 不 要 惹 兒 女 的 氣 、 只 要 照 著 主 的教訓和警戒、養育他們。 MONTH YEAR

Lesson from Exodus 4/16/2010 God answered me a question by the Exodus story. God wanted to free them being as slaves in Egypt. Israeli saw and heard the punishments / miracles that God had done to Egypt. Israelites had good faith and praised the Lord at the beginning when they left Egypt. After certain period of time, they blamed God and Moses why they took them out from Egypt and said life in Egypt was better! We knew that Israelites spent 40 yrs before they could go to the land of Canaan which actually was a 10+ days walking distance from Egypt. I reviewed myself whether I still lived in the old way and I didn’t aware of that. God freed me from old habbits which could be addiction with soap operas, temptation to buy nicer items,PLACE greedy toTEXT go to good restaurants, greedy to get more and more (Notice that these are not sins unless weLOGO are addicted to them and put God in a lower priority). Am I still being a slave with OR HERE After caption goes here

these things? Am I still like the Israelites? God wanted to take me to the “Land of Canaan”. The “40 555 Street Address City,isState 55555 yrs wilderness” to bring me closer to God and to build a stronger faith in Him. Does God want me

to buy nicer items? Does God want me not to buy nicer items? Does God want me to find a new job? Does God want me not to find a new job? These are not the main points (it does not mean these are not important). God doesn’t make me because of these things. God wants me to have faith in Him and 100% follow Him. The “Land of Canaan” is already there! I choose an easier path so that I don’t Shipping Address Here

need to walk for “40 years”.

555 Street Address City, State 55555

Darwin 

Pray for wisdom to finish the projects on schedule

Pray for Elsa smooth baby delivery process, and their healthy.

Pray for Bonnie bed rest and good health.

Pray for Eli's pregnancy, take enough rest.

Praise for Terry and Joyce’ engagement

Pray for the comfort for Julius Ma's family.

Pray for my mom and my aunt visit from HK at end of May.

Pray for my sister's health, she got fever for few days.

Dora 

PTL for His provision - our job, business and family.

PTL that Dora is able to find a good part-time job, and doesn't have to drive far.

PTL for keeping Jayden healthy and active, may God give us wisdom to teach him.

Pray for Ken's knee, been having pain. Try to recover by staying away from tennis and just low impact exercise

Jamie 

Please pray for my health. I have been coughing for a week and medication doesn’t seem to work.

Some gel in my left eye appeared. The doctor said that there is no treatment for it and I had to wait for gravity to pull the gel down. Please pray for a speedy recovery.

Pray for God’s guidance for my future since I will graduate this summer.

Khaki 

I thank the Lord for giving me a job in a bad economy. My project is ending this summer. May God pave my career path and guide me to my next job.

I thank God for molding my brother. He got accepted to CSULB and all praises to the Lord!

May God continue to bless my brother and sister's education.

May God bless my relationship with my boyfriend. We went to the MBCLA fellowship picnic and he seems to like that group gathering. May God grant salvation to Pok and his family. May God touches their hearts.

May God continue to give me peace, patient and strength while I am waiting for my immigration result. I am so thankful that God brought me to USA and gave me education and a job. May God continues to bless me and my family.

Sheta 

Pray for my job stability and also Eric Goh's. Pray for Lan, Casey and Anna Yin that the Lord will provide them with the right jobs

Pray for Andy and my families' salvation. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us to talk to them during our time in HK

Pray for the Lord's guidance on our house buying process

Andy 

Pleases pray for Sheta and I that when we are back to HK, we will have chance to spread good news to our parents.

Pray for bros and sis preparing drama of jubilation and bring more newcomers to celebrate for Jesus Christ.

Lan 

Pray for Living Stone brothers and sisters as lots of them are having midterms finals right now. May the Lord give them health and wisdom.

 

Praise the Lord that our sister Anna Casson has found a job! Pray that the Lord touch the hearts of non-believers in LWF so that they can experience more of His grace and truth.

Pray that the Lord will use the movie night to bring newcomers to our church. May He also use the movie to draw people close to Him.

Pray for Jason’s final exams and papers. May the Lord grant him peace, wisdom and good health. He is also looking for a full-time internship site as required by his program. May the Lord guide him.

Please continue to pray for God’s guidance for my job.

本月題目の 母 母親節

遊 遊子吟 -孟郊 慈母手中 慈 中線, 遊 遊子身上 上衣; 臨 臨行密密 密縫, 意 意恐遲遲 遲歸。 誰 誰言寸草 草心, 報 報得三春 春暉。

Grroup pro oject, Gro oup projject, Pap per, Pa aper,Gro oup Prese entation, Final, Final, Fina al, Fin nal, Final... Waaa aaaaa!!!! @_@ py Mothe ers' Day!!! BTW, Happ Lum Lum


“ “帶不走 走一片雲 雲彩”

WO OW, time e flies..I It's May y again!!! Wish h all th he moth hers Hap ppy Mot s Day! And A ther’s co ongrats s to all the t Mot thers-to o be.  Nancy

願所有 有媽媽/媽咪/阿 阿媽/老媽子/阿 阿娘﹐

“母親 親節快樂 樂~!” Wish every e m mom a Happ py Motther’s Day! D


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